December 2014 Energy Forecast With Lee Harris ~ Clear, Open, Discern, Live, Love!

Lee closes out 2014 with some great thoughts to reflect on and integrate.

From dreams to fears, and discernment to feeling, he hits on some key energies to understand more fully.

Lee reminds us that dreams are a way to process things so that we don’t have to experience them in our waking lives. This is the reason for their intensity and scariness at times. It does not always mean a foreshadowing of something, but a way to work things out in a way that saves us from something worse.

As always, he shares the importance of feeling the energy around you and being very in tune with yourself and those frequencies that are yours and not yours. This involves discernment and realizing that each person is very unique and so our experiences and ways of doing things will be equally unique. This also means that we will need to embrace the fact that at times we will be leaders in a way and need to go it alone, but with respect for others and their paths, and at times we will meet with others in the same place and feel that kindred connection.

If you’re very open and free-spirited this realization is important in understanding with compassion that others may not be able to meet us in the same openness and to detach from having to do anything about that or feel triggered, or judge it in anyway. This is when your courage is being needed to continue forth and just be you.

There will be times of going back and forth between feeling expansive and contracted – I so relate to this – but this is simply part of the evolution of things in these very open times we are in where there really is a new freeness that has yet to be experienced. I feel that with each contraction, the expansion doubles or more.

As Lee shares, to be with this new openness “allow yourself to realize that you don’t know who you are anymore, you don’t recognize this planet much anymore, and you’re going to do things in very different ways to how you did them before regardless of how other people might like or not like that.” – I can so relate!

You have the ability to really move forward in your life by the dissolving and destruction of old things in a way that will no longer have you being hostage to this old.

I have seen this so much in my personal experience and relating with others where I used to feel this pattern of helping others and couldn’t break away from it when it obviously became toxic and there was no indication that the people were wanting to or ever going to actually shift. This is something I have worked hard to release and dissolve in my own life, so as not to be energetic hostage to these kinds of experiences where I don’t feel like my expansive, free, and open self, but instead am feeling contracted, confined, and a prisoner of my own making. I now choose to live my own life and will not be defined by anything, nor a prisoner to anything that feels confining, draining, or like a reining in of my energy. And that includes going where I haven’t gone before and holding hands with fear and shadows, for they are the fuel to my most expansive potentials.

Fear energy, as Lee shares, is making things very electric and that involves this purpose of freeing you from being a prisoner to it. If you feel like you’re always being “dragged under the ocean,” as Lee puts it, then you’ll need to strategize how to create more space and peace for yourself. But for those of you who have been feeling more open than ever before, fear actually becomes your ally and it isn’t something that indicates an intuitive nudge or sign necessarily to steer away from, but indicates stepping into something very new for you that you haven’t yet experienced and so it is about courageously dancing with fear even though it feels uncomfortable.

Lots of good stuff. Much love to everyone!

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