Winter Solstice & New Moon in Capricorn by Astrologer Chani Nicholas

lake tahoe (1)

Lake Tahoe

Tomorrow we enter a new cycle of changing “seasons of life” with the approaching Winter Solstice coupled with a New Moon. This provides a supportive time to honor the remembrance of light that you are, for making those leaps in consciousness by moving within to shine your own light, and to “see the light” even when things get dark and you’re unsure of what to do, where to go, or even how to think or feel.

As I wrote earlier this month, “The promise of increased and expansive light is always just ahead. Welcome your inner illumination to throw the light of understanding and compassion onto the rich gifts all around you and within you. They are not always the obvious and may be in the form of things you’ve come to fear, that you turn away or hide from, or want nothing to do with.”

Chani’s insightful share delves into understanding the energy of Capricorn that this New Moon and cycle spirals into our life – something close to home for me, as I have a Capricorn Ascendant and Mars ruling it as well, which keep my Pisces nature in check and balance (more so these days since I’m integrating/embodying my Capricorn North Mode), but also provides some challenging mountains for the Goat in me to climb and some bottomless oceans to explore both as Pisces fish and Capricorn fish serpent.

Since Capricorn is a sea goat (half goat/half fish serpent), she provides us all with the capability at this time to really make some momentous shifts in our life if we embrace the courage she offers us.

As Chani shares:

“Given that Capricorn is mountain-goat master with fine deep-sea diving flippers, this sign can both scale the heights of the outer world or dive down to the depths of the inner one.”

I giggled at her mentioning Capricorn having an “Eeyore-like reputation”, which is misunderstood, given my stuffed Eeyore has made a reappearance in my life and I’ve been infusing him with love after bringing him forth from the shadows of a box in a cabinet in the garage.

I’m also a Winter baby, being born in February, so what Chani describes here is not foreign to the nature of what I’m always intentfully exploring, although not easy:

“To say that this is a time to remember to bring the light back into our lives is not to turn away from what is difficult, in fact difficult is where the light is strongest most times. Conflicts create sparks and sparks lead to roaring fires. Remember that we are dealing with Capricorn energy which does not shy away from difficult work or roads that look to be a challenging route.”  

lake tahoe (2)

Lake Tahoe

I spend much time delving into the challenges and dark with a now unwavering knowing that the light of my own heart will see me through anything, no matter the depth or recurrences of the “dark night of the soul” experiences that cycle around through out life. It wasn’t always that way, but each time the light grows stronger and the transmutation becomes easier, understanding the reflections mirror the nature within myself to be loved. The darker times become welcomed friends rather than the enemy to fear. They also become more gentle and begin to mirror Nature’s effortless and graceful cycles the more we consciously accept their hand in the dance.

This is something available to us all and a way we can deepen our collective compassion and unconditional love and kindness toward everyone from the understanding of this process and our connection to everything and everyone.

You can read Chani Nicholas’ full article here that explores these energies of the Winter Solstice and New Moon from a personal and collective perspective:

Winter Solstice & New Moon in Capricorn: Light Workers



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  1. It’s correct why Capricorns are such talented and creative – just like me! My Birthday is Jan, 01 – Practical and prudent, Ambitious and disciplined, Patient and careful, Humorous and reserved

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