Coping Tips for Empaths

For all you fellow empaths, here are some tips to help you feel more empowered:

Coping Tips for Empaths

Thanks to my Pisces brother Mitch for sharing this article, as I know a lot of people that need support in this area, are going through intense challenges right now, and perhaps even more so with all the holiday hustle and bustle of gatherings. So these kinds of things are always good reminders. Then it’s up to the individual to consciously engage and put them into action daily until they become second nature.

There are many ways you can support yourself and the article provides nine really good ones.

I also believe it’s important to stay balanced and very present, spend time communing with and recharging in nature, nurture and take care of yourself – giving to you as much as you give to others, keep your body strong, healthy and vibrant inside and out, come to know your personal frequency and natural state of peace so that you can recognize immediately when you’ve taken on someone else’s energy that’s not yours, hold your vibration and don’t meet people in theirs, and use things like Reiki, work with crystals, and other forms of energetic practices or modalities you may have learned to protect, return harmony, and keep things flowing.

However you go about it, please be mindful of taking care of you! Being empathic doesn’t have to be a curse, but truly is a gift once you learn to harness it.

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Tania Marie is a Visionary Artist, Author, International Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Guide, and Sound Channeler. Her motto is "creating life as a work of art" and her focus is harnessing magick as everyday alchemy. Rabbits are her consorts and the metaphysical arts are her realm. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania guides people globally to remember the purity of their essence, draw forth inspiration and imagination, embody creative empowerment, live magickally and more abundantly with conscious awareness of the nature within being reflected without, and return to natural harmony.

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  1. Mari Braveheart-Dances

    My beloved sister – It bears mentioning, I think, that when one commits to living in one’s own integrity, and therefore shifts patterns in her own life – it can be expected that others will have their own opportunity to shift. You have spoken of this before, of course. This means that very often there is a period of adjustment in relationships where commitment to one’s self and one’s health is now primary – where before it was secondary. People get used to your being a certain way, in other words, and when you change – the change is very often viewed with anger and blame. We must not give in and give up, just because others are uncomfortable with who we are. We must allow others their reaction to our changes. This can be a difficult thing to do, but it must be done. We cannot help others unless first we help ourselves. If we are more committed to helping others than we are to helping ourselves, we will not only become ill possibly but we will also very likely be taken advantage of. – I completely agree with you that when we feel an energy pull or drain – we must instantly be aware of it and adjust to change our vibration in order to stop the drain. Energetic adjustments are a necessary, daily part of being healthy, in my opinion. Of course, you speak of this as well. Being attuned to what my body and my health, both mental/emotional/spiritual as well as physical, needs is all the responsibility in the world I have. If/when I have “extra” to give to others, I will joyfully and gladly give it. But I will attend to myself first. – This is a very exciting time and year! Happy Blessed 2015!!!

    • always so well expressed mari. you have a way of deeply understanding things and conveying them from that understanding. it is indeed an exciting time! wishing you an expansive 2015!!! lots of love ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Had to share. As an empath and those L ow that are, tools are imperative. Thank you sweet Tania for sharing these tips

  3. My daughter is a Pisces also and is sensitive ….when we are in a crowd she can become exhausted….she must have relaxation time to recuperate. Thank you for the article…very important to so many people now.

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