Too Good To Be True ~ Matt Kahn

Some of the messages in here may be challenging to integrate due to beliefs you may have come to embrace about what “truth” is to you. The messages may not be for you at this time, but something to perhaps seed a journey you may choose. And anything shared is never the whole story.

Remember we are all on different legs of our own journeys and working on different parts of the whole. This might seem like a bypassing message to some, but rather I see it as helping to integrate the work you’re doing if you can incorporate what you find of value in the message to the things you are exploring and transmuting. It actually goes deeper than simply “All is One and Unity Consciousness” and may help you to not get trapped into the “New Age” so-called truths that are being shared as “the answer” for you to pursue, attain, and then bring others to do the same.

I might myself choose a different word or words to use than ones expressed, since I feel they have a defining stigma based on duality thinking and fluffy spirituality. That said, I also know that when using words we automatically get caught up in the definition and duality game, so it’s important to realize what you “personally” mean and accept through use of words.

For me, the word “goodness” carries this challenge. Perhaps that’s just me, but I feel it can be misleading. So again, everything is up to the individual on how to interpret things, what things to take from what you hear and which to leave, what things to morph into your own meaning, and in general to perhaps choose other words or ways to express what you mean instead. Word games are not one I choose to get tangled in and rather would enjoy to see more embodying and simply inner knowing without need to defend that experience.

But underlying, I feel there is a valuable message here that can release you into more expansive ways of experiencing, if you can open up to not literally attaching to definitions of words used/heard.

Some of the key messages from Matt’s share, which he will expound upon, include:

The deepest truth does not require defense.

The more you look for or pursue truth, the more lost you become.

There’s a realm of existence beyond any truth – even beyond All Is One.

It’s not the truth if you need to correct others or use it to defend yourself.

In the highest degree of enlightenment it doesn’t even matter that we’re all one.

Anything we think is true becomes a falsehood when we focus on what truth is versus how truth feels.

Be a living expression of “goodness” (or supply your own meaning here of what that is for you when you integrate the message in the video)

It doesn’t matter how people respond. It only matters how you give.

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  1. Loved the simplicity. The word I love to use is “compassion,” which I substituted for “goodness” in this case. The hardest thing anyone will ever do is love, or show compassion for, or be good to, her/himself.

    • me too terry. i like how you knew what automatically worked for you. i’d be drawn to similar, or even harmony. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. always appreciate them and you. xoox

      • Thank you, Tania. And I appreciate you! I’d like to add, the word “compassion” also carries a variety of interpretations, but to me it means unconditional love and acceptance from SoulSelf.

      • yes very true! words carry so many meanings to each individual. thank you for sharing how it is experienced for you and i’d agree. i look forward to returning to telepathy where the imprint of feeling is pure and clear without need for interpretation.

  2. Thank you….

  3. I found Matt just YESTERDAY on youtube! He spoke about how we are constantly downloading info “files” from others, even someone you just pass on the street and smile at…. and the downloading continues! Great post! Thanks!

  4. I admit to having made that “look at how well I can walk joke to myself. I too thought of babies in the joke.” I didn’t realize what I was doing, but I guess I psychically knew I’d watch this in the future.

  5. He says if asked to give a dollar give it, but what if you’ve been told the homeless will spend it on drugs. Everytime I confess to my Mother or sister that I gave a dollar to a homeless person, I am told this is wrong. Today I gave money to three homeless people after watching the video, but my Mother says to only donate to the shelter. People seem to have this belief that the system takes care of shelter from the cold. Yet, I question that. Should I feel bad or good about giving today?

    • i think the point is to listen to your own heart and what makes it feel love, without worrying about what others think. how did it make you feel when you gave in that moment? that is the only feeling that is important and the genuine kindness you shared.

      • It felt good, of course, to hand the homeless money. I looked them in the eye, and talked to them afterwards. I think it must feel bad to have so many people ignore you, and treat you less then human. Even if the money gets spent on drugs or alcohol, that moment of someone saying you matter enough to be seen/heard, might help more on a Soul level.

        My sister says to just walk past the Homeless without saying anything. I at least try to say, “sorry,” if I don’t give money.

  6. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    This is really worth the watch. It can open insights that are often overlooked. You can tell this is a person who followed the spiritual path with passion, but uncovered something beyond the teachings and words. Soon there will be another re-blog from another Blog I respect.

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