Why the Modern World Is Bad For Your Brain

A good article by Daniel J. Levitan to think about every time you feel overwhelmed and unsure of why you’re not being efficient with all the “multi-tasking”and all the ease of technology you’re engaged in.

Perhaps there’s another way. Perhaps more balance would benefit you.

Why the Modern World Is Bad For Your Brain


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  1. Thanks for the excellent article. Something I have been telling my cousins for years although I am no neuroscientist. It will be interesting to see a study which compares brain MRIs from pre internet/email/text era and compare them to todays’. It will be anatomical evidence that no one will be able to deny. To throw a monkey’s wrench in this multitasking generation is the fact they have been far removed away from handwriting, especially cursive, and shifted to use of key board as “the new and economical method.” We all know what happens to brain circuits without cursive handwriting. How the technology is creating a mental handicap of us very scary. We are moving toward generational idiocy.

    And that is just one aspect of the complex picture: the impact of technology on social relations and sense of isolation that results from this neural addiction is catastrophic to humane society.

    Finally: here is a tribute to my parents:


  2. Perhaps if people used more brain teaser software programs, this will be a good way to survive today’s world?

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