April 2015 Energy Forecast ~ Lee Harris

This month’s forecast from Lee Harris is titled, “Stepping into Power and Peace”, which I couldn’t resonate with more, as this is exactly what I’m not only feeling more deeply, but has been taking fuller embodiment in my life – a lot of this came away from my two sacred journeys in Iceland and Peru.

I actually was just saying to myself yesterday that I feel so much inner harmony like I’ve never before, and no affect by things going on around me, energetic, or otherwise that is creating any disharmony. I’ve sometimes felt my equilibrium off, or head expansion happening from solar flares and cosmic shifts, I’ve had my cough that took a month’s cycle to move through, and have had the stresses of getting through a work load. But none of these throwing my life off, or halting me, as I’ve just embraced them. And although I have my times of stresses with things like getting through the work load or staying on top of balance with work and daily life, these are temporary, lasting only as long as it takes me to say “I’m creating the anxiety out of some illusionary idea that is meaningless. Nothing is that important to stress over.” And then I immediately let it go and discover how all things work themselves out always so there’s no need to stress.

But back to Lee. He announced recently that he will be moving from Colorado to San Francisco, CA in May. Will be interesting to have him energetically anchoring up north here and interesting he keeps finding himself move out west, as I know Lee is guided like many of us that are tuned in, to where his energy is needed most. California has just recently announced its first statewide, mandatory water restrictions to help deal with the severe drought situation. So, Lee’s move is very timely and heart driven.

And that’s just what he emphasizes in his forecast, that the heart and third eye are opening a lot this month and being prominent, and the throat chakra isn’t going to be the focus due to a reset happening. So we’ll find ourselves with less actual communicating focus or even stumbling with words, as we tune into our inner feeling and vision centers.

And continuing with a summary of his shares, he brings up the shift from achievement and goal focus that was the old paradigm and which is being transmuted into a new paradigm of alignment with your purpose.

So if you find yourself unhappy with your job or what you’re doing, it’s not about that you hate work in general, but that you’re doing the wrong thing. There is a better way. You can create new circumstances with less or no suffering. Suffering is the old way and this only blocks you. It doesn’t do anything to anyone else or change anything until you change your relationship to suffering. You don’t have to live in suffering and if you are, these abusive situations are important to empower yourself to leave.

More space is being created this month and balance is going to be apparent. Externally you’ll be stepping up, but internally the space will remain and needs to. More might be happening, but you don’t have to give so much to create it. That’s exciting, isn’t it?!

Lee continues sharing about living from your truth – when you are living more fully and authentically as yourself you are going to be more purposeful in anything you are doing. The irony is you want a more purposeful job to feel more purposeful and this the reverse way to approach it.

He shares the same thing I’ve practiced…don’t focus on the details of what you want…focus on the feelings of what you want and what it gives you in order to manifest things. Find the truth of what the thing you want will give you and bring that feeling into your life now and what you’re doing now and then you can create/manifest the best situation or thing that will truly be a reflection of that rather than what you “think” is the reflection of that.

It’s about “being”, or as I say…”embodying”. Don’t worry about what others are doing and HOW they are doing things. Focus your energy with what you want to do and how you feel about that, not what others think about it.

Most people are scared of their own power and what that brings in terms of feelings, vulnerability, and your ability to do anything.

Vulnerability triggers safety and security issues, which is why we get scared of it. Learning to trust more, flow, and surrender, rather than drive, will rise your heart and third eye energy this month and in life always, if you do.

Last month’s focus was around the base and throat chakras, but now you can focus more into feeling and trusting, and just being and breathing in more space without a lot of words filling it.

Reclaim your own energy mastery within yourself and release that which isn’t you and isn’t going to help you to bring your strength and love to our beloved Earth.

Focus on the balance of seeing the innovation and positive change AND the awareness of the places suffering and needing your help, THEN you can live balanced and can find your middle, centered place in it all.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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