Homegrown Yum for Me and the Buns

yesterday's harvest

Yesterday’s heaping harvest bowl

It’s been so much fun and so rewarding to be able to grow and eat our own food. While I may not have some huge garden, I do have one that is perfect for my level of time and commitment, as well as our needs.

Thank you Laura for your inspiration. I so honor the commitment you have to creating your piece of Heaven on Earth with your amazing garden.

For us, between the low maintenance fruit trees and bushes, herbs, flowers, lush greenery, and now my Garden Tower, the garden supplies us with a perfect little supply of goodness that the whole family can enjoy. And I only take as much as I need daily and there seems to be exactly that amount ready so far, as in 2 strawberries at a time that are ripe – one each for the bunnies and at start a couple more for us.


This morning’s strawberries for Joy and Cosmo

This will of course increase over time, but it’s perfect for our needs, while also providing a channel for Nature nurturing and reverence time that tends to both Mother Earth and ourselves through that loving engagement.


Cosmo enjoying his fresh veggies – parsley and carrot tops from the garden with some cilantro (mine is still sprouting) and dandelion greens from Mother’s Market. Soon I’ll have more for them, as I’m going to plant some extras.

One of my specific intents for the Garden Tower, which I told the bunnies when I first got it, was to grow fresh veggies for them – all their favorites like parsley, cilantro, carrot greens, strawberries…. And I’m doing just that!


Joy munching away on her garden parsley

Just yesterday, the Garden Tower yielded a big bunch of parsley and carrot tops for them.

I haven’t had the Garden Tower for very long and within about 2 months, and in some cases less, I’ve already been harvesting a bunch of good stuff.

lettuce and rosemary

Fresh mix of lettuces including Petite Rouge along with fresh Rosemary for our salads

I’ve been enjoying the afternoon breaks saying hi to my plants, watering, pruning, planting new seeds…

I love the smell of the fresh plants, especially the tomato plants that remind me of our garden when I was a little girl. We used to have tons of giant tomato plants, eggplants, you name it! And I remember my grandparents from France coming to visit for the Summers and working our front and backyard, as well as the garden and then mom and meme (my grandmother) cooking up my favorite eggplant dish. Mmmmmmm! I do remember the frightful giant tomato worms though. They were a bit scary 🙂


My first Heirloom Anaheim Pepper, which will find its way into tonight’s dinner – there are a bunch more getting ready soon

Luckily all is well with the Garden Tower and although I have the occasional raccoon or opossum critter coming to share some of the strawberries, and a family of birds that like to sit on the very tall branches of the Mesculun Mix Lettuce and bend them, it’s a harmonious circle of life. Even the bees and butterflies are around, as well as the worms, caterpillars, and spiders.

homegrown veggies

Another harvest of lettuce including Mesculun mix, more chives (I got some for my cheezy quinoa kale burger patties on Summer Solstice too), basil, sweet little Paris Market Carrots (I love these bite size morsels perfect for salads or casserole or curry additions, plus the stem greens are then food for the bunnies), and a big bunch of parsley that went to rabbit tummies.

And I’m excited about the surprises growing out front. I went a little seed crazy after my first round didn’t take so well, throwing a bunch of seeds around. Then suddenly late bloomers came out from the first round and now a bunch of new sprouts are popping out. I have at least 15 flowering plants beginning to grow in the front by the garage, which includes Sunflowers, Moonflowers, Red Malabar Spinach, and a variety of perhaps Orange California Poppies, and garden and butterfly flower mixes. Super fun!


My first little Heirloom Sun Gold Tomatoes – cherry sized! So sweet and love their little 5-pointed star tops. A bunch of tomatoes are still to come, as they’re all getting close!

I’m going to pick up a few more things or the Garden Tower this week, as I want to replace some things and add.

Again, it’s not hard to do this, as I know absolutely nothing about it and it doesn’t take a lot of time either. Although I promise you that the time you do spend will be rewarding and you will look forward to every day and loving your plants into blossom.

heart plum

A perfect heart-shaped plum from our tree. Love being mirrored from Nature. ❤

There is a Faery gardener, farmer, Earth lover, and life nurturer in all of us. You can choose what supports your needs best, but don’t neglect your time deepening your relationship with Mother Nature.

The Plants, Trees, Earth, Water, Air, Sun, Moon, Animals, Minerals, Stones, Crystals….all reflect the Nature of You. I can’t tell you how your time spent with any or all of these will enhance your life and bring us collectively back to natural harmony.


My perfect little Gardenia that has front row honor on my desk right next to me and my Crystal friends. Oh the fragrance!! Totally intoxicating. Totally something to be grateful for.

When ever I need an unplug and recharge, I know what supports that the most. Nature time. One of my favorites being snuggling and playing with the bunnies, but also just sitting on the deck listening to the birds and smelling the flowers, or having a check-in with the new growth each day that mirrors my own.

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    More inspiration from Tania Marie, the bunnies and her “so easy” Garden Tower. Yummmmers! ❤️

  2. Such yummy goodness! And now I have the firm answer as to who has been nibbling in my strawberry patch from a true bunny girl!

  3. Delectable! I bought organic cherries and I am a twin…yep…most of them were twins….;)

  4. Hi Tania,

    Alex Cushing here. I love getting glimpses into your lifestyle, and even more so now with the new bunnies and new plants! Have you thought of perhaps painting this scene in your backyard? It sounds like the perfect addition to a sunny kitchen, or even a downtown kitchen needing a natural reminder, or maybe a break in the hard metallic nightlife that modern kitchens tend to possess. I take a part of you with me everywhere I go, bracelets, necklaces, paintings, and just memories and emotional imprints in general, so I know the value of you spreading your slice of heaven with the rest of us! Maybe you can call the painting just that! Garden in Heaven! 😊😊😊

    Also thought you’d like to know that Nestor still sings his warmth in Maggie Jane’s bedroom, that is my niece, and I’m just happy its there because it is always a source of inspiration. What a great memory for someone to have grown up with in their bedroom!

    Thanks Tania, talk to ya soon.

    • thank you alex and lovely to hear from you. great ideas…it’s just that right now i’m taking a break from painting in that respect. 🙂 other creative ventures are channeling through though. i really appreciate your sharing the sweet comments and letting me know that the painting is being loved and shared with your little niece, spreading the magick there. grateful for the touch in and supportive comments. hope all is well!

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