What Does Rabbit Have To Share With You Today?


Magick is afoot!

I know a lot of you are feeling it too!

Something definitely amped up since I returned from being with the horses, birds, and Faeries in British Columbia. The Faeries have sure been seeing to my wishes I blew into my dream seeds of the dandelion they gifted me.

And yesterday, this little one you see above, was literally waiting for me on the path, just as seen in the photo captured. Not at all fearful, seemed relaxed, but definitely deliberately connecting and wanting to communicate. It felt like a transference of energy and activation, but also showing up to message me in confirmation that everything was unfolding and to keep trusting and moving forward. As the appearance was right after some cool things had taken place surprisingly.

I was reminded of Cosmo, as this little one was lean with long legs, face, and ears just like him, but there was also some Nestor energy of cosmic wisdom shining through.

We connected for a while without either of us moving, until some people off a ways, began approaching and the little one dashed off into the bushes before the people got too close to see.

Rabbits carry so many messages, of which some include new life, new beginnings, rebirth, fresh ideas, growth, speed and agility, creativity, harmony, luck, abundance, prosperity, vulnerability, receptiveness, skillful perception, reflection, intuitive wisdom, high awareness, magick, mystery, and transmutation.

They are deeply connected to Mother Earth and primal energy, and with this very pure, eternal, and sacred spirit of the Earth element, they remind us to stay balanced, grounded, and fully present, but also help us to manifest dreams.

They also hop and jump about on impulse and when their hearts are joyous, reminding us of childlike playfulness and lightness to bring into our experience to balance us into a more relaxed way of being when maneuvering through life.

They want us to nurture the intuitive messages and instincts that our heart and soul are telling us. Nurturing these into development of discerning actions for the highest good of all concerned is needed and we must trust we have the tools, gifts, and support to bring things about.

And since they love to, and continually need to, chew since their teeth continuously grow, this reflects our ability to and our need to process things – repetition, consistency, deep contemplating, breaking concepts and ideas down into tangible and digestible components.

They eat a very light and green spectrum of food as their diet, which has also implications of health, vitality, and prosperity.

Rabbit warrens with their tunnels of mazes underneath the Earth message us to retreat, go within, and regroup, for what’s ahead.

How does rabbit speak to you when you look at the photo of this little wise one?

What nudges are you ignoring or pushing off?

How can you bring more joy into your life right now?

How can you nurture yourself and your dreams more today?

Where are you holding fear and how is it debilitating you in unhealthy ways?

What are you holding onto that no longer serves you?

Get still and invite rabbit into your experience to share with you reflections that you most need to know right now.

Then ask rabbit and Mother Earth to help you transmute those energies, as you lovingly release them through your feet into the Earth below you, both letting go, as well as receiving….and fortifying your new roots with grounded balance for the new journey ahead.


And don’t forget, we aren’t islands unto ourselves. There are times when asking for help, or reaching out will serve you greatly. Rabbit teaches us there is strength in vulnerability.

About Tania Marie's Blog

Tania Marie is a Visionary Artist, Author, International Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Guide, and Sound Channeler. Her motto is "creating life as a work of art" and her focus is harnessing magick as everyday alchemy. Rabbits are her consorts and the metaphysical arts are her realm. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania guides people globally to remember the purity of their essence, draw forth inspiration and imagination, embody creative empowerment, live magickally and more abundantly with conscious awareness of the nature within being reflected without, and return to natural harmony.

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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Well…you KNOW how I feel about all of that! Been seeing bunnies a lot lately. So nice. Fills my heart. ❀

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Hehe! It is unusual to see so many. There are so many predators. But I keep seeing them, and there is a baby living under the stoop. So cute with those little ears. Oh, so cute! It has been a wet year, so much more for them to eat. I hope they continue to flourish. Yes…delight!

  3. πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ❀ Hugs hugs hugs and lots of love too }}

  4. I’m back to missing 1/2 to 2/3 of your blog posts! How bizarre. Anyway, I think of you whenever I hang out with the two main rabbit inhabitants of our yard. One’s always eating my carrot tops in the blue bed, but mostly they just hang out in the clover and love when I weed whack some fresh crabgrass for them. Seriously, I’ll see them munching around and then carrying big loads in their mouths. Visitors are astounded that the bunnies mostly just hang out with me rather than decimating the garden. Hey, we’re friends, except my one friend does love those carrot tops. πŸ˜‰ xoxo

    • i was wondering where you disappeared to πŸ˜‰ i post usually every day, so yeah hehe…i love being though of with the bunnies..the bunnies there are so cute!! i miss that little baby!! xoox

      • The little baby is already a grandpa twice over, LOL! We have this one bunny that must have come from a wild one mating with an escaped pet rabbit, because he (feels like a he) has some really cool patchwork colors on the side. You can tell he’s mostly like the regular brown rabbits, but sometimes you see this kind of brindle look to the fur. He’s also tamer than the other one and has more of a rectangular head. xoxo

      • i was thinking that as i sent it off, since bunnies grow so fast!! LOL!! go fertile bunnies! the integrated bunny sounds super cute! i’ll have to come back and hang out with him. πŸ˜‰ xoox

        today was teaching r3 class and joy decided, after i invited both her and cosmo to help, to hang out the whole time under the ottoman, coming out at potent points mom made to show her head briefly, then popped back in! lol! she hasn’t been part of classes for a long time.

      • That’s great. Maybe she was auditing with an eye towards improving her own teaching skills now that she’s doing that more. πŸ˜‰

      • she’s so pooped out she’s next to my desk right now asleep, literally snoring! lol! yes, i think it was a combo of supporting me, as i asked for help, and getting a refresher, as i believe she’s going to teach cosmo reiki 3 shortly. she may be prepping him already today, as near the end of class she ran off to my room and then i found them together. i did make mention to her this morning before class that maybe she ought to think about the next level for cosmo…i did that last time about reiki 2 and she immediately felt to follow through. πŸ˜‰ so cute

      • Yay, Joy! And Cosmo, and you, too!

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