The Magick of Horses ~ Intimate Moments Captured by Robyn Louise of Our Time at Epona Rise


Feeling in my Essence ~ So grateful for this capture by Robyn of personal ecstacy


I shared a recap of our special Horses & Reiki retreat weekend at Epona Rise in British Columbia when I returned, but I just received the amazing captures of our intimate time with the horses from Robyn a couple of days ago.

I mentioned that I was so engaged in the weekend, I didn’t take photos of what was going on, but to our surprise, Robyn did.

Robyn was one of the beautiful souls that was part of our weekend retreat, but she just so happens to also be an amazing photographer.

On our off-time she was capturing shots of the horses that were incredible, but she also (without our knowing) was capturing photos of our time WITH the horses while we were working with them.

epona20It’s amazing that she was able to do this, as she, herself, was also engaged in working with them and received huge amounts of messages supportive for her journey.

But incredibly, her timing was impeccable to break away from her own work at just the precise moments to capture these special moments. She’s definitely a fellow multi-tasker extraordinaire 😉

So, I’d like to share the photos she took of all of us intimately sharing in powerful experiences with the horses.

These are so, so magickal, moving, and dear and provide an inside look at what this experience is like and what you, too, can share with the horses if it so calls to your heart.

These are very unique souls in horse bodies….masters at what they do.

epona2Robyn captured the essence of our time so beautifully and we each now have these lovely photo memories to remind us of our work done with them and the messages received.

And these moments were only the ones caught on camera on one of our days!

So you can imagine what happened the rest of the time and how rich, deep, and personally intimate the whole two days with the horses were – an experience that has changed all of us.

I want to thank Robyn dearly for the gift of who she is and for her beautiful artistry.

She is so masterful with a camera – a window of vision that extends from her heart and soul. 

If you’re looking for incredible photography in British Columbia and around the world, Robyn Louise Photography has a lot to offer.

Besides weddings, she’s an amazing Equine photographer (I got to see her work while we shared the weekend together), and can capture any special moments.

epona12Although Robyn has many special gifts, her love is photography. She is also an incredible horse communicator and has training in Equine Production and Breeding Management.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful and intimate captures from our weekend.epona611794617_10207607779098875_7428227991687355815_oepona3epona4eponaepona5epona7epona8epona11epona19epona9epona10epona13epona18epona17epona15epona23epona21epona24epona14epona25epona22

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  1. wow!!! So beautiful, Robin is a skilled shooter!

  2. They are so responsive….enjoyed it all

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