Another Dream Come True ~ Childhood Wishes Manifest

20150804_185029_resizedEver since I can remember, I’ve been in deep soul and heart love with animals. For me, they were my lifeline, my inspiration, my joy, my best friends…even though I did not myself really grow up with them.

Anytime my parents took us to their friends’ homes on visits, you’d find me with their animal companions, never leaving their side except to eat – and they would never leave mine either. I would just caress and love them for hours.

At home I had 50+ stuffed and enchanted animals that basically covered my bed and floor. I would spend much of my time day-dreaming about them, going into my magickal realm to meet them, and calling upon them to help me in times of need.

I even had a special horse that would run along the vistas outside my car window that we’d drive along on our day and weekend car trips we took every weekend. And one that aided me with my stomach challenges in my teens.

20150722_081039_resizedLater we did have fish, a couple of pairs of parakeets, and 2 tortoises, but never did I have a furry friend I so desired, until I was 12.

That’s when my first lop eared bunny – Twinkie – came home to me, but for a much too short time – I had him for only a Summer before he was put to sleep, which broke my heart.

It wasn’t until I moved out on my own for the first time at 29 that my bunny and twin soul, Nestor, then entered my life.

20150729_160539_resizedAfter Nestor, surprisingly came Gaia and Joy.

They were/are everything to me, but they all had VERY free spirits, much like mom.

While I could/can engage extremely intimately with each of them in ways that never left anything missing from our deep level of connection, and could snuggle them on the floor, they were not big on the “holding” idea and needed always to be free.

Joy was more capable than Nestor in this way, being able to be held on occasion when needed without the big struggle and actually coming to like it once she was held, but still very much more comfortable mutually being respected for her ways and needs, which was very easy for me to do, as I understood this since it reflected the largely Cosmic part of me that I mostly connected with.

And what a gift they are. I can’t tell you how magickal and deep our relationships run and what we’ve experienced.

20150722_075934_resizedBut as a child I dreamed of also having this familiar that would physically be with me as much as they were in heart and soul. My little ones – Nestor and Gaia – were always off doing expansive Universal and Earth work, while also supporting me. Much like mom 😉 That made the expansive, Cosmic part of me quite at home.

Enter Cosmo and his very physically integrated and engaged ways.

20150806_064414_resizedThat spoke to the Earth-based part of me that is alive in this body engaging in the sensual walk of life.

And so it makes sense that now that I’ve been integrating both parts of me in balance that I would attract into my experience Cosmo. A little one, who while so cosmically connected, as his name reflects, is so Earthly integrated and literally needs me.

I’m convinced that on a soul level he consciously chose to create the accident he had that resulted in his spinal injury, so that he could leave his foster home he did not like, timed perfectly in sending a beacon out to me when I was ready, just as Nestor, Joy, and Gaia had.

20150723_180950_resized_1And on a soul level, I was at a place of deeply integrating my physical in a very new way (by choice of engaging life on a whole new level I hadn’t yet) and so the special needs child I was told I would have if I actually ever had my own human child, came through Cosmo instead.

We have such a synergistic relationship, which has also now trickled out to the three of us as well – Joy, Cosmo, and me.

I know every little thing Cosmo wants, needs, communicates. He spends every waking hour directly next to me while I work and I tend to all of his needs throughout the day with great love in my heart to be able to be there for him, as he gives just as much as he receives.

I know when he wants to drink, eat, move, wants love, needs my help to get at and eat his cecotropes.

20150727_170237_resizedFor those of you who don’t know about cecotropes this will sound gross.

Here’s info on this from Dana Krempels, Ph.D. shared in The Mystery of Rabbit Poop to bring this into light:

“Unlike most other mammals, lagomorphs (including domestic rabbits) produce two types of droppings, fecal pellets (the round, dry ones you usually see in the litterbox) and cecotropes. The latter are produced in a region of the rabbit’s digestive tract called the cecum, a blind-end pouch located at the junction of the small and large intestines. The cecum contains a natural community of bacteria and fungi that provide essential nutrients and may even protect the rabbit from potentially harmful pathogens.

How does the rabbit get those essential nutrients? She eats the cecotropes as they exit the anus. The rabbits blissful expression when she’s engaging in cecotrophy (the ingestion of cecotropes) will tell you that she finds this anything but disgusting. In fact, rabbits deprived of their cecotropes will eventually succumb to malnutrition. Cecotropes are not feces. They are nutrient-packed dietary items essential to your companion rabbit’s good health.

A rabbit may produce cecotropes at various times during the day, and this periodicity may vary from rabbit to rabbit. Some produce cecotropes in the late morning, some in the late afternoon, and some at night. In any case, they usually do this when you’re not watching (quite polite of them). This might be why some people refer to cecotropes as “night droppings,” though cecotropes are not always produced at night.”

Normally you don’t really see this, as a healthy rabbit will be able to get at their cecotropes easily and without your knowing.

But due to Cosmo’s injury, he has trouble getting at them or will make a smeary mess while trying, which isn’t good for his fur and skin.

I have learned his cues now, and assist when this takes place. He began to understand rapidly that I was helping and so now he actually licks my foot that he likes having next to him while he rests throughout the day, to let me know it’s coming and then I help get them to him.

20150802_193101_resizedI also help him to walk over to his food and water, and I carry him to his bed or living room for running laps, strawberries, and cuddling time watching a movie.

It’s basically like having a human special needs child that you would cater to everything they need, which they are incapable of doing for themselves.

I have a very heightened sense of smell so I immediately know when he’s peed and change his pee pads immediately, bathe and dry him…you name it.

20150806_064439_resizedI’m happy to say that his fur looks the best it ever has since I’ve had him…he’s all soft and furry, nearly no mattings or loss of fur that he’s gone through so much…it’s so wonderful! That comes from the constant care, cleaning, brushing, and his being free and not sitting in one place or a small enclosed space.

It’s all done by intuitive instincts and with love. We are like extensions of one another. And he showers me with kisses and velvety licks with everything given to him. And sometimes in showers of snuggle love just because.

He loves to lay with me on the floor or on my chest on the bed for as long as we both are in the zone, unless he needs to pee, drink, or eat, at which point he’ll either start licking me to alert, or give me a little gentle nip to let me know.

20150802_193129_resizedHe’s so respectful and has never had a pee accident, nor would he because he knows where to do it and never wants to dishonor (in his mind) me by doing that. He holds it beyond his capacity at times, especially when he’s so engaged in the love-time we are spending and then instantly releases on his pee pad when I take him back to his area for this.

He’s so intelligent and so dear.

I know that although Cosmo has his injury, which would seem limiting to his experience, that he is also the happiest he’s ever been in his entire life, surrounded by the love, companionship, and connection he has never had before both from a human and another rabbit.

That makes me so happy.

20150727_175750_resizedHe also is so in tune with Joy and listens to her cues, honoring and respecting her in the hierarchy of things between them, but also has taught her to receive.

He showers her with affection, kisses, cleaning her head, and snuggles – never asking for anything in return, nor expecting it from her or me. He just IS love. He embodies it.

And she in turn has honored him with much the same in mirror to his respect and love and she has changed so much with his arrival here and their connection that has grown.

20150722_081128_resizedShe’s become more engaged in physical things like being picked up and rather than going to her stuffed rabbit to lick him, she now goes to Cosmo to clean and love him, which took her up until recently to begin engaging in.

She has embraced her fears, opened her boundaries, and shown much courage and willingness to the relationship and our all coming together. She always wanted to be able to help in this way, but wasn’t sure what she’d be able to overcome.

Yet she did and has in every way. They are both such beautiful examples for us all and what is possible no matter how challenged you are, what fears you have, where you feel blocked, and how much love is available to continue opening up and expanding into.

20150802_193119_resizedShe is teaching and leading him in the ways of Reiki and the magick she knows, but also is student, learning from him. They are sharing so much and likely more than I can even imagine.

They have truly become best friends, loving partners, and inseparably connected. All day long I am bombarded by cuteness overload when I see them together.

20150722_075936_resizedAnd that was also a dream of mine come true. I had imagined it possible, but didn’t know just how incredibly it would actually come together.

Every time I see them together I just stop everything. I can’t NOT relish in the love with them and usually will mosey on over and join in the love fest, placing my head in touch with both of theirs so we’re all three connected – it’s so, so powerful!

Cosmo has really brought a whole new level of experience to both Joy and I due to his huge heart, ever-positive disposition, and soul-sacrifice for a higher good.

He’s given me my dream come true of having that engaged connection with an animal companion to a very deep level that includes the physical, but extends expansively into the unconditional and universal heart and soul experience.

Everything we share is balanced, harmonious, integrated, and a beautiful flow of BOTH giving AND receiving. Never is one doing more than the other. Perfect union manifest.

And the same goes between Joy and Cosmo now, too, to such an incredibly special level I can’t even express it here in words. I’ve never seen two beings in animal bodies so tenderly and supportively in tune with each other.

20150804_185310_resizedThey are so precious. It’s a dream come true to see them together sharing daily in intimate moments with each other and with me, as a trio, and individually.

I not only got to manifest my dream of that all-bonded animal familiar, but now have TWO bonded bunnies who are sharing that kind of love with not only me, but with each other.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude that they share this special bond. It’s such a gift that keeps on giving.

I’m just overwhelmed each day at the blessings abound.

All love surround you indeed.

Hope you enjoy the photos of these two bonded souls and this little (dark) but short and cute video clip of Cosmo cleaning Joy:

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Tania Marie is a Visionary Artist, Author, International Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Guide, and Sound Channeler. Her motto is "creating life as a work of art" and her focus is harnessing magick as everyday alchemy. Rabbits are her consorts and the metaphysical arts are her realm. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania guides people globally to remember the purity of their essence, draw forth inspiration and imagination, embody creative empowerment, live magickally and more abundantly with conscious awareness of the nature within being reflected without, and return to natural harmony.

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  1. This is so awesome
    Sending lots of love

  2. Awesome! I so relate to your story, growing up I only played with stuffed animal toys, never, ever even one doll! lol, also I did not grow up having animal pets, but do now….it is their unconditional LOVE, totally LOYALTY and Devotion that makes them the sweet angels they are, blessed be ❤

    • thank you beth! a lovely synchronicity to share with you indeed. i agree those are definitely some of their powerful strengths and gifts. i know for me, it just feels more closely connected to my natural essence to be immersed with animals and nature. they feel the most like home and i am guided by their examples in my life to bring forth more of the same from within that they reflect for me. ❤

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Aaaaaawwww! So sweet!

  4. Anything is possible with the tender caring you show….they certainly have become best buds 😉 adorable pics

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