It’s All About the Peppers! ~ Spicy Anyone?

Every morning I go out to check on how my babies are doing in the Garden Tower.

I’ll be harvesting some more variety of Lettuce, Kale, Chard, Arugula, Parsley, Italian Oregano, Rosemary, Chives, Basil, a few Golden Cherry Tomatoes, Peppermint, Chocolate Mint…AND a variety of peppers later today!

serranoI’ve gone a bit pepper crazy, as I recently added five Bell Pepper plants to my Heirloom Jalapeno Peppers, Cayenne Long Slim Hot Peppers, and Serrano Peppers.

I love SPICY! And the Faeries must have heard me on that, as I wondered if these peppers would actually BE spicy, or spicy enough, as I’ve tasted a lot of so-called spicy peppers and freshly cut raw ones that were, well, eh!

But not MY Jalapeno Peppers…OH BOY! They ARE S-P-I-C-Y!

jalapenoYay! Thank you Faery friends for aiding with your magick.

I harvested a few a couple of weeks ago and have another awaiting. Along with my Cayenne Long Slim Hot Peppers, which I’ve been waiting to turn red, and my Serrano Peppers, I’m anticipating some spicy stuff there too. I guess I’ll find out later today.

cayenneI’ll have to figure out some kind of “hot” dish (Mexican or Spicy Thai? hmmmm) with these or garnish to a salad from all the rest of the yums coming in today.

Fellow spicy lovers, I know you share in the excitement about this.

For those of you preferring mild, this likely will push your limits.

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Tania Marie is a Visionary Artist, Author, International Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Guide, and Sound Channeler. Her motto is "creating life as a work of art" and her focus is harnessing magick as everyday alchemy. Rabbits are her consorts and the metaphysical arts are her realm. With over 25 yearsโ€™ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania guides people globally to remember the purity of their essence, draw forth inspiration and imagination, embody creative empowerment, live magickally and more abundantly with conscious awareness of the nature within being reflected without, and return to natural harmony.

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  1. Spicy is my middle name LOL I love spicy food and the spicier the better. Am growing jalapenos and habaneros plus some dragon peppers too. I’m ready to try what you create in the kitchen so save me a seat. ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

  2. Love the taste of the dragon peppers. I will not mind if any bees decide to go to and from those and the hot peppers ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yup, I’m with you on the spicy, Tania Marie and Shay! These look gorgeous, Tania Marie. Perfect timing, too, as I’m just about to whip up some ‘fire tonic’ (raw apple cider vinegar and our spicy pepper friends!). Dragon Peppers … cool. ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo (and happy soon-to-be-sabbatical!).

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