The Gifts RV Living Has To Offer ~ What I’ve Discovered So Far From This New Journey That’s Only Just Begun


With just 25 days remaining until our grand RV adventure begins and already a little over 2 months (64 days to be precise) under my belt of this new lifestyle, I wanted to share just a bit about the gifts RV living has brought to light for me and what I’ve enjoyed most, SO FAR, from this experience.

Living in “The Magick Bus,” as her name reveals, is well….magickal.

And that has been both in extraordinary and not so extraordinary ways. Below I’ll share the more simple things, as I share quite a bit about the magick and miraculous stuff, and yet these simple things to me are the magick and elixir of life.

Now of course you don’t have to live in an RV in order to experience these things, nor is this lifestyle for everyone.

But it is perfect for me/us for the place we are in life currently, and I am loving how everything I hold dear, is of value to me, and have been the fundamentals of my learning and teaching, have been reflected profoundly through this choice of living at this time period in my life.

Not to mention, is the perfect “vehicle” to support, navigate, and journey to where my path leads.


I thought I’d share a few photos of our tiny house on wheels, alongside this reflection, so you can get more of an idea what living this way is like. I’ve received some messages from people who weren’t clear about what an RV is and have never seen the inside of one to comprehend fully how it is possible, so I’m sharing a little inside reveal to acclimate you a bit to my current world.

And just to put it into context further, our RV is 39 feet long and has three slide-outs that go out on either side of it, extending the interior square footage when we are stationed somewhere.


Rather than write what could be a huge comprehensive story, I thought instead I’d share a list, along with corresponding reflections, on things that living this way has brought to light, supported, and reiterated for me.

This will include some of the simple joys and fun I’ve taken away from this experience.

I’m likely missing stuff, but I think you’ll get the picture from my shares below.


So, in no particular order, here we go:

  • Simplicity really helps clear the air – Along with having less things and living mindfully there are less distractions, less energetic clutter, everything blares out more profoundly, and I experience greater joy. This helps in all areas of life, including connecting with myself, let alone with others.
  • Everything that I love and is important to me travels with me everywhere I go – This is so cool! Like really cool! I have my little family and all our good food, our own sheets to sleep in, my most important crystal friends, books I’m currently reading, my work supplies, and the fundamentals we enjoy and that make our life work. It’s all easily accessible, doesn’t sit idle in excess, and was hand-chosen for its functionality in terms of needs and deepest desires.rv6
  • Everything is within me – This feels more true than ever, as I’m happier and more at peace than ever living simply and yet still experiencing the abundance and expanse as an energy I embody and seeing more how when I embody that, life reflects it.
  • I realize how very little one truly needs in actual experience, rather than as an idea alone – This goes without need for explanation. Don’t get me wrong, as there is nothing wrong with having things and creating beauty and a sanctuary in the way that nurtures you. I know the value of that and we will one day create that again (with a different perspective). It’s only to say that in truth, these things are not needs, but a choice to have. And when we truly embody being an abundant being, we don’t live with attachments and so we more easily flow in and out of being okay either way, which makes life much more peaceful.
  • Everything has its place and creates a constantly organized, clear space to live and work in – This helps keep away the “noise” and confusion. Because space is limited in terms of storage and in general, you simply have to keep things organized and you put things back to their spot when finished with it. I’m a very organized person as it is, so this works well with how I am naturally, while ensuring there’s always a good flow of chi too.rv
  • It forces us to be present and mindful – There are things to be aware of in how we care for our home, making sure everything is in working condition so we aren’t stranded with a challenge, thinking ahead to what we may need when traveling especially in remote areas, thinking ahead as to things to secure while traveling to avoid damage inside, and following a process to get set up and broken down at each destination. We also need to be aware of weather and where things are located around us that we may need along the way. Life becomes both an adventure and a way of preparedness so that you are mentally, physically, and emotionally equipped for potentials along the way.
  • A smaller space provides opportunity for greater communing and family unit energy – This has been a huge plus for everyone. The bunnies now are part of daily life all of the time, as they are stationed in the dining/living area where I mostly work and across from the kitchen where a lot of action takes place. 🙂 They have more access to dad constantly and all four of the animals, kitties included, are much more closely knit with each other. There’s still enough room for everyone to have their little nook, but we feel the truth of that collective connection no matter if we’re engaged in our own individual thing or not. This creates a lot more bonding time and nurturing for all.
  • A smaller space makes good communication a must and not a luxury you can push off until later – RV life would be a challenge for people who don’t have a healthy relationship and don’t yet have good communication skills. It also won’t work if you absolutely need physical separation for large portions of your days. And yet, it is the perfect environment to cultivate all of that into a healthy and thriving relationship, if you wanted to commit to the process. Luckily Dave and I have worked diligently on our communication over the years, but RV life has deepened that and continues to really amaze me in beautiful ways, as to how much more we’ve come together on this and many levels. We work well together and there’s just enough space and areas in the RV to be able to do our work, have quiet if needed for phone calls or when he likes to take naps with a sliding door that separates bedroom from living space, and provides the outdoors for individual and joint sharing.
  • A smaller space means you learn to operate within a shared space and learn healthy energetic boundaries and speaking your truth, rather than needing to physically separate yourself – This goes along with the last one, but to add, this really cultivates working with your energy and learning how to expand and contract it, create energetic bubbles, honor and respect each other’s needs, and still remain connected without having to actually physically divorce oneself from the situation altogether. This is handy when out in the world or simply feeling the energy of things around you as a sensitive, as you learn to control and funnel your own energetic experience of that and know that you can.
  • Everyday is fun – This is the absolute truth since day one. I’ve been dancing and singing around our home and enjoying what used to be routine stuff with excitement like it’s the first time for everything. I was so thrilled in our first week and feeling so light and joyous from the get-go. Even mundane things like operating an appliance is as if for the first time. It’s like I’m living in a little Faery or Hobbit home that’s cozy and fuzzy in all the ways I like. I’m still at the same level of excitement and giddiness, which will increase with each destination.rv8
  • I’m always surrounded by the outdoors and spend even greater time there – It’s fun to look out my window just a few feet in either direction and to see and be outdoors. Having a home that moves around and one day bears and deer may be wandering by, while the next there’s the beach out my window, is exciting. Especially to one who loves Nature so much. It creates great ease to take a walk, hike, bike, kayak, etc….because we have everything with us and it’s all easily accessible. Whether skiing, snorkeling, mountain biking, or a leisurely stroll…we have all the equipment necessary carried with us. And with selling my car, I get to take advantage of my bike more too and do fun things like errands, biking to lunch, and grocery shopping when ever I want.
  • Life’s pace slows down – In a world of anxiety and stress and all things moving fast creating pressures, it sure is nice to step out of that. Because there is more mindfulness in this way of living, and it does, at least for us, cause greater reflection on everything, life has slowed down and the cherishing of things has rooted much deeper.
  • I ride my bike more and get more natural exercise – I mentioned this above, but in general it does create a more active lifestyle even if it is just taking a walk. We have walked to dinner several times and take walks day, evening, or night. It’s just more fun!
  • It sparks greater creativity, as I learn to live in a new way and receive inspiration daily – All of this creates a foundation for inspired channeling with all of the natural beauty and the daily lessons and learning I continue to have and experience in a much more clear way. And because we have to often think creatively in terms of how to organize something, maximize something, create something in terms of upgrades we’ve been doing, think ahead and explore multiple potentials and what that would involve, etc. it stretches our minds and fosters more creative energy in general.
  • There’s a whole community of RV people that are really nice and like to help one another when in need – This has really been cool to experience how everyone smiles, waves, says hi, or offers a helping hand and starts a conversation, where a lot of times people will stay to themselves mostly. Although we’re all in our RV homes, there’s a difference here than in a house, where people feel more connected to you, rather than separate. Perhaps that’s the feeling of a tribe and shared nomadic lifestyle they feel kinship with, or perhaps it puts us in an experience that gets closer to living like the olden days, building fires and enjoying the simple pleasures of the outdoors, story-telling, and assisting one another for survival….there’s definitely a Root Chakra aspect to it all, which feels enriching and grounding.
  • There’s no hiding from things, especially not within a relationship – I like being transparent as it is, but living closely together ensures this, as it also supports talking a lot and without distractions, even the not as energetically sensitive would have an easy time knowing when their partner has something going on or is in need. I like this a lot, as I don’t feel things should be left festering and with constant communication, and always being brought face-to-face with someone or something (it can be just with yourself too), you just have to do something about it, as otherwise things will be really unpleasant. Like the many windows into the world this RV opens us up to seeing, it also opens the windows into ourselves and into each other, which is invaluable. Plus, you can’t ignore your RV’s needs either, as it is your home and carries you from point A to point B safely. So everything becomes a heightened experience of being conscious about what’s going on in and around you.
  • Home is where the heart is – That’s an easy one to understand. No matter where we go, we both literally and symbolically ARE home.rv5
  • Life is an adventure and journey – Everything I find to be an unfolding mini adventure and it takes the journey to a whole other meaning, as we again, both literally and symbolically are living that out. I find that the action, plus the inner work, and literal motion of bringing those together is quite powerful.
  • Life has become ever more peaceful – This goes without saying…It just is and this is the most peaceful I’ve been. Even the cats don’t fight anymore and seem much more at peace and connective and our male cat stopped peeing where he shouldn’t, so isn’t feeling a need to act out or create boundaries. There is harmony.
  • We learn to work together even better as a team and our relationship is stronger than ever – Our focus is team-work in our relationship and as a partnership. And living in the RV has expounded upon that in knowing how everything we do benefits one another and our little family and makes our life more seamless. So when there’s something to work on, we do it together. If one of us has something we’re going through or accomplishing, we know it’s to the benefit of both of us and will affect us both and so we work harder together on it.
  • We don’t take any little thing for granted – We’ve become ultra aware of gratitude magnified hugely. Not that I didn’t always see the magick and was grateful for things, but it’s just all so much deeper and profoundly visceral and we remind each other of the things we’re coming to understand, which is a lovely reiteration we keep ourselves on track with in terms of what’s most important.
  • We have opportunity to spend more time living in balance with Nature and her cycles/seasons – We’re outdoors more so this goes without saying, but we also will be following seasons and weather patterns in terms of our traveling, so it’s much more in harmony with Earth’s cycles. We have also seen how things we do and our moves keep aligning with the Moon cycles, so we’ve gotten into a rhythm that is now operating naturally.
  • Living more off-grid – We still have a lot of amenities including a stove-top, convection oven, washer/dryer, internet, and all of my kitchen appliances, but we also added solar panels and living in the RV prompted me to get my Sun Oven, a small fire pit grill, a mini cloud day stove and fire starter cubes and mini garden of veggies so I can receive gifts of the Sun and Nature while being less reliant on conveniences. It reminds me of when I was a child playing with my Holly Hobby and a lifestyle I’d imagine her having and loved to make-believe with, and my Betty Crocker Easy Bake Mini Oven I used to have and love. LOL! Definitely a home for a Faery.rv7
  • Life is more vibrant – Just like with receiving a Reiki initiation attunement to one of the levels, living this way has created a vibrancy and richness to everything (a bird just literally brushed up against my window as I’m writing this right now). It all seems surreal and the colors and textures, smells, experiences all seem so deepened and different. Taking this to a whole new level.
  • I sleep and dream deeply – I’ve mentioned this before that my dreams have been really layered, prophetic, clear, directly messaging and symbolic, and sleep has been deep and very needed. Feels refreshing here and I feel closer to the elements and even to Cosmic energy.
  • I can hear the rain and wind more, plus all the sounds of Nature –  This is so wonderful being curled up and cozy inside our tiny house on wheels surrounded by nature through the windows directly a step away. I couldn’t hear the rain as much in our previous house and now I do. Love it.
  • I am in touch with more animals – I get to see more animals rather than just when I made a trip to the beach or hiking, but in general more types I don’t get to see unless journeying farther and deeper into areas not normally part of every day life. This is opening their wisdom and messages to breathe through to me and so more animal spirit guide presences are a welcome gift.
  • Less things to manage means more time for other things and less stress – A smaller home and things means less things to take care of. That equates to lessening the load and just softening the edge on responsibilities so that the most important responsibilities can be focused on and what there is can be greater enjoyed.
  • Everything is more day-to-day and moment-to-moment lived out loud and feels more vital with newness and opportunity – We go with the flow of guidance even more so now and will be once we begin traveling. Only our hearts and Nature guiding us. Every day presents a wider variety of newness for us, which for me is stimulating, as I don’t like complacency and I like to be challenged with something bigger all the time.
  • We’ll get to explore all the hidden beauty everywhere – I’ve traveled a lot outside of the U.S. and now I get to explore all the varied areas and National Parks in our own backyard, as well as get to explore parts of Mexico and Canada we feel called to. And we get to have all of our family and our own home where ever we go, so I won’t have to leave my cherished ones behind.
  • We keeping seeing how life is imperfectly perfect and none of the things we think matter, actually do – Our RV isn’t perfect. We’ve constantly found things to fix or upgrade and guess what, things will continue to need our love and attention, but we’re happy. Does an RV do that for you and a house not? Of course not. But as mentioned, for us, this has driven home these concepts in a more actualized way, rather than simply an idea. There’s nothing about our life to impress anyone with and we know that not everyone resonates with or even thinks living in an RV is cool, let alone would actually live this way. But we love it. The more removed we are from things, the greater connection we feel. It’s an interesting dichotomy, but then I love dichotomies. But this trickles into our own experience of ourselves and our work…we’re seeing the imperfect perfection of it all/of us all and how really okay and wonderful that is.
  • My senses feel heightened – Can’t explain the why’s of this, but they do. Perhaps it is an increased experience of what feels most natural to me, which amplifies an experience of greater connection to all of my senses..five and beyond.
  • I feel closer to the stars – This is literal in terms of both seeing them all the time from the windows of the RV or while lying in bed, to also having increased Cosmic experiences in dream and walk time. Stripping away thicker house walls to being in the thin RV walls that sit out in the elements, feels like it translated also to a thinning of the veil and a clearer channel of experience.
  • I feel more me – Yay!rv site

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Nice! A lot of my friends live that way now that they are retired. Is it hard to drive? Do you drive it? How often do you think you will move? Just as the intuition moves you? Sounds like fun. Might be nice to have a little motor bike or tiny car at some point in case you are parked where you can’t really bicycle, but towing is hard. How does it do on curvy hills? I’m glad you got solar panels. Then you can be anywhere without hookups. So nice. Freedom.
    I’m really happy for you, Tania. Seems to suit you just perfectly right now. I’m glad all the animals like it too.

    • thanks mary! yes, we see a lot of retired people enjoying this lifestyle. i haven’t yet driven it, but soon will. it’s not hard to drive, it’s just more challenging to maneuver like backing up and things. it’s just like a car, but you have a wider range to keep in mind for breaking and turns. yes, as intuitive moves us…we don’t want to constantly be moving, but do want to explore. we’d like to stay settled for longer periods rather than just a few days…sometimes that may be weeks, other times could be a month or months. depends. and while we drive to a destination, staying places along the way to break up driving. we do actually have an suv that we tow. so we have a car and our bikes. we had two cars, but neither of them were towable. so i sold mine and we got the towable suv. now dave is selling his car, as we get ready to leave, which will have us with just one car. important to have a car or motor bike in order do get to places rv can’t. for instance, to get into the sequoia national park we had to use suv, as larger vehicles greater than like 20 feet or something like that, can’t make the turns. yeah, the solar panels help us to be without hookups if need be.

      we’re excited. thank you for sharing in that excitement with me. it really is ideal for what i/we need at this point.

      love and hugs!!

  2. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Sharing from my sweet faery friend.

  3. It’s so fun to see the inside of your cozy space. I could resonate with many of the benefits you are experiencing. I’ve lived in some very small spaces myself. It absolutely does stimulate the creative juices. One of those places was over the top of a garage in Carmel Valley on the top of a mountain where wildlife was an everyday occurrence multiple times a day☺️ The ceiling was half glass So the living room and bedroom were one. So when I was in bed at night I watched the sky and stars move. You could see them so clearly. We were far removed from the bright city lights. Java and jadey lived with me. The kitchen was basically a mini stove/sink and tiny fridge combo All one piece. Tgat was it. But it was one of my favorite places I lived. I’ve sold everything ything numerous times and moved away beginning all over again. Each time relishing the new experience. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. I embrace and adore all that is unfolding ❤️❤️❤️

    • happy you had fun with the photos! it’s hard to imagine for some people. i am totally with you on the small spaces. your place sounds so cute! and in carmel! how beautiful. your place reminds me of mine in tahoe. i had a solarium in the front part, which was my office…all glass around…desk facing out looking at lake and snow would create a cave, stars out every night. i had joy and gaia with me, much like you had java and jadey. and when i first got nestor i lived in a tiny studio apartment that was cozy. seems small spaces and animals go together nicely! i love hearing about your own experiences and how they mirror some of my own. fun to keep learning more of that. love it!! big hugs!!

  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Oh good, you will have a car. Way more freedom. When you have a long steep pull, you can take the car off and both drive. You are going to have so much fun. Well, you already are! 🙂
    I traveled a lot around the country in my vw van in the early/mid 70s. I had a blast. Just go wherever the spirit moved me. Stayed as long as I wanted. I had my dog and a cat. Sadly the cat died on the trip. Got out, and got hit. So sad. My dog, Abina stayed with me for 16 years. She was my primary relationship all that time. She saw me through so much. Still a guardian angel. I put her name in my bunny’s name – that’s why Trinabinabunny.
    Anyway, I can feel your happiness. ❤ 🙂

    • hehe!! yes, we are having fun, but as you said it’s just going to continue to get more fun! i love your adventures you had and enjoyed with your dog and cat. i’m so sorry to hear about your cat though. how heart-breaking. i’m glad abina helped you through that and so much more. i love how she’s with you like my nestor and gaia. so sweet trinabinabunny came into your life and how she got her name. sending you a big warm hug of love ❤

    • oh wow, I do love the sounds of your place in Tahoe too. Isn’t it amazing how well our little animals adjust to space sizes. I think the largest place Java has ever lived where he had the full place to run was where we are living now, and that is a small two bedroom, single wide older mobile home, where we have a yard fenced in and trees. as small as it is, it’s huge in comparison to almost everywhere we have ever lived prior. it is fun to learn more about how you lived and what you’ve experienced as well. many synchronicities. my criteria for a place to live is not the size but that it feels cozy and it’s peaceful….and that’s created in a large part by each of us but also it has it’s own personality. much love to you oxox

      • thanks!! yes, i agree fully…it definitely is about the feel energetically…that said i am not too suited for something huge as that just feels off for me. your new place sounds perfect for you all…nice you have a little yard and trees and java can enjoy them. i’ve lived in a variety of sizes and types of places…it is fun to see how that shifts with each part of our lives in reflection. love you!

  5. It is fun to see how energy shifts with each size. Never felt comfortable in big either. Lol. Cozy is my preference. Like a little cottage or gypsy wagon. 😏

  6. Hi Tania,

    I enjoyed what you’ve shared about your RV experiences so far and look forward to more! Seems wonderful to me!

    This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now: being closer to nature, following the seasons, a more simple way of life…ah yes! Especially today, when I look out on a grey day with little sun, white salt all over the city roads and sidewalks, and temperatures below freezing.

    I’ve been working the last few years to make the changes in my life for such adventures to be possible and I’m getting there. Not being tied to a job with a physical location is the big one I’ve overcome, and I know that’s the case for you, too. Perhaps you could talk about that in an upcoming post, if you’re so moved? I know I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

    I’ve done a fair bit of camping, cottaging, and even a bit of RV-like traveling in years past, so I’m aware of what it takes. I’m looking forward to when I get a nice RV like yours (thanks for the inspiration!) and getting back on the road for some more beautiful adventures!

    See you there soon!

    Dave in currently chilly Toronto.

    • thanks dave!! so cool you found this post…i’m glad you found it helpful. sounds like you and i are quite alike…but then we knew that when the green smoothies showed up 😉 i’m so glad you’re working toward all that you are to create this..that’s the way…take the steps and keep focused on your intents and dreams. will keep that in mind on more upcoming rv shares about work and rv life. thank you for the idea, as i’m sure others would also be interested. can’t wait for you to get out there too!! you will love it. holding the vision with you! xoox

  7. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:

    Today marks the one year anniversary of RV living in the Magick Bus. Yes, that’s right, it’s already been a full year of living this adventure, and quite a year it’s been! I wrote this blog when we were just 2 months in to our new lifestyle, but everything I shared here still holds true. What I’d like to add is how powerful nomadic, mobile tiny home living has been in moving energy big time. It’s like lifetimes of cycles have been processed and released. The adventures and beauty we’ve encountered were more than we could have imagined and fuel my creative heart. It’s also provided us opportunity to explore and experience places in a way that has been conducive to our being able to truly know where the land calls to us and what aligns with our essence for our future home(s). We’ve been able to clarify what we do and don’t like, what we can and can’t live without, and to feel the resonance of finding those places that light our souls aglow. During this process we’ve locked in on 3 locations, which each serve different purposes, but all speak to our hearts deeply. How things evolve will continue to be a fluid process, as we let Spirit guide us to our first step in creating the next phase of our journey, which is looking to continue to be a unique way of living even though we’ll nest into grounded structures as our homes. I’m very excited though, as this journey has connected me with my deepest soul passions, brought forth my soul song signature, and has shared with me the vision of where my future is headed by realizing what’s most important to me. There are so many gifts we’ve received from the Magick Bus lifestyle. And while there aren’t also challenges of RV living, that’s simply the nature of anything. For us, the freedom, flow, and return has far outweighed any obstacles. If anything each obstacle has presented a deepening to our gifts, greater harnessing of our personal power, and more conscious growth. Happy Anniversary to us!! Yay!!

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