What Ignites Your Inner Flame? ~ Reflections For Your Year Ahead


“If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.” — T. Alan Armstrong,
Author and Writer

Yesterday, Laura and I got to do our annual Tarot readings for each other for the upcoming year, which is always fun. We’ve only missed one year since starting this tradition, but it was back in action yesterday, as we enjoyed some magickal oracle deck shares.

One card that came through was from my Earth Magic deck and it is “FIRE” ~ Passion.

It stood out to me for the collective as a theme.

I’ll share the meaning straight from the deck for you, as I believe the questions presented are really important ones for anyone to ask within, as you face this new blank canvas ahead of you available for 2016 – a universally collective #9 year of raw and honest inner reflections, full-circle closure, spiritual growth, making necessary adjustments and cleaning out your house so to speak to bare only that which is most important to you, and really cultivating what you want to share with the world:

What are your passions?

What turns you on?

What ignites that inner flame, that creative spark?

When you feel devoid of passion, consider what is missing in your life.

It is most likely an absence of “fire in your belly,” something that makes your heart beat faster and quickens your breathing.

Passion is not something that comes from outside of you, although some events and circumstances can trigger it.

It is an intensity of feeling, whether quietly experienced or enthusiastically expressed.

Passion can simply be a strong feeling, or the sensation itself can be so powerful that it motivates you to act.

This is too often associated exclusively with sexuality, which is certainly one way of experiencing it, yet it limits its meaning and demeans the broader possibilities.

Open yourself to the truth of what you are passionate about, and find a means to express it.


Last night we spent a low-key New Year’s Eve sharing an early dinner and moving the celebration to the beach of the lagoon across from our RV home.

There we created a bonfire and roasted vegan s’mores. Then ended the night with New Year’s kisses to the little ones and off to sleep by 10:30 pm.

I drifted off connecting to my passions and what I was committed to bringing through this year – carry-through from commitments I’d made in my Solstice ceremony and from yesterday’s reading received.

These are photos I took of the fire last night, which was big and oh so warm and cozy. Seemed to mirror the magnitude of my passions and the reflection of comfort found within my more solitary and still-retreated experience these days.

I loved watching the flames dance, feeling to be a mirror of the magnitude inside of me energetically, despite outside appearances at this time in my life – much going on behind-the-scenes and in a way most reflective of my Faery self that has gone into her realm more.

I kept seeing images in the fire and in one of my photos a rabbit immediately showed up (for me)…not sure anyone else sees it, but it’s there. That was a very cool reflection for my year ahead.

What images might you see reflected in the flames, as you gaze upon them?


In general, I loved the symbolism of ending the year with a fire. It was huge and embers were flying everywhere, along with giant pieces of ash that looked like faeries flying against the black carpet of the Cosmos above. Perfect!

Transmuting the old in the flames.

Rising from the ashes like the Phoenix.

Stoking the fire within.

Deepening into the embodiment of fiery passions that are the very essence of who I am.

Magick amidst the seeming darkness.


May your year ahead be passionately reinvigorated, as you deepen into the heart of you!





About Tania Marie's Blog

Tania Marie is a Visionary Artist, Author, International Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Guide, and Sound Channeler. Her motto is "creating life as a work of art" and her focus is harnessing magick as everyday alchemy. Rabbits are her consorts and the metaphysical arts are her realm. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania guides people globally to remember the purity of their essence, draw forth inspiration and imagination, embody creative empowerment, live magickally and more abundantly with conscious awareness of the nature within being reflected without, and return to natural harmony.

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  1. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Sharing from Tania Marie When I read this warm and cozy share it prompted me to make a list of my passions and have continued to add to the list. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your New Year’s Eve and much more.

  2. Good Morning Tania.
    I loved this post. So similar to what I usually do, of course! We usually think and feel back over the year, come up with a list of what we would like to let go of and burn the list and let it go up being transmuted into nothingness. Then we vision for what we would like for the next year. I usually do a card reading from my favorite deck – Earth Magic.

    This year, we happened to have a house full of people – wonderful people. But somehow, it didn’t happen. Bill and I usually go to bed by 10 on New Year’s eve, but we all actually stayed up until midnight. They were talking about the world, politics, some gloom, doom. I didn’t participate too much except to quietly smile and say, “I believe in miracles.” Sometime before midnight, I happened to look out the door, and there was a fox peeking in the door. I almost cried with delight and deep heart happiness. It just touched me so deeply. Turns out there is a Canadian astrology that I didn’t know about. 2016 in that system is the year of the fox!

    I have been saying Happy Now Year to everyone. It started out as a typo, but I liked it so it stuck. Happy Now Year Tania. May you always be aware of your beautiful firey passion!
    Much love my friend,

    • i love all that you shared here mary. thank you for doing so, as it’s an experience i think so many go through in finding ourselves many times amidst very contrasting energy to ours, but how we can still hold our own vibration and shine it even brighter at these times, rather than diminishing ourselves or stepping into the energy others are projecting. so cool to hear how we have similar rituals. but the coolest thing is the fox that showed up! and right at the door! how magickal and what a blessing!

      happy now year (i love that) to you too my sweet friend. thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with me and so many others. much love and warm hugs

      • Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

        Thank you. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to stay in our own peace when others are projecting negativity – especially when it is about something I see every day also. I just don’t want to set up camp in it. You know? I want to vision it in a different way, or frame it differently. There are so many things going on in the world that just feel so wrong. I have to trust Love. Like, this morning there were all these blinking crystals in the willows. Frozen sparklies that just looked like faeries dancing.
        Love to you today ❤

      • i know what you mean! offering new perspectives and envisioning other possibilities is our creative power to transform. how magickal the crystal light faeries sound! 😉 mmmm! love you xoox

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