Make Nature Your Best Friend & See The Quality Of Your Life Increase

This is a great article by Florence Williams for National Geographic on the beneficial and life-changing effects of getting closer to Nature.

As I keep sharing, it simply isn’t a luxury anymore, but necessity to return to natural harmony and deepen our relationship with Nature around us, as a means to know our true Nature within.

As the article shares, “All this evidence for the benefits of nature is pouring in at a time when disconnection from it is pervasive”.

It’s amazing how little time most people spend in and around Nature and this is starting out as children who spend more time playing with electronics than spending time outdoors. Not to mention most people live in cities where there’s a larger disconnect from Nature unless you make conscious efforts to surround or immerse yourself in it, in some way in your life.

I remember spending my entire days all summer and after school, playing outdoors while I was growing up. And the rest of the time I was either drawing or reading. I remember that my parents and a couple of the friends that took care of us while my parents were away would let me choose a plant of my choice at the nursery and buy a clay pot to put it in that I then got to color with crayons or paint to decorate as my own.

People wonder how to reduce levels of stress that builds the more they fill their lives with everything but Nature. And yet one of the most powerful answers to reharmonizing, balancing, and more vibrant health and well being is right outside your window and door, and just a creative stretch of your mind away.

Any kind of quality time a little each day will make a huge difference.

Whether immersed in quiet reflection with plants and animals, caring for a plant or garden, taking a walk during your work breaks or in the evening when you return home from work, riding a bike instead of watching television, encouraging your children to venture outdoors by showing them some of the things you used to do when you were young or teaching them how to care for a plant or animal companion, taking a drive to the beach or mountains instead of sitting at your computer or going into the city….it’s not hard to do.

It’s just a choice.

Here’s the great article shared by my friend, Hillary, who like me, really knows the difference that experiencing or living in Nature makes in our lives, as she just moved to her dream ranch a few weeks ago:

This Is Your Brain On Nature

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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    So important!

  2. This is a beautiful blog post and the original article is fantastic. I also think that time seems to speed up when we are in front of a computer all day. Science has discovered that digital does have that effect. I can’t remember the original post I read about that. There is something very timeless, graceful, and easy about just letting it all go and walking into the sun, the birds, the trees, touching flowers, watching clouds blow about. It’s the essence of what we all are in a symphony of beauty.

    • thank you so much kelly! i agree..the article is really awesome. that is true about time speeding up with technology and slowing down or feeling timeless when with nature. i’ve learned more and more about how to let things go and just walk away. i spent a day today very balanced…i could have just worked all day, but instead enjoyed a picnic table lunch, took a stroll, put my bare feet in the grass and dirt, did some tarot by my plants overlooking the ocean, and still got laundry done, took care of the bunnies, did my quarterly end of year taxes, and the work that was meant to get done today. i look back at how i used to stress and squeeze myself into these time restraints and achievement goals, and now if any rush touches my life it feels so unnatural and i refuse to engage it more than recognizing how it’s reminding me of who i am naturally and to get back to that immediately ❤

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