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A Year in Celebration ~ Cosmo’s Message of Love & Commitment


I’ve posted so much about Cosmo, his journey, and how he’s awakened the Sacred Mother within me.

Today I want to share a celebration of our one year anniversary, although will be day-long here on the Magick Bus.

One year ago, today, Cosmo came home to live with us. It was unclear at the time what would unfold between him and Joy, as that was the only reason for first fostering before adopting him.

Yet, once I picked him up and he came home, it was clear he’d be staying for good and I trusted it would all work itself out, as it felt meant to be.

The message I feel guided to share today in honor of Cosmo, is about the importance of heart and soul commitment to your animal companions, as if they were your biological children – the ones that are both healthy and that have special needs.

But within that message is also a call of importance for your heart bonds and commitments to ALL of your loved ones and those you hold dear, including yourself.

You can’t afford to spend one more day pushing them and you aside, as today may be your only opportunity to share your love.

During this year I’ve invested my heart, time and energy into giving Cosmo everything possible to provide a quality life, by keeping him happy, healthy, and thriving. Not to mention, support his soul in the best and highest possible way with his path.

And I will continue to do so until our last physical moment together in this life.

There’s not a day, hour, or minute that goes by that I’m not saying “I love you” over and over to my loved ones, but also showing them that love, which means even more.

Dave was just saying a couple of days ago that Cosmo is lucky to have me, as although there are many animal lovers out there, he’s not sure many would do what I do for him. He even included himself in there feeling he wasn’t sure he’d be as capable of doing the kind of job and giving as I invest.

And yet I often say that I’m just as lucky to have him, as he is to have me.

GAM_9168 web

He helps me always to know what’s most important. It’s not the work I have to complete, the deadlines, the schedules, the ego-driven thoughts of what needs to be accomplished in a day that mean anything.

The most important thing is the love I share with him and the responsibility to caring for this little one and ensuring that it is quality care, without cutting corners because other things get in the way.

Nothing gets in the way of a heart bond and commitment you have – whether that’s just to yourself, your partner, your children, and your animal companion children. You make the time or time will pass you by and so will all of the precious and fleeting moments that are life in its finest.

Although I’ve shared some of the things that are involved in his care, truly it’s like having a newborn baby that will never grow up.

It is round-the-clock care, presence, intuiting, listening and observing, and physical and emotional giving.

I wake up twice a night to check on him, turning him over if he’s fallen on the weak side and can’t get up, bringing him to his food and water and sitting with him until he’s done, or even a middle-of-the-night changing/cleaning.

Then there’s the daytime stuff, which all makes it even more important that I’m a work-at-home mom.

I share that for anyone thinking of taking on a special needs animal.

It’s not something to do as a charity case, because you want to feel good about yourself, or simply because you love animals.

They need special care and if you aren’t willing to provide the kind of care you would to your own flesh and blood child, then maybe allowing someone else who can invest that way would be best.

Or, if you’re ready to commit, then educating yourself and being ready to make life-adjustments is necessary.

ALL of which I love. And I say that with EVERY OUNCE ounce of my being.

The time I spend caring for my little ones is my cherished time…the timeless time…the realness of life…the reason for living to experience that preciousness and purity.

It’s amazing it’s already been a year! My time flies. But it’s been the best year of my life so far.

Thank you Cosmo for the gift of you and the countless and continuous ways you teach me about life and love.

I love you with every breath of life within me.

Back Home in the Mountain Forests

20160124_164757Yesterday we came to rest at 3144 elevation in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains surrounded by the forest.

Just driving up the highway – an old passageway for me back when I lived in Lake Tahoe and Reno to visit Laura for Faery feasts and fun and the way to finding Joy and crystal friends – was invigorating and feeling like I was home again.20160124_154915

We’re now in an area called Dutch Flat, which is a good place to be without getting too high in elevation and snow, since we don’t have the RV winterized, yet still can be in the forest and mountain energy and close enough to drive in to where ever we feel called.

I’ll also be able to visit my family in Reno.

We had a glitch with our towing mechanism yesterday – maybe a fuse, which was good to happen before actually getting on our way – so rather than take a chance I drove the SUV and Dave drove the RV.20160124_143740

It was actually a really cool perspective and with me behind, I felt like the strong anchor and guardian, protecting my home and family…safely getting them to our next landing.

20160124_151403And I was actually sending energy all along the way – to guide them, as well as to infuse everyone’s hearts with peace that were inside the RV.

I also enjoyed driving on my own, as it reminded me of the many drives I used to do, which gave me time for a lot of reflection and receiving of insights.

I saw over 60 hawks along the drive…I lost count. I wondered if anyone else paid attention to these magnificent ones that were perched in both visible and not so visible ways. Like a hawk, my eyes locked on to them easily. And of course I wasn’t surprised, as a hawk is part of a sacred tattoo design I’m creating today.

It was our longest drive so far, as we’ve been taking our time in increments so as not to do more than 2 – 3 hours at a time…yesterday was about 6 hours with a stop at a rest area to make lunch.

Kind of a lot for the little ones, yet we felt a straight shoot and not stopping just for a day somewhere we didn’t really want to be made more sense. Plus, we really just wanted to get to the mountains.






It was worth it, as I was really craving being in the forest and mountains and it ended up as lovely as I had hoped. Everyone is really happy.20160124_164603.jpg

The park is very quiet with mostly full timers living here and we got to choose our site, which is by itself surrounded by trees and has a trail literally steps behind it.20160124_165231

After settling in last evening, I prepared a homemade vegan potato leek soup from the produce I picked up at the veggie stand in Moss Landing. That felt like the perfect cozy meal to enjoy for our first chilly night in the forest.20160124_210918_resized

We will be in the outlying area of Lake Tahoe and Reno for the next three weeks, but my schedule is pretty full between designs, clients, prep for one of the first private retreats taking place at our next forest stop, end of the month stuff and February’s newsletter preparation, and visiting with both my family and Dave’s family who are coming up for our yearly ski trip week. Woo!

All of that mixed in with the day-to-day and some balance of nature time for ourselves hiking and snow shoeing, etc., will make for quite the full experience. We’ll see how much I can blog, although I usually put aside my mornings for emails and blogging, alongside caring for the babies.20160124_164658

So I don’t have the ability to do any other private retreats in this area, as the only time I could, has been filled.

Again, that is on a first come first serve basis, so for anyone who has placed a deposit or is thinking of creating one of these with me, you’ll need to please make your desires known as to the type of locations and the time of year preference so that I can arrange putting days aside for you.

I didn’t plan it as such, but today is a special day, which I’ll share in a short separate post.

I’m so grateful to be here and to celebrate this day in such a perfect place.

20160124_170748For those of you who share a love for trees, the forest, and mountains, I hope these images are inspiring and invigorating for you, perhaps solidifies a calling you have to go visit the mountains too, and will light the fire within you to do so.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” ~John Muir

A World of Bunnies Sounds Good to Me…Hehe


Magick Monterey

20160123_160702_resized.jpgYesterday we spent the day in Monterey.

After the powerful dream I had the night before last, meeting the God of the Sea, Neptune, the day felt like a freeing gift for my courage.

monterey (15)monterey (12)monterey (13)monterey (14)Full rainbow that lasted a half an hour, sea lions, sea otters, dolphins, Whale Fest, history, and of course vegan yums.

Some days you just feel like you’ve made leaps and yesterday was one of them.

monterey (21)monterey (22).jpgEach time I wanted to manifest seeing something, it happened, right after the giant arching rainbow bridge appeared. All things being framed right below it.

I wanted to see sea lions. There they were.

monterey (7)Both at the end of Coast Guard Pier and all along the edge of the beach and rocks feeding. I’d never seen the colonies of sea lions in groups of like 20 or 30 that swim together as they feed. There were several groups all feeding as such with pelicans and cormorants all around.monterey (23)

Once we saw them I said now I just want to see sea otters, and literally 2 seconds after that one popped up from having gathered lunch.

monterey (25).jpgWe sat watching him for quite a while…so much fun and such flow. And more continued showing up after that along the sea weed beds.monterey (3)monterey (5)

Dolphins would be nice too I thought.

Then two dolphins appeared right near the beach in an area of sea otters and sea lions.

Monterey is so richly abundant with sea life.monterey (16)monterey (11)

It was all such a gift.

monterey (20).jpgWe spent a little time exploring the piers and streets lining the waterside.monterey (9).jpg

Saw some artwork and even came upon a sculpture monument dedicated on my birthday two years ago. Another symbol of rebirth and renewal for me?monterey (18).jpgmonterey (19).jpg

Checked out a couple of shops. Picked up some interesting spicy mustards, hot sauces, bbq sauce, and salsas.monterey (1)

And enjoyed brunch at Julia’s Vegetarian Restaurant, which is all vegan and vegetarian and very quaint and sweet. Their menu says, “We feed the creative minority”. 😉monterey (17).jpg

There we had a vegan potato and veggie scramble and a vegan pastry lorraine with their two soups of the day – a veggie and lentil soup and a spicy corn chili. I loved their hot cider with fresh pressed apples, cinnamon, ginger, and clove.monterey (26)

My tummy and whole body and soul were feeling warm and fired up.

On the way back to Moss Landing we stopped at the large fruit and veggie stand in front of the RV park and picked up some things…beautiful oranges, avocados, leeks, potatoes, portabello mushrooms, veggies for the bunnies, and even another thing I’d been wanting to manifest since Malibu when I got the idea – blueberry fig bars. Yum!

And finished off the day with dinner at Haute again enjoying vegan mexican specialties and a walk back under the Full Moon.monterey (6)

This is a lovely little area I know many love and is another great area to check out if you’re looking for places to explore.

Being oceanside for quite some time now….since we moved into the RV actually in October…has been very supportive for cleansing and renewal.

But we are very ready to head to the mountains now and some higher elevation.

Today we say goodbye to the ocean and make our way inland to the forests, mountains, and snow. I’m looking forward to that very much and how the energy will shift.

A Message From Neptune ~ God of the Sea

Last night I had an interesting dream of meeting Neptune – God of the Sea.

Not surprising, since I’ve been so immersed in the depths of water energy recently with all of our oceanside RV sites we’ve been stationed at, along with the abundance of rain and sea life to accompany it.

Seemed this was foreshadowed also when the RV next to us pulled out while in Avila Beach and I caught its name in the side window – Neptune.

The dream took place after I’d woken in the night, hearing a downpour of rain outside and sea lions barking in the marina.

In my dream I was staying at a very large, sprawling hotel by the ocean. I originally was in one room, but for some reason they wanted me to move rooms and they provided me two new keys.

I ventured off feeling led to try the key to room #287 – an 8 in numerology, which is a power number of balancing the material and immaterial (spiritual) worlds – first.

It had a long gated entrance with plants and looked different from the other rooms – separate and like its own dwelling. It was free standing and had very tall, dark wood walls, seemingly with no windows.

I opened the door and looked around.

Indeed there were no windows. It was mostly bare and dimly lit.

I saw only a couple pieces of clothing and shoes on the ground, as if someone had just left them there.

Sensing they may still be there, I slowly and quietly made my way to the door.

That’s when he appeared.

Silvery white hair and beard, large build, and piercing stark, ice blue eyes. He was likely unclothed, but I only focused on his eyes, face, and bare, strong shoulders – not removing my gaze he had me locked in.

I felt his power, although it appeared that he had shifted into a mortal form living in this hotel room by the ocean.

His eyes gave him away, as they were electric like the lightning storms that take sailors to their detriment and carried the power of the ocean.

It was as if he was waiting for me.

I did feel uncomfortable and some fear took over, as I was not sure of his intentions, his power was great, and here I was inside his domain with no one knowing I was here.

Everything between us was in silence, but telepathically understood.

He knew my trepidation and rather than make me feel more comfortable, he turned on his power even greater. It was as if he knew the best medicine for me was to show up larger and not coddle me. (Much like what I always share that the best way to support someone is to stand in your power rather than meet them in their story, as that provides them authentic choice and a bridge to meet you in their own power, or to remain where they are and choose the story)

And so he stood between me and the door and his eyes became literally electric, glowing and charged, all his power coming through them and his pupils white at center of the icy blue. He turned it on and sent it piercing through to me.

It was not his intention to hurt me, but to show me his power and to test me.

It was then that something was triggered inside and I rose to the occasion.

Suddenly a power built inside of me and I faced him straight on and pierced his eyes back with my own, full steam…my own eyes in penetrating force sending the power within me through to him…hitting him hard.

I remember telepathically sending him the message, “Don’t you dare pull your power on me again or you’ll have this to reckon with.”

His eyes smiled with delight.

It wasn’t a vicious energy between us at all. It was more like a playful exchange between old friends calling each other out…or a master with his disciple who has now turned the tables and both are pleased with the outcome finally achieved through the hard work.

It was as if he was taunting me to reveal myself and not cower before anything or hide in any way who I really am. He was wanting me to dig into the watery depths of my own Pisces soul and bring forth who I really was.

After I turned on my power, I then quickly left.

The dream went on a while, and he seemed to follow me when I left the room to try to get a different room. There was a sense he did not want me changing rooms and wanted me to stay with that one. He even shape shifted into the manager of the hotel at the desk I’d gone to to try to have things changed. And so I never did, although was trying to shake him from following me.

It was evident that he would not leave me be until I fully grasped the seriousness of his message, fully integrated and embodied it, and kept “me” turned on consistently.

Synchronously, this morning I pulled one of my Faery Oracle Tarot cards and the message seemed to reiterate the dream:

“If you are courageous, you can now become who you truly are on a magickal level. When you accept this part of who you are, and accept that this magick you have experienced is natural and good, you will grow stronger, more fearless, more calm, more effective and you will draw to you the people who can echo back to you these truths you have found.”

Being a Pisces, Neptune’s energy is very familiar to me, although can also be some of the trickiest because it is all about the subconscious, the shadow, the depths of feelings below the surface…. and now he is asking of me to bring forth the depths of who I am in an even bigger, bolder, constantly visible way.

Seems he will be sticking around and working with me to ensure that I do. 🙂

Avia Venefica has a great page on Neptune symbolism if you’re interested in exploring the energy more:

Neptune Symbol and Symbolic Facts About Neptune

I have received Neptune’s message to heart, as his eyes continue to stare into my soul and I know will haunt me with his fatherly, disciplined love of which I am grateful.

I will be continuing to integrate the depths of what this means for me and how I want it to manifest, as I approach a new cycle come my birthday and as I reflect on today’s illuminating Full Moon in Leo.

My question to myself is do I dare turn my power full on?

My question to you is do you dare turn your power full on?

We cannot afford to live less than who we really are.

Me/You, my/your loved ones, the Earth, the collective, the Cosmos needs you to remember and be, without veils, without masks, without sugar coating, without false power, without illusion, without fear, without denial and repression….

Arise and meet yourself eye to eye today.

I’ll be there with you doing the same.

Full Moon Illumination with Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #5 ~ 2nd Movement played by Hélène Grimaud

For me, this is the most beautiful movement of classical music ever composed.

I hope it inspires and moves you too on this magickal Full Moon in Leo.

May the Solar light truth within you illuminate the shadowy depths and bring you into more authentic, expansive wholeness.

Moss Landing ~ A Soft Place To Put Stress To Rest

20160121_161331_resizedAs we continue our journey, for those who are following along or just interested in different areas as either an already RV nomad, intending one day to be, or simply curious about areas to travel to, I’ll continue to post photos and little tidbits about each spot, along with what inspirations and reflections come through where I am.

20160121_161211_resizedWe came to land yesterday in Moss Landing, just 19 miles north of Monterey, CA. The RV park is different than our previous ones with views, but still quaint, park-like with grass areas, trees, and shrubs, very roomy and quiet (likely since off-season), and very well-situated.

We can see the tops of boats in the marina, still hear sea lions barking, and sea gulls all around.20160121_160845_resized

After touching down yesterday and setting up, we decided to get the lay of the land, which revealed how lovely our location was with a bunch of things all within minutes of walking.20160121_171213_resized20160121_171249_resized20160121_160258_resized20160121_171123_resized20160121_171132_resized

There’s this eclectic, old little town (where Hawk greeted me), a few small galleries, the marina (where sea lions were swimming), a bird sanctuary reminding me of the Back Bay in Newport Beach (Great Blue Heron showed up along with a pair of giant white Pelicans and many smaller birds, Sand Pipers, and Cottontail Rabbits), and a wonderful wide sand beach looking out at the vast ocean that has a sand bar that breaks the waves far out.20160121_165157_resized20160121_170513_resized20160121_170630_resized20160121_162158_resized

We even came upon an area where it appeared someone/others had just recently done a little sacred ceremony with Pelican feathers.20160121_164120_resized20160121_164214_resized20160121_164228_resized.jpg

A long walk just taking it all in with gratitude ended with stopping at one of the two Mexican restaurants – The Haute Enchilada Cafe ~ Social Club & Gallery – that are on either side of the RV park, for some happy hour appetizers and refreshments.20160121_171232_resized20160121_171503_resized20160121_171546_resized

They had fun brussels sprouts, squash blossom flautas, and guacamole topped with pomegranate seeds to accompany the chips and salsa – all local organic produce and some vegan and gluten free options. They even had a very spicy ginger beer for me. Woo!20160121_172853_resized

Both the staff at the restaurant and the RV park were all very sweet.20160121_171823_resized

The other Mexican restaurant is supposed to have a fresh fruit and veggie stand outside of it, so I’ll be sure to check that out today. We’ll only be here through Sunday, so plan to get into Monterey tomorrow for a little exploring on the Full Moon.

Until then, it’s another on and off rainy day here, which means another great day for work flow.

It also lends to deepening in reflection, which began yesterday on our walk, about the theme around stress.20160121_161821_resized

I’ve become so aware of who I am naturally, which is not the stressed, easily overwhelmed, nervous anxiety sensitive I learned and used to allow myself to be.

If I get moments of stress now, I am SO aware of it being a foreign presence that has temporarily come to visit my natural, flowing zone. Whereas before I would think and feel as if it WERE actually me and allowed it to control my life.

Now, I’m the constant observer of my life and recognize the energies and triggers that float in and know how to quickly have them flow right through and out again – thanking them for their gift.20160121_163728_resized20160121_163906_resized

I’m navigating the boat I sail and know how to shift my sails to go with the currents and wind. It’s taken years of work, but it’s paid off.

Stress isn’t an invader or something I fear, repress, or try to run from. Stress has become a helpful friend that reminds me instantly of what truly is important, gets my focus back on the here and now, and allows me to see any healthy fears I can simply turn into the courage to be more of myself by embracing and embodying.

“How you think and act can transform your experience of stress. When you choose to view your stress response as helpful, you create the biology of courage. When you choose to connect with others under stress you can create resilience. Now I wouldn’t necessarily ask for more stress in my life, but you can see it as another access to your compassionate heart and to your pounding physical heart to give you strength and energy. You can trust yourself to handle life’s challenges and remember you don’t have to face them alone.”  ~Kelly McGonigal, Health Psychologist

No matter what it is, whether stress, how you feel about yourself, or any part of your life, beliefs will play an important role in repatterning. It’s not the only piece to the puzzle, but shifting perspectives is a huge key to revealing more ease, more answers, and providing more empowerment instantly.

Of course there are other parts to this that play a role and different ways to help yourself process the stress, including the importance of balance, not purposely taking on a crazy amount of things thinking that you’re invincible, nor taking on things out of unhealthy reasons like guilt, victimization, self-sacrifice, self-sabotage, or martyrdom, for instance.

Yet what Kelly shares can begin a new inner dialogue of holistic support that will help to promote reduction in unhealthy stress perceptions that will lead you to healthier perceptions and increased connection, which ultimately puts you on the track to overall well-being.

When you become aware of something, you take back your power to be the “whole” person that you are and realize the perfection inherent in the bigger picture.

Here are pieces of my own experiences and insights on the perception of stress working “for” me and the importance of it leading me to connect with others in my post from a couple of years ago:

Stress, Overwhelment, Anxiety…Spirituality Isn’t An Immunity Pass, But Does Seed You With The Alchemy Of Awareness To Shift It

20160121_162225_resizedThe more we’ve been RV living, the evermore I’m deepening into embodiment of who I naturally am and for that I’m grateful.

Every time we land somewhere new I’m retrieving parts of myself and brightening the heart light within me.

Life has increasingly become balanced, peace-filled, integrative, and natural.

The gifts I’m learning and embodying, I know will continue to live long after this adventure comes to closure.

But in the meantime, I’m seeing how it’s supporting me to the next level of living in natural harmony that I needed and desired.

As I see these beautiful environments, the animals, Nature herself, and the creative expressions and myriad of experiences around me, they are all reflecting what’s innately within me.

From there I know I have the power to do with them as they were intended….return to me.20160121_164437_resized

There’s a soft, but potent energy here – I felt it as soon as we arrived with energy in my Crown – which has softened another layer of my understanding “stress.”

I hope that in sharing the wonder I am seeing through my eyes, that your own collective eyes will find the pieces of your truth in their reflection too.

Moonlight Sunlight

A year ago, today, I shared this short little post that feels aligned for our Full Moon in Leo tomorrow, along with the planetary alignments visible on the horizon between it and the Moon until the 20th of February – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

A time for the Solar light within you to illuminate the shadowy depths within and bring yourself into more authentic, expansive wholeness, as a new truth is revealed.

You can get to the heart awareness of you and ask yourself the tough questions.

Is the way you’re living truly what you want to continue reflecting or not?

With things Cosmically visible to us right now, we can also make visible the Cosmos within.

Tania Marie

sunlight moonlight “Sunlight Moonlight” – Chee

“Add moonlight for contrast and shadowy suspense. Add sunlight for bright clarity and illumination. Mix them both in your soul-pallette and become the horizon, spreading into your full expanse.”


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Ocean Magick Reflections

A beautiful send off from Avila Beach….

From sunrise to bedtime, sea lions were barking all day yesterday. They carry such beautiful medicine: Sea Lion Wisdom

All the ocean creatures were out in playful splendor to say goodbye.

20160121_070024_resizedAnd sunrise right now, before we pack up to leave, is like the colors of the erupting volcano in the book cover I completed while here.20160121_063722_resized

From starfish and oceanside birds, to sea otters and sea lions….Here’s some ocean magick to help you connect with the powerful messages they reflect for you.Avila Beach Sealife (20)Avila Beach Sealife (2)Avila Beach Sealife (1)Avila Beach Sealife (3)Avila Beach Sealife (7)Avila Beach Sealife (4)Avila Beach Sealife (5)Avila Beach Sealife (6)Avila Beach Sealife (8)Avila Beach Sealife (9)Avila Beach Sealife (10)Avila Beach Sealife (11)Avila Beach Sealife (12)Avila Beach Sealife (13)Avila Beach Sealife (14)Avila Beach Sealife (15)Avila Beach Sealife (16)Avila Beach Sealife (17)Avila Beach Sealife (18)Avila Beach Sealife (19)Avila Beach Sealife (21)Avila Beach Sealife (22)Avila Beach Sealife (23)Avila Beach Sealife (24)Avila Beach Sealife (25)Avila Beach Sealife (26)Avila Beach Sealife (27)Avila Beach Sealife (28)Avila Beach Sealife (29)



Father’s Day Celebration ~ A Daily Reminder & Reverence for the Divine & Sacred Masculine

I’ve been so wanting to post about the sacred masculine, as I feel that he tends to get overlooked with focus from everyone on the sacred feminine.

While it’s true we need to empower women into their authentic role, we mustn’t forget to also support men into their authentic power as well.

That doesn’t come from tipping the scales in favor of women, but in teaching both women and men how to live in grace and harmony within the sacred dance with each other.

I often hear people talk about wanting to help women, children, and animals….but less to no emphasis on helping men.

How about offering a hand to men to bring them along with women so everyone receives the healing embrace and opportunities together.

This is a post from a couple of years ago that I shared for Father’s Day, but has perfect relevance to what I’m feeling still to seed as reminder.

Let’s not forget any of our parts. Both men and women can be bridge builders to each other. Integration is key.

Tania Marie

cc Me and my Dad

We hear a lot about the Divine Feminine, but let us not forget her amazing partner, the Divine Masculine. We are all on a journey to remember, awaken, and activate our wholeness and this involves a Sacred Union within ourselves, as well as with each other. When we embrace this dance we empower ourselves into the grace and fullness that is our potential.

As we celebrate this day for all Fathers, or as I see it, for the Divine Masculine, let us remember that there are many ways to be a Father and many meanings for what a Father may mean to each of us.

I love this description by Anahata, Founder of Shamangelic Healing in Sedona for the Healthy Divine Masculine:

“The Healthy Divine Masculine is fearless, courageous and loyal.  “He” is our guardian protector.  When in balance, the masculine protector does no harm.  His…

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