Immersing in Sedona’s Transformative Energy Again

20160307_133244_resizedWe’ve landed in our next beautifully peaceful, temporary home along this journey, which is on Oak Creek in Page Springs, just right outside West Sedona.

It is a lovely, secret oasis called Lo Lo Mai Springs that has both the springs and stream, as well as Oak Creek running through.20160307_132802_resized20160307_132920_resized

The history in the informational brochure we received shares that it has been home to the Indians of Central Arizona for centuries and ruins of the dwellings of the Sinaqua Indians still remain atop the hills that shadow the resort in the afternoons.

“Lo Lo Mai” is a Hopi Indian word that can be used as a greeting with many meanings, as “Aloha” is used in Hawaiian.

It also means “beautiful” and this meaning was the one intended when the resort was opened as a modern day campground in the middle 1950s.

Lo Lo Mai Springs resort stretches along three quarters of a mile of Oak Creek, which has received federal recognition as a “unique waterway” and lies above an ancient aquifer, which is a stratum of earth or porous rock that contains water. This water is what nourishes the giant cottonwoods, sycamores, and evergreens that cover the land creating a natural oasis.20160306_131511_resized_1

Yes, another perfect landing for us.20160306_131435_resized20160306_150152_resized_120160306_150202_resized_1

And to put icing on that cake Spirit has seen to it that this will be a powerful two weeks being within my own experience.

I felt that our time in Sedona was going to be important and aligning with when I’d be immersing more fully into my work and personal transformations, which Sedona has always been supportive in my life for.

Each time I come has been during big changes and created a catapulting shift.

And synchronously we chose to be here for two weeks, which is significant as one of the longest stays for us so far.

And now things have seen to it that I stay within my experience, as I have no cell phone reception and extremely intermittent Wi-Fi.

So I will not be very reachable nor able to receive messages easily and I won’t be online consistently, nor able to respond much.

I’ll get online here and there when I can, which is only when I’m in town during these next two weeks (including right now, as I post this), but for the most part will simply be off and provide shares or updates, as I feel called to and am able to, and when it is something easily fitting into my schedule, as I feel this time is most important to harness the energy of.20160306_150701_resized_1

And it’s such a beautiful time to be in this area and Sedona right now, not to mention during today’s Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse, which as a Pisces really supports this personal time right now.20160306_152107_resized_1

We arrived Sunday the 6th, and were given a private site that is really serene and without neighbors. I have already made friends with the two sweet ones that live behind us, as you can see here, who are best friends.

The sweet horse is quite a character and already recognizes me, as yesterday when we returned home she was at the fence and we stopped the car so I could roll the window down. I said to her, “Hi sweet one, were you waiting for me?” and she immediately replied with a head nod that shook her main and a cute snort I’d never heard from a horse that sounded like a little pig snicker. Indeed she did remember my voice. 20160307_134001_resized20160307_134239_resized20160307_134131_resized

But on our first day’s arrival, after settling in and having lunch we still had time to take in a gorgeous five mile hike all around Bell and Courthouse Rock, which felt like a great way to kick off these two weeks here.


20160306_161840_resized_120160306_170944_resized_120160306_153937_resized_1We also climbed the rounded saucer looking rock you see in the photos, of course just as the wind had picked up and was raging through, so we sat against the natural stone backed seat at center and looked out at the view around us with the ancient winds surging through us.20160306_153749_resized_120160306_155054_resized_1

Not a soul was around, but our instincts were on it, as just as we got up and were descending, two larger groups of people were ascending.

Talk about impeccable timing and being in alignment.

We then enjoyed an early dinner at the wonderful ChocolaTree for some organic vegan delights and of course right as you enter, on the wall facing the door, there is a painting of White Buffalo – echoing my vision at the Blythe Intaglios.20160306_181935_resized_1

More synchronous alignment and reiteration.

We intend to a different hike every day while here, which we’ve continued to do, as yesterday took us on a six mile hike in beautiful Boynton Canyon.20160307_151229_resized20160307_151035_resized20160307_152217_resized20160307_153549_resized20160307_155211_resized20160307_161341_resized20160307_161349_resized20160307_163921_resized

This took us through three different terrains, one of which was desert with cactus and pinion trees, then a full forest of manzanita, and on to a forest of taller trees including oak.20160307_151019_resized20160307_153455_resized20160307_154051_resized

Along the path in the Faery 20160307_161502_resizedforest I found an acorn cut perfectly in half with a perfect heart carved inside.

And we also came upon a beautiful squirrel who seemed to want to connect and showed off his beautiful bushy tail of gray with red inside of it.20160307_165302_resized20160307_165321_resized

We will also get out to some crystal stores, take in some restaurants, and are scheduled to get another reading together with Ray of Sedona.

The one we had in May of last year has fully come into manifestation in our lives, as we were in the flow of embracing all of the things that were presenting themselves as energetic opportunities.

Readings don’t guarantee what comes through in them…they just share the potentials and likely possibilities based on the energy currently. Then it is up to the individual to harness that energy, make the choices, and take the action.

We’ve been in that flow and committed to our paths unfolding so immediately after our last time in Sedona, what he said about our timing of moving in fact came through even though at the time it was just an intention.

Never underestimate the power of intention and alignment, as we were buying our RV and renting our house, having me say what came through in the reading, “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been” and the rest as you know just unraveled quickly.

So, it will be a full and transformative experience once again I know and can already feel.

During our time here my parents are coming to visit us in Sedona too, between the 10th and 14th, which will be great to spend more time with them and transformative for them as well. They used to have a house here and I lived with them for a couple of years then when I did a huge purging and personal transformation back when I was in my mid-twenties.

I am gifting them both a reading with Ray as well, as they haven’t ever had one and I think it will be powerful for them.

I will also get to visit with my sweet friend Dawn of Reiki Dawn who lives in Cottonwood, providing us another chance to connect more since last May’s quick visit before we hopped on the train in her town, and will also give her the opportunity to meet the little ones that have been in her life remotely as well.

And we have two friends coming out to visit us from Long Beach, CA – a couple – the next Friday through Sunday – our last weekend here before heading to the Grand Canyon.

So a lot of things happening while here, and for me I am going to be writing and creatively channeling big time.

I’ve been sleeping deeply and dreaming a lot, so I know things are processing, integrating, and channeling through from the energy here, as we spend time in the vortexes.

I thought I’d share the photos from our two days of hiking to give you opportunity to immerse in the amazing and powerful vortex energy here, too, until the next time I get online.

We’re off on a biking trail today to change things up a bit right after I post this. 🙂

I hope you get a chance to visit Sedona some time, if it has been calling you, as it truly can be life-changing.

I’m not sure when I’ll be on to post next, but until then, sending out a lot of love from my heart to yours.

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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Oh, so beautiful. I love all the faces in the rocks, and also that red, red, red! Sedona is so gorgeous! May your time there be filled with inspiration and joy.

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