One Day & Night at Lake Powell

Originally we were going to spend a night in Marble Canyon, but instead were drawn to Lake Powell bordering the Arizona and Utah border.

Some places we just touch in briefly, while others we feel inspired to stay longer. Since this journey has no final date, as it is guided by our hearts and when we find our next home, if there are places we want to later return to, we can and will.

We don’t like long drives all in one day, so we also break up the journey by shorter stop-overs in some places.

Lake Powell is a landing spot in between our transition from Arizona to Utah so we had just the day and evening.

12033118_10208568360993681_499258181433477597_nSo, after we arrived yesterday at our spot overlooking the lake, set up, and had lunch we decided to take in a couple of short hikes that were nearby in the area that we could easily explore before sunset.

If we had stayed longer, or do return at a later time, one of the boat tours or renting a boat would likely be a choice of ours in order to see all of the hidden beauty the lake has to offer.

There is a seven and a half hour tour that takes you over 50 miles on the lake and visits the famous Rainbow Bridge Monument, which is a beautiful arch that sits on sacred Indian land. Apparently the easiest way to view this natural bridge, which is one of the world’s largest is by boat and then a two mile walk to the bridge. You can backpack to Rainbow Bridge across Navajo Nation lands, but apparently you will need to obtain a permit from the Navajo Nation. It is located in an arm of Forbidding Canyon, about 50 miles uplake from the dam.

Most of the well-known beautiful, most famous, and most photographed areas of the lake are easiest to reach by boat since they are uplake quite a bit…11, 25, 50 miles, so boating and hiking are required. This includes Antelope Canyon, which has appeared on tons of magazine covers and coffee table books. But since the canyon is located on Navajo Nation land, a Navajo-licensed guide must accompany you. And also West Canyon located in one of the narrow canyon’s above the water’s edge.

However, here is a list of day hikes in the area, which includes the two we did that you can also explore: Page Area and Hwy 89 N Hikes

My parents took the full day boat tour back many years ago and loved it. Interesting that trip of theirs took place back in the late 90’s when we had visiting family from the East Coast and France staying with us while living in Sedona. I had not been moved to go with them, as I was deep in my personal work and didn’t feel to venture out from the vortex of my journey at the time.

And now I’m just dipping into the energy here.

It feels perfect and what we saw yesterday was also perfect.

We briefly visited the controversial Glen Canyon Dam, where they also have some cool dinosaur tracks out front.20160323_155515_resized20160323_155432_resized20160323_155540_resized20160323_160117_resized20160323_160025_resized

Then made our way to Horseshoe Bend, which is a 1.5 mile round-trip hike to an absolutely stunning view of the Glen Canyon and Colorado River, 1000 feet below.

The winds were still howling through, just as they had been now for the last three days, so standing and sitting at the edge of the Canyon was quite something and sandstone was just all over us, but I loved it, although had to shield my eyes when the wind swept through carrying the large sand pebbles.20160323_161040_resized

It felt so Earthy, gritty, and like I was feeling the natural erosion of time that has molded these canyons. This view and the energy there was just breath-taking. One of my favorites.

20160323_162004_resized20160323_161849_resized20160323_161955_resized20160323_162025_resized20160323_162015_resized20160323_162032_resized20160323_162214_resized So we sat for a bit and at this site I found a beautiful piece of smooth raw green jasper. A wonderful gift from Mother Earth. Thank you!

After this we then decided to check out the Hanging Garden, which is about the same distance hike round-trip to a shaded alcove where a natural spring feeds a lush  hidden “garden” of ferns and orchids.

20160323_173840_resized20160323_174524_resized20160323_173702_resizedThe walk is beautiful with lovely vistas and the lake in the distance, and although the orchids were not there at this time, the ferns rustling in the wind caused the hair to stand on the back of neck. Especially so, since nobody was there other than us and a small Indian family.20160323_174023_resized20160323_174613_resized20160323_174319_resized20160323_174350_resized

I felt the connection once again to my ancient voice and my Nymph and Sibyl self.

20160323_174411_resized20160323_174420_resizedI did a short video of the wind through the ferns to share, although it may be hard to get the full feeling from it.

On the way up to the garden I found a cairn someone had built facing the setting sun.

20160323_174303_resized After viewing the garden we sat overlooking the view and I built my own cairn to add to the garden, feeling it to be a way of connecting sacredly with, and honoring, the energy.20160323_174828_resized

I didn’t realize until I saw the photos later that it was comprised of seven stones. I created the three base stones from smooth flatter rocks, and was really drawn to these amorphous looking sandstone rocks for the last four that felt so alive in my hands.20160323_174914_resized

20160323_175309_resizedAnd before we headed back to our site at the RV park, we drove down the huge boat ramp to the water’s edge, where I put my hands in the water to feel its cleansing energy and took in the vastness of the lake, as the sun was starting to set.20160323_182647_resized20160323_183039_resized20160323_183030_resized

Although only a brief time spent in this area, it all felt divinely aligned and guided, especially that we were here on the day of the Full Moon Eclipse.

I awoke this morning to a warm and bright sunrise over the lake I could see from our bed on one side….the full moon was still up on the opposite side.20160324_063446_resized

I feel complete and grateful, ready to set off for Utah this morning and the grandeur of the National Parks there that await us, beginning with Zion.

Zion is the only one of the parks I have briefly visited on the way home from skiing in Park City, which was two winters ago. We had time to do two hikes there, but it was snowy and icy, which didn’t allow us to go as far as we could have on one of the hikes. This time we’ll have no restrictions.

I like that…no restrictions.

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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Yes! No restrictions! Haha! You can see why I took over 1500 pictures on a houseboat for a week there. We also had kayaks and a motor boat for day trips. Amazing place. I love your 7 stone cairn!! Beautiful photo of it too. Have fun in Zion. That is the only one I haven’t been to. I plan to go there this summer with my cousin – driving to Prescott from Salt Lake City, where I will be for a gathering. Much love, Tania. Enjoy….

    • hehe!!! yes i can!! that’s so perfect that you did it on a house boat and with the kayaks and motor boats…that’s the way!! stunning indeed. i would have taken that many photos too! i’m such an artist at heart, like you…seeing nature’s paintings everywhere. glad you liked my cairn too!! i loved it..sounds like you have a lot of great trips upcoming!! yay! love ya!!

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