A Warm Welcome To Zion

20160324_172430_resizedYesterday began our Utah National Park circuit, which will continue over the next five weeks. So excited! And if the rest of the weeks exploring are anything like yesterday, it’s going to be a fantastic adventure indeed!

We will be visiting Zion until this Easter Sunday the 27th of March, then off to Bryce through April 3rd, Escalante next through April 10th, Capitol Reef following that through April 17th, and then staying in Moab the last two weeks to visit both Canyon Lands and Arches between April 17th and April 28th.

So it will be an incredible five weeks and being that we are full-time living in an RV, taking the extra time makes it more relaxed with partial work days mixed in there and being able to explore at our leisure, rather than trying to squeeze things into a day or two.


Part of Checkerboard Mesa

Of all of these National Parks the only one I’ve visited is Zion, which was almost exactly two years ago when we decided to add on a day to our return from skiing Park City so that we could do a little hiking there. We did two hikes that time, entering from a different park entrance than we are staying near this time.

So I’m looking forward to continued exploration here during Spring, as last time it was Winter – beautiful to see different seasons indeed, but challenged some hikes with ice at the time.

And what an amazing first day we had, even just for a couple of hours in Zion.

After we settled in to our quaint little park that enjoys these views (the first is the view out the right side of the RV):20160324_163157_resized20160324_163214_resized

had lunch, did some work, I got laundry going and transplanted some plants, we set off to Zion.

And with longer days, we’ll be able to enjoy more sunlight while exploring, which is perfect. Spring also makes for a wonderful season with blossoms, great weather for hiking, and the opportunity to see little ones amidst the wildlife, which we did!

We were so excited to be greeted by such stunning beauty and so much wildlife in our first short day. We always like to touch in with each place when first arriving, as a way to anchor in the new energy and say our hellos.

And what a warm welcome we received indeed!

We saw several herds of Mule Deer, like over a hundred, with young ones prancing along the fields at the entrance to Zion.deerdeer220160324_183400_resized20160324_183338_resized

There was also a large herd of Bison at a ranch near the entrance, which was really cool to see these amazing creatures.20160324_183218_resized

And we were super excited to see two herds of Bighorn Sheep with babies at different areas…one baby was even nursing, as they climbed steadily along the edges of the mountain.nursing

It was our first time seeing Bighorn Sheep and we have been so hoping for a while to get the chance to experience them, so this was a big treat.sheepsheep220160324_181551_resized

And I love the energy of mountain-climbing Sheep and Goats, as it speaks to my Capricorn Rising and North Node, reflecting so much perfect symbolism for me that I am integrating.20160324_171207_resized

We then decided upon Canyon Overlook Trail as our intro hike, which was perfect and offered some stunning vistas and rocks.20160324_172445_resized20160324_173238_resized20160324_172946_resized20160324_173411_resized20160324_173524_resized

And on our way out we were so blessed to see a giant Condor perched on a post (I was driving at this time, so couldn’t snap a shot, plus couldn’t stop with cars behind us). But wow! It was so huge and amazing.

20160324_174305_resized20160324_174837_resized20160324_174856_resizedI’d seen them skirting the cliffs at the Grand Canyon before, and I saw one up close and personal on Lake Titicaca in Peru back in 2008 (a rescued Condor they were helping back into the wild that had a love for our Shaman Guide), but hadn’t seen one just perched in the wild.

Since there are roughly 70 condors living wild in Arizona and Utah, where Zion rests in the middle of this realm, it was quite a gift to see this one.

20160324_180524_resized20160324_173839_resizedWe will continue our Zion explorations today and tomorrow and look forward to what other gifts will reveal themselves along with the total stunning beauty that this amazing place has to offer all around.dave and tania.jpg

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  1. Awesome pictures

    Lotsalove xx

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Oh, my gosh, what a glorious first hike overlooking the canyon!!! Wow, those rocks!! And what a treat to get to see the condor and the bighorn sheep!! And of course the deer and bison. What a fantastic journey this is. Thanks for the stunning photos! I can just imagine Easter Sunday sunrise there. Perfect.
    You two look so nice together.
    Love you muchly,

    • wow was our word too. 😉 hehe! all so incredibly beautiful and a blessing. glad to share the photos and happy you enjoyed them. thank you for the sweet comments. will continue seeing what other beauty wants to be captured and shared. love and warm hugs xoox

  3. Completely in awe…..thank you! Hugs

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