Dinosaurs, Dragons & Devil’s Garden ~ Tracing Ancient Steps & Opening Doorways


Yesterday was a really unique and mystical day, as we explored two sites in Escalante. The first was the Twentymile Dinosaur Tracksite and the second was Devil’s Garden.

Both so unique from things we’ve seen, but the Dinosaur tracks were incredible.

We drove out to this remote area and found ourselves the only people there, which made it ever-more special.


I’d talked to a guide a couple of weeks back where we’d collected info from him on hikes we may want to do in the area. I was immediately drawn to the Dinosaur Tracksite, knowing I had to go there and so I waited an extra ten minutes to talk to him, as he got busy with other people.

He said we would find the tracks all over the site, but that it depends on the angle of the sun to reveal them. Once you see them, they will pop out all over, which they did, and will appear as if they walked right off the cliff.


He gave us an info sheet on the site, which I’d like share here for background:

“Over 800 dinosaur footprints are preserved in the upper part of the Entrada Sandstone. The main 2-meter-thick track-bearing horizon crops out at the top of a 400-meter-long east/west trending bench, exposing tracks and trackways from multiple levels. Track preservation occurs as darker sediment infillings and as alternating light and dark underprinted sand laminations. Both three-toed tracks of carnivorous therepod dinosaurs and a unique sauropod (herbivorous) track are present.

This area was quite different 170 million years ago during the Middle Jurassic, when these dinosaurs walked here. Utah was located on the western edge of a giant supercontinent known as Pangaea (all lands) that was in the early phases of breaking apart into smaller continents. A long, narrow seaway stretched into this area from present day western Canada, down through Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, not quite making it to Arizona. Vast coastal sand dunes (Entrada Formation) bordered the southern edge of this seaway, as the climate then was quite hot and dry. As the coastline moved inland and retreated, dry sand environments gave way to seasonally wet streams and tidal flats. These wet environments were perfect for recording the steps of these giants, the only evidence we now have that they ever existed here at the time.”


The energy here was powerful. We spent a couple of hours exploring the gray rocks and finding all of the tracks we possibly could – and they were EVERYWHERE!


It was absolutely incredible to be walking where once these giants did. I’ve seen so many prehistoric specimens of dinosaurs – bones, tracks, etc. – at museums and behind cases or secure areas.

But to walk in the footsteps of these creatures and be able to see and feel from their vantage point was quite a gift.


And being that no one was here, we had the whole sacred site to ourselves.

We explored both together and apart, being drawn where each was meant to go.

20160405_165049_resized.jpg20160405_155251_resizedAt one point I’d found some of the sauropod tracks and was really connecting and a huge wind swept up blowing sandstone all over my back and actually swept me up off my feet falling onto the tracks. Powerful stuff!


It may be hard to see in the photos due to lighting (I had a hard time photographing because it was so bright and wasn’t sure what I was aiming at – so shot and hoped), but the tracks were so distinct and in some cases quite deep. You could see the heel imprint and three toes with the therepods and the whole footprint with the sauropods.


You could see their strides and how they walked…we could track one footstep to the next in the case of the two-legged therepods, which were huge! And the four-legged sauropods would move with smaller strides and you could see all four footprints. Just beautiful.

And there were such a variety of different types within each group of dinosaur. You could see smaller to quite large ones. They would have been such an impressive sight.

I was completely consumed with what felt like such a treasure hunt in finding these ancient footprints, feeling the impressions gently, as you don’t want to rub away any sand or disturb these tracks, in order to continue their preservation.

It was amazing, to say the least.

I had wondered as we drove up, if I would be doing sound channeling here and that became clear after we stopped to just be with the energy.

We sat at the edge of one of the bench levels of the gray rock to meditate or simply receive. I took my shoes off to feel the ground on my bare feet, as the dinosaurs would have, and laid back with my head to the ground and my hands palms down to the ground.

I received what ever wanted to come through…after a couple of minutes of some sporadic visions, I then saw what felt to be a Crimson Dragon behind some rocks and trapped.

He peered through a small opening at me with his golden eyes with black slits in the center.

He was huge. I wondered at first if it could have been a Dinosaur, but no, that is not what I was getting….it was a Dragon. He was unable to release himself from this prison and here I was coming to his assistance.

I approached him delicately and investigated his intentions and nature. He was indeed fierce, but with a gentle heart – easily misjudged and feared by others, but without malicious intent.

He then squeezed one of his front clawed arms through the crack and pointed to my right. I felt he was directing me.

I knew then that my thought about doing sound channeling would come to be, as it would be sound that would help release him, help to direct energy that would open a door. And likely would also help release any other trapped energies or help realign things.

I opened my eyes and Dave was done too. He started making his way back down.

I took my time. I got up and realized that we had been sitting right in front of some amazing footprints. Oddly, when I first sat down I had surveyed and didn’t see any, thinking that’s interesting we found an area that was clear.

But in actuality there were quite a few, unless I was only now able to see them. One in particular seeming very much like could have been a Dragon’s.

I started walking to the right, which also happens to be the way out.

And stopped at a certain point just instinctively. I caught the last glimpse of Dave’s head disappear down the rocks and on his way to the car.

I got that this was where and when to begin.

I decided to video it, as it felt like it would be very different. And it was.

I will share the video separately in another post. I wasn’t sure, at first, that I would share it, as it has a very different energy, but I feel it is a very important expression of energy to share.

More on that in my next post, along with the video.


It was amazing to be on the rocks there alone with this energy I was channeling and feeling all around and within me, as Dave was back at the car.

I slowly made my way to him, climbing down and following the path of his footsteps.

I felt my work here was complete and we made our way to Devil’s Garden.


Devil’s Garden was a beautiful site that is just as it sounds….it is a garden of rock formations you can meander through and explore.


Very unique formations too.


You wander through oddly shaped hoodoos and find several arches, including Metate Arch.


There were two hoodoos that immediately felt to me like Egyptian God statues. Having a strong connection to my Egyptian parts and knowing that Egypt, in this life, was where I opened my sound healing for the first time, felt like a full circle experience.

So I had Dave snap a couple of shots of me with these two figures.


And the wind picked up. I seem to have a thing with wind these days.


I hope you enjoy the images shared. It was truly a powerful experience all around.


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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Very very cool! Such ancient beings. Once, camping near Lake Powell, I was very aware of some kind of two-legged dinosaurs. I could sort of see them every now and then. I caulked up to imagination at the time, but who knows?! Beautiful pictures, all those tracks and hoodoos.

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