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The Labyrinth of Change ~ Dreaming New Realities into Being


This is the view from the bedroom and what I’ve been waking up to the last few mornings.

I’m constantly in gratitude for the changing environment I find myself in and especially for Nature’s beauty in all of Her splendor that has nurtured a stronger sense of embodiment within my experience.


It’s like a dream each day, but one made into reality and this ever-changing “dreamy” scene that greets me in the morning reminds me of where I’ve come from and how much has changed because of my willingness to believe, dream big, and not allow anything to tell me that I can’t do something.

Well, they can tell me, but I know that’s not my story and that I carry the power within me to create my own version of reality, even if that were to potentially place me on a different, but parallel plane immersed in my own visionary ideals.

Change continues to rapidly strike like lightning in my life, and I know the same is true for others.

Some big change is on the horizon and unfolding in the next few months here for me/us and for now I’m keeping it within our experience, so as to really marinate in the energy and allow it to organically evolve from within the new reality birthing. But I will share it soon.

For now, I am just really sinking into how much I find the process of change to be a gentle and oh-so-enjoyable one.

I used to go through difficulties, or more prolonged periods of integrative time with change. But mostly I found that that challenge wasn’t really about how I processed change, but how I used to experience the challenge of utilizing my energy to make others okay with my changes, rather than just fully enjoying them and using that energy to fuel the new showing up.

I no longer do that. I no longer worry and I don’t have guilt around the fact that change comes easy for me.

I also find that we aren’t supposed to “see” what is ahead, but only given the ability to “know” of the moment and to trust what is in the heart and that any choice made from here will always be the most harmonious and supported one for the highest good of all concerned.

I am trusting whole-heartedly in what I know in my heart I feel to choose and I see magick unfold, reiterate, and support that constantly when I do.

I recently had shared this with a dear friend that every moment is shifting into a new one based on creative and heart-joy choice alone and that life is a constant labyrinth in creation. You choose to go one direction and the whole labyrinth shifts in that moment….passages close, paths move, new passages open…and it’s all actually quite phenomenal and fun when you get out of your head and sink into your essence.

I have noticed that the more I shift, the more I notice dynamics deepening in terms of a very pronounced canyon between experiences people are having.

This in part is simply the showing up of change truly taking form, as the stronger you are within your understanding and experience of life, you call up, see, or hear of anything and everything different to that lighting up big time on the other spectrum.

The stronger new things get, the more pronounced old paradigms are fighting for survival.

This isn’t indication of you’re having done something wrong, that the world is about to explode, or that you aren’t in the new…it is simply the way of energy working itself out within that labyrinth.

So continue moving in the flow of the change you’re creating, with love, compassion, and understanding for where you’ve come from and what is part of the whole for embracing into the alchemy of your new reality for empowerment.

Sacred White Elk & Celtic Portal Magick Stone

As I have time, I continue to share the Magick Stones that are channeling through for the people who had pre-ordered custom creations that I intuited for them. Today’s share brings us the medicine of White Elk in a Celtic nature portal to bring dreams into reality. This is quite a visionary stone dawning a new role in life for its keeper, which heralds transformative breakthroughs, integration of ancient wisdom, leadership, and creative manifestation of desires.

I’ll be sharing some more soon. For now, I hope you enjoy a look at this potent Magick Stone. And if you are interested in one for yourself or as a gift, I still do have 6 stones remaining, which I’ll be channeling when the time feels right to do so. So keep an eye out, as you never know when one might pop up that might speak to you.

For now, the ones I’ve been sharing are ones already spoken for, but provide you a look at what is possible with these nature portals.

front back

Here are the details about the stone including where it originated from:


Violet Maroon “Magick Stone” with Metallic Gold Accents

Sacred White Elk Medicine with Celtic Portal, Dandelion, Butterfly & Star Magick

Sacred & Rarely Visited Longbow Arch, North of Moab, Utah



Here is the energy it carries and supports for its keeper:


Embarking on a sacred journey to a deeper sense of self, which relinquishes the old that is not aligned with your greatest soul path

Visionary power of manifestation and ability to move forward with complete faith

Fulfillment of heart desires, embodiment of higher self, and bringing dreams into reality

New dawning in life with transformative breakthroughs that initiate a stronger sense of self and self belief

Ability to access and integrate ancient wisdom, while awakening powers to create magick

Medicine of integrity, stamina, endurance, creative fertility, sudden changes putting you in a leadership role, efficient application of personal energy, nobleness, sensual passion, grace, dignity, vision of fulfillment, strength, and empowerment

Lightning energy and receiving flashes of insight and knowing providing greater clarity

Forward, gentle power movement with embrace for the process of the journey

Walking between worlds, communicating with the unseen world of the Fae, and integrating this experience for manifestation ~ Elk have connection to Birch trees, which to the Celts are trees of new beginnings and doorways to spirit realm

Balancing solitude and community 

Rebirth of light, creative life force, otherworldliness, and purity 

Triple Spiral portal draws in the three powers of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone – sacred feminine power and empowerment through transition, creative power, growth, magick, intuition, expression, versatility, pure joy of creativity, celebration, goddess energy, integration, life cycles, and flow


Honoring the Eternal Soul Bond Shared

Wishing my parents a beautiful anniversary, as they celebrate 48 truly devoted, unconditionally loving, and courageously committed years of expansive growth and partnered dance together and in union with my brother and me.

You and we have been through so much together, in this life and beyond. It is a gift to witness your evolution individually and together and to continue to see how true love supports continued growth in your life and as an extension into ours.

I am grateful for the soul agreement we made and committed to honor, for the love you’ve always shared, and for the challenges that have pushed me to grow into who I am and keep to my path while assisting you each with yours.

We have a unique soul family connection that is very rare.

Thinking of you on this day and always carrying you in heart and soul where ever I am.

Wishing you many more magickal years together on Earth and honoring the eternal soul bond you/we have and will continue to share beyond this realm.


A classic photo capturing the essence of my parents – Marie and Frank – taken one year ago on the cruise half of their epic Alaska journey, as they celebrated their anniversary. They had been inspired by the incredible adventure Dave and I had the year before there and got to experience their own magick, as they were gifted with amazing memories and once-in-a-lifetime sightings and animal encounters that created a most memorable trip for them.

Crossing the Border ~ Waterton Lake National Park Adventures

tania and dave

We journeyed across the border Sunday, saying goodbye to the U.S. for a while and hello to Canada for the next 3 1/2 months. Waterton Park was our touchdown in Alberta, home-based just 5 minutes from the Waterton Lake National Park entrance to venture there for daily explorations. We immediately immersed ourselves in the unknown adventure awaiting, which ended up being the maiden voyage of the S.S. Magick Boat on beautiful Waterton Lake, followed by a day each of hiking and mountain biking, which included encounters with 5 grizzlies and more animal friends, giving us a well rounded experience of this beautiful area.

Our journey across the border was virtually uneventful other than a lot of questioning in different versions of whether or not we had firearms or weapons of any nature with us.


We said no to the creative rewordings of the questions and added we were vegan and choose a compassionate lifestyle without violence. The border patrol smiled.

So onward we went, shifting into a different energetic realm on the other side of this border.


To say the vistas were stunning is an understatement and we had a lovely view from our peaceful site for 3 nights once again, too.


Waterton makes up the other half of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and shares the beauty of Glacier, merging it with its own uniqueness.

So, after lunch on arrival we set off for the park and caught a glimpse of the whimsical Prince of Wales Hotel in its enchanting setting. So we decided to check it out after first stopping in the park along Waterton Lake.


The Prince of Wales Hotel is like a gingerbread castle amidst fantasy land.


Such a spectacular setting and view from atop the hill where it sits with panoramic views of Waterton Lake and surrounding mountains. And the views inside of this vintage hotel were equally stunning, as we explored the lobby where you can take in Afternoon Tea between 1 and 5pm with a reservation to enjoy tea, sandwich squares, and pastries for $30.


Although we did not end up eating at the Prince of Wales, we did check out the Royal Stewart Dining Room’s dinner menu to see what options are around for vegans and found a couple of vegan friendly menu items that sounded delicious, which included:

  • Quinoa Chickpea Ratatouille: House made quinoa, black bean, and chickpea cake baked (hold the goat cheese they top it off with) Served on a bed of roasted root vegetables and balsamic tomato ratatouille with a bouquet of chef’s daily vegetables
  • Pineapple Red Curry: Mixed vegetables sautéed in a coconut and curry pineapple sauce finished with fried tofu, grilled naan, grilled pineapple, served with a lemon thyme jasmine rice

After exploring a little inside the hotel, we went on the other side of the window view we’d seen from the Afternoon Tea lobby to see it from the outside.


The incredible vistas here continued and mirrored some of what we’d been seeing in Glacier National Park, which makes sense since Waterton is at the north end of Glacier.


It was a gorgeous and windless day so we decided on trying out our new kayak.

Since weather has been getting really nice, now that we’re further into summer and we’d be visiting a lot of gorgeous lakes and rivers, Dave thought it would be fun to have a little something to float and get around on the water with. I agreed.

We would now be taking our experiences onto the water to literally immerse with and flow on the waves of life rather than only connecting with them from land.


We didn’t feel at this time to invest in something major, plus we don’t have room to store a kayak since we already have a cargo box on our tow vehicle and no room anywhere else.

So Dave found us the best little inflatable kayak he could find and we both remarked how great and comfortable it was once we got it on the water.


For a limited investment and having one that we can deflate and store away in our cargo box, it was a great choice for us and made our day on Waterton Lake much fun.

The little kayak is an Intex “Explorer K2”, which I thought was cool given our RV is a Fleetwood “Discovery”.

Exploring and Discovering indeed we are. 🙂

But of course we had to name our new kayak and it was a simple and logical process – we named her the Magick Boat!

So we now have a Magick Bus and a Magick Boat.

maiden voyage ss magick boat

And we took the S.S. Magick Boat on its maiden voyage across stunning Waterton Lake, beaching it twice to explore some little hidden beaches all to ourselves.

We remarked how quiet the lake was compared to our beloved Lake Tahoe at this time of year. It was like our own private lake and with a windless day, the water was beautifully still and of course mirroring the crystal clearness we have been seeing.


We also got to enjoy more magickal views of the Prince of Wales Hotel from the water.


A perfect first day in Waterton for sure.

On our second day we made 1pm reservations on the Akamina Hiker Shuttle to take us into the part of the park that was closed due to construction and only could be accessed via taking this shuttle to particular hikes available. This restricted the amount of people there and also took us further into the wild beauty.

We decided on Wall Lake as our hike, which is actually in British Columbia. This is a 6.5 mile hike that takes you to an Alpine lake in BC Provincial Park.


So you end up actually crossing the continental divide as you meander through the beauty dense and enchanted forest, across streams, and then across a field leading to the lake that is surrounded by a wall of mountains, hence the name Wall Lake.


It was gorgeous and peaceful and became our day of grizzly sightings galore with five total on this hike.

Remember in a previous post I mentioned how Dave had been wondering why we hadn’t yet seen any bears and I’d told him we would when their energy was important for us to encounter and their medicine and messages aligned with what we need. It was just a timing thing.

Then we saw the big black bear on our last day in Glacier and now on our second day in Waterton, 5 grizzlies.

I guess that bear energy was in full gear!

We’ve seen hundreds of grizzlies (VERY up close and personal) in Alaska (one of my most favorite places) on our amazing bear expedition we did by helicopter, dropping us in the middle of grizzly central.

You might remember the incredible photos from that experience: TLC, Resting With Angels On Cloud 9 & Rising Anew To An Even Lesser Traveled Road ~ I Love Alaska

I’m sharing that link so you can check out the incredible encounters and photos of the grizzlies we had, since I haven’t photos this time to share. More on that below.

Well, now we got to see them by “chance” just doing our thing hiking through the forest.

Our first sighting took place within the first ten minutes, as what appeared to be a young grizzly on its own, came down the path ahead of us. He wasn’t a cub and not a full grown, so likely about 3 in age since grizzly moms are known to rear their cubs for 2 – 3 years (keeping yearlings a bit longer with them).

It was an incredible experience, just like in Alaska. We realized after a few seconds that he had been wandering along the path, but then two women up ahead had caught glimpse of him and started making loud noises to alert and chase him off.

So he was getting away from them, but coming to us.

We just stopped, took a few steps back, stayed calm, and watched him, while I held the energy and also turned around to forewarn the two girls that we were aware were not too far behind us, so that they didn’t get frightened and do anything silly. We both said hi to him and made him aware of our presence.

He definitely seemed to want to get away from the noise the women were continuing to make even though he was away from them, which made him want to duck for cover and a little disoriented, so after seeing us and connecting for a bit, he then shuffled his way down the side of the path into the trees before the two girls behind us could see him.

Grizzly encounter 1.

We continued the hike, venturing through the beautiful enchantment of the forest.

And then at the end of the hike, not far from our first sighting, we got the chance to connect with a mother grizzly and her three cubs.

We came upon two girls – different ones – interesting each of the three sets of people around the grizzlies were two girls or women. Anyway, when these two girls saw us they were incredibly happy. I mean like life affirming, relieved happy to see us.

They told us that we were like life savers, as they had been petrified seeing a mother and her cubs ahead on the path. And so they had stayed where they were, basically paralyzed in fear and not wanting to go on, for a half an hour.

Curiously, we discovered they both carried bear spray, which is a powerful pepper spray.

The looks on their faces was like we saved them from near death, which made me glad we could be there to help them feel at peace, but also sad that we are so conditioned by fear to stop any enjoyment of things that could be incredible. More on that shortly.

Anyway, the mom and cubs had gone off a half an hour ago, but they were still too scared to move.

So we went on ahead of them and they scurried behind us.

Next thing we know, we hear them talking loud and things like “nice bear” and they hurry up to us.

The mom and cubs were off to the left of the path and the girls were in fear once again. Dave and I walk a few steps back and see them in the trees to the left just up from the trail. The girls tell us they’re out of there and make a bee line to the end of the trail, while Dave and I watched for a few minutes, again holding the energy, but peacefully.

There was a mom and three cubs and they were not in the least bit interested in anyone, nor feeling threatened, as they were playing in the trees. We got to see the little ones climbing the trees and them eating and just being a family together.

What a beautiful connection and sight, done safely and without need for bringing fear into the equation.

Since I haven’t any photos, I’ll share this one of a mom and three cubs that we saw in Alaska, which mirrors exactly what this little family here in Waterton looked like, but in the trees.



Amazing that now we’d seen two sets of moms with three cubs. Grizzlies can have 1 – 4 cubs, but average is 2 – 3.

Then we headed down and joined the girls and a few other hikers who had passed us, to wait for the shuttle back.

Grizzly encounter 2.

So here’s my take on this.

I’m very cautious and I always before ALL hikes send out harmonious and protective energies for us AND the animals.

I let them know we come in peace and that there is no need for defensiveness.

I intend and share that we can connect safely for the highest good of all of us.

And perhaps this is why I/we encounter so many amazing animal experiences and connections in ways most don’t.

I honestly feel that there needs to be healthy relationships with animals not based on fear. And that we need to get back to being in harmony and having that sacred relationship with them, the plants, land, elements, and Earth at large. Not to mention, with each other as well.

We are so conditioned by fear.

I know I carry my own like with sharks, which is something I have worked on and been able to shift immensely. I believe it can all be integrated and simply mirrors something within us that we aren’t willing to embrace. For instance, sharks carry such a potent primordial energy that embraces shadow aspects within that if transmuted can be extremely empowering to dance with that energy rather than fear it.

We have built in fears around “predators” and guess what? That carries through to our fears about people, others different than us, and so-called authority figures or even energies, beings, and people in “false” power that places us into victim mode.

We are only powerless and can be powered over if we allow it. But we can also rise up and be our own power that works in harmony with other energies rather than fights, fears, and flees it.

I feel we can integrate and work with those energies to shift things and change the collective dynamic.

That’s not to say that I think you should go out and do really dumb things and place yourself purposefully into a situation to try and prove something. Nor, do I feel that one is always aware of their underlying energies at work and so doing silly things may place you in danger.

But there is a healthy balance and there is also a call for us to become more aware of where these fears stem from, what they mean, and to be willing to work with them so that we can shift the dynamics at play.

Not just simply BE in fear and never do anything because of that.

Everyone we meet is always in panic mode about bears. This panic placed those two girls in a state of paralysis. Imagine how that trickles into one’s life beyond this experience.

Now, granted a mom with cubs can potentially be a worst case scenario to come up upon, given mom’s desire to protect her babies, but there are ways to more productively work with these energies in awareness and practicing centeredness and deeper sacred connection.

We need to be conscious, have our spidey senses on, not do stupid things, and take precautions, as well as know your limitations and your energies at work.

But also the fear is conditioned as animals don’t attack for no reason unless scared, provoked, or feel a need to defend. So keep your energies in check. I don’t advocate placing yourself in situations to test things, but if you know you have immense fears around something, it may just be of benefit to work with that to transmute it so that it doesn’t become a debilitating factor in more than just that area in your life.

There are amazing and beautiful experiences we can have in harmonious ways with the things we once feared. There is great alchemy there.

Imagine how much we miss out on because of fear limiting us. Some pretty profound and beautiful experiences!

I don’t purposefully put myself in a situation, but I do trust that when in one that I have the ability to do so in a way that is empowering and that I will be protected. I utilize my resources of energy work, telepathy, and draw upon my connection to Source, which we can all do.

I also trust that everything is in divine order and I love living my life fully and doing what I love, and know that that sacred dance with a return to natural harmony is my soul path and constant motivation.

So whatever takes place, I know I am living my purpose and being in essence. That matters most to me to do as long as I’m in this human body and beyond this form as well.

That was a little detour, but one I felt important to share.

But back to our time…the day and hike was beautiful and these experiences added to the sacredness and I learned, and deepened into my own soul growth, much more.

Upon our return from our day special day hike, we decided to stop at a local restaurant situated right on Waterton Lake to relax with a refreshment while taking in the views.


We immediately found a spot with an outdoor deck and decided to order the giant nacho plate (vegan style – so minus cheese and sour cream) along with our drinks. I had something called a Rocky Mountain Burst and chose a strawberry one, which was like a virgin margarita, as they added a little salt around the edge. Fun!

nachos and strawberry rocky mountain burst with salt

The nachos were huge, coming with a side of salsa and guacamole we quickly spread on top, and were mixed with spicy black beans, jalapenos, tomatoes, and olives. It ended up becoming our dinner. 🙂


The next day, our last day here in Waterton, we decided to go mountain biking on Snoeshoe Trail.


This is one of three trails in Waterton Lake National Park that you can bike, which begins at the Red Rock Canyon Trailhead (you can see why its called this by the red rock along the creek lots of people were enjoying) and is 10 miles roundtrip, climbing approximately 1148 feet (not so fun up, but weeeeee down).


It follows Bauerman Creek Valley and takes you to the Snoeshoe Cabin and Campground, which is a trail junction by a creek.

It was a beautiful area and very quiet once you left the people soaking in the warm day by the creek water. So once you crossed the bridge over that creek, you found yourself in solitude.


At the trail junction there was a lovely creek.


Lots of energies showed up here at the creek when I took photos. So I kept snapping away, enthralled by how the energies, light, and colors kept shifting frame by frame.


On the way up to the trail we saw a beautiful coyote and some lovely deer again (which we also saw in the village too), and then I saw two grouse at the beginning that crossed my path after Dave went ahead. I stopped to connect with them and one came close, talking away. Then two squirrels ran across my path playing back and forth. There were tons of butterflies and dragonflies on this trail too.


I didn’t have ability to capture photos for you of any of the animals except the coyote and a couple of butterflies when we stopped, as we were biking or in situations making it not possible.

And the same with the grizzlies, as I was so in the moment and being aware of energy, holding and keeping aware of surroundings and all, that it wasn’t possible. And when it did become possible, like with the cubs in the trees, it was too hard to capture them in any way a photo would show what we could see of them moving quickly behind the branches. So I only at the very end snapped one photo that caught a furry patch of cub in the trees. 🙂


Perhaps that patch of softness, mysteriousness, and simply a part of the surroundings as an extension of All That Is, is some of the message here.

All energies are part of wholeness and depending on your perception, you can turn something once judged, feared, and defined as one thing, back into the Source from which it came and experience the gentle mystery as beautiful perfection in the full tapestry of consciousness.

It was a perfect few days in Waterton, which ended in a bang, as upon return home we experienced a brief hail and thunder storm that passed quickly, turning into a crazy evening and night of wild winds.

Then a rainbow appeared from the mountains that were lit to our left.


Indeed a big time shift had taken place on this Full Moon in Capricorn day, but harmony restored and empowerment of ethereal essence and earthly humanness integrated further.

Today we are off to Calgary and to what ever’s next on the cosmic scene to embrace.


Magickal Full Moon in Capricorn Wishes to You

This is one I really resonate with (having a Capricorn Ascendant, Mars in Capricorn, and North Node in Capricorn), has taught me some of the most empowering lessons in my life (which continues more and more), and feel it can be a potent one for collective shifts into a healthier way of living with responsible love and support of well being for the highest good of all. The energy of this Full Moon in Capricorn helps you to remember and reclaim your authenticity and the truth of who you always have been beneath the conditioning.

A time for focus on integrating ethereal essence with our earthly humanness.

We can reflect on the truth within and the hidden aspects of our shadow self to bring reality to the forefront and illusions reckoned with.

Our emotions have much to share and rather than keep them and our fears locked inside wreaking havoc, we have the grounded ability to work them out and face them with confident practicality.

The goat is a persevering force who can take on any mountain and has the calculated precision to tackle the most challenging of terrains. They can scale anything that seems insurmountable, making the impossible, possible.

A powerful time for making fortified, practical decisions on new directions in your life and not allow yourself to be guided by the old emotional patterning that keeps you in victim mode and at the mercy of others, while depleting your life force and ultimately being of no good to anyone in that state, let alone to yourself and the dreams you desire manifesting.

Look within as to what kind of life you want to be creating and living and then move confidently in the direction of those dreams, exercising new personal boundaries, responsible love, and confident trust and belief in these changes being implemented in service to a higher good your emotional attachments and conditioning can’t recognize.

Allow Capricorn energy to help you believe in you again, love and honor YOUR self worth, and draw upon your resources to manifest productive use of your gifts that will benefit not only your personal well being, but ultimately serves the collective from this healthy vantage point of grounded and balanced harmonizing of the emotional and physical environments within.

Coming Full Circle After 20 Years ~ Nurturing the Seeds Sown in East Glacier


Last Sunday we touched down in East Glacier. We were home-based there for a full week within close proximity of the Two Medicine entrance to the park and less than 15 minutes from Browning, which is where I touched down for a day, 20 years ago, after my train ride from LA and was taken in by a family of Blackfeet Indians. I couldn’t remember the city’s name until I arrived and we drove through, which triggered instant recognition and full circle activation. This last week proved to be incredibly integrative of my human and cosmic essence, energetically invigorating, and soul retrieving on deeper levels that extended into a collectively supportive experience both of and beyond self and one I am unable to express in words, but seems apparent in photos.


We arrived at our rv park, a nice small and quiet one, and our site had a beautiful view (overlooking what you see below) that was perfectly inspiring for the personal sound channelings and Magick Stones I was creating.


From the first day onward, truly magickal experiences kept unfolding.

We ventured on a 7 mile hike to Rockwell Falls on our first intro here.


We arrived at Two Medicine Lake to take in the amazing views before heading on the main trailhead from there. It was a more mystical day than a later sunburst one we experienced, but the water was still and like glass.


There are actually three Two Medicine Lakes – Upper, Middle, and Lower. We were at Middle Two Medicine, or simply Two Medicine, which it is known as.

There is a history behind the name, which includes two medicine lodges that used to be here and used sacredly by the Blackfeet Indians.


It was just stunning and so expansive. I continue to fall in love more and more with Glacier National Park. I have loved each of the parks we have visited, all for different reasons and enjoying their unique energies and visual variety that touch different parts of my soul.


Yet there is something in Glacier that has been so soul enriching for me on a different level I can’t describe and all-encompassing.

From the moment we arrived to West Glacier (our first intro) I was just beaming with excitement and on a high for some reason. I literally was jumping up and down and ecstatic. Dave hadn’t seen me that way at any other place.


I can only explain it as a deep soul resonance and alignment of energies here that activated something within me.

The more I experienced of Glacier the more I’ve been amazed at how it is so otherworldly and like an integration of so many beautiful places wrapped into one treasure-full gift.


Waterton Lakes National Park (where we are now and sits at the north end of Glacier) continues as such as well.

I could never fully decipher where I was, and didn’t try to, because it felt to me like so many places of which I love.


I saw elements of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Montana, but also places like the Swiss Alps and Scandinavia region of Northern Europe, including my beloved Iceland.

It’s incredibly telling that at one time Glacier National Park once had 150 glaciers and now only has 25. Global warming and shifts definitely are showing their effects and it may not be long before this park may need to be named Glaciated National Park.


Anyway, I love it and amazing wildlife connections continued here and amped up.


On this first day an enchanting giant dark grayish brown with white underfeet snowshoe hare made herself known. She is the only creature I did not capture in any photos, as her elusive mystery I felt was meant to be a blip of emergence through a portal.


She was another manifestation of Nestor for sure and showed up twice in the same place on two separate days…both times, no ability to photograph and the second time only I saw her and not Dave, but she lingered longer with me since I was farther ahead of Dave on the path. As soon as he arrived, she took off in a flash.


It was the largest rabbit I’ve ever seen, so powerful looking, and so beautiful with that grayish brown coat and white underfeet that glowed in a flash as she took off, exposing those strong back legs pounding the air and ground in powerful and agile leaps. She was more than just a snowshoe hare.


And that first day continued with butterfly energy, lots of little furry ones and our first beautiful encounter with a moose, which I posted about in Moose Magick.


Amazing indeed and she returned the immediate next day we hiked to Aster Falls, which then concluded with a magickal rainbow like out of a Faery Tale.


Every day was filled with spectacular wildflowers galore in every variety lacing the fields our hikes flowed through. They were intoxicating and enchanting. A Faery’s delight!


The next day we drove up to the St. Mary upper east entrance and saw Jackson Glacier at the overlook then hiked 5 miles to St. Mary Falls and beyond.


We stopped by St. Mary Lake to take in vistas and saw a lot of little animal friends along the way again.


The day following was a hike to Paradise Point, Appistoki Falls, and Running Eagle Falls (named after a Blackfeet Indian woman – she was a tribeswoman who lived around 1825, became a very skilled and brave warrior and hunter, was instructed by the village elders to go on a vision quest in order to find her true calling, which she did near these falls, was able to tell of her adventures in the Medicine Lodge ceremonies while also becoming a member of the Braves Society of young warriors, and died in a battle against a party of Flatheads near the Sun River.)


Then we decided the next day to take the Sinopah shuttle boat from one end of Two Medicine Lake (Middle) to the other end so that we could explore that area.


Here’s a little history on this area and where the name Sinopah, which the boat is named after, as well as the “crown jewel” of the Two Medicine area – Sinopah Mountain:

“The Blackfeet Indians considered the Two Medicine area “The Backbone of the World,” and in addition to the normal usage for sustenance, used this portion of what would eventually become Glacier National Park for vision quests. The story of how the area came about its name is taken from the writings of James Willard Schultz, who was adopted into the Blackfeet tribe and had an Indian wife: The Blackfeet Confederacy was divided into three tribes: the Pikuni, the Bloods, and the Blackfeet. In the spring each tribe held an Okan’—a religious ceremony—and it just so happened that one year two of the tribes, the Pikunis and Bloods, happened to hold theirs at the same time and in the same place. After that the river was called Two Medicine Lodges, or Two Visions Lodges River—later shortened to Two Medicine. The combination of forested lakes, seemingly endless combinations of cliffs, walls, spires, and towering peaks, make it easy to see in this place a special significance! The name “Sinopah” is a derivative of two Blackfeet words. Sinopa is the word for the kit (prairie) fox, and Sinopaki means “Fox Woman.” Sinopah was the Indian wife of Hugh Monroe (Rising Wolf), and daughter of Lone Walker, a powerful Blackfeet chief. All three of the mountains bearing the names of these individuals are in the Two Medicine area.”

We decided to do the hike to Upper Two Medicine Lake, which provides opportunity for an offshoot trail to Twin Falls.


This was another stunning hike in this Glacier, which we enjoyed very much.


It ended up being 8 miles total because although we made it back in time to catch the return boat, since there were so many people who were staying on the boat and not getting off, there were only 12 spaces open to the nearly 40 or 50 people waiting. I got on, but Dave was #13, so I got off with him and we decided to hike back to our starting point rather than wait another 1/2 hour or so for a boat to come back to get everyone.

It ended up adding more loveliness to the day’s journey (I actually remarked on it being a vision quest of my own) and eventually hooked us back up with the main trailhead we’d taken twice before when we saw the moose. However, today we didn’t catch her, as it was too early for her feeding time, according to her time she’s shown up the last two times. But as I mentioned before, the amazing snowshoe hare showed up again in the same place I’d seen her before, on this day. This time she lingered longer and ran off when Dave came close and his feet made noise in the brush.

She just didn’t want her photo taken, as I’d never had the time to get one, being so enthralled and just wanting to connect in what ever brief moments I knew I may have. The same took place a few days later with Grizzlies we came across in Waterton – photos unattainable, but the experiences quite amazing to be in as long as we had the chance (will share on that soon).

What I came to notice alongside this area being energetically invigorating, was that I seemed to become physically stronger than ever and like the energizer bunny.

We do a lot of hiking, averaging 3-6 miles daily on average, with occasional 2 mile days and then the 7-10 miles days. Lately doing more of the latter in the 6-10 mile region.

And although this takes place, I still can feel challenged or want to take things slower to pace myself.

However, my energy has been infused with something that’s making me like an energizer bunny and I’ve been a little speedster on hikes, outdoing Dave, leading instead of following, and getting us through hikes lickety split. So this 8 mile hike around the Two Medicine Lakes took us just under 2 1/2 hours. Lol!

I also just noticed I haven’t had the allergy and laugh triggered cough I would get on random occasion in my lungs where I’d have to cough up stuff. I’m sensing the energy resonation where I am and more integration on soul levels is the culprit for this.

So a lot of physical manifestations mirroring what I was feeling internally on all of the other levels.

Not to mention, there was the whole connection with this sacred land – Blackfeet Country – and knowing of my soul connection to them. I had the deep sense of doing healing for this land and for the Blackfeet, which was evident when I stepped into the grocery store in Browning and drove through the town a bit, was energetically needed on an ancestral level of wholeness reconnection.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I hadn’t been aware that we would be stationed near Browning (Blackfeet reservation), nor that that was the city I’d stopped in those 20 years ago. I had forgotten the name, but just knew it was on the east side because I had journeyed through Glacier on that trip back then – my first solo sacred journey – and I remembered what the train station looked like and the view that you could see from it over the flat fields with Glacier’s mountains in the background.

We found that station and I saw that view and it all came back as if then, but now from a whole other perspective. I didn’t take a photo, but I found this photo of it online when I googled the Browning train station so that you could see what it looked like. Hasn’t changed since 20 years ago.

browning montana amtrak station

I’d been grateful that visit for the Blackfeet Indian who was closing up the train station that day after my arrival and invited me to his home. I’d been grateful for the connections with his family and one of his family members that was my age whom I stayed in touch by snail mail for a period of time after my return home.

I remember then that I’d felt I was there for a reason. And I felt it again, now, that I was there again in much the same way, but returning with much more awareness and ability to work things energetically.

And I know there is more to come.

I’ve been very focused on my sacred connection to the land, Earth, the plants and animals. I’ve especially been delving into my medicine and shamanic work, as well as the integration of this rich nature connection with my cosmic self and the stars.

This place, this area, the energy here, all felt mirroring of this space I have entered and invited into my dance of life more.

And that continued through our time in Glacier, ending with the magickal day I shared about in my post Spreading Ashes, Spreading Joy ~ Cosmic Encounters & Sacred Connections as we ventured to the northern east, Many Glacier entrance to the park where we hiked to Grinnell Lake and Hidden Falls.


This is also where we checked out Many Glacier Hotel, which was like a Swiss Alps Chalet. So beautiful and stunning views from every room within, including the sitting area we had refreshments in.


My time here felt full circle perfect. And yet while it felt like closure to some things, it simultaneously feels like the opening and activation to many more things to come.

Where I seeded things those 20 years ago, I’d now come to nurture the seeds sown.

There will be a time for blossoming.



Spreading Ashes, Spreading Joy ~ Cosmic Encounters & Sacred Connections


Yesterday was our last day, for now, in the U.S. and in East Glacier National Park, Montana, as we journey forward over the border into Canada today to Waterton Park, Alberta. There we’ll be exploring Waterton Lakes National Park at the north end of Glacier and deeper northern region of the Rockies. I couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful and magickal experience to celebrate this last day and my connection with both Joy and Nestor, as the day unfolded divinely with manifestations galore that were in support of our sacred connection and activation ritual they were guiding me to initiate here.

It was so heart and soul rich that it deserved its own blog, alongside a recap blog of this past week that is forthcoming.

Our journey led us to the Many Glacier entrance of the park on the north east side of Glacier where we were feeling drawn to do the hike to Grinnell Lake. It ended up being about a 7 1/2 mile roundtrip hike that took us past two other lakes – Swiftcurrent Lake that gorgeous Many Glacier Hotel sits on and Lake Josephine  – as well as wanders through amazing vistas that take your breath away (more of those photos will be in my recap blog).

What we didn’t know was that it also had the opportunity to swing up to Hidden Falls, which proved to be a guiding force for this journey.

I’d been feeling that somewhere in Glacier would be where some of Joy’s ashes would come to rest, as she had led us to Montana (extending her physical body’s presence with us until getting there, as a pointer for me). I had always felt that Montana was an important part of this journey for some reason, and those reasons would unfold once I was there. It also happened to be a place I’d made energetic connection to 20 years ago when I passed through Glacier on the Amtrak train, coming to reconnect with the Blackfeet Indians at my touch down – more on that in the next blog.

I knew it was a place for soul retrieval and activation work, as well as collective empowerment work for the Blackfeet and more.

What I didn’t know was that Nestor would, in partnership with Joy, be a part of this. But that became more clear as the week unfolded.

Interestingly, I hadn’t been led to take Joy’s and Nestor’s ashes with us on our daily hiking adventures, except for this last day in East Glacier.

So we gently packed them up in our backpack and we were off.

I had no idea if I’d actually be spreading their ashes or not, as I would wait for the messages and guidance, and the feeling had to be just right.

This hike was such a stunning journey and I increasingly was feeling the build up of energy that was signifying to me this was going to take place…I just had to wait for the right moment and signs.

Along the way I was soul infused by the beauty that resonated so deeply with my essence and all the things I love.



About a little over half way to Grinnell Lake my first sign appeared, although it hit me with astounding clarity later.

We’d seen a couple of animal friends run across the path like chipmunks and marmots, but suddenly two deer now appeared.

The wild thing is, which seems to happen all the time with instant manifestation after intent or thought, I had literally 1 second before seeing them said in my head, “I wonder where the deer and elk are, as we haven’t seen them since West Glacier.”

Bam! Hello deer!



Two does (female deer) stepped out of the brush, literally 5 feet away from me, as I was leading the way on our hike.

They were so incredibly beautiful, delicate, and otherworldly.



I knew they were not of this world, but in it right now, as they felt and looked so cosmic – extraterrestrial in nature, combined with a human, deer, and magickal quality. Shapeshifters indeed.

Dave and I stopped and just enjoyed connecting with them.


I talked to them, as they looked at me and wandered back and forth across the path, eating and making sure we were aware that they wanted to connect and communicate. They were in no need or rush to leave us.




This lasted for quite some time and then an older couple at the other end of the path approached. They saw the deer with us and so they stopped too – the woman taking photographs, as I was.

The four of us were all peaceful and calm, mirroring these lovely creatures’ energy. And so they remained.

They continued slowly moving down the path, beckoning us to follow and so we did. They were constantly keeping in very close proximity to us, without wandering much farther away than 15 feet, then returning close by again within 5 or so feet.

Eventually we decided to move on and the other couple followed our cue.

As we passed each other, the woman said to me, “how lucky we are.”

But the man said to me, “you’re not done yet.”

The couple left and Dave and I lingered a bit more with the does, then decided to fully continue on, feeling grateful for the time they had shared with us.

They came onto the path ahead of us, as if leading us down the path and wanting us to follow again, which we did.



After a while they wandered further into the brush a bit, still wanting to connect, but then we heard a lot of noise coming up behind us. A family with young kids that were being a bit rambunctious and another couple ahead with loud bells on them to ward off bears.

I looked at the two deer and they looked at me. Their calm energy was about to be disrupted and perhaps even become distressed and scared by this energy, as I heard the family behind say, “Look there’s deer!” and were rushing forward.

I wanted to protect them.

So I said to the two does, “Hurry, go! Go hide!”

And they instantly listened and separated – one to each side of the path and went deeper into the brush so they weren’t as accessible anymore.

I said to Dave, after a while of contemplating what the man said, “I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what he meant. Seems like a message that something more is to come.”

Dave said, “maybe he wasn’t just a man,” in his sort of serious joking voice.

I said, “now you’re catching on,” and I giggled.

We continued on and arrived at Grinnell Lake, crossing rivers, creeks, and passing a sign for Hidden Falls, to which I said, “we’ll go there on the way back.”

Grinnell Lake was stunning.


More of that amazing aqua water that I see all around here in Glacier because of the glacial silt that catches the sun so amazingly, a bunch of cascading waterfalls coming down the snow laced mountains, and amazing colors and textures speaking so vibrantly to all of the senses.

We spent some time connecting there, finding this perfect place to sit away from the people at the opening of the lake. It was a wood plank someone had set in between two trees, creating a little bench framed and cradled by the trees’ branches and facing the lake, mountains, and waterfalls. I loved it!


I tuned in, as I had wondered if this would be where their ashes would go, knowing that it was to be in sacred water. Visually, one would think it would have been here, but because I felt all things would be harmoniously guiding me, having the wind blowing at me so strongly, which would mean the ashes would be blown at me or washed immediately on the shore, this was indication that it was not in alignment here to do this.

I was to flow with nature, not work against it.

So, after a while we decided to head back and went back to where the sign for Hidden Falls was.

Up we climbed, passing another older couple on their way down. The woman says to me, “it’s so beautiful!”

I smiled, and said, “oh good! I’m so glad!” Feeling, hmmmm, this could be the place.

We arrived at the top and Hidden Falls was indeed beautiful and quite magickal.


So gorgeous with the green moss covered dark rocks carved by the cascading water that created an aqua pool below and was surrounded by joyous flowers and a mountain peak extending upwards from the top.

It had rained lightly on and off on this hike, and when we arrived it began to sprinkle.

There was a viewing platform to take in the waterfall, but it was away from the water and so once again, I was wondering how this could work for spreading their ashes.

Dave noted that there was a way down to some overhanging rocks, if we climbed through the wooden railings and hiked down. It seemed slick with mud and rock, so I was contemplating, especially since we weren’t fully sure the edge would drop right off to the water.

But something drew my attention to the ground just on the other side of the wooden railings where my eyes lit up and I said, “Look!! It’s a red heart! A larger version of the little red heart I found a couple of days ago and had just posted about this morning on Facebook!” The rain drops were just starting to fall upon it, revealing its true, deep red color that the water unveiled – matching my stone at home.


I’d shared that the little one had been one of many heart stones along the paths that I’ve been seeing and gifted since Joy transitioned, along with feathers – both feeling like her angelic love and presence guiding and supporting me daily.


So as soon as I saw this large red heart, I instantly said, “That’s the sign I was waiting for! This is it! This is the place!” And my hesitation about going down the cliff completely dissipated and I actually ended up being the one leading the way.

We climbed down to the rock edge above the falls and I peered over with glee seeing that in fact the ashes would go directly into the water below when thrown. Yay!

So we sat at the edge, with lovely yellow flowers between us and the falls, and I gingerly started opening the sacred boxes housing Joy’s and Nestor’s ashes.



I took out Joy’s ashes first, untying the bag that held her white essence.

I pinched a little of her loveliness and with complete joy, some weeeeeeee’s and yay’s I released her above the waters below, watching her merge with the beautiful aqua sacredness. I did this twice and each time filled with “joy” and celebration, as I said, “go beautiful Joy and do your thing!” knowing that her powerful essence would work magickal alchemy beyond what anyone could imagine in coming to rest and merge here.

After Joy’s ashes, I did the same with Nestor’s, which were a gray essence, feeling that they were meant to work and be together, as they always have been and always will. Again, with extreme “joy” I released Nestor to join in the celebration and sacred intention.

Both of their ashes not only merged with the waters below, but with the waters from the sky above as well, as some of their ashes were gently carried by the raindrops to their resting place below.

Such beautiful symbolism and the most perfect, mirroring place for both of them in these Hidden Falls surrounded by Faery magick galore! The water here would journey down and connect with Josephine Lake where we’d be journeying back along.

And it felt so perfect and light, which was a different experience from all of the times I’d spread Nestor’s ashes in other sacred areas across the globe where it was very serious, more drawn out, and included some shedding of tears most of the time.

This was the new way and my new path of harmony, joy, and ease. Not to mention the new way for us all.

Just as potent. Just as magickal. Yet I could get there by means of a different path now.

Thank you my precious partners!

I snapped a photo of this enchanted sacred place to remember it always and then we made our way back up and to the other side of the wooden railings.



Crossing the boundary back into the realm from which we’d left, now returning in renewed harmony.

We made our way down the hiking trail back to the main path and as we were walking I was saying to Dave how perfect all of it was and how meant to be, commenting on the details, the heart, the lightness of it all, and no one being around or coming near while we did this.

I finished this joyous review with a connection that suddenly hit me.

The two does we’d seen were Joy and Nestor!



That’s why they connected so much. That’s why they were so otherworldly.

They had shapeshifted or sent these deer as messengers to me, directly from them.

The second I said that, again instantly, the same two does showed up at the bottom of the trail to Hidden Falls where it meets Grinnell Lake Trail.

They had followed us all that way, or had just manifested in that moment, to confirm what I was saying and to thank me for what I had just done!

I was so excited and felt the beautiful completeness of it all.

We connected a bit, then Dave went on and I lingered slightly, then I thanked them and went on myself.

When I caught up with Dave I said, “Now it makes sense what that man was saying to me.”

The rest of the hike back I was elated and gliding along with my heart in overload.

Near the end of the trail I then looked down and saw a feather. It was a twin to the feather I’d found the day before in terms of being the same kind of feather from the same bird.


Two parts of a whole, each unique, but connected, just like my sweet Joy and Nestor.

Again, another sign and gift from Joy and Nestor together as confirmation of this joyous completion.

We got back to the car and decided to visit Many Glacier Hotel on our way out, which was just lovely (more photos to come in the upcoming recap blog). We enjoyed a refreshment there overlooking the view and I reflected on it all.



Then back in the car we went to head home to the Magick Bus and Cosmo who I was excited to go share the experience with, although I knew he was aware of it.

Just before we leave through this area of the park to get on the highway that’s when our first Black Bear shows up – again another thing we’d just mentioned earlier.

Dave had wondered why a bear hadn’t shown up yet.

I’d said to him, “One will show up when we are in need of its energy and message.”

And so I guess now was that time.



She caught my eye as we were driving and so we got out to connect more, as I was able to snap some photos of this beauty relishing on the abundance of berries in the lushness of the mountain, fully in her “joy”.

Right as we got to the edge of Browning – the town I’d stopped in 20 years ago and was taken in by the Blackfeet family – a small rainbow appeared in the clouds across the fields – the second rainbow we’d seen here in East Glacier.

The first rainbow was on our first day of arrival here when we also saw our moose friend, but now it was book-ending our time here on the last day and after this beautiful and sacred experience.

It’s hard to see it in the photo, but it is at center of the clouds in the background and was quite vibrant in person.



And for the first time, at this end of the park, a huge herd of Bison appeared in the fields in front of the rainbow and I was filled with “joy” watching the little ones running exuberantly, as their mothers playfully joined in.

Moments that Matter

cosmo and me4

There is a lot that goes on in any given day of my life, and likely yours too, and yet there are moments where time ceases to exist, every sensory perception feels stimulated wide open, and every detail is alive and strokes those perceptions like a fine tuned piano that harmonizes the perfect chords of your soul.

Some may call these the moments that take your breath away.

I feel them to be resonant moments that whisper the mysteries unraveled, breathe clarity into illusion, and sing the soul lineage of my heart.

These are the revealing moments that unveil meaning and purpose, that demonstrate love-making between your cosmic and human essence at its finest, and that voice the authenticity you’ve sought amidst the noise and distractions.

If you’ve wondered who you are, these are the moments of your truth.

These are the moments of your being.

And they are the moments shining love’s clarity that exists beyond any confines of your defining it.

It is so visceral you can taste it with your soul.

And everything in that eternal moment makes sense.

Then you don’t need to search and question anymore because you simply know.

Quick & Valuable Tips for Empaths

My sweet friend Dawn of Reiki Dawn shared this on Facebook and I felt it important to not only repost there, but to share with the blog world too, as I know so many of you are empaths like myself.

These are all things I’ve had to learn, very much the hard way, especially being a boundaryless Pisces without distinction between myself and the collective. And I can say that implementing them has made all the difference.

These don’t make you any less service-oriented or compassionate. If anything, you become a more empowered, unconditionally compassionate example and you have that much more to give authentically and intentfully.


Embracing the Shapeshifter Within


The cosmic me


Shapeshifting is the ability to change physical form at will – changing one thing into another – or to shift the energy you are emitting from your physical body. This can be a full on transformation or could be an energetic morphing and merging that happens more subtly.

Shamans and medicine women and men are known to shapeshift, often times taking on the spirit or essence of an animal and able to journey into otherworlds.

And many in the otherworlds – the magickal and “unseen” realms – are shapeshifters too, slipping easily into different forms at will to move more easily amidst the worlds or simply to experience other forms, blend into their environment, or to show up in ways that would be of most benefit and support to those who they appear to.

inner unicorn

The inner unicorn me – Laura pointed out that I reminded her of the essence of the Chariot Tarot card in the Robin Wood deck that has a black and white unicorn pulling the chariot, as shared below. This photo was “accidentally” snapped when I thought I was recording a video about the “inner unicorn”. The video didn’t show up, but the photo remained.



Robin Wood Chariot Tarot card


True, there are shapeshifters of another kind of energy that you may not resonate with, but simply because an ability that is available to all, if harnessed, doesn’t make it wrong or bad simply because certain beings may utilize it too. It again comes down to intent.

Shapeshifting can have different connotations to people depending on your perspective.


The mermaid/nymph me


Some people may see this as scary or even “evil” and yet if you think about it, since we are part of a collective soul and more than just the person we or others identify us as solely in this lifetime, it would make sense that, at the least, we could have some bleed-through of all of our “selves”.

And thus, anyone could shapeshift and there are many that do, especially if you are living an integration life, as many of us are, or if you are working at deep soul levels in your evolution.


The otherworld Faery me


Shapeshifters, or the ability to shapeshift is about being able to change your energy slightly and sometimes this can happen even unconsciously.

For instance, you may be engaged in something so heart and soulful that it activates a part of your dna and soul remembrance that shifts your energy in the moment to bring out different essence qualities in you that change your appearance, or that draw forth parts of your soul and other power lifetimes where you were utilizing these gifts more seamlessly.

And then you start to morph into what you looked like in that lifetime, or looking like an animal or being you’ve been as well, or taking on those physical traits that closely relate to this energy within you.


The rabbit me and the Egyptian me


So it can be a merging with an animal spirit, non-human spirit (cosmic, devic, angelic, etc), or another form of yourself from another dimensional time period. And this may be a bleed-through or it may be in order for you to do work that your current human form can’t.

You may even become an element, lake, mountain, rock, plant, mineral, or something altogether cosmic, etc. You can merge as anything that exists as consciousness since you are all things.

It’s a way that we move into the limitlessness and expansive eternal essence of our consciousness and step into more of our formless and shapeless selves that are boundless – knowing that we are all of these things.


The animus me (inner masculine) – I actually had a literal shapeshifting photo caught in the midst of shifting into this that was quite freaky cool, but I lost the photo.


Perhaps it could be seen as moving into the sacred “knowing” and collective aspects of self that are aligned with divine will, rather than “time” focused, ego attachment.

And yet, at any moment we can choose to move in and out and identify, at any moment, with which ever parts of that sacredness we desire, simultaneously aware that we are all and none.

I’ve been aware of this shapeshifting quality within myself for a long time, but it has increasingly been showing up, the more I’ve gotten in touch with my most natural, authentic essence and have deepened my integrative work.


The ancient Inca/Mayan/Native American Indian me


And so I find myself morphing in photos, looking different in almost every photo taken of me (sometimes that being quite odd how much I don’t look like the “me” I/you may know and yet looking more the “me’s” that I/we are), and it becoming more visually perceivable, rather than just energetically felt, by others.

I like to think of it as embracing all of my selves and moving more into the boundless experience, while making that a vulnerably revealing process that is natural.


The Sprite me


I’ve shared just a few of the photos that stood out recently revealing different “me’s”, but there have been so many.

Perhaps you have noticed this along the journey of my sharing.

Perhaps you have noticed it within yourself.


The many me’s

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