A Strange, Synchronous Samhain Sojourn

Love this post from Laura and seeing the connections from the past several days all put together in story line form…and there are more synchronicities and bleedthrough, likely more than Laura or I noticed – for instance she mentioned Raggedy Ann and Andy being inspired by James Whitcomb Riley and my brother and I used to have each a Raggedy Ann and Andy stuffed friend we slept with as our favorite magickal pals, and the spoof tour of his home and things she saw in it was like our tour of James J. Hill’s house (railroad tycoon – more railroad connections too) and the synchronicity of two Jameses, the buffalo she saw twice with the major connection I had with the wood bison and his message of peace, which corresponds to the Standing Rock protest and buffalo showing up magickally: https://taniamarieartist.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/peace-he-said-simply-that-seeding-a-return-to-natural-harmony-at-elk-island/, the giant pendulum at this time reflecting our crazy magickal experience on Halloween at Bodega Bay where our pendulums went wild that night with the storm and ET’s, her canal walk also just like the river walks and river bike rides we did on our journey, and her reading of hawks being big for her and the image of one when yes, hawks are one of my biggest spirit guides showing up nearly daily at times for the last several years. So much!!! It’s wild…It’s fun….It’s eerie….and it definitely is all reflecting evolutionary change. And there will be more reflections to share after today of things she alluded to.

Laura Bruno's Blog

David and I spent Thursday through Sunday in and around Indianapolis, during a time window originally set to spend with my sweet faery twin Tania Marie, her Dave and my David. Due to what have revealed themselves as very important and perfectly aligned changes in their travel plans, David and I agreed to switch around our scheduled trips. Instead of visiting my Aunt Kath and Uncle John around Autumn Equinox, we ended up meeting Tania and Dave in Madison, Wisconsin during a trip documented in Parts 1 and 2. That left this past long weekend for a trip to Indianapolis and nearby Fishers, Indiana, where my mom’s brother John, his wife Kath and my cousin, Tim live.

I mention the switch of trips, because Tania and Dave were eerily present during our entire time there. We kept seeing murals that reminded us of them, and David and I began…

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  1. Wow, the rabbit hole goes deeper still. Love you! ❤️

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