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Emergence of Transformative Energy & Embodied Action Plus Updates

The Aries Full Hunter Moon may have brought rise to feelings below the surface, which could both be clarifying or trying right now. The challenge is always about whether we will react and fight blindly out of survival mode alone, or initiate transformative change and find reflective response and embodiment to guide our actions.

Either way, it does feel to me to be a time of action, however that manifests relative to each person, and dealing with things. The time of pushing things aside, waiting out of insecurity, fear-based reactions, or passive aggressiveness seem to be some of the patterns worth looking at and shifting.

There’s a consistent momentum toward a shift of relationship to all things, which starts with ourselves of course.

So much time and choices are about relinquishing power over to what has happened in the past dictating the now, and so much energy is wasted on fears and uncertainties of the future so that we either stand still with anxiety, just repeat conditioned knowns, or trap ourselves in a waiting game.

It’s not an either or game, but one of balance.

In my earlier years I struggled with an inner fire that either tormented me from repressing it or could rage if triggered. I was a force to reckon with and my emotions could manifest things when they finally erupted like a volcano. That didn’t happen often, but after years of repression it could and would pop.

I’ve since taught myself to channel my fire in healthy and productive ways, to live in greater balance and to be the director of my energy rather than have it run amok on its own. Serenity returned and life became a series of choices I understood.

serenity and balance.jpg
It’s not impossible to experience peace and balance and to not be controlled by external or unconscious factors. 

It does take consistent commitment and desire to place effort into shifting things – perspective, reflection, and action.

Anyway, I just had these few little thoughts rolling around and with yesterday’s Aries Full Moon they felt like something to share.

It was interesting for me, personally, to note that yesterday was the four-year anniversary of moving into our Magick Bus RV full time, which that year landed exactly on the New Moon in Libra. A full circle energetic balancing and indeed I’d say that that decision and year and a half of life on the road of adventure, was truly the turning point for me with balancing this energy axis Libra and Aries represent.

These opposite signs provide a mirror reflection for each other and support what is lacking on either side.

The magick is in the merge.

Can you see how you might bring together these aspects within you so that the productive energies of each can manifest more effectively and holistically?

janet and tania.jpg

The last four days I’ve been immersed in excursions and catching up with an old friend that was here visiting. The last time being when we first returned to Lake Tahoe after deciding to, for now, conclude our Magick Bus journey. We happen to both be Pisces with birthdays just two days apart. Even after not seeing each other for a while, we always ended up with complimentary, unplanned wardrobe happening each day. Her owl shirt was also synchronous to owl and extraterrestrial discussions I’d been having with another friend just prior to her arrival.

The weather was perfect in the low 60’s or upper 50’s with full sunshine in the day, then down to the 20’s and thirties at night. The Fall colors are starting to pop and so it made for very ambient accents to our hikes. We were especially in awe of the abundant berry bushes we found at Cascade Falls that were gorgeous reds and crimsons with berries galore.

autumn enchantment.jpg

The Aries Full Hunter Moon was huge here over the mountains, glowing in orange reflections of the Autumn enchantment all around. However, even last evening’s sunset held the same mysterious energy, creating a red sunset orb through the forest portal. This was the view from our deck.

sunset orb.jpg

But it was all of the wildlife reflections that showed up during the last few days that really punctuated the energy abound.

raccoons (1).jpg

Our second night a family of four raccoons crossed our path. Raccoon energy has been on high recently between myself and Laura, but I found out just recently for Janet too. She had just told me earlier that day about 4 raccoons she saw literally exactly a month ago at the Full Moon. Then these show up at the Full Moon time again for the four of us walking back to the car after dinner.

raccoons (2).jpg

Also weird is that my phone mysteriously shut and restarted itself. This made it not possible to take photos so Janet did instead and sent these to me. When my phone came on, the day and time read August 13th at 1:10 pm, but turned to 1:11 immediately. So bizarre, as it was October 12th after 9 pm. Even restarting my phone kept it on that day. I had to manually change it. I’d seen a few unfortunately dead ones on the road recently and so had Laura seen 9 and this same day she saw a couple more on the side of the road while we saw this lively family.

raccoons (3).jpg

I feel there’s more of a collective message with the huge amount of sightings happening for a few of us, especially given dreams and other downloads. One of which we’ve felt is about the time of masks and hiding coming to closure, veils coming down and purity piercing through however it needs to. On individual levels it could be similar, but raccoons have so many other messages like playfulness, curiosity, resourcefulness, community, connection with the forest and trees, determination against all odds to get what they need and want.

raccoons (4).jpg

So perhaps these speak to ways to achieve these new energies and that some of these attributes could be useful to implement more in life – again that balance. There was also a lovely synergy between the four of us who saw the four raccoons so it felt much like sibling energy. But also I feel for me they reflect a new level of skill and focus that is developing and needs to become my fuel when things feel like they’re getting off course or slowing down. The 2020 year will be a 4-focused, collective energy and this would accompany that.


Anyway, the next day we saw black bear, salmon galore that are spawning right now and that the bears are feeding on to fatten up for the Winter, lots of evidence of a beaver family with newly cut mini forest of Aspens and a beaver lodge, lots of Blue Herons flying together (up to 3 and 4 at a time), and very deliberate Hawk sightings – including one that swooped right across my car windshield and a rare Doe experience on our hike right before Janet had arrived.

They each hold their own animal spirit medicine reflections that all feel tied together and I’m going to see how these energies merge into things for the coming months.

With the last four days being packed full, I’m just now getting back to things and want to thank everyone for the orders that came through from our Magick Rabbit Holiday Shop Update

I’ll be getting orders packaged up today and tomorrow with extra surprise gift goodies, of course.

Speaking of bears, this is the last remaining mini holiday tree available in our shop – the Teddy Bear Mini Manzanita Holiday Tree. The trees seem to have touched people’s hearts and I’m happy because they truly are infused with whimsical holiday warmth. I love their versatility – I happen to have two myself. They can be used at the holidays, add ornaments, create themes for different times of the year, remove all ornaments for every day decor, use as night lights, or mini jewelry trees. They each come with decorations as seen and mini battery-operated lights.

bear tree.jpg

Link is below where you can check it out and the rest of the holiday gift ideas new to The Magick Rabbit Etsy shop that include the new Serenity Silhouettes line of Magick Rabbit Talismans and the mini framed original rabbit art that are whimsically and seasonally themed.

All new items are under $40, but you’ll find a 40% off sale on select other items – the biggest sale we’ve had to date – all in effort to make gift-giving to self and others easy this holiday season.

Here’s the link to the love we’ve created from our hearts to yours:

The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

Also, for anyone feeling drawn to working on things in your life that have been nudging you, lingering, creating ongoing challenge, etc., remember that through end of this month – October 31st – there’s a 10% discount on all individual and package phone sessions.

Please contact me directly if interested, as the prices aren’t reflected on this page:

Intuitive Energy Guide – Navigating the Inner Landscapes

I’m never sure how long I’ll offer things, which pertains to these sessions in general. Everything is fluctuating, depending on what feels aligned.

I hope that this Full Moon energy hasn’t been to challenging for you. I truly feel there’s so much potential and emergence that is possible right now. May all possibilities be open to you.

Whimsical Wednesdays Magick Rabbit Reveal – 1st Holiday Shop Update from The Artist’s Corner


This is a photo of me revealing my new gifted scarf to Astrid (my rabbit stylist extraordinaire) that’s adorned with ever-chic rabbits. I’m hoppy to share that it received the bunny approval stamp.

And now we (Astrid and I) are excited to reveal three sets of new creations to our Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop.

That’s right! It’s time to announce a little holiday Magick Rabbit shop update. It’s been a while since we’ve had a full shop restock, but you can likely look forward to one more before Christmas too, which will feature completely different items. This shop update will activate, tomorrow, on October 10th – 10/10/19. There will only be one of each item, so if something speaks to you grab it up, as they won’t be recreated.

I worked really hard to keep everything very affordable (all under $40) so that holiday shopping can be easy and fun. This involved not only finding ways to procure materials at wholesale or very low cost, but to also be creative in how to bring it together that wouldn’t bump up prices and yet still be potent and full of inspiration, purity, joy, and love.

The shop update will include eight mini wood-framed original paintings that are sweet as can be. They are seasonally and whimsically themed.

mini frames.jpgmini frames2

There will also be five mini themed holiday manzanita trees, which can also be used as every day forest-vibed decor or as a mini jewelry tree without the ornaments. I’ve also found them to be great little night lights. A sixth mini pine cone tree is offered in this set of items as well. I was so lucky to have one of our snowfalls take place right after I created the first five, so the manzanita trees got a snow-enchanted photo shoot – be sure to check those all out! These whimsical delights tickle the inner child and bring the forest portal energy into your daily life.

mini trees.jpgpink (1).jpgpine cone (5).jpg

And last, there will be a new line of Magick Rabbit Talismans that I’m calling “Serenity Silhouettes.” They are still created on the sweet real birch wood rounds, but hang on 20″ sterling silver plated snake chains (except for one that comes as a stand-alone pendant) and all share a genuine opal (or two) as their stone of purity (you can read about its properties on the listings to see why I chose this stone). There are eleven color frequency choices to see which speaks to you, along with four different style magick rabbit silhouettes, and four cuts to the opal stones.


Included in the new Serenity Silhouettes Magick Rabbit Talismans are these four choices:

Cosmic Egg Rabbit

Heart of All Life Rabbit

Many Moons Rabbit

Serenity Rabbit – there is only 1 of these Namaste posed rabbits in the twenty-five piece line. The other styles come in a variety of color choices and some different stone cut options.

You’ll be able to read about each of their symbolism in the listings.

And in totality, all of the juicy details of each of these item sets will be embedded in the listings, so please do take a look at the information that accompanies each so you can find out about these pieces, energies, etc.

You will still find some favorite shop items from before that also would make lovely holiday gifts. There remains only eight mini rabbit faery gardens from the 50+ I first created. They just so happen to be Autumn and Winter themed, along with a few of the truly most magickal themed worlds I’m surprised haven’t been taken yet. There are a few notebooks left (ideal for all those inward times the upcoming seasons support), a few original paintings, and some prints and greeting cards still available as well – also great for sending out hand-written notes for the holidays. There may even be a chance that with tomorrow’s new shop update launch that you could find a surprise sale on some of these favorites.

I do hope to get one more shop update in before Christmas, but it all depends on the time I have available to create the two sets of new items they include.

But everything in this update will not be repeated.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new launch of shop updates hopping off tomorrow morning.

Beginning tomorrow through Sunday I will be busy entertaining a sweet friend I haven’t seen in three years, nearly to the day, so with a guest here in the house and lots of catching up, yummies, and excursions packed into the few days we have, I’ll not be posting a blog until Monday or next week some time and will ship off any purchases on Monday as well.

Hope you enjoy the new creations from my and Astrid’s heart to yours.

The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

Monday Musings ~ The Writer’s Corner: Exploring the Possible Link Between Tattoos & Enhanced Immune Response

For any of you fellow tattoo aficionados, souls who’ve enjoyed the sacred peeks into the world of tattoos, or are simply curious about this subject and learning more, you may find this to be an interesting article. My amazing friend, Mari, brought it to my attention and I thought it was a complimentary accompaniment to both this past blog article I shared, Sacred Tattoos ~ Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring, and to my book Spiritual Skin.

Here’s the article link, below, written by Christopher D. Lynn that explores possible connection to a boost in one’s immune system from extensive time under the needle.

“Regular exercise provides immune function benefits through repetition, not necessarily single visits to the gym. We think this is similar to how each tattoo seems to prepare the body for vigilance.”

What Tattoos Really Do To Our Bodies’ Immune Systems

I’m no doctor, nor am I advocating you run out to get a tattoo for your health. Articles and information like this are merely for exploration and the sake of curiosity.

I do happen to have nearly half of my body covered in tattoos and don’t ever get sick. Whether or not that is tied to this is in any way is not conclusive, as I have always had a strong immune system. However, tattoos have definitely been personally transformative on many levels for me, including allowing me to integrate shadow energy in a very profound way.

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Even Stillness has a Song


Astrid may be virtually voiceless in the way we think of voice to express itself, but she is highly attuned to sound vibrations and the smallest of energetic nuances that are composed in every second around us. She does, however, know how to grunt and thump quite well, which to me is musical and lyrical in its own respect. As silent as she may seem compared to other animal companions like dogs, cats, and birds, she actually teaches me the most about sound and voice – that vibration and frequency are at the heart of the matter – and that song is still present even in stillness.

There is resonance that radiates from our innermost nature, or essence, and while she may not make sound in the way we define this, she in fact not only is, but prompts me more deeply to listen and compose from my cosmic core.

Some have referred to this as immanence: an inherent divine presence/transcendent – without limits of possible experience or knowledge.

I feel this translates both audibly and inaudibly, but simultaneously felt.

She does have a song, but it’s heard with the ear of your heart.

I love the photo above, which I captured of her in one of her extremely long, still, statue-like times when she doesn’t even seem real. Although she doesn’t move, her frequency is heard and felt musically in the heart.

I’m seeing sound and voice coming up a lot in sessions and again feeling a resurgence of my sound channeling, as a form of both moving energy and supporting integration/wholeness for self and others. A few clients found huge openings because of moving sound through them. It’s been incredible to observe.

And yesterday sound and song was reiterated, as I decided to sit on the bench in my enchanted garden to work on painting some items for the upcoming shop update.

The experience made me feel like Snow White, as song was all around me both in the audible and inaudible forms through birds and little furry woodland animals.

It was quite surreal and for two hours I was surrounded by so many little animals that came to be around my creative bubble.

There were a bunch of little chipmunks running around my feet, chasing each other and stopping right by me long enough to say hi and get my attention. Squirrels popping in and peeking through the plants. But it was the little birds – chickadee and nuthatch – that were really excited.


They kept singing and flying onto the bird bath just to say hi over and over. Pretending they wanted a drink (only occasionally actually taking one to follow through with their plan), but as I talked to them they just kept coming back. 


One literally tried to land on my shoulder, but I had just moved to pick up my paintbrush I dropped and so he brushed it instead.

It was the sweetest and created the reality I always feel of being in my own little special world. And when I saw the few photos I did capture when I stopped once for, it was very cool to see how the raw quartz in the bird bath created a shadow light effect that looks like a planet or space ship on the fence. It all did feel otherworldly cosmic.


There were so many vibrations humming because of the song that I was composing by being in the vibration of my essence and creative expression.

And each animal reflected back to me in their own way, the frequency of sound I was emanating.

Much like Astrid emanates to me, despite no sound seeming to come through her.

It’s a dance of song at the most primordial of origins.

And so today’s post is simply a reminder of the power of sound, your voice, and ultimately your song.

To sing it and be it and to recognize, listen for, and be present with all the forms of song around you.

They speak an unspoken language that reflects alignment and at that heightened level of presence, natural flow, resonance, and synchronicity can reveal itself.


A few quick updates.

To celebrate this month – a fav of mine – packed full of special dates, I’m offering a 10% discount on individual and package phone sessions only through 10/31. I did fill this month with all I can manage, but you can take advantage of this special now for sessions beginning November or possibly mid to late October, dependent on what unfolds. October is full between what I already have on the table, guests coming, and a possible trip. If the trip doesn’t happen, I’ll have availability. Scheduling email sessions, however, are fine for this month. Anyway, if you want to take advantage of the discount, please contact me directly, as it’s not posted on the session page.

There will be a holiday Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop update likely next week some time between the 8th and 10th with sweet new items that will all be under $50.

Also, if you happen to be on Instagram, I’m doing an October Giveaway for this Whispers in the Woods mini rabbit garden starting today through Sunday, with recipient announced on Monday. Details are on the post there.


October 2019 Energy Update with Lee Harris

Welcome October! This months feels a bit energetically different to me and I also happen to love October, as there are a lot of personal, special dates in this month. Who else loves October?

I think you’ll find this month’s energy update from Lee to go well with yesterday’s blog post. It’s always uncanny how we all collectively tap into themes.

Lee shares about this month’s “clearing phase for bringing in what you want, saying no to overload to align with higher and more magickal frequencies, explosive energy and surprises, and compassion beyond division.”

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