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Panda Play

I was so touched to read this sweet poem by my equally sweet friend, Brad, who is to me a tender spirit of love and creativity – who sees the miracle in nature’s reflections and values natural harmony. He’s a wonderful creative writer, poet, and has a lovely blog you may enjoy following. I’m grateful to have connected with him. This poem was inspired by my painting, Gem of the Emerald Forest, which is truly one of my favorites and is available in my shop to support rescue rabbits. As Brad shares, let us “remember to play and preserve the beauty of this emerald planet.” Thank you Brad! I’m with you!

writing to freedom

Panda Play

Gem of the Emerald Forest by Tania Marie


emerald forests

flowing with tasty bamboo

and pandas at play

full of boundless energy

spark childhood delight and joy


I’m grateful to Tania Marie (friend and fellow blogger) for letting me use this beautiful image as inspiration for writing a poem. Tania is a creative, sensitive soul who has deep relationships with nature and critters. You can visit more of her art and fanciful creations at her Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop.

I’ve loved pandas ever since my childhood. I had several panda stuffed animals as a child and was fortunate to see the first live pandas brought to the US as part of the cross-cultural exchange between China and the US. President Nixon formally welcomed giant pandas Ling-Ling (a female) and Hsing-Hsing (a male) to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo on April 16, 1972. I was captivated by…

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Monday Musings ~ The Writer’s Corner: The Great Conjunction


I thought this would be a perfect share for today’s Monday Musings – the story behind The Great Conjunction Magick Rabbit Keepsake Chest.

I just returned from farewells with this special creation, as she embarks on a new adventure to her beloved home.

I decided that each chest would have the beginning of a story included. I don’t usually like to share them, as I love to let them speak to the individual and see what it evokes. Yet, I had this feeling that a little beginning might spark imagination within the viewer to creatively embark on a further journey of cocreation and inner child wonder.

I shared The Enchanted Garden’s story yesterday and now I give you, The Great Conjunction.

Time accelerated and extended until the microcosm of experience dilated back into multi-dimensionality. A magick Rabbit appears within the abyss of consciousness, as if plucked from the very Moon that bore her. The Moon has always held the Rabbit’s image close upon her skin, keeping the Great Mystery safe until humanity was ready. The ancients have foretold of the Rabbit who would appear at the dawning of a New Age. All of the Cosmos stills in awaiting what Rabbit has come to share. Rabbit feels a pulse within that instinctively guides her. She leaps across the silky darkness, leaving silvery stardust in her wake and makes her way to Yaxche, the Cosmic Tree of Life as known by the Mayans, who lies center of the Cosmos. The reuniting of these two celestial giants causes a chasm within Rabbit’s heart. As Love beats rhythmically from within her chest, it expands outwardly and begins to awaken a long awaited event. Four shooting stars hurl across the Cosmos – two silvery aimed at Mother Moon, one golden at Rabbit, and an enormous one pulsing of silver and gold, gifted by the Central Sun himself, headed for Earth. Ten planets begin to journey into a new alignment amidst the stunning rapture that has been ignited. The Great Conjunction begins and something new stirs from within Earth’s core and inside of all consciousness beyond her. What happens next we have yet to see, as to see it, one must be it.


The Enchanted Garden


You experienced The Great Conjunction in our Ask Astrid Samhain experience blog and now we introduce The Enchanted Garden Magick Rabbit Keepsake Chest, just listed in our Etsy Shop this morning. It features a rabbit in a wisteria garden Otherworld.

The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

This is the second new Magick Rabbit Keepsake Chest I’ve made in the last three days but, is #3 in totality. The Great Conjunction and The White Rabbit Chests have been sold.

There is also a custom listing in the shop so that you can commission your own Magick Rabbit Keepsake Chest too. I have a limited number of these wooden chests available.

They are the perfect place to store special jewelry, crystals, hand written notes to yourself of nurturing and intentions, to keep keys easy to find, safe-keep special little mementos and treasures, are sweet gift boxes, and make wonderful Reiki boxes. The ways in which these can be used is only limited by your imagination. Some people use chests to store the ashes of beloved companions or other memories of their sweet babies.

They make great stocking stuffers and holiday gifts too.

A sweet gift for the rabbit lover, anyone who has rabbit as their animal spirit guide, loves animals, the Faery realm, and nature, wants to spread a message of compassion, or simply wants to experience more of the magickal energies embodied in each unique mini world.


Wonder and whimsy come to life in The Enchanted Garden.


You can almost hear the tinkling of distant faery bells, see the flicker of tiny lights emerge, and feel a tingling sensation down the back of your neck when peering into this magickal realm.


Enchanted wisteria surrounds the magickal rabbit in hints of eternal grace and love from the Great Orla – Tree Ancient of the Golden Mysteries.


Draped in beauty and sweet and musky fragrance, the garden comes to life and every brush of movement is another Fae’s presence made known.


Is this a warm summer’s eve encounter or has the rabbit stumbled upon a doorway to the Otherworld?


Vines twist and tighten around thoughts swirling in rabbit’s head and strengthen her reserve for the journey ahead.


Wisteria blossoms hang effortlessly from the vines, revealing the heart’s guidance is the way of ease and the promise of abundant enrichment.


Everything is blooming in creative delight, so exquisite it is impossible to resist the beckoning onward.


A single teardrop Amethyst Guardian keeps watch of the entrance to this portal, ensuring one is pure of heart before passing through. Her protection both safely enchants the gateway to ward off those not welcome, but also activates deeper awareness for the journeyer.


The Fae send an emissary. A silver-dusted ethereal butterfly appears before the magickal traveler, whispering secrets that only her beautiful, long ears are attuned to hear.

How the journey continues is up to you.

The rest of the story is yours to create and unlock for yourself…..

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Subtly Profound Shifts, Magickal Chests, Animal Equals, Doorways Upon Doorways & Grounding Visions

Hoppy 1st of November from Astrid and me. A new month begins and I’m wondering if others are feeling a subtle shift, as we are? The last two days something hit me, although I wouldn’t be able to put it into words to describe. It did, however, take both Astrid and I into a beautiful space of greater remembering and connection that led to more merging internally.

Some messages came through, including a vision and invitation, and this led to both creating this new piece you see, as well as our journeying together on yesterday’s Samhain.

I thought I would share some of what we experienced.


It’s called The Great Conjunction and is the newest Magick Rabbit Keepsake Chest. It was claimed by a very special soul before I even listed it in the shop, so I know without doubt it is going exactly where it is meant to be – I couldn’t be happier. I do have to admit though, it’s a tough one to part with.

It’s hard to capture the silver and gold metallic shimmer used, but it adds a magickal essence in person, as do the ten 3-D mini planets embedded on the chest that are each a genuine crystal and stone. Details include three shooting stars, a fourth larger one at back center, silvery moon, golden cosmic tree, and silvery white cosmic rabbit. You may have caught glimpse of other shapes emerging in the nebulae and Cosmos. It’s truly one of the most magickal potent creations I’ve made.

The energy goes along with a vision received two days ago and yesterday’s sacred journey I went on after creating it that was revealing and synchronous.

Right before all of this – creating the chest and tuning in – I had an incredible experience with four hawks that was so powerful for yesterday.

I was on my way out to do three errands and while driving to the first, suddenly a hawk appeared from my right flying so low, just feet above the ground and street. It came right across my windshield and just seconds behind, was a second hawk that did exactly the same. That was incredible itself, but it continued. Right after leaving my first errand, I got in my car getting ready to turn back on the same street and a third hawk did the very same thing. I thought wow, that’s really amazing. How often does that happen? Well, I guess for me that day it was four times, as when I left my second errand a fourth hawk did the exact thing again.

I’ve recently had this happen when driving down to Reno where one hawk had done the same thing. After crossing my windshield he made a huge circle that ended up crossing my path twice to do it again because I had gotten off of the freeway and had made a half circle turn that brought us back together again.

But four hawks?

It was a “pinch me” kind of experience and I knew it was my dear companions (Nestor, Joy, Cosmo and Gaia) sending me a little hello from beyond the veils. Hawks always show up for me from that in between world as sentinels, bringers of confirming messages, protection, support, and presence around me.

Later, after returning home, I was playing the song I shared with all of you yesterday quite a few times, as it felt in line with everything. And as usual, was singing along with it, which had Astrid sitting in a very deliberate, but softened state of engaged trance, as she communed in the energies swirling through. As this happened, a shadow flew by my office and then a raven appeared.

I went about channeling the vision into the piece above and then cleaned up and prepared for our next sacred experience.

This involved creating an intentional space for tuning in. It was not to be anything overdone. Simple, yet potent. It was so easy for me to know what we would use for this little ritual journey – so I trusted it was perfectly guided. Like with all things, I love Astrid to be able to be right by my side if she wants to, so I set things up on the floor next to her area although she was not there yet.

Then, of course, I Ask Astrid to join. 😉

I have a lot of little lights in the room and so I turned them all on, which included the rabbit wreath you see, a hanging Moon light I have, and rabbit lights. Before shutting the main lights I took a couple of quick photos.


The interesting thing is that right before this, our black male cat Boojum had been super noisy – howling and wanting attention by coming to my room. I wondered if he would interrupt this sacred time, but once I got everything set up he in fact did stop and never once made a peep or came in the entire time.

Once I’d set things in place, there was protection around it.

I won’t go into details, as it would be far too long, wild, and sound like someone on some kind of psychedelic trip from what I’ve heard people share, which I assure you I never have been on, never have done any kind of drugs, and nor do I even drink alcohol.

I did have a warm cup of new tea from my tea witch Pisces friend that is an amazing, cleansing herbal blend of aged 5 years Naked Pu’er tea.

I will share that as soon as I set up, Astrid took her place nestled to the left snuggled into her crystal friends awaiting us to begin.


Astrid at onset of our sacred journeying. You can see her ears back and she is very relaxed.

And I will share also that as soon as I sat down and began to tune in, she came right over to me and didn’t leave my side the entire time. She did nose and breathe into the sacred pieces I’d placed, but then came to my right and sat there as I stroked her softly with one hand, holding my special wand with the other.

The journey took me through the doorway between worlds, which is the invitation I had received the night before to accept.

I will also share that in fact it was not just one doorway, but many doorways within doorways that spanned realms and Cosmos, communing with many beings along the way including my essence, and provided me a key to return and how to find it always.

It was truly beautiful and subtly profound without the horns and whistles, yet made a lasting mark for me and us together – took our relationship to another level.

At one point Astrid went to my left where I had moved my tea cup and even sipped a tiny bit herself! And nearing the end she visited the center of our little altar, gave it one nibble as her way of closing things, and then went back to the left knowing things were complete. She eventually returned to her crystals, as you can see.



These photos are of Astrid after we concluded and cleaned up. Look at how high-vibed she is now, as she returns to crystal immersion.

She is always so in tune and shows me her wise self, but she was truly amazing this evening and it took our partnership to another level. Astrid is an incredible being I feel humbled to have with me and to be able to care for, so that she may thrive in her role she chose for this life.

While what I share may sound so “out there” and crazy even without the extra details, it was actually so grounded and tangible. Once again, demonstrating to me how we can merge these parts of ourselves and other realities without it being mind-blowing or altering. It speaks to how subtle does not mean less profound or powerful and that it is the softness of those whispers within and the brush of a brief vision that if trusted can make all the difference.

I am sharing this simply as my experience to perhaps open doorways for others not to be afraid to share theirs, or even to wander down new explorations within conscious reality that is available to everyone.

As Lee shares in the video below, it’s important to ground your vision because that internal rewiring aligns you with it, rather than experiencing a potentially chaotic leap.

Having done both, like Lee shares, it can indeed be exhilarating to ride the energy of a spontaneous leap, but these days we have the ability to create greater balance and aligned support so that we aren’t having to work so hard along the way, to reach the vision.

This is what I’m experiencing with my journey and the details along the way. I’m learning more and more to merge the parts of myself to create peaceful anchoring and substance to the visions I receive.

Just as I brought forth the Keepsake Chest from a vision I had, there is a way to bring through energy in a very tangible way.

And on a last note, don’t forget to turn back your clocks an hour this weekend. We may have less light, but the days and how much “time” I have always still feels extended to me during this cycle of the year. If more darkness affects you in ways that feel limiting, it’s a time to create your own light from the inside out and embrace what the darkness offers in journeying more with the emotional and subconscious worlds within your heart.

As Lee channels at the very end of this month’s energy update from a portion of his newly released cd – Journey into Your Heart – with Barry Goldstein, “The heart is the brain of the soul. It is what leads you here on Earth. So a life disconnected from heart energy, is a life half lived.”

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