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Farewell for Now

astrid.jpgIt’s always bitter sweet to be leaving on vacation, as the mix of excitement for the journey ahead merges with the sadness of leaving behind my best friend. Thankfully, Astrid and her sibling kitties Boojum and Sweet Pea have the best playmate and sitter one could ask for and thankfully she and I connect telepathically and in dreams. Still, it’s hard to say even a temporary farewell, especially when Astrid and I have been growing even closer these last few weeks through a lot of the changes we’re sharing.

Nonetheless, tomorrow is take-off day as we depart overseas for some international travel in Europe – the first time since Australia in 2017 that I leave the country with my newly renewed passport.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been in Europe – 12 years to be exact – but it’s been on our radar a lot lately and things lined up to make this trip happen.

Some other things have lined up to also alter a small portion of the trip, clearly aligning us with what’s for the highest good, as we had to change part of our plans at the last minute this morning due to things going on overseas. The Universe always has a very deliberate way of redirecting me, as energies shift. The same thing happened the last time we tried to leave for a trip at the start of this year. I always know that there are good reasons for the changes.

Anyway, I just wanted to send my warmest wishes to everyone and let my friends and readers know that I will be away from blogging while away. I’ll be returning to the states on the 17th, but then have some important things happening in the days upon coming home that may keep me from blogging for a while – perhaps not until the 20th or so. I will be on before Christmas though and especially before the New Year with announcements.

If you’re on Instagram or Facebook I may share some bits of our journey while I’m away on those platforms – although not sure how much I’ll be online or not since I’m not getting a phone plan and will only have wifi access mostly in the hotel.

So until then, lots of love. I know there are a lot of potent astrological transits this month, including a big Full Moon while I’m away. I wish you an illuminating couple of weeks and a transformational month!

Revisiting “Preparing the Way”

Some of you may not know I have a YouTube Channel although I haven’t posted any new videos for a few years. I started it while living in the RV to share inspired messages and sound channelings that came through along the journey. I first shared this video in June of 2016. It’s called, Preparing the Way and it has been in my heart a lot lately, as I reflect on the upcoming year.

It came through on a very sacred day of supporting and guiding a precious soul in my life into the afterlife on the first day of Summer after the Solstice Full Moon. I went for a walk as a way to center and balance and checked in on my friend’s dog since everyone had gone hiking while I stayed with my beloved. I was sitting in a waterfront cabin on Lake Hebgen in West Yellowstone, facing the water as this moved through me. It was also a nurturing way to bring peace and healing to myself during a challenging time. It is dedicated to Joy.

What flowed through I feel speaks to the transitional energy right now of one thing becoming something altogether new, and so I felt guided to post it in case it is supportive to someone, as it is for me then AND now. This is the reason for this surprise blog amidst a busy week.

I’ve been revisiting the channelings and find that they feel even more relevant now. Perhaps when we do things from our heart and essence it stamps that eternal timelessness on it.

I am also literally currently “preparing the way,” as I prep for leaving this Saturday on a meaningful trip. However, this speaks to much more than the travels ahead, but to the fullness of the journey awaiting then and beyond.

And speaking of “preparing the way.” Tomorrow will end our Magick Rabbit Mega Holiday Sale – it will go through midnight on the 5th of December.

It’s not just the last day of the sale, but the last day to get orders in before I leave on vacation to ensure your gifts arrive for Christmas.

A lot has moved on to loving homes, but we still have some sweet stocking stuffer ideas and unique items that are all handmade and start as low as only $16.96. We also have only 3 Magick Rabbit ornaments left that are $6.99 each if interested (they’re not in the shop). Everything is 10-50% off, which includes incredible deals on original art with 50% proceeds going to rescue rabbits.

Hop and shop here: The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop


December 2019 Energy Update with Lee Harris

I’m immersed in a busy week here preparing to leave on the 7th, but I took a break to listen to Lee’s Energy Update for the month and once again felt guided to share it here with my friends and readers, as I know many of you really get a lot from them.

In hearing from people, I think it will hit a chord for you. I know it chimes in with my feelings especially around 2020 having “strong energy,” as Lee says and perhaps really feeling to kick in gear more of your purpose if you’ve felt disconnected.

I love his description of “Hollow Energetics.” I’ve definitely felt this for nearly the whole of 2019. Although it looked like I was doing a lot, I have really been in that cocooning phase that feels to be the precursor to major transformation, as Lee describes it. I know others of you have expressed similar. I have felt it to mirror other times when huge change was about to happen in leaps and bounds.

I’m feeling into some things this week and while I’m away I will continue to let it ruminate, but when I return I’ll likely have some announcements to close out the year with.

I’ll likely also have at least one more blog before I go, but for now I wish you a peaceful first week of December.

Here’s Lee with the overview for the month.

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