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Journey of the Heart

The greatest explorer on this earth never takes voyages as long as those of the man who descends to the depth of his heart. ~Julien Green


“The greatest explorer on this earth never takes voyages as long as those of the man who descends to the depth of his heart.” ~Julien Green


Bimini 12/21/12 – A Journey of the Heart


Me supporting the moon in Bimini – taken by Brian

It seems very fitting that divine timing aligns this post with the last Full Moon of 2012 – a time to fully free yourself, trust and believe in the power of you, and allow more love to flow through you. As always, things unfold beautifully when we release expectations, attachments, and flow with the currents in and around us. This is one of the themes and messages received on our journey of the heart in Bimini.

I’ve been letting the energy from my recent experience sit with me for a few days since returning. Usually I will write my feelings and share experiences as soon as I return from a trip, but this one needed some time to settle while I awaited the sharings wanting to come through.


The ARC on the eve of our first sunset

For those just finding this blog, or if you didn’t know or want a recap, I was recently facilitating a retreat in Bimini, Bahamas at the ARC – The Atlantis Rejuvenation Center – from 12/16 – 12/22/12, as we worked with the energies leading up to and on 12/21/12. The focus of our journey was to anchor in the energies for the birthing of a New Earth and simultaneously, a new individual and collective reality.

This was intended to be a powerful time of cosmic heart activation and empowerment for all that joined, and indeed I can say, without a doubt, that all of this, and more, was accomplished.

The ARC group shot

Group shot of the 17 of us and our love mascot, Stitch – courtesy of Allison

Regardless of the time I’ve allowed for integrating of this energy to come through in expression, I still find myself at a loss for words to share the magnitude of what was experienced. So please bare with me as I do my best to explain my feelings and perspectives about our time shared as a collective soul in the Atlantean energy of Bimini.

In short, this is a story of love. A journey began of 17 individual hearts and souls, culminating to a pivotal juncture of powerful vulnerability and creative self-expression at its finest, and concluding as a Universal pod of harmonious synergy in the grace of “we.”

Jenn Pipp, one of the amazingly gifted and loving souls in our group, captured the essence of this in her brilliant poetic words, only surpassed by her powerfully moving deliverance to our group on the last shared evening. Please take a moment to read Jenn’s heart sharings entitled, my answer: we, here:

my answer: we.

sky web

The beautiful energies in a web surrounding the sun on our first boat trip out

The journey within transmuted into a divine reflection without, as each beautiful soul courageously emanated their essence in an illumination of co-created light. This merging of light became an expression of exquisite love, as the unique color of each soul blended into a beautiful masterpiece.

I will share some of the highlights of our journey (and moreso a summary of its essence), as they express through me, to help in conveying what I witnessed and felt experienced by our group and the meaning I feel it holds collectively. Likely, I will be sharing some individual highlights in future posts, as the photos from the group members start to come in.

For now, I have only my limited photos, and what I’ve received from my Joyful Earth Crystals partner, Allison Jacobson and Brian, to share, but I wanted to tell the story while it is fresh 🙂 Several of the group likely will also be sharing their stories and I will share those as they also come in.

I won’t be sharing every detail, but hopefully you’ll be able to feel the essence through what I do convey in a summary of words, photos and energy that paint a story – our story – and a piece of the collective’s story.


Jenny and me reunited and sporting our third eye temporary cosmic heart tattoo activators

To begin, this was a trip I feel that has been in the making all of my current life and beyond – one of my soul missions come full circle. Much that I have been energetically working on, with, and towards came to a head over this momentous week. It was a soul integration experience at a very deep level, of which I had been preparing for and receiving activations and downloads for, up until embarking on the trip. My work takes place both in tangible and intangible ways, as I am always subtly and energetically facilitating things behind the scenes.

For me, the major shifts needed had occurred prior to this journey, so that while on this journey I could fully and solely be there in service to the beautiful souls that joined and hold that anchored space for them. It also was a full circle completion of many things I had previously worked on in my past times in Atlantis, carried forth in the energy of the new and now. And I, along with everyone else, am still integrating all of the transformational energy and activations that have taken place.

This retreat and gathering was the official initiation and “christening” so to speak for The ARC and we can’t think of a better way to have kick started things. Our group was a reassembling of souls from our time in Atlantis, come together to help reactivate a new Earth reality for the collective along with all others who gathered at various spots across the globe. The love-infusion and activation of The ARC will prove to be an opening for many to journey to this power spot to continue to facilitate the raising of vibrations that will continue our 5th Dimensional evolution and beyond.

the dream boat

The Dream – courtesy of Brian

I am heart and soul grateful for Jenny Yemaya’s courage to hold fast to her vision and 14-year dream of The ARC (despite all obstacles and challenges), as if not for her, we would not have had the opportunity of this experience and others would not be able to receive the kind of healing love and empowering activations that The ARC makes available in this power spot on the global grid.

Jenny and her team – Amanda Russcol, Charlie Coglianese, and Philip Russell – are some of the most loving and giving souls whose hard work, belief, sweat, tears and love have made The ARC a reality for the collective to experience on their individual journeys of healing empowerment. Thank you to each of you from my heart to yours. You are loved and blessed in many ways – I love you each for the exquisite fragrances you uniquely add to the aromatic essence of life.

sitting room overlooking water

The ARC sitting room overlooking the water – courtesy of The ARC

Thank you Jenny for everything, including manifestation of The ARC, and for the unspoken things that go without saying. I honor, love, and respect you in every way and know that our connection is one that goes beyond a need to communicate, but right now it must be said that I see you and basically, you rock!

Jenny and me

Jenny and me on our 2009 trip – oh how we’ve changed!! We both had reflected on our reversing hair styles since this trip. Me now having the short hair and Jenny the long 🙂

As I’ve shared before, I met Jenny back in 2009 on my first trip to Bimini. We knew upon our first communicating and seeing photos of each other that there was a deep recognition and connection. We knew we had worked together in Atlantis in the healing temples with a common heart focus as Children of the Law of One. This was further revealed and reiterated upon our physically meeting on a trip Jenny was facilitating then. Amanda happened to also be the raw chef on this trip and the amazing Philip had flown in one evening during my week there. So I had the chance to physically connect with the three of them then. Little did we know what would culminate 3 and a half years later on 12/21/12.

I had always felt I would return and had always felt it would be somehow with Jenny. I just didn’t know when, as all things reveal in divine timing. So when she announced the birthing of The ARC and that facilitators were welcome, I instantly heard and answered the call. Originally we had planned an August trip, but as the Universe works its magickal ways, The ARC was still in renovation and we had to postpone the trip. It was then that Jenny offered me any dates, including 12/21/12. You can imagine, given Jenny and my connection, and what you may know of the work I do and am drawn to, and things I write about, that it was a no-brainer. 🙂

me at the bimini beach

Me on 12/21/12 reflecting over the water on our beach

A little of my history in summary: I’ve spent the good majority of this life on a spiritual path, coming in knowing my sense of mission and having a deep devotional service focus, regardless of whether I knew exactly how that might unfold specifically. I always never felt to be from here, but definitely of here and deeply heart-devoted as an Earth Keeper to help facilitate the raising of vibrations in the way I could, along with all other children of the Central Sun.

Like anyone, I went through my share of Earth-bound turbulence and heart and soul wrenching experiences, but each was a stepping stone to this integration life and to access the soul elements and unconditional love and compassion that would be needed. Responsibility, in one sense or another, has been something I’ve taken seriously all my life and have had to learn how to embrace the fears that come along with that. Fortunately, love can help see us through anything. Where there is fear, it is simply a longing to love. So the depth of love I felt for the Earth, all of her children, the collective and Cosmos, and very dear soul companions that found their supportive way to me, were the guiding forces to find the strength needed and to share that love within as well as without, in the darkest of hours and my times I easily could have slipped away.

me on the boat

Me at the front of the boat feeling the freedom of the wind and the water

Since young I have been traveling the world, moreso in the last 7 years, as part of my soul work to assist other light workers in preparing and supporting the Earth grids at the major power spots across the globe. Each of my journeys were always divinely guided and I would facilitate both personal and collective intensive healing work, much of which would also come through in the healing messages and energy of my paintings. Many times I would end up energetically co-faciliating on the group journeys I attended, as I had always felt I would facilitate more sacred journeys when the timing was aligned, as this was something that came heart and soul fully natural to me, which is to support others. I always had felt an importance to having visited areas before actually facilitating, so as to ensure I had integrated the energy and could fully just be there to assist others to do the same. I also had always received the message this was part of my work in this life to continue facilitating in one form or another.


Sunset energies appear on 12/21/12 on the beach at the north end near the vortex area

So yes, I felt always that on 12/21/12 I would be called somewhere to assist the harmonic convergence towards the creation of a New Earth and new reality for all those that were ready to walk through the energetic doorways. The Universe made it clear to me that my place this time would be in the Atlantean vortex energy of Bimini, which holds access to the most powerful transmutational energies to move forward from fears and grief into a new and freeing experience of empowered healing love and magick of clear intention.

I knew that everyone around the globe would be exactly where their soul intended, to support the shifts taking place over the course of these star gateways we’ve been moving through and indeed for 12/21/12. So many came together or worked in solo or small groups globally, gathering at places that called their hearts, including some of the other vortex areas and power spots on the Earth grid.

dinner at The ARC

One of our first dinners together at The ARC – courtesy of Allison

I also knew that the perfect group would manifest for this journey, as it did. It was all about belief and trust and surrendering to the Universe, while giving of my heart for the highest good, whatever that may be.

And each soul that did gather with us had journeyed long and far in their own personal experiences to be there at this time, bringing to the table a multitude of amazing gifts and uniqueness that were perfect ingredients to the recipe of this group’s energy and perfect representational ambassadors for the collective.

The colored pasts and all the obstacles and challenges each had faced, are part of their beauty and preciousness. Layers were shed in more ways than each person can imagine, revealing the authenticity and value of what each has to offer. Powerful transformations took place and shifts will continue to unfold in enormous ways for everyone from the experience we shared.

allison, me and amanda

Allison, Amanda and me on the boat at sunset

I can’t express how I feel about those that were able to and did honor the heart message within to join our group, as they are beautiful beyond words. I also know that many amazingly gorgeous souls were unable to join us that wanted to, and to each of you I thank you for the supportive love you sent and for your presence in heart, as it was felt and received. Thank you for anchoring in the loving energy from where you did end up and for the roles you embraced. I know that you all were perfectly supported on the journey most supportive for your own and the collective’s needs. Thank you. I know also that you will join at a future date and place, to help assist in the continued raising of vibrations, when the perfect alignments unfold.

The stunning souls that courageously embraced their own calling on this journey with us in Bimini, were no short than awe-inspiring to me and I feel humbled, honored, and heart and soul grateful to each and every one of them for showing up, revealing their vulnerabilities, and joining in co-creative partnership with me and the collective.

last photos allison

Saying goodbye last photos with Jenn, Chris, Jenny, Steve, Cassie, Allison and me – courtesy of Allison

It was humbling to us all to be able to hold the space and anchor in the energies at one of the most powerful energy vortex spots on the Earth grid – the Atlantix vortex area – on this auspicious date of 12/21/12. Working in union with all of the souls that gathered at each of the vortex areas across the globe, and that held the heart space from where ever they were called to be, was a truly “wow” moment for me and us.

I want to extend deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who connected collectively and shared your love and gifts with divine intention. Mission, as was perfectly aligned with the collective now readiness, accomplished.

Our journey was nothing like most of the group expected, and yet everything and more that they could have ever imagined desiring it to be. It was a divinely orchestrated soul symphony of perfection. And for me, I felt that everyone who joined was everything and more than I had intuited them to be and the more is what I desire that they all take away with them.

the group on the boat

The group on our first boat trip all together

We were a group of 17 souls – myself, Jenny, Amanda, Charlie and Philip of the ARC, and 12 others – many of who came from California on the opposite coast, interestingly. 10 of us met up in Fort Lauderdale on the morning of the 16th with 3 joining us later in the afternoon over at The ARC on Bimini.

New and old friends alike, it was a seamless reconnection of souls that had journeyed timelessly together over the course of Cosmic and Earth ages and will continue to do so long after.

checking out the Lemurian seed crystal

Cassie, Allison and me discovering all of the mysteries inside a Lemurian Seed Crystal on our crystal sharing night when several of us shared our crystals we brought so that everyone could receive their gifts

Our days were full – full of love and lots of other good Earthly and Cosmic stuff! – consisting of yoga or beach time, breakfast, sessions of Reiki teaching, attunements, breathwork meditation, and group healings, lunch, boat trips out with the dolphins, snorkeling, communing, and receiving downloads and integration, island time, gatherings for talks, sharing, tarot, crystals, reading, being, etc. before dinner, dinner, and more fun and connecting time. All of which was accompanied by the most amazing company, hosts, and energy, messages of wisdom and insightful revelations, sharing each other’s gifts, out of this world raw vegan healthy gourmet meals, supportive energy, new adventures and experiences, harnessing of individual power, hysterical laughs, musical celebrations, games, sharing, tears, joy, fun, light and LOVE!

laughter at the ARC

One of our after meal conversations filled with laughter

We were open to where the journey would lead and flowed with what the Universe had in store. We received surprises around each corner and changes with plans that all revealed in perfection because we so willingly embraced what was in the highest good. How amazing it was to be with such a giving, open, and accepting group that honored each other in every way, respected individual thoughts and desires, and found the light and joy in everything that unfolded. Nothing to fear, nothing to hide, no drama…just pure unconditional love.


First day 12/16/12 arriving on the water taxi – we are all so excited!

Upon arriving the first day everyone was just beaming. It was so beautiful to see The ARC for the first time, having heard and known about all the work that had gone into its birthing and the profound shifts it had gone through in receiving a complete make over from its original decrepit state. What a transformation! And so emanating of the love from the hands who helped mold it into creation.

Everyone could feel the powerful energy of Bimini and its surrounding waters from the moment of arrival, as this area is one of the most prominent vortexes on the Earth grid. Some sensitives were already feeling the energy shifts upon first arrival into Fort Lauderdale even, and continued to experience both subtle and dramatic energies as the week unfolded.


Me at The ARC on the dock before heading out on our first boat trip and dolphin swim

For myself, the months leading up to this journey seemed to be my preparation, including my recent trip to Grenada. I was immersed in work, energetic downloads, and shifts during this time. Up until the moment of arriving, I had been pretty energetically drained from so much all at once, and didn’t know how I would get through the week, but my heart guided me on. And once I arrived on the island I forgot being tired. In fact, I wasn’t, despite getting only 2-3 hours sleep most nights while there. I just kept feeling so much energy and vibrancy that would keep me up most of the night and then deeply sleep for a couple of hours. So much so that my room companions heard much going on from my side of the room during those deep sleeps. 🙂 I was definitely journeying and working night and day, as I gathered we all were. It wasn’t until end of the week that I had a day of being more within and in a needed restful state, but it seemed to be more connected to a place of being able to just be and allow all that had taken place to fully integrate.

My energy continues high-vibed and it feels that I’ve tapped into that endless energy source that is available when you access your heart source. I know several others are experiencing similar upon their return.


Atlantic spotted dolphins greeting us on our first day and swim

And much love and heart sourcing was had on this trip, both in giving and receiving. We were gifted the first day with a remarkable appearance of the beautiful Atlantic spotted dolphins just outside the harbor. The outlying waters of Bimini are home to the Atlantic spotted dolphins and the bottlenose dolphins, of which we were honored to connect with both on this trip. Apparently finding the dolphins in this area that we did is a very fortuitous and rare place to find them, but we instantly knew they had been anxiously awaiting our visit and came to honor and greet us with their loving joy.


Atlantic spotted dolphin friend

This first group was a pod of 13 and they stayed with us for an extended time – enough for three groups to get in the water and play. And play we did. They were so engaging and happy, circling around us, diving down with those in the group who would descend with them and clicking their beautiful whistle-like sound resonance with exuberance as they communicated.


Atlantic spotted dolphins we swam with

To say we were grateful for this communing they willingly engaged in, is an understatement. We felt honored and I was so pleased that they had greeted the group with a bang from the start. One of the memorable and touching moments I remember from this, aside from it being many people’s first time swimming with the wild dolphins and seeing everyone just light up from the experience, was hearing from one of the group, Steve Smith of Ahimsa Life Coaching, whose life long dream was to swim with the dolphins, emerging from the water with such a beaming child-like glow on his face and saying it was so beautiful and amazing he wanted to cry.

Little did we know this would be the only time we would swim with them on this journey, as everything is subject to flowing with the natural currents of life and the bigger Universal picture.

dolphin cloud

Dolphin cloud in the spectacular first sunset caught by Allison when she, Jenn and Chris were at the beach upon their arrival

At first we had been saddened that the 3 who joined us later had not been party to this experience, but we later came to learn that the 3 were the only ones in the group who had swam with dolphins in Hawaii very recently. It felt to be that everyone was given the experience most perfectly aligned and needed and that the work with the dolphins comes in cosmic ways that unfolds beyond logic. This seemed to be one of the themes that was the underlying current for the group – that of perfection in all that is and in releasing expectations so that we could accept the beauty of more than what those attachments limit us to receive.

We each had all been given our needed experiences in the water with the dolphins that had prepared us energetically for this trip and the work that lied ahead.


First amazing sunset – courtesy of Allison

When we all were united that evening, upon our return, we were all greeted again by the most spectacular sunset of the week, on this first day. Gorgeousness it was! And we found that the 3 that had arrived later had enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach and had received their own bliss. They had not only shared the beautiful sunset, but had received their own dolphin greeting with an amazing dolphin cloud message in the sky. We were a cohesive group connected from start to finish and still remain as so.

my painting at The ARC

Me with my painting, As Above, So Below, that now resides in the front sitting room of The ARC overlooking the Bimini waters

Another gift for me was in experiencing my artwork at The ARC. It was so wonderful to see my painting, As Above, So Below (which has its own unique story of how it came to be here and the energy behind it), hanging in the sitting room alongside artist, Greg Taylor’s work. It added to the energy of our experience and times we spent in conversations and playing games in this room overlooking the beautiful aqua waters before and after meals and activities. It is so amazing to see how the painting shifts in color and light in this beautiful space. I felt much gratitude and honor to have my art in this loving energy and to share it with everyone there in our communal space for the week.

Our first evening all together – the 17 of us – was beautifully shared over dinner and conversation, with more connecting afterwards. It was also our first group sharing on how we all came to be on this journey and where we came from to get here. From the start the space was safe and loving and so many a tear was shed and laughter had by all. For me, this was truly another very memorable moment to hear everyone’s unique stories and to receive the beautiful words and gratitude shared that touched my heart deeply to hear.

initiation attunements reiki 1

Me giving 12 Reiki 1 initiation attunements beside the beautiful energy of the water- what a gift to give and receive

For me, the gift in all of this was to see the amazing transformations that each person went through and to be witness to their authenticity and power revealing itself. It was like watching butterflies emerge from their cocoons in magnificent ways. And to be able to support each soul into empowerment on this journey and to be of service in any way I could that would help that loving process was my joyful role I embraced fully. So it was times like these when I would receive the magnitude of energy behind what this trip meant for each person and to be humbled by the beautiful words shared on my behalf, that was more gift than a person could want in a life time.

A perfect first day indeed.

temporary tattoo

Yvonne sporting her temporary tattoo on her wrist – courtesy of Yvonne

After our first dinner I gifted everyone the first two of four gifts I had intended to give. Each person received a personally programmed and intuitively chosen Atlantean energy Amazonite stone and a small print of my painting, Visions of Atlantis. I wanted everyone to have the stones for the week to be able to work with and to absorb the energies of Bimini to take home with them. And the print captures the energy of the dolphins, beautiful Bimini waters and the Atlantis vortex, so that each person could take a piece of the magickal energy with them as visual remembrance to meditate with and journey within when they needed.

temporary tattoo

Kate’s temporary tattoo on her hand – hers lasted forever, as she still was sporting it on her holiday time with family after our retreat – courtesy of Kate

me with multiplying tattoos

Me with my multiplying temporary cosmic heart activator tattoos in front of my painting

Later I supported everyone with Reiki healing attunements for whatever intents they had and also gave everyone an Emerald Bridge temporary tattoo to wear on the trip – this design represents the Heart Chakra energy that is the foundation and core of everything that guides me and what I feel is the most important energy there is – a way to help activate the Cosmic Heart!

It was a joy to see the smiles these gifts brought and so fun to see all of us wearing our temporary tattoos. Jenny, Jenn, and I sported ours on our third eye. (later I added them to the palms of my hands – a place I always wanted to maybe one day tattoo). Some placed them on wrists and hands, while others directly on their Heart Chakras. Fun and power in one!

amanda and charlie

Amanda and Charlie chef extraordinaires prepping my favorite meal of the week – raw vegan mock tuna!!! mmmmm – courtesy of Allison

The days that followed were each uniquely much the same and grew in magnitude as layers of the onions were peeled more and more and new and stronger foundations were built in place of them to grow upon. And all of this was fueled not just by everyone’s energy and uniqueness they brought to the table, or the amazing supportive energy that was all around us constantly and consistently from the other worlds, but literally was fueled by the amazingly exquisite love and vibrant healthiness that was infused into each and every savory raw vegan work-of-art meal that Amanda – chef extraordinaire (also known as Fig Leaf Betty), with the help of  Charlie – sharing the chef genius hat, prepared for us.

Thank you dearly for supporting our bodies along with our hearts, minds and souls, Amanda and Charlie! It is sooo important to nourish and nurture our physical beingness, as it is the precious vehicle that carries us through life and makes all that we work towards possible. You are valued greatly and thank you for valuing each of us!

The multi-talented Amanda also gifted us with her gentle and loving yoga teaching and powerful sound healing. She assisted me with my first headstand – yay!!! – showing me how simple it could be, as she has a knack for helping to bring that out in you, and a wonderful partner class that was powerfully connective and great to attend after having been away from yoga for months since I had broken my foot twice this year.

sound healing

Sound healing session as we all prepared. Take a look at the circular orb above Brian’s head – courtesy of Allison

I know everyone was loving Amanda’s yoga classes that catered to the needs and desires of everyone there, of which I unfortunately missed many of due to preparation for my Reiki classes. But thank you for providing this way to physically integrate the energy from our journey.

And thank you, also, Amanda for our special sound healing evening on the 20th that you facilitated, in preparation for the 21st. It was a true gift for all of us, gifted to all of us by Allison and her husband Chris. Amanda did an hour long sound healing for the entire group, along with individual sound healing sessions, late after dinner and pre to 12/21/12 ringing in at midnight. Thank you dearly to all three of you for making this opportunity available to everyone and really adding another layer to the powerfully transformative integration of new.


Philip, The ARC’s resident shaman sage – courtesy of Allison

Did I mention that the group consisted of AMAZING souls?! Well, I’m going to mention it again anyway. 🙂 Every day was infused with joy because of those that brought their own joy to the table through their loving and open hearts. We had a midst us the honor of being graced by Shamans, Reiki Master Teachers, Wise Sages, Medicine Men and Women, Seers, Healers, Artists, Musicians, Writers, Visionaries, Faeries, Elves, Shape Shifters, Magicians, Alchemists, Yogis and Yoginis, Animal Communicators, Telepathists, Teachers, Life and Nutrition Coaches, High Priests and Priestesses, Goddesses and Gods alike …. and then some!

In essence, leaders and ambassadors, each in their own right. (At least that is what I saw, including and beyond what may not have been so obvious to each) 😉 All in good timing, things unfold.

reiki teaching

Our first Reiki 1 class at The ARC in the yoga room

And each day, more of these gifts revealed themselves as we embarked on the energy presented to us each moment. Our first day was celebrated with our reconnection, in this life, and then unraveled into deepening the meaning of those connections further. Our Reiki teaching and sessions began on day 2 and continued for the next three days, which was a very beautiful experience to support and see the sparks in each person’s eyes light up with the anticipation and excitement of what this experience would bring to their life and the lives of all those they would touch.

Reiki teaching

Day one of Reiki 1 with the group

practicing reiki

Day 2 of Reiki 1 – Giving and receiving Reiki for the first time

Our teaching sessions, led by myself, were before lunch and took us through both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 training. We got time not only to practice during class, but then were able to share in a huge group healing session we did on 12/21/12. The entire group did about a 15 minute hands-on healing for each person, all together at once, over our crystal grids a few of us created the night before for our sound healing session.

group healing

Giving our first group healing to Brian over the crystal grids

It was so amazing to me to be on a journey where every single person (all 17) had been trained to some level of Reiki – at least Reiki 2, which is what I was assisting on this retreat, but we also had several Reiki Master Teachers present as well. I was honored to be able to provide initiation attunements to 12 of the 17 and to offer healing attunements, as one of my gifts, to those that had come all this way to journey with us.

What a powerful experience to be in the energy of the Atlantean vortex, the dolphins, 12/21/12, all of the gifted souls, and to be able to give and receive Reiki. I felt the Reiki training and initiations would also be supportive in sending out energy globally, with our learning the Distant Healing Symbol, which is why I felt it important to get through to Level 2 on this retreat and felt it important as a tool to take home to continue to administer healing support in service ways. (This has presented itself already, as one of our members currently has an outpatient surgery we are all supporting right now, which is a beautiful thing to be able to do as a group regardless of where we are.)

group healing

Reiki group healing with Jenn drumming

Being that this trip felt to be an initiation of sorts for the new, not only the Earth was evolving into, but that each of these individuals was stepping into in their lives, this seemed fitting to offer such a sacred process to everyone. It also seemed perfect in assisting each to feel more empowered in their healing support towards everything we put intentions towards. Just beyond words, wow!

I am grateful to have been able to provide this gift to others at this important time and grateful for my Reiki Master Teacher and precious soul sister, Laura Bruno, for believing in me and for agreeing to show up at the perfect timing in both of our lives.

For me, empowering others is the greatest gift of love I receive. It is my soul mission and heart commitment.

golf carts in bimini

Chris, Amanda, me and the gang heading to the boat on the golf carts – Allison and I were taking photos of each of our carts at the same time which is why you see my camera in hand – courtesy of Allison

After our lunches, we would get ourselves ocean-ready and together, load up the two golf carts, and make our way to our boat for the week, where we were in good hands with Captain Al. Al knew just where to journey in order to find our dolphin brothers and sisters, knowing the waters and their realm very intimately.


Our boat for the week

Of our five boat days, we had the one amazing swim with the dolphins and then two other days of finding and communing with them from the boat, or in at least one of those cases, I’d say our dolphin friend came to find us! Regardless of whether or not you actually swim with the dolphins, which always varies depending on their desires that we honor, as well as how things align cosmically, you always feel their energy, can receive their messages, and take part in sacred communing with them. Powerful in every way, no matter which way!


Mysterious face profile appears in the water with the messenger dolphin

In the one case, we as a group had received both through our animal communicator on board and some of our intuitive receiving, that the dolphins were very busy preparing for 12/21/12, as well as working hard alongside the work we were doing to assist with things globally. A dolphin messenger was sent out to us to acknowledge and share their gratitude and assure us they were sending their love and energy and were honored to be working with us. This dolphin seemed to search us out and kept coming at our boat and playing with us, as it communicated.

It was this day that several things happened while connecting with the dolphin. Strange things simultaneously took place, including all but 2 of my photos of the dolphin disappearing (one of which was an image of a feminine face profile with markings that showed up out in the waters with the dolphin ), another person’s camera falling into the ocean with all her photos of this dolphin gone (who knows what they would have revealed), and another person’s photos showing lovely aura glows around some of our feet facing the water and dolphin. This appearance in the water with the one dolphin that came to message us we felt to be the manifestation of the Goddess of the Ocean and some wondered if it was one of our Cosmic Beings showing up. In either case, definitely an extraordinary manifestation, of which weren’t in scarcity.


Energy grid that appeared in the sky that Allison caught on film one evening, which was taken during my giving healing attunements to four of the group members

We consistently kept getting amazing things showing up on all of our photos that mirrored what was taking place in the parallel dimensions not seen always by the naked eye. Some of which I’m sharing in this blog, of the most incredible ones caught by myself and Allison. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the group’s photos though, to see what else was captured that we hadn’t seen. These felt to us to be confirmations of what was going on on deep levels, in acknowledgment of the work we were doing and what was taking place globally, as well as cosmically at this potent time period.

These images captured in photos reiterated what many of us felt and was a way to share it with the world, as we know that mere sharing isn’t always accepted in belief. So a little manifestation that can’t so easily be dismissed, was a good call on our etheric and cosmic friends part. 🙂

Needless to say, our time around the dolphins was magickal in every way, as it always is. Our cetacean friends embody an essence of, and beyond, this Earthly experience and to connect with them is a precious gift.

bimini road

The Bimini Road – courtesy of Allison’s amazing underwater camera

The other two days of boat time we had amazing snorkeling swims over the Atlantis Stones of The Bimini Road and at The Three Sisters Rocks.

Our days spent snorkeling and just taking in the energy of the Bimini aqua waters was fantastic as well. Hours spent on the water were great times for our group to rest, share, integrate, heal, and receive activations from the vortex energy that surrounds and embodies this entire region, and from beyond. We came upon stingrays and a multitude of colorful tropical fish, as well as flying fish, sea turtle, and received a greeting from a Nurse shark, which I discovered at The Three Sisters Rocks when myself and joyous Melissa decided to go counter-clockwise to the group.

nurse shark

Nurse shark friend – courtesy of Allison

We stayed with the shark until the rest of the group arrived, as we were so excited for everyone to also connect with this amazing being. Allison got a good shot of it for us with her awesome underwater camera, which is where the underwater photos you see of the ocean creatures (both human and not) and Bimini Road come from.


Allison and me (left to right) dive snorkeling over the Atlantis Stones of The Bimini Road with small purple orbs and some larger faint ones caught on camera in the water around us – courtesy of Chris

Thank you to Allison for capturing these and many of the great story-telling photos on our journey.

Although we enjoyed healthy fruit snacks on the boat (that followed amazing breakfasts and lunches), by the end of the day you can imagine we were all looking forward to returning home after fulfilling experiences, to be surprised by and take in yet another of Amanda’s amazing creations of the day, concluded by fabulous desserts that mirrored the deliciousness of her dinners. Disappointment did not have a welcome mat on this trip.


Fish at The Three Sisters Rock snorkeling – courtesy of Allison

One of the nights, about mid-week we played a very special game called The Compliment Game, which had been created on an intimate gathering at The ARC held in September by the group then that Jenny had with her. Jenny shared this game with the 17 of us on this trip and we had a blast. It’s a very positive and fun game that keeps your brain working, your heart open, and the positive energy and love a-flowin’! We all very much enjoyed it and were grateful to Chris for his keeping records throughout the game to assist! A few of our group took this game to their family over the holidays with very positive and fun results. It’s definitely destined to be a hit! And until then, if you visit The ARC you’ll be sure to get a chance to play it.


Our evening at The ARC – Yvonne, Kate and Jenn – courtesy of The ARC

Once we concluded our Reiki training, our last days were filled with meditations, group healings, fun, and a powerful breathwork meditation, facilitated by Jenny – The Quantum Light Breath – a transformational breathing process with Jeru Kabbal – which you can order online. We worked with The Original Version CD. The link here is one I found where this version is available. There may be more.

preparing grid for sound healing

Jenn and me preparing the crystal grids for our sound healing group session – courtesy of Allison

This was a very powerfully transformative experience we all did as a group. The meditation lasts an hour, which when done as a group is done blind folded in order to allow each person the sacred, safe and private space to fully experience and flow with what comes up during the breath work journey within. This took place on the 20th, day before 12/21 and was profound for everyone. This was the third time I had experienced this meditation (the first 2 times were on my last Bimini trip with Jenny) and each time has always been deeply moving and allowing of shifts to take place. The more you can embrace the journey, the more transformative it can be.


One of our crystal grids we created

For myself, being quite visual and feeling, I received beautiful visions that were moving and confirming. I also went through a release of tears of exquisite joy, acknowledgement,  cleansing and love. It took me on what was first a more organic and physical journey, then journeying into the emotions, and then going into the beyond and etheric realms. It is here in the Cosmos that I was greeted by a council of Cosmic beings that felt to be ambassadors of the council. I was traveling through doorway after doorway and flying through the beautiful Cosmos. I kept seeing many different forms of Extraterrestrial and Ascended Masters, that felt to be of high rankings and from all over the Universe. I could have stayed there and in some ways was at point of floating away. And kept seeing a close up of a large eye that was dark with golden highlights. Very large and beautiful, looking at and through me, feeling to be a Universal Consciousness. It came to me in message that they had all come to honor the work accomplished, a mission complete, and were paying respects. I can’t really go into it further than this, but it was most humbling, beautiful and full of tremendous love. I remember that when the first doorway appeared that I traveled through, it was just seconds before Jeru was speaking of a doorway to walk through. 🙂 Everyone had different and powerful experiences, of which some shared and it was yet another way we went deeper into our group connecting and global work – as when one heals or shifts, it affects the whole like the ripples of water.


Me returning from my solo walk down the beach to receive messages after midnight as 12/21/12 rolled in – courtesy of Allison

This evening was also the group sound healing and then afterward, 6 of us ventured to our beach across the way, which holds powerful Holy Grail and Chalice energy. We felt we had all our lives to sleep, so it was important we take advantage of tuning in to the energies of 12/21/12, as it was just rolling in. We actually got to the beach just after 12:21 midnight on the 21st and stayed there until 1:30am in silent receiving and giving.

It is here that I received a message channeled from beyond. It seemed not only in answer to many of the things we had discussed, but held the simplistic code for life. Yes the keys and answers truly are the complex made simple.

The message is:

Seek not what is in your heart, for all things will reveal when you come to know the kingdom within.

Another interesting and unexpected unfolding that took place, was the quick approach of an oncoming cold front that altered how our 12/21/12 was spent.

Captain Al had received warning that the cold front was approaching, which would render our going out on the water impossible and treacherous at the least. This put a monkey wrench in our plans, but we soon realized that all was in divine order.

sunrise solstice

Just coming out of our group Winter Solstice 12/21/12 sunrise meditation – courtesy of Allison

Our original plan was that half of our group would venture to the land vortex while the other half would venture to the water vortex (a two hour boat ride each way from the island by small and speedier boat). Al said that chances were extremely slim, but he’d let us know by that evening. We received the word of a no-go, but by then we had all embraced this change. Some of us had tuned in to receive the messages of this sudden shift, from calm and beautiful waters and sunny warm days, to what by the next day by the looks of how we all bundled up and dressed, was like a huge winter storm was in our midst. We were quite the sight on a tropical island all bundled in our winter gear!

Jenny shared that she hasn’t been able to get back to the vortex more than the first time she went over 14 years ago. The energy there is so powerful that it can only be accessed at very aligned times or else everything will get in the way of it being possible. It either opens or it stays closed.


Sunrise 12/21/12 Winter Solstice

What a couple of us received was that this sudden overnight change was a collective reflection and Universally supportive shift. The energy that this vortex opens and makes available, had to be protected at this time, as the collective was not quite yet ready to receive these powerful energies. Nothing we do is a personal process alone. Everything is connected and we have to work for the collective highest good and bigger picture. Divine timing is crucial and at times like these where something much bigger than perhaps many can even imagine, is taking place, there is no room for error. We have learned from the past and mistakes made in Atlantis, not to repeat this again. And the energy of recent, collectively, was not as ideally aligned in an empowered place to benefit from, rather than have margin for error and abuse by the opening of this powerful energy. So we will continue to support the shifts into higher vibrations so as to fully benefit from the energies in a most productive, higher good way. That is about all I can get into, but this message I had received was confirmed when I returned, through a channeling I was gifted and by a couple of people’s energetic confirmations that I was communicating this with on our trip when we got the news.


12/21/12 sunset energies

Needless to say, we still engaged in a very powerful 12/21/12 together. So rather than us anchoring in water and land, we all stayed on land and connected with the vortex energy that is present and experienced on the island itself, since it is in the grid line of the vortex and the energy is an extension of it. No matter where you are, this powerful energy can be felt on the island of Bimini and activations are received. And receive and send out we did, from this power spot during the entire week, and on 12/21/12. Our photos kept reminding us directly of the work done, downloads received, support around us, and the presence of powerful energies.


12/21/12 sunset energies over the water


12/21/12 sunset – Jenn and I create a faery portal as some orb energies star to emerge in the sky above/around us

Despite some of us getting to bed late due to our beach meditative time as 12/21 rolled in, we all woke at the crack of dawn for a powerful Winter Solstice sunrise meditation led by Amanda on the morning of 12/21/12. We lined all of our chairs at the front of The ARC looking out across the water where the sun rises. Then we drew in and anchored down and through our hearts connecting through to the Sun, Earth, Cosmos, within and without, as we spread healing energy and love globally. Another beautiful and awe-inspiring moment.

The rest of the day we engaged in the group Reiki healings on each individual – half done in the day time and the remainder in the evening after dinner – and enjoyed some play time. We did have to see one of our new family members off on this day – Steve – whom I mentioned earlier with the beautiful dolphin experience he had. We were all sad to have him go, but he needed to get to his family for celebrations. We were grateful for his presence, and how far he had come to be with us, and that we got to share the morning Solstice meditation with him.


Steve and me before he departed

So we all loaded up on the golf carts and saw him off with great sadness, yet also joy for we know we will all reunite and are grateful for the beautiful connections and new pod formed. Then the rest of us had a play day! Well deserved and very fitting after quite an intensive week and in honor of everything we had done to prepare for this trip and this day in general.


The storm arrives with crazy waves and wind – photo at the beach near The Dolphin House

We explored a couple of local shops (I was so touched by 3 of our group surprising me with a beautiful butterfly conch shell sculpture as a Christmas gift – thank you again Brian, Allison and Chris!), visited The Dolphin House (built by local author/historian, Ashley Saunders in Alicetown all made of tile mosaics and is the most unique and artistic structure on Bimini), walked the beach (where the huge storm waves were rolling in layer after treacherous layer – yes, Al was right not to venture in the waters!), searched for conch shells on the beach at the North end of the island of the land vortex area, and then a musical celebration at dinner performed by US!


Everyone getting their crowns on and their party favor whistles and jokes out, as the party begins! – Melissa, Don, Brian, Philip, Cassie, Steve

Yes, we had a whistle fest playing Christmas carols and Happy Birthday on our whistles from our Christmas crackers that Jenny had gotten us. What a celebration and hilarious fun we had – gold crowns on each of our heads and all! We even prepared our Happy Birthday whistle song for one of our lovely group members, Kate, who had taken some time for herself, since this day – 12/21/12 – was her birthday! (We actually celebrated two birthdays during this week – Kate’s and Melissa’s. Melissa’s was the 15th and the start of our week and Kate’s ended the week) So the night of 12/21/12, amidst hysteria, we got ready to surprise her at breakfast the next morning with our whistle serenade! Yes, we did video/record it. It hasn’t surfaced yet though to share!

philip with tree

Philip with his Christmas tree creation

We were also blessed by our very own Bimini-chic Christmas tree, compliments of Jenny and Philip. Jenny had the vision and laid out the instructions and Philip implemented and perfectly created the manifestation of her vision. So we got the chance to enjoy a little pre-holiday celebration before hitting the holidays back home. And what a gorgeous little tree it was all decorated in white lights, beaded seahorses and sparkly puffer fish that danced in the wind. I enjoyed helping Jenny decorate with the beautiful ornaments she had picked up before heading over to Bimini and then later in the week we each added our personal ornaments – a shell we found on the beach that we wanted to represent us, with an intention we placed inside of it written on paper to send out to the Universe, then placed on the tree. Jenn even got the idea for us to decorate one special large conch with our personal symbols on it in gold marker, and so we did and that also went with the tree. A very special Christmas that will remain in our hearts, as will the entire experience, and each other.


My blue and pink love thread

On our last evening Jenn also read us the poem I began this post with, my answer: we, which moved us all to tears and then gifted us a long rainbow thread we stringed around the table, held by each of us. She had us cut between each person and then we each were left with about a foot long thread of unique color – perfectly mirroring our essence synchronously – that we then had tied around our wrists to connect us in this circle of love always. We then had each person tie a knot in the strings that hung from them so as to bind a piece of our hearts together. Jenn was always full of meaningful and powerful Shaman rituals and ideas.

Yes, many priceless moments and gifts of heart received on this journey. More than can possibly be expressed here.


Last breakfast with the group before parting – all wearing our crowns from our Birthday whistle serenade to Kate

When the rest of our group parted ways on 12/22, it was a bitter sweet closure to a perfect week that was written in the stars. So much growth, love, empowerment and transformation was experienced, and this will continue to integrate and unfold as each individual of the group settles into life back home and embarks on a new journey and reality imbued with the energy received.

It definitely is a soul shock to enter back into “civilization” as we know it when you leave an experience and place of timelessness like this, much like leaving one dimensional realm and world reality to enter into another. So the transition is one to gently honor and nurture so as to integrate back into balance.


The group watching the sunset together on the boat

Sacred journeys like this are powerful evolutionary experiences uniquely relative to the individuals and group that come together. The potent energy of a sacred area, coupled with intention, support, and open hearts, can have profound effects on your life and in direct reflection, on the collective since everything is connected.

So much takes place on deep and etheric levels that aren’t fully comprehended by the mind, nor do they have to be. Yet, the proof is in the pudding (LOL! – side joke for the group), as they say. You won’t fully grasp the magnitude of growth received, as in many ways the shifts seem subtle (as is the new way to move through things more easily now) and you come to realize how you’ve surpassed huge obstacles so gracefully, simply resulting in you just living it. This makes it challenging to even see how far you’ve come since it all takes place so much more naturally. Yet, if you stop for a moment and review your life, even just weeks or months earlier, you’ll find much to honor in yourself for how much you have grown and changed.


Brian at sunrise

As a facilitator, it is easier for me to observe the transformational shifts that take place, as my focus is on subtly supporting this process energetically and otherwise. It is amazing to experience the emergence of butterflies at all different stages of birthing.

There is also always a sense of family that is created on these journeys, or a realization of how so not alone you are in your experiences, as you come to hear others stories mirroring your own. These gatherings always bring the perfect synergy that is a synchronous reflection of your needs.


Don reading before dinner – he would always share great insights from the plethora of wisdom he has

And of course there is the opportunity to stretch yourself beyond the limitations you thought you had and to adventure out into new and enlivening experiences into the manifestation of your visions you had only until now just dreamed.


Beautiful starfish in the aqua and energy infused waters

Mirroring the beauty that each person brought to the experience and further blossomed into by end of the journey, was the magickal and exquisite beauty of everything around us – the crystal clear, warm aqua waters, the private pixie dusted sand beaches (a rock and shell collector’s dream), stunning ocean beings that dance through the waters (tropical fish, sting rays, sea turtles and of course our masterful dolphin friends), awe-inspiring sunsets and sunrises that are an ethereal display suited for the Gods and Goddesses, crystal clear starry and moon filled nights that beckon you into the Cosmos and help you realize your roots and balance with Earth, and gently powerful energy that consumes you nurturingly like a swaddled baby and helps you realize there is no limit to who you are and what you can do.


An angelic and cosmic gateway (view from The ARC) the morning of our departure on 12/22/12 after a powerfully transformative week spent in the Atlantean energies of Bimini with amazing souls. This photo captures the essence of the beauty that resounded within and without and captured rainbow hexagon orbs and more surrounding the Sun. Many were present to assist the activations for the rebirthing ♥

This could be the neverending story, but at least for sake of this post and for not drawing things out more than I already have, I will put closure to this memorandum. The experience will remain in our hearts eternally and the energy each brought back will continue to touch all those we come in contact with in beautifully emanating ways, as love is the most infectious energy you can share.

To all who were part of this journey, I wish you continuation of the love and empowerment you feel and look forward to hearing about how your life and endeavors unfold. Deepest gratitude, honor, respect and love to each of you for your courage and beauty.

And to all who may one day join on future journeys, I look forward to experiencing the beauty you bring forth and to witness the unfolding of wings, as the flight of butterflies continues. More sacred retreat and workshop announcements to come.

Where ever you go, there you will be. The journey of the heart always leads back to you.

In Love and Magick,


I hope you enjoy this collage of memorable photos from the trip. Remember to click on all of the photos in this post to enlarge for detail. Photos by me, Allison, and a couple by Brian and The ARC.

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Whimsical Wednesdays ~ The Artist’s Corner: My Artistic Journey Creating from the Heart

tahoe tania

Today I thought I’d answer one of the questions I get asked a lot about my artistic journey. When did you start painting and what kind of training did you have? 

It seems to me that we’re programmed to think that in order to be able to do something we must have gone through a certain kind of rigorous training and so we automatically ask these kinds of questions, as we relate seeing gifts in someone to a curriculum of schooling.

While this may be some peoples’ journeys, it isn’t everyone’s.

There are many people whose training has come “built-in” from their soul history.

There are some people who aren’t born with a filter and so they just “go for it” with expressing themselves and the creative energy that moves through them.

There are people who cultivate a passion they feel.

And there are people who are drawn to training more studiously because that feels right to them, they want to advance their techniques and expand with their breadth of work, and maybe even on some level feel it’s a way to establish value for their work, as society places such high worth on things like degrees, training, and names of schools we attend and get accepted into.

There’s no one way, or one right way. We each go on the journey that feels to provide exactly what we need.

For me, it was a strong aversion to training, classes, and schooling of any kind. So much so that I even turned down working at an art school to teach others to draw because it felt boxed-in, and since I didn’t feel right about it for myself, I just couldn’t see advocating that through my work to others. It was more about consistency for me. I had to go through that process though and interviewing, in order to confirm to me what I felt.

So what has my journey been like with art?

I have been drawing all of my life.

It was my favorite pastime.

My fondest memories are of summers sitting at the dining table with my French grandfather drawing after play time outside.

I received a lot of recognition for my drawing in elementary, middle, and high school, but never had any formal training. I naturally took to it without art class teachers’ help. In fact, most of what they said didn’t make much sense to me.

I was very good at reproducing things that I saw like a photocopy. That was my left brain, detail-oriented, perfectionist that could sit for hours working on two square inches of a piece to get every pencil or paint brush stroke exact.

It’s no surprise I was also extremely good at staying “inside” the lines of coloring books – another enjoyment I loved – along with things like creating Spirograph drawings (do you remember these?!).

Detail work is something I carry in me over lifetimes, but I’ve come to find is not my joy.

It’s a soul-ingrained pattern I’ve spent years undoing in this life.

Ironically, my childhood drawings I started doing on my own before this patterning circled back through is what I’ve returned to now. A reclaiming of my “essence,” but channeled through a fresh me.

As a child I was very good at creating simple images of what I saw in my mind’s eye of things I loved in nature all around me.

My favorite and best thing I could draw was, and remains to this day, animals.

I never felt drawn to taking classes outside of the ones we either had to, or had as electives, through high school.

For some reason I felt inclined to keep this part of my life raw in its nature and didn’t want to feel controlled by rights and wrongs. I wanted simply to bring forth my visions without boundaries. Having everything else in life feeling so controlled, this let me have one little sacred piece to myself where anything goes.

Interestingly, while I could draw people if I wanted, I just don’t really want to and it’s more effort.

What flows for me is nature, animals, magickal beings, and enchanting or cosmic visions.

While my work could easily be judged by art critics who have their own idea of what makes art “good,” for me I love the raw expression of what moves through someone’s heart.

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the beauty of fine works of art. I am in awe of the masterpieces hanging in galleries and marvel at how incredibly they’re executed.

But I do love purity and innocence too, which is what my presence here on Earth is about. And I equally see the beauty within this type of creative expression and see them as fine works of art in their own right because, to me, art is something that not only captures a visual gift come to life, but truly moves you with emotion to experience something deep or even triggers the opening of your own heart with the images acting like keys.

Creative energy is unlimited and therefore there are many ways to bring forth artistic expression.

I say, if it feels joyful to your heart to create, then that’s art.

So, while I’ve cultivated my own form of artistic expression by listening to what moves me and implementing what I’ve integrated and worked on throughout my life, I believe we each have our own journey with this.

But I encourage anyone who feels the desire to draw, paint, or create in some way, to just do it!

There is value in expressing what you feel and if you feel it, I guarantee there is someone out there who needs just what you have to share.

What do you feel your artistic journey has been?

Sometimes we start out one way, but move into a different arena later.

Don’t be afraid to try something.

The value of art is not based on whether it hangs in a gallery or gets critical acclaim.

The value of art is in the expression.

Creativity yearns to be shared.

To Journeys Ending & Beginning ~ Full Heart of Gratitude

So many incredible, awe-inspiring, synchronously magickal, and powerfully shifting experiences have been taking place in rapid alignment, it’s truly hard to put into words how it all feels. “Harmony” is the most resonant I can get with one simple word. During all of this Raja Seraphina, my Crystal Skull, has found her new guardian and Fiver has found a new family…both beginning new journeys in their eternal beingness. I just wanted to take a moment to express immense heart and soul gratitude to everyone who has so generously shared their love, stepped up, and taken time to be a part of the journey we are weaving together, and relative to this post, for those of you who responded to Raja Seraphina and supported Fiver.

I’ve been literally “knocked off my rocker,” as I put it to one dear friend last evening, with the amping up of “wow” experiences that continually and consistently take place and this has especially been so with both Raja Seraphina and Fiver.

I’m still in awe of how Fiver, as one friend put it, literally “jumped worlds” and like “he was planning it all along”. To see him fully released from pain in his last moments, his body restored, and how he leapt upon the quartz crystal to rocket him through the portal to the Otherworld where his journey would continue, still gives me chills and if not for capturing it on camera, I’m not sure others would believe me.

He has touched us all in so many ways, which goes to show us that everyone and everything no matter how small, has great impact and meaningfulness. It is up to us to “see” and embrace the sacredness in it all.

It’s no surprise that Fiver’s journey became entwined with Raja Seraphina’s, as it was in the days he was with me that R.S. came to peaceful closure with her own journey of connecting to her new guardian.

The day of peace they both shared enabled clarity of messages to come through to both them and myself in receiving them.

There is too much to R.S.’s story and the also amazing things that took place in her decision making process, as well as how she relayed her decision to me, to share here and of which some is personal to her new guardian and connection with myself and R.S.

But in the end, she spoke in shamanic riddles to decode, manifested literal appearances shared between myself and her new guardian of an animal spirit guide journeying between us both, provided us both with signs that were puzzle pieces to each other, and dream messages that “wed” us together in bonded sisterhood and Earth guardianship.

Her timing also could not have been more perfect in utilizing Mercury Retrograde to do her searching, exploring, reviewing, and tuning in with everyone. Not to mention her decision coming at the end of it and official, soul contractual agreement to take place on her appointed day of 1/11/2017 (1-11-1 portal) which will also be in the beginning illumination of 1/12’s early morning (PST) Cancer Full Moon – all divinely in perfection.

To add to that, it isn’t arbitrary that her new guardian is located where I’ll be journeying to shortly, which enables the transition of Raja Seraphina, between us, to take place in person so that she will not have to be shipped (something we both felt was not in her best interests) and makes the exchange much more aligned as a sacred ritual we can share.

I find great peace in knowing both Raja Seraphina and Fiver are in loving company and exactly where they are meant to be.

What has been overwhelming in a most beautiful and surprising way was the amount of response received with both experiences, and especially in the case of R.S. I was so in awe of people stepping into their power, claiming it, and knowing of their roles and paths that bring to light the gifts each has.

I was grateful I did not have to make the decision and was able to detach and allow R.S. to do the work, as everyone who showed up is incredibly amazing, gifted, and powerful in their own right….each having very important roles and equally special.

I know Raja Seraphina was equally moved, which is why she demonstrated her compassion and honor to each of you, not only tuning in extensively, but did healing and activation with each of you during the process, which many of you shared with me. It was astounding how she touched you all and I know that it was her way of showing mutual reverence and encouraging each of you to continue with your path and to know that you are recognized and honored for your roles that continue regardless of her being with you physically or not. Her love is collective and can be called upon if in need.

There will be another being that will show up for you, or another manifestation of how you can do the work you felt called to do. So keep alert to the signs and continue to follow the guidance you are messaged in your heart and soul.

Thank you again SO very much to everyone. I know deeply in my heart and soul that our journeys will continue to entwine themselves.

With love to all and special thanks to Raja Seraphina and Fiver for opening our hearts and encouraging us to be all that we can be.

Bearing Your Heart & Soul ~ Bear Messages to Support Your Journey in Life


I mentioned in my return post about how bears had shown up a lot near the end of my sabbatical, beginning with a dream and then culminating with seeing two in person while in Sequoia National Park, and one I felt and saw in my vision while listening for any messages in the forest.

I haven’t had a whole lot of visitation from bear spirit in the past, although has come through before as animal spirit guides in sessions I was doing for clients.

The one time I had the most amazing experience with them was in Alaska last year where we went bear viewing – one of my all-time favorite experiences (you can scroll through that post for the amazing photos of the brown bears I captured).

It was there that we had opportunity to see both black and brown bears….the brown bears up very close and personal, walking among many of them and having the chance to experience these awesome beings in their domain going about life. The black bears we saw were farther in the distance, snacking on berries on the tundra we were hiking.

But when bear showed up in succession of several days in a row for me at the end of November, I had thought to reflect more on that.

I always seem to have a theme of one or a few animal spirit guides around and showing up for me to take notice of, as I’m very animal connected. However, I believe they are always around us and showing up at opportune times, but we just likely aren’t paying attention to it and passing it off as “just part of life without significance.”

When they show up for me, this always reflects the energy I’m working with currently and/or need to integrate. And so they appear as reminder of the message and to let me know they are there to assist me, as well as empower the energies and medicine they carry.

Anyway, since I promised writing a bit about bear – black bear in particular – since that is specifically the one I kept experiencing recently, I’ll just share a bit of what I take away from the symbolism of them showing up for me, personally, and some of the collective meanings that are possible with these beings presenting themselves to you.

Like with all things, there is indeed collective symbolism that you can draw from in terms of what the meaning of anything is for you.

And yet, there are many ways to interpret things and so using your intuitive guidance and nudges will help you to discern the meaning better for yourself and how it translates relative to you and your current experiences.

For sake of this share, I’m focusing on animals – bears in particular – and some clues to help you piece things together for yourself when they show up for you in waking life or dream time.

I’ll show you how I walked through my own experiences to draw forth my personal messages from them.

As mentioned, for myself I had dreamed of black bear cubs and their mom…or at least that’s what they felt to be in the dream. There were quite a few of them and they were not babies, but young adolescents. They were in no way ferocious or on the attack and I was completely not in fear. They were simply standing there sporadically around me, as I walked through them. And Dave had blown something magickally that put them into a slumber, as I continued walking among them.

I took away several things from this, given my personal circumstances at the time and currently.

The first thing that came to me was how mother bears are so nurturing and protective of their cubs and how she was at peace with me walking through and they all just continued to go about their things. She didn’t feel threatened or the need to attack to protect her children.

So it felt like I was in a time period of self-nurturing and nurturing, what I’ve been calling – my “babies” – which are the projects I’ve been working on, as well as caring for my rabbits.

There was nothing threatening me in the dream for need of protection, but instead I felt there was something I needed to preserve, which to me was a piece of me.

And since black bears usually hibernate, especially if moms have given birth, this was speaking to me as my need to continue to remain inward, although out of my sabbatical, and to finish out the winter focused on my “babies” and nurturing the things that I need right now.

The fact they were put into a magickal slumber, was speaking to the fact that this was important despite anything else presenting itself or that I might “think” I need to be doing otherwise. Call it divine timing, cosmic alignment, a soul path nudge….something beyond myself would see to it that I maintain this magickal bubble to continue what I’m being inspired and guided to do and that I am able to do so easily, if I don’t fight it.

Some facts about black bears, which are the smallest of the bear species in North America…and thoughts for myself:

They don’t attack or anger unless vehemently provoked ~ I am not easily provoked either, as it takes a lot for me to anger as well, and since the bears were calm in the dream this felt like I will find peace by continuing in the vein of what I’m doing and honoring my nature within. They were also fully focused in their own thing in the dream, and not at all distracted by me, preferring to focus on their task at hand, which seemed to be eating. This speaks to my preferring to focus on my personal endeavors at this time, rather than worrying about anything going on in the outside environment and that I have the capability to dedicate myself deeply to an intent or task until it is achieved because of how entranced I am in my work. It takes a lot to pull me away when I commit. And so commitment is needed to ensure completion.

They tend to sit around, sleep, and walk aimlessly until hungry ~ I tend to naturally like to flow and be in peace, allowing how I feel to guide me,  and so I’m not to get caught up in things that can create anxiety, over-stimulation, and sensitivity, which I found myself a few days ago feeling by being overly immersed in other things and losing time for myself and my projects.

They have anywhere from 1 – 6 cubs, although 2 is most common ~ my dream showed quite a few, so it was closer to the 6, which feels like fertile energy and ultra abundance is available right now…this is a richly creative and fertile time for my projects to take advantage of.

They are extremely adaptable, although primarily found in forests with thick ground vegetation with an abundance of fruits, nuts, and vegetation – places like the tundra, where I saw them in Alaska. They forage in fields or meadows, and in general can live in a variation of habitat types. They are also a symbol of living off the land and being resourceful ~ I, too, am very flexible and adaptable, like a chameleon and can be resourceful in many regards. So this speaks to my needing to stay open to the possibilities, knowing when to harness timeliness and what is being presented, as well as may be speaking to how we are about to begin our travels in the RV to many different and varied places. Honing in on my resources available will also support my endeavors and the simple life we’ve chosen, which will be following seasons more for travel and having me/us even more self-sufficient and living with Nature and her cycles.

They mostly are found traveling high in the mountains and symbolize living off the land ~ as mentioned this speaks to my ability to be resourceful, which this lifestyle now is emphasizing, but also speaks to my ideal and most personally nurturing location of living as well, which I have finally understood for myself as being in the high altitudes of the mountains, in forested areas near water like a lake or river – so much like these bears. And that while we are on our RV adventure, will be looking for that ideal place to later settle and that brings together the other aspects of my personal dreams and project focuses.

They tend to be solitary animals and forage alone with exception of mothers with their cubs and foraging in groups if the habitat is very abundant in an area where they then tolerate each other ~ I tend to also be a solitary person and enjoy my time to myself and the much needed away space to recharge, be able to live and create most optimally, and to give in the ways that I do in the areas of service.

They mostly hibernate depending on local weather and food availability during winter, yet will leave dens from time to time during the season. Females usually give birth and stay denned during the winter, however. ~ I’ve become much more attuned to the seasons over time and the natural rhythms of nature, so this wintering or self-hibernation feels especially nurturing and productive to honor at this time. Remaining inward and partially in retreat, venturing out from time to time, as the bears might, feels healthy and nurturing right now for me.

Their being black also, to me, signifies the shadow aspects and the ultra sacred feminine energy for me to deepen into and integrate further. This includes a connection with the Moon, which I/we just so happen to continue aligning with when we make big moves. The ancients understood the connection of the Moon and the bear, due to their hibernation patterns. It also includes introspection and the subconscious, as well as dreaming and sleep. I’ve not only been sleeping deeply and dreaming profusely and clearly, but I’m seeing the continual layers reveal themselves and with willingness to face these pieces they easily integrate and fuel greater strength and possibilities. Not only may I be understanding parts of myself even better now, and releasing and cleansing out more, but am having a stronger, clearer connection to my deepest passions and the compass directing my heart and soul.

In many ways I am identifying much with black bear at this point in my life, in general, and can see how it may be with me for quite some time.

The black bears just kind of doing their own thing and wandering around me in the dream feels to speak to my own experience and journey toward greater and continual peace, patience, and presence. So, it’s important to be mindful of not turning that into a quest, rather than allowing it to just unfold, as a quest for patience can intensify impatience and provide a block to reaching that goal. True patience waits for it.

And so I embrace the journey.

These were the things I took away in terms of black bear showing up in my dream time and waking life, but here are just a few general additions about bear symbolism that I can also draw from and receive in messages, and perhaps if bear has shown up for you, you will as well.

See how any of these things may apply in your own life.

Bears are solitary creatures, capable of living and thriving alone. They can challenge your feelings, beliefs, and conditioned ideas about being independent or may empower them.

They are not threatening as many movies and ideas would otherwise have you believe. So look at the context in which they show up for you in a dream, meditation, or the way you feel if you see them in person. This will speak to something going on in your life and if you feel threatened or they are attacking, then where are you experiencing this, feeling fear, feeling controlled or overpowered, and not being able to stand your own ground?

Phrases like bearing your soul or being over-bearing may come to mind and you can see how those relate to what would be most supportive for you at this time.

Since many tend to hibernate, look at where you may need to withdraw for a while in your own life, or if it’s time for you to take action and harness your own resourcefulness with intents you’re trying to manifest.

Bears carry both yin and yang energy since they have both hibernation and active periods of life. This is symbolic of your own inner feminine and masculine energies and balancing them in your life. There are times for retreat and nurturing, and there is a timely alignment for action.

Bears symbolize strength, personal and raw power, peace, sovereignty, duality, mother energy, nurturing, courage, fearlessness, teaches us about respect and boundaries, vulnerability and honesty – as bear doesn’t hide intentions, being inward to reflect, being comfortable with yourself and being alone, stillness and meditation, protection, dream time, and vision quests.

If bear shows up for you, pay attention to what your dreams are sharing with you, as messages will be revealed there. Also, be aware of your environment when awake and what is calling to your attention. You have the ability to harness both worlds of inner and outer, since bear represents both in balance.

Bear protects you as you walk through the journey called life and is there to help you connect more deeply with your natural rhythms, as connected and in alignment with the rhythms of nature. You’ll understand where you need to go and the travels ahead on the path, as you acquire the resources along the way that you will need to support you. You’ll also learn how to rest, recharge, and retreat when necessary to conserve your resources and energy for optimal use and action, when called for.

And she encourages you to enjoy the sweetness along the way.

Bear may be sharing that now is the time to unleash the essence of your inner power, along with your gifts and greatest strengths. You have the ability, with patience and nurturing, to confidently move forward with authority in your chosen path, knowing you have everything you need and will be protected always.

The bear may be inviting you to discover the calling within your heart and soul, much as she is doing for me.

A “Spiritual Skin” Design Graces the Cover of Kathy Jourdain’s New Book, “Embracing The Stranger In Me: A Journey to Open Heartedness”

Kathy Jourdain Embracing the Stranger in MeToday I want to briefly share some very exciting news about an inspirational new book that is now available. Not only do I foresee it being another empowering tool that will support many globally, but I am also deeply honored and grateful to have my artwork gracing the cover.

Kathy Jourdain and I connected via Facebook, through a synchronous connection via another sacred tattoo design I created for a shared friend. It was an instant bond right from the onset and it was clear our paths were meant to converge to channel this divinely aligned co-creation. I can’t express enough what an honor it has been to work with Kathy and to experience the beauty of such an amazing bridge worker spreading her light and love all over the world.

From client to friend, I cherish the connection she and I now share, as bridge workers and beyond, as well as cherish all of the amazing soul friendships that I have been blessed to have in my life that the service I do enables me to connect with.

Kathy will be sharing more about the amazing story behind her sacred tattoo, which she also now wears upon her back over her Heart Chakra, once her website is launched here shortly. In the meantime, I would just like to express how meaningful and priceless the work I do is to me, that bridges connections between myself and so many across the globe in deep ways.

As Kathy shares, and I heart and soul-fully agree, “When she gets homesick, it is not for the place she calls home, but for the people she has the privilege of knowing and falling in love with all over the world.”

Beautifully and perfectly put Kathy – my sentiments exactly.

kathy-bookI just received a copy of Kathy’s new book, “Embracing The Stranger In Me: A Journey to Open Heartedness” – published by Balboa Press – A Division of Hay House, in the mail this weekend and was so moved to see and feel the emanation of this stunning cover that seems to glow with such powerful simplicity, the core essence of her story. It was a beautiful, channeled, collaborative co-creation between Kathy, the Balboa Press designers, and myself.

What an amazing gift to receive and more so, was the beautiful, personally signed dedication I found inside the cover from Kathy that truly touched my heart. Thank you Kathy.

I am so looking forward to continuing to read her personal journey, seeded deep in symbolism that threads a woven tapestry of experience – one that we can each find gems of inspiration, empowerment, and support from. After which, I will share a review.

In the meantime, here is a brief overview of Kathy Jourdain’s book:

This is an empowering—though at times heartbreaking—work that seeks to encourage others to embrace their inner selves in the face of adversity. It illuminates how we make meaning of our experiences by the stories we tell and how stories of human tragedy can be transformed through the perspective of soul journey with the potential to shift the shape of your life.

And here are a few of the many wonderful comments from people about Kathy and her book that continue to flow in:

“Reading your book is an intimate exchange between the reader and the book.”

“You are an amazing story teller! I was riveted…”

“This amazing book has made me laugh out loud, weep, ponder, and made my hands sweat and shake…sometimes while reading the same page!”

“I am devouring your book. Opened it this morning and having been reading it ever since. I am touched by your grace, eloquence, and honesty.”

About Kathy Jourdain:

This book took shape and form at the confluence of three significant threads in Kathy Jourdain’s life over five years from 2005 to 2010. One was awakening to a spiritual lineage deeply buried in her consciousness. Another was being confronted by a physical lineage she had no idea existed. The third was discovering how to walk in the world with strength, joy, and compassion and to be powerful in her vulnerability, growing her depth of presence and capacity to do deep, meaningful work in the world.

kathy-book3Kathy is a powerful practitioner of the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter, a self-organizing, emergent global network living the principles and practices of shared responsibility and shared leadership. It demands that practitioners become increasingly self-aware and present and that they collaborate with others in tackling some of the most pressing issues of our time.

As a global steward of these principles and practices, Kathy is invited into hosting teams and consulting work for increasingly difficult work, primarily in Canada, the United States and Brazil. She shares what she is learning through her writing on her blog, Shape Shift.

She was born in Nova Scotia, was raised there and has lived there all her life. She currently resides in Bedford.

Embracing The Stranger In Me: A Journey to Open Heartedness by Kathy Jourdain is available now from Balboa Press here:

Embracing The Stranger In Me

This title is also available through your local bookseller or preferred on-line retailer. And if you’re in Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can also now find it on the shelves of Little Mysteries.

You can also follow updates about Kathy’s book at her Facebook page: 

Embracing The Stranger In Me

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at Remember that there is currently a waiting list and price changes are going to be in effect at start of 2014. 

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Love is the Bridge – Quotes to Inspire Living From the Heart & My Own Emerald Bridge Journey


My photo capture titled “Emerald Bridge” – Zion National Park, Utah

Every time I work on a bunch of new editing preparations for my website, (which will be up shortly) it is an opportunity for me to mindfully review my life path and service focuses and to make sure that everything is consistent with the integrity of my heart and the messages I want to put out to the collective.

While I was getting things together for my web designer, David Tarin, yesterday, to update from all the shifts and new things evolving, I was immersed in breathing in the meaning behind my choice of company names again (which I see more as an energetic entity conveying a symbolic message), and how it helps to reiterate the journey I resonate with walking.

For anyone who doesn’t know, my company name is Emerald Bridge, which was divinely inspired as a reflection of the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is the source of powerful, creative and unconditional love energy that acts an an energetic “bridge” and balancing integrator between opposites: body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity, lower and upper chakras. It is symbolized by a lotus of twelve petals and the color green, with emerald as one of its associated gemstones that match its frequency. It is from this place of peaceful centeredness that love emanates as Divine power.

And so Emerald Bridge (a compassionately conscious business) was born as a merging of body and spirit through the heart with visionary healing arts services that would help spread unconditional love across the globe. It’s been my hope to inspire a return to natural harmony within and without and to help cultivate authentic self-expression, bring people together in joyful co-creation, and support a remembrance and embrace of your own Divinity.

When I was visiting Zion National Park in Utah just a few weeks ago, I was mesmerized by the visions I saw that enchanted my heart. We took a trail that led to the “Emerald Pools,” as they are called, and they were just that – a lovely emerald green shade, as was the river that flowed along the banks, which you can see in the image I shared. We had to traverse a bridge over the beautiful green, flowing water and on this approaching-snow-fall-day, everything surrounding us had this stunning green shade to it – from delicate and mystical, to enlivening and vibrant emerald shades. It was so magickal and instantly, as I looked at the view you see captured in the photo, I said, this is such a perfect reflection of the essence of Emerald Bridge to me.

Every moment is an opportunity to live from the heart and by my choosing a company name that reflects this, I have once again created my life as a symbolic expression of what’s most meaningful to me to be mindful of embodying at every step of the journey.

Some quotes to inspire your own heart-embracing:

Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridge. ~Stephen Levine

The physical heart is our strongest muscle; it also functions as the core of our feeling dimension.  Like any muscle, the heart grows stronger with use.  By creating a feeling connection between our heart and our voice, thought, touch, sight and hearing, we instantly access the safest, most accessible method for opening the heart.  We create this feeling connection by allowing awareness to penetrate the heart.  The moment this connection occurs we contact the love of our Higher Self; we transcend fear, sorrow, and anger; and we heal ourselves and others. ~Dan Millman

The Way is not in the sky.  The way is in the heart. ~Buddha 

Culture of the mind must be subservient to the heart. ~Mahatma Gandhi

I stand before what is with an open heart. And with an open heart I dwell in possibility. ~Macrina Wiederkehr

In our deepest moments of struggle, frustration, fear, and confusion, we are being called upon to reach in and touch our hearts. Then, we will know what to do, what to say, how to be.  What is right is always in our deepest heart of hearts.  It is from the deepest part of our hearts that we are capable of reaching out and touching another human being.  It is, after all, one heart touching another heart. ~Roberta Sage Hamilton

The heart is the place where we live our passions.  It is frail and easily broken, but wonderfully resilient.  There is no point in trying to deceive the heart.  It depends upon our honesty for its survival. ~Leo Buscaglia 

To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer. ~Mahatma Gandhi 

There is also a self-contained guru principle that operates within each individual.  In his book Healing Mantras, Thomas Ashley-Farrand writes, “The true guru is not some person to whom you give complete and slavish obedience. The true guru is a principle that resides in your own heart.  …  In Sanskrit, this guru principle is called the upaguru, or “teacher without form.'” So in the ultimate sense you can serve as your own guru, the finder of light and truth in your own heart. ~Donald Altman

If we unfold and develop our potential, we open ourselves up to an incredible higher order of being.  But if we continue to deny the real intelligence manifested through the heart and rely only on our intellect, evolution will fail in its task. ~Joseph Chilton Pearce

The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience.  Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around … Throughout history, “tender loving care” has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing. ~Larry Dossey 

When speech comes from a quiet heart, it has the strength of the orchid, and the fragrance of rock. ~Stephen Mitchell

This is my simple religion.  There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy.  Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. ~Dalai Lama

Imagine your heart as an opening lotus.  From its center comes a crimson child, Pure, virginal, and innocent.  One meditation gives this instruction: Imagine your heart opening into a red lotus.  From its center comes a crimson child.  Bring this child out of your body and imagine him or her floating above your head. You, as a child, are holding a sun in each hand while each foot stands on a moon.  Hold this image as long as you can. It is hard to bring out this child. When you try, you realize how many defenses you have built around yourself. You also realize how the experiences of adolescence and adulthood have stained you. Sometimes, you may even doubt that you have a pure and innocent self to bring out anymore. But each of us does. Each of us must find that crimson child within us and bring him or her out. For this child represents the time when our energies were whole and our hearts were untroubled by the duplicity of the world and ourselves. ~Deng Ming-Dao

In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. ~Mahatma Gandhi   

According to most of the great Eastern spiritual traditions, our inner awareness/energy, or consciousness, is actually a limited, contracted form of the great Awareness/energy that underlies, creates, and sustains all things.  The Upanishads call it Brahman, the Vastness.  The sages of Kashmir Shaivism call it Chiti (Universal Consciousness), Paramashiva (Supreme Auspiciousness), Parama Chaitanya (supreme Consciousness), or Paramatma (supereme Self).  The great Shaivite philospher Abhinavagupta called itHridaya, the Heart.  In Buddhism it is called the Dharmakaya, the “body” of Truth. ~Sally Kempton

The Green Chakra (heart) registers impulses of the higher mind (subjective, abstract) and also higher emotions, such as compassion and sympathy. ~The Power of the Rays by S.G.J. Ouseley

The Shiva Samhita thus describes the benefits which are said to accrue to the yogi from meditation upon the heart center: He gets immeasurable knowledge, knows the past, present and future; has clairaudience, clairvoyance and can walk in the air, whenever he likes. He sees the adepts and the goddesses known as Yoginis … It is not necessary to comment upon the poetic descriptions of the various powers; the student will read between the lines. Still, there may also be something in the literal meaning of such statements as these; for there are many wonders in India – the mysterious powers of the fire-walkers, and the perfectly marvelous hypnotic ability shown by some conjurers who perform the famous rope trick and similar feats. ~Shiva Samhita from The Chakras

This morning, as I stood perched on the edge of the cliff where I often stand to survey the river with hands cupped around pumpkin spice coffee, I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom and joy swirl all around me until it settled in my heart.  I gave thanks for the day – for all blessings received, and proceeded to do my river meditations, holding up in prayer those who most need it at this time. There are so many!   I closed the door to one era in my life – and opened the door to another because I was willing to heed and respond to the message urging me to “dwell in your heart.” This message was not just meant for me – but it is meant for many others as well.   I embraced the sense of stillness that the river was embodying more deeply this morning because I truly listened and responded to the inner prompting to dwell in my heart. It was the key to my own transitus.  May you listen today. May you embody stillness. May you dwell in your heart. ~Olga Rasmussen

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. ~Helen Keller

Open your heart – open it wide; someone is standing outside. ~Quoted in Believe: A Christmas Treasury by Mary Engelbreit

Interview with Jewelry Designer, Reiki Master Teacher & Soon-To-Be Yoga Teacher Allison Jacobson: The Holistic Journey of a Philly Girl Who Followed Her Heart

allisonToday we continue with another inside look at one of the courageous souls forging the way by following their passions. I love sharing little snippets of “real life” people that are embracing their fears and blossoming into beautiful leader examples, each in their own unique way, for others to find inspiration to do the same.

And one such story comes to us from the lovely Allison Jacobson, whom many of you have known as my Joyful Earth Crystals partner and very dear friend. You’ve heard me share about her through the work we’ve created together, but this post is all about miss Allison and her personal journey. In light of the many transitions that have taken place for her, mirroring the natural evolution of both of our work focuses, it felt to be the perfect time to give you a little insight into her experiences in today’s short interview sharing.

allisonA Little Background On How I Met Allison:

Allison and I met a couple of years ago when she first landed in So Cal. Our journeys collided at a local vegan meetup and the rest was history from there. It seemed we were destined to cross paths for the next evolutionary phase in each of our lives. Meeting both her and her husband, Chris, has been a blessing and I am deeply grateful that we decided to show up for one another when we did. What a gift they both are to the world.

It wasn’t long after our meeting that we combined forces in creating crystal healing jewelry together, that she embraced the path of a Reiki Master Teacher, and even got her first very potent sacred tattoo, among other things. Allison is definitely one of those get ‘er done people on a fast track to empowerment.

We’ve been through a lot in a very short time and during that process I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow and blossom in many ways, which has been wonderful to witness. I’m really proud of her courage and the beauty she is creating, and equally grateful for her supportive love. It’s like a whole new butterfly emerging from the cocoon and about to take flight, both literally and symbolically, as she and Chris will soon be off to the next destination their life paths are leading them on – Kauai. But I’ll let Allison share about that in the interview.

One of the things I’ve loved most about Allison is her determined eagerness to embrace as much as she can and her openness to new things. She has always been inquisitive and curious, which I feel is a most powerful part of the evolutionary process, and has always been focused on keeping things light and playful – another very important quality that is priceless. We’ve shared many a laugh and tear and through it all have grown in leaps from all that we’ve mirrored for learning. She is an ever-giving soul with lots to give!


Allison and I at our Joyful Earth Crystals debut event

Allison’s design work, both in jewelry and graphic arts is uniquely beautiful. She has an eye for simple elegance and coupled with her conscious life choices, she creates impactfully. It’s been fun to watch all of her gifts come to surface through following her heart and trusting to come to Cali, which ended up providing a more mirroring and nurturing environment that supported this flourishing of her awaiting talents.

Through our supportive connection we have been able to learn how valuable co-creation is, how we each have special gifts that blend well with others in service, and how when you embrace the journey that is presented with your heart, you’ll be led to the perfect experiences that will support your evolution, where ever that may lead.


Allison and her husband Chris

I am honored to have been able to train her to her Reiki Master Teacher level, as well as her husband in Reiki 1 and 2. (It’s exciting to know that she will be gifting her husband his own RMT training soon – a creative force couple they will be!) But moreso, I am honored to be able to call her my friend.

It’s wonderful to be part of her life and see the amazing changes that continue to take place. One of these changes, which has evolved in our following our hearts, will be in her focusing on her own unique and beautiful line of Yoga-inspired jewelry under a name that is reflective of her (she’ll share more on that below). The journey has led both myself and Allison to new ventures that mirror our personal evolution and transitioning service focuses. Transitions like this are powerfully beautiful to me, as it demonstrates that all parts are integral to the continually evolving journey itself. You may not know exactly where you will be led and you don’t even have to see the end result, yet as you hold the essence of what brings you joy and allow your heart to guide you, it will take you exactly where you need to be. Allison has been been a beautiful example of how embracing each step will lead to a more empowered you.


Allison and me in Bimini over 12/21/12

For now, Joyful Earth Crystals remains until Allison settles in her new home, so that in the meantime some of her own beautiful creations can continue to be available at the current etsy shop until we transition it. My own involvement with crystals has led me on a journey I’ll share another time.

I will dearly miss her not being at arm’s length, physically, but know that connections like ours transcend distance and now our wings can spread across the ocean in connective flight of shared service to the collective. I’m excited to see where her journey will take her next and what new developments she’ll have to share with us. I see a bright future of unlimited possibilities.

allisonAllison Jacobson Bio:

A Philly native, Allison is a high-raw vegan, jewelry designer, graphic designer, Reiki Master Teacher and soon-to-be Yoga Teacher. She currently lives in Huntington Beach, California, but in less than two months will be calling Kauai her new home. She can be commissioned for event planning, marketing, graphic design, Reiki, custom crystal jewelry design or any related services. Once settled, she will have beautiful Yoga offerings to add to her services to share.

A graduate of Drexel University, Allison has over 15 years of design, marketing, advertising, sales, social media, recruiting and management experience with Fortune 500 companies. Her experience in the corporate world combined with her keen eye for detail, unique sense of creative style and intuitive vision creates a powerfully integrated recipe for success.

A Short Interview with Allison Jacobson:

Tania: How has your life changed since moving to California and how has that shaped the path you are on now?

allisonAllison: Moving to California has been an amazing and enlightening experience of growth and expansion. In just over two years, I’ve learned and experienced so many new and exciting things and met so many amazing people who have truly enriched my life and brought me closer to discovering my soul’s true purpose. I knew that I needed to move here, but didn’t really have any concrete reasons for the move (beside the weather and sunshine!). I just knew that it was where I had to be. (Luckily, Chris – my husband – felt the same way!) I’ve always been one to follow my heart and instincts when it came to moving, and it has always been fun to look back and see clearly why each move had to happen, even though at the time, I didn’t have a clue as to its true importance. My journey has taken me from my hometown of Philadelphia to Indianapolis to Minneapolis to Huntington Beach… next stop Kauai!

Tania: Please share a little about what your passions in life are and how those translate into the work you do and are working towards?

Allison: I am extremely passionate about holistic health and wellness, including yoga, meditation, Reiki and being plant-based. My passions also include animals (especially my two cats, Charlie and Sadie!), the environment and crystals! My passions all come back to a place of wanting to support and help bring overall healing to others, in mind, body and spirit. I envision all of these passions uniting together quite strongly in the future to bring a full spectrum of wellness and support to many!

Tania: Can you please explain your evolving journey briefly with spiritual and healing arts and what led you to embrace not only these, but becoming vegan?


Allison visiting the rescued animals at Farm Sanctuary

Allison: I do feel that this journey officially began when I became vegan back in 2009. As I was questioning where our food comes from and why, I read and learned as much as I possibly could and came to the understanding that the animals that we eat are sentient, loving beings with feelings, friends and families, and are beautiful souls just the same as you and me. It was clear to me that going forward I would be vegan for life, as the understanding of the unity of all beings began to become clearer to me. Things came even more into focus when we moved to California where I now understand that I needed to be to continue to awaken and connect with those who could support my journey into consciousness (especially you, for which I am eternally grateful!).

Tania: What do you enjoy about designing crystal jewelry and how has your work evolved from the time you first created jewelry, started designing for Joyful Earth Crystals, and then transitioned into your own new line of focus?


Allison’s jade mala bracelet creation

Allison: I had dabbled in creating jewelry several times throughout my life, taking classes here and there and eventually losing interest again. I was only ever creating costume jewelry, more for fun than anything else. It wasn’t until I received some serious nudges from several angles (lol!) while living here that my true passion for crystal jewelry came into focus. Designing for Joyful Earth Crystals helped me to integrate my passion for healing with my passion for crystals and design! Being able to create supportive and healing jewelry for our amazing clients has truly been a gift. My passion for yoga and meditation has shifted my creations as of late into more yoga-inspired pieces which I absolutely love creating. I feel that my jewelry will continue to evolve after our move to Kauai next month, and will bring some amazing new super-charged creations to light!

Tania: You also do lovely graphic design. Can you share a little about what you enjoy most as a graphic designer and what kind of projects you find most fulfilling and why?

Allison: Thank you!! I went to Drexel University where I earned my degree in graphic design, then worked in advertising and marketing for several years. Eventually, design in the corporate world left me feeling unfulfilled and I started to look for something new to ignite my passion.  In the last few years, I have rediscovered my love for design, working on some really creative and exciting freelance projects. I absolutely love supporting conscious businesses with advertising and marketing as they strive to really make a positive impact on the world we live in.

Tania: What do you find most fulfilling and valuable in practicing Reiki and what do you hope to impart to your students?

Allison: Reiki is such an amazing gift, a limitless, powerful gift that can support anyone, anything, anywhere at any time. Reiki gives us the ability to channel the unlimited potent energies of the universe for anything we need help with, specific healing purposes, support of personal goals and really any possible situation you could come up with that needs support. I love how infused my daily life has become with this energy and I hope that my students will feel empowered by the gift of Reiki and understand that they can tap into this energy to manifest, heal and support anything for themselves or others.


Allison in Bimini

Tania: What drives your passion behind becoming a yoga teacher and what do you envision for your practice?

Allison: I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for years and always thought of yoga as solely a physical practice that kept people in great shape. In the last couple of years I discovered that yoga is much more than that, and through my studies, I now understand that it is really a way of life. Asanas (or poses) are just a fraction of what yoga really is. Yoga has shifted so much for me personally and is an amazing gift that everyone can benefit from. I have been drawn to restorative and gentle yoga for healing, stress-reduction and its potent health benefits and want to share that with the world. My goal is to make yoga accessible for all and incorporate it into my portfolio of healing modalities. I have had some very inspiring teachers here in California who were a major influence in starting my training to become a teacher. My goal is to teach yoga that will help people to reconnect with their true essence, relieve stress and anxiety, support healing and find peace within that is so essential to a happy, healthy life!

Tania: What advice would you give someone who is on the fence about following their passions and feeling anxiety over their fears and insecurities?

allisonAllison: It can be super scary to take a big step, get out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams and passions. My advice would be to trust your instincts, be aware of all of the little nudges that come your way (they eventually turn into big nudges if you ignore the little ones – one way or another, the universe gets your attention) and follow your heart. Timing is everything and everything truly does happen for a reason. We are divinely guided along our true path but finding our way usually means getting out of our own way, listening to our heart and not our ego. I also have a powerful support team, and each member of that team has come into my life at all of the perfect times and have helped to council me along the way. It can be so helpful to bounce things off of others and confirm what your instincts are telling you. Simply ask the universe for help, and help will come your way.

Tania: What inspires you and the work you feel guided to share?

allisonAllison: I am so inspired by limitless beauty of nature, the continuous discoveries and ah-ha moments along this journey and the beautiful souls who I am blessed and grateful to have crossed paths with. Being able to support others along their journey is such a wonderful inspiration for me and continues to fuel my passion for healing and gives me the courage and drive to continue along this path.

Tania: Last year you also got your first (and might I say boldly beautiful) sacred tattoo, followed shortly with another smaller one. I say boldly, as many end up with something small the first go around, so this was a courageous move I know you processed through. What drew you to get it when you did, and what if anything did you find yourself moving through in terms of beliefs and feelings that supported you’re being ready now to do so, and so “boldly”? 😉

Allison: My intention, as you know, was to get a small tattoo on the inside of my wrist. It was a conservative size and in a spot that was not very visible. allison tattooI was definitely playing it safe. I’ve always had these programmed voices in my head saying that “tattoos are trashy” and “tattoos don’t look nice on professional people” and “people are going to judge you if you get a tattoo” which are thoughts that I think a lot of us are programmed with. I had wanted a tattoo for more than twenty years, but I always let the worry of what other people would think prevent me from moving forward. There was definitely a lot of processing that I had to go through to get to the point of having the courage to get a tattoo initially, and then to have it grow exponentially in size really pushed me beyond my limits. It was time for me to really come into my own, shake off the programming and begin a new phase of my life. The symbolism and meaning behind my tattoo is so powerful, the whole experience was completely transformational. And the reaction to my tattoo by 99% of the people who have seen it think it’s absolutely gorgeous. And I LOVE it as well, so I thank you and James, my dynamic creative team who made this work of art possible. Can’t wait for the next one!

Tania: I know that another synchronous move is upon you. Would you like to share about your upcoming transition with your husband to Kauai, what you have done to manifest and embrace the big move, what calls you there, and what you envision for yourselves?

allisonAllison: I’m just so excited! In less than two months, Chris and I will be living on Kauai. We visited the island back in September, my first time and Chris’ third, I think. It honestly felt more like home to me than anywhere I’ve ever visited. I knew a couple days into the trip that we should (and would) seriously consider moving there. As I said before, I always follow my heart and intuition when it comes to moving, and it just felt like the perfect thing to do. So, we set our sights on Kauai, trusted that everything would fall into place, and really haven’t looked back! Everything has been magically flowing so we feel absolutely blessed in this process. I am so looking forward to being bathed in the magical energy of the island each and every day, beginning to teach yoga, really connecting with nature and spending as much time outside as possible. There are so many adventures in store for us there – I can’t wait to experience them all!

Tania: Can you share one vulnerable thing or greatest fear that not many know about you, but would find solace in knowing they are not alone in experiencing, and your advice?

Allison: I am definitely your typical “type A” personality, very much a perfectionist and therefore have very high standards, most of all for myself! I am working really hard on that, being kinder and gentler with myself and honestly really learning to truly love myself. I think we are all critical of ourselves in different ways, especially as women. There are these “ideals” that we’ve been programmed to believe, about how we should look, how we should act and how we should feel. I’ve written about it a couple times lately in my blog, very much for my own benefit as well as others. Loving yourself first and fully, celebrating your own uniqueness and beauty, knowing you are perfect just the way you are and always being willing to forgive yourself – these are things that are so essential to our happiness and our ability to love others. I’ve been using Louise Hay’s powerful affirmations, in combination with dōTERRA essential oils, meditation, crystals and Reiki to work through a lot of this and am blasting through these layers and loving myself more fully and completely than ever before.

allisonTania: How about one unique, crazy, or quirky thing about you that makes you uniquely and beautifully you, loved by those near and dear, and that you’re proud to embrace?

Allison: I am definitely a total goofball. I’m always cracking ridiculous jokes and finding ways to make people laugh (I have my Dad’s sense of humor for sure). I love bringing light and laughter to serious situations, because we truly are here to have fun!

Tania: Life is an endless shifting journey of stepping stones, which you have definitely demonstrated in your listening to and following. From where you are at this moment, what are your dreams and visions for your work?

allisonAllison: I am focused on supporting more and more people by bringing wellness and healing into their lives by continuing to share all of the healing modalities that I am passionate about, including Reiki, crystal jewelry, essential oils and yoga. I’ve also had visions of hosting yoga and wellness retreats on Kauai. The possibilities are limitless and so exciting!

Tania: If someone wants to contact you to commission jewelry, graphic design, or acquire Reiki services and yoga classes (once you are set up in Kauai), how can they reach you?

Allison: There are definitely lots of ways to get in touch with me:





Twitter: @AllisonDNO


Instagram: @adnojacobson

Joyful Earth Crystals on Facebook:

Joyful Earth Crystals on Twitter: @JoyEarthCrystal

A Journey, Closure, New Energy, Higher Hearts and Rooted Bodies, Unification and Integration, and a Beautiful Message for 2012

Chamuel - my Master Lemurian Seed Crystal

After literally “just” returning from a whirlwind, very mission-focused trip to the Reno/Tahoe, Nevada area (my previous home of 3 years) I am feeling the energies of everything really taking root. I had returned to Nevada to finalize some business and pick up the last of my things from my parent’s house that they had been storing, which comprised of my original paintings (the In Lak’ech series of potent 5 included) and other items, as well as a few crystals – one of which was my giant Master Lemurian Seed Crystal I had been guided to leave with my mom, a few years ago, to work with and to anchor and grid in Reno. This Master Crystal revealed its name to be Chamuel, as it channels the energy of Archangel Chamuel, the Archangel of Unconditional Love. For information on Archangel Chamuel here is a cool link:

I was grateful to have my sweet friend and business partner, Allison, join me for the journey – a perfect reflection of co-supporting and co-creating with no more isolation. It was her first trip there, so it was too bad we weren’t able to do more, but we did complete the mission and having her with me was a valued gift. From the moment we arrived we were greeted by a very strange and ominous sky that looked as if lava was flowing in the clouds. None of us had ever seen

Our grounding veggie feast my mom made us the only full day we had in Reno - rosemary potatoes, herbed mushrooms atop roasted veggies and salad with squash...mmmmmmm

anything like it. Dark grayish purple clouds with channels of blood red flowing through. Very odd. Then the next day a huge fire raged not far from my parent’s house that had already taken out 10 homes and was threatening many more. This all preceded the storms that were about to roll in. Many very interesting signs and unfoldings that were definitely sending a message. We were able to enjoy a partial day of some work and then explored the crystal shop, Stone Age, and returned from the 80 mile an hour winds and smoky air, to a cozy home and meal courtesy of mom (pictured left).

But with a little intuited trust, we sped up the trip, changed our plans and grabbed our rental truck a day early (the next morning) to get out while we still could, without getting snowed in. Some of the roads had already been closed due to the fire and snow, but luckily the 80 out of Reno, only met us with torrential rain storms, fog and impending storm clouds. We learned that last evening, after we took advantage of the intuited window, the electricity went out where my parent’s lived and the snow came in as promised. This would not have bode well for us driving a 17 foot truck, where closed roads and chains would have been quite the challenge, if not dangerous.

Some of my new friends from Reno, and old, in their new home on my desk. All attuned to specific energy I am working with currently. And of course my dear Nestor's photo and ashes that are always with me.

But, we did manage to make it to one of my favorite crystal shops to pick up some intended crystal friends to help ground in the new energy we are working with and that I would be utilizing in my new magickal crystal elixirs. (I intend to keep you posted on these, as they are brewing) And I also managed to finalize some business and put to closure things in Reno, to fully move into the new back in California. Since returning, the energy feels very different here at home with my new crystal friends, in listening to where they wanted to go and hanging new paintings in the house that all together make for some really nice energy and Feng Shui. Gaia, my Russian tortoise, and Joy, my lop eared bunny, are both in my room with me today (Gaia only comes in my room on certain occassions, as she’s usually busy working the rest of the house) anchoring in the new energies of our crystal buddies.

It just goes to show you that it is important not to hold to ideas and plans and to always listen to your inner heart guidance, as well as to be in tune with the Earth. Our bodies and the planet mirror each other and this is a time for a return to natural harmony, which begins with flowing with, rather than fighting the shifts within and without.

This is also a time of really grounding and rooting everything that we have been working towards, which equates to bold action, or as one of my favorite things to say is: Do it! We are creating a new template of being and it involves integration – another of my favorite words. (I have several if you haven’t already noticed) Many of us have spent a lot of time developing higher aspects of ourselves (as in our upper chakras) and spirituality, while forgetting our bodies and the need to always be in communion with our base aspects (lower chakras). This is where our heart chakras (or the emerald bridge, as I like to refer to it as) comes into play, in supporting that integration into present and heart-full living with trust, knowingness and honor of your feelings on all levels. The heart chakra lies center of the upper and lower chakras and will be a guiding force of authentic expression and unification within ourselves, with each other, and our relationship with earth and cosmos.

I’m really excited about the new directions, energy and clarification on what is unfolding. It’s always so cool to get loud reiteration of the nudges and things you were already doing or starting to incorporate and be guided towards. It is very empowering to realize your intuitive heart always knows what is best for you, even if you weren’t conscious of the specific understanding or details of why or how it was all taking place.

So a journey comes to closure and a new one begins. I am loving my new crystal friends that will be co-creating with me and I am feeling the click of the pieces of the puzzle all coming together with what I have been focused towards for most of my life. I know others are also feeling it. We’ve been on a journey from one polarity aspect, moving towards another to balance out the imbalance, but we have created another imbalance by staying put in that new polarity with continual focus and in many cases, denial or charge against the other. The journey back to center integration is taking place now rapidly for many of us, as we unify our parts through our higher hearts.

This is a nutshell of information that I have been working with and all of this, which I spent several hours talking about with my brother in the limited time I was in Reno (as we often spend hours doing when together), and which I had been formulating and processing beforehand, was beautifully essence-captured in Lee Harris’ visions for 2012 that my dear friend, Laura Bruno, posted today on her blog. It is so PERFECTLY mirroring of my own channeled feelings and visions that I told Laura I had to repost it.

Some of the key things that stood out from Lee’s sharing that I loved are these:

Trust what you choose. Live as you feel.

this is a year of action

Begin it. Become it. Do it.

…no more isolation

…a new template is needed – become an ambassador of loving silence and space…this creates a shared template


the heart is always required

a time to be in our highest hearts…when heart, throat and third eye unify so that you speak from your heart and see with spirit

we must remember our base/grounding energy

get into your lower parts of the body – this is very important and will allow those that have worked on the higher parts to bring things together

be bold in what you share

I hope you enjoy reflecting on Lee Harris’ visions:

Safely Standing Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand

Because so many sweet souls have reached out to us to check on how we are, if we’re located in the areas being talked about in the news, how they can help us and the situation at large, and whether we’re safe, I felt guided to post a share of our story to update all of our friends and family here about our status amidst the Caldor Fire that is just over 200 thousand acres and with 20% containment. I also want to share how we’ve been navigating things and how I’ve been focusing my energy. And I wanted to extend hugest heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has so sweetly touched in, sent love and protective prayers, and offered your homes to us even from afar. I can’t express how much it’s all meant to us. So THANK YOU dearly and deeply. Know that you all mean so much to us.

I was happy that the last post I left off with was about how Wonderland always resides in our hearts, as this is what carries me through times like these.

To rewind slightly, we were away for two weeks taking a break from the smoke from two other large fires that had been burning since mid July – the Dixie and Tamarack Fires – on the Northern California to Oregon Coast just recently. That trip provided the anchoring in of peaceful energies and clear minds needed for what we were to return home to. The trip also gave us confirmation of life path decisions in a big way. Near the end of our trip, the Caldor Fire ignited on August 14th. We returned home on the 20th and the worst hazardous air began, keeping us inside with air filters running, house sealed up, and Dave managing a daily system of creating fresh oxygen in the house when CO2 levels would rise from being closed in. I would still get out to my garden when I could, sometimes with mask and other times not, if I got out early when the air was still moderate. It was a way to stay connected to the land here, provide solace, and nurture all my plant and animal friends.

For years we’ve only had one car, but months ago Dave had ordered a new one for us for the first time and it arrived to our house in the midst of the smoke filled evening of last Tuesday – one day earlier than they said. Little did we know how its timing would prove perfect and how once again divine alignment was at work. Before any of the rest of this had unfolded, we decided we would keep two cars in case of emergencies and for times when one or the other is away. The hybrid car we wanted (half electric/half gas) only came in the color red – another first for us both, as we’d never had a red car. I remarked on the interesting symbolism of the red color arriving on an eerie smoke filled night with a fire burning in the background. I also personally noted the red symbolism reflecting my working with reclaiming my own fire element parts, to assist with the raging fires in the external world.

We kept our peaceful center as the days went on, while also remaining aware of how things were progressing with the fire without feeding it with fear. Although at the time it seemed unlikely it would reach us, I would say when asked, “…but I’m not Nature” – indicating only she and the Universe knew what plan was in store. The best we could do was to be prepared, but to hold peace in our hearts and send supportive energy.

And the winds did change providing a give and take – some days blowing with gusto and other days giving the firefighters a break to anchor in more containment lines.

We, unfortunately, had to leave on Saturday for a funeral service that Dave was giving the eulogy for. That was tough in the midst of so much shifting with the fires, but our trusted and ever-giving angel pet sitter and her husband both came to stay with the animals overnight in case of mandatory evacuations, so that we could get to the service that was a four hour drive away. I prayed all would be well until we returned and was grateful that things held.

But Dave and I sensed that we would need to leave and my pendulum confirmed it. Having fur babies that get highly stressed helped us to make that decision, as we didn’t want them to have to be under pressure at the last minute. So we switched our two night service trip to one night, did some air quality research, and managed to lock in a hotel for all of us on the coast, right before the weekend began. Not an easy task with three animals that are not dogs, as most “pet friendly” places in fact mean “dog friendly” and don’t extend to all animals. But the Universe guided us divinely, as we kept the faith. We then drove home Sunday, packed up everything and left Monday ahead of the traffic jams.

At that point we had not received any warning or order, but outlying areas of warnings and orders were coming in and closing in fast.

We loaded both cars with everything, including some things I would drop at my parent’s house on the way out, and Astrid came with me while the cats, Boojum and Sweet Pea, went with dad. Again, the two cars became a blessing we had not planned.

I left first, since I would go a different route to my parent’s house, and Dave waited about 45 minutes to follow. He stopped along the way at a friend’s house to drop them our air filters because they were staying a bit longer and then planned to go down in the valley where the air quality was still not healthy. We planned to meet in the Sacramento area for lunch.

I noted that after I pulled onto the driveway from the garage to put in navigation to the restaurant we would meet at, that the clock said 11:11 am – no joke! And I was off.

I didn’t hit any evacuation traffic, but did note the police guiding the first wave of people at the bottom of the highway from our home, and noted short waves of cars packed and leaving, and people stopped on the side of the road talking together with their loaded cars.

Dave went a different way, as mentioned, but also was ahead of the curve. He only hit a 20 minute stop at the north end of the lake, but it was because of road work and the first wave of evacuees getting through that.

We later saw and heard that the roads were jammed, as evacuation orders continued. We were grateful we had trusted our instincts to leave when we did since it was already stressful enough to travel with animals the distance we were going. We also saw, later that day, that our area received an evacuation warning, which means you should prepare and be ready for the next phase – the actual order, which is then mandatory for immediate evacuation.

I have to share about my travels with Astrid, to put into context the rest. When ever I have to take her to the vet an hour away, I sing to her the entire trip from start to finish. There is no music on, other than my voice. I create songs about her, us, and anything important at the time. It just flows and it also rhymes at times, creating it’s own melody or rhythm.

Well, this trip was no different, but actually even more potent.

As mentioned, the journey began at 11:11 am and went until 9 pm. I’ll share more on why the length was more than expected, but for that entire time – minus the stops at my parent’s house, gas station, for lunch, and an emergency – I sang, chanted, wove magickal incantations – basically singing prayers nonstop for a good 8 hours of that.

At first I was singing to and with Astrid only (later to and with Boojum and Sweet Pea as well), but the prayer songs were not just for her, but for all of the challenges across the globe, our communities affected by the fires, and the collective at large, which we beamed out as a team together to assist with. I can’t believe how fluid it all was. It just came out and is what I know kept us safe, me and Dave fully conscious and strong, our fur babies healthy, and helped create a bridge with everyone praying.

Although our animals are used to traveling, it’s not that they love it. However, they were all incredible on this trip. Not a peep from the cats and in fact they were still and rested nearly the whole way. Of course with rabbits, travel is extra sensitive and this is why we had chosen an area not further than about 5 hours away – the length I knew she was capable of from our past journey. We did get a few breaks with stops that gave her some down time to regroup and she was able to nibble on some hay throughout, as well as have a little water.

Yet, as a rabbit parent, those of you who are know what I’m sharing, you are always on high alert because of their needs to eat, drink, and move their system constantly and their extra sensitive dispositions, nervous and digestive systems.

I was grateful for my prayer songs, as they kept me focused and not dwelling in worry that would not be supportive for her. These incantations affirmed and reframed everything positive and in the now, as whole and complete, and embodied. I know they worked because my energy was so through the roof, I later was unable to sleep when we actually placed our heads finally on a pillow and because the animals all were calm, meditative, and remained healthy.

But we did have an incident along the way. Luckily it took place when Dave and I were back together again on the road, after our stop for lunch. Not long after we were journeying on the last half leg of the drive, my car – the new one that I was driving – gave me a tire warning message. Dave had an app set up on his phone to monitor the car’s system and saw that my back left tire was losing air fast. We happened to only be two exits from a gas station and got off in just a few minutes from onset of me messaging him about it.

The back tire was in fact a flat and the culprit was a large piece of metal that had wedged itself into the tire. It was losing air that you could hear hiss on its way out.

I couldn’t help but flash to the vision of my head gash I got just a while back, that you may recall was a way to let out pressure and steam and create an opening for relief from all the collective things unfolding. Had the car, which mirrors our vehicle in life we journey in, now also done the same and avoided something worse by safely recalibrating itself and perhaps recalibrating our timeline to avoid something ahead on the road/road of life as well? I did see a motorcycle on the curvy road later marked off with flares that had been there a bit and caused a back up for a few minutes. But who knows what else and of course with all the energetic work I’d been doing, it may have been a collective release as well like my head was.

Dave changed out the tire to our spare while I called around to tire places. It was 5pm at this point and some closed already and others open until 6 pm. Some I called were full and said no, they couldn’t help. Finally I called one where the guy was very understanding and said they’d look out for me. However, by the time the tire was on it was now close to 5:30 and we still had about a half hour drive to get there, which I could only do at 50 miles an hour tops, since I was driving on a spare.

I called them again while driving to let them know the situation and again he said he understood and they’d look for me. We managed to get there about 5 minutes before 6, but arrived to find they were crazy busy and bustling still. Dave spoke to them and our situation of fleeing from Tahoe and the guy was more than happy to help. They also just happened to have the right size tire we needed. It would take an hour – so they continued to stay open to help us and the other customers that were still there in need of help.

We decided I should continue on with the animals to our hotel destination, as it was too much to have them wait around. So, we transferred some things in the car and I continued on while Dave stayed back to wait for the car to be fixed.

And this is how I came to be with all three fur babies for the remainder of the 2 1/2 hours on. The prayer incantations, affirming songs, and melodies continued to flow and everyone was held in a peaceful, safe bubble the rest of the way. At this point I knew Astrid was going to be traveling the longest she ever had and I made sure to hold the highest vibe possible for her to lean on. In fact, that is what I kept telling all of them, that I had enough reserves of energy for all of them, and to lean on me, take my energy to keep them strong and healthy, systems moving and vitals vibrant, because I had more than enough to go around. I could feel myself as an open channel constantly receiving from Universal consciousness and then outflowing to them and everything all around. My energy reserves were continuously full no matter how much went out. My energy was on high, as darkness enveloped what now was a night’s drive, keeping me on high alert around curving, tight roads, and continually channeling energy like an energizer bunny, myself, that just keeps going.

Boojum was nestled peacefully on my lap, Astrid I could see was in a meditative rest, and Sweet Pea was curled up in a cuddle bed behind me.

We did make it safely to the hotel where I managed to get them in the room and set up and Dave was only about 25 minutes behind me to help with the rest.

My energy was through the roof so much, that even after we were fully unpacked into our room from two loaded cars, set up everyone, showered, checked on status in our area, etc., and laid my head on the pillow at midnight, I still could NOT go to sleep. It wasn’t worry or stress…it was high energy keeping me fully awake and conscious like the energizer bunny even though my legs slightly ached from the long drive. I think I likely got about 3 or so hours of sleep and woke still feeling high vibed and able to tackle the day ahead. We got some things handled we needed to, but most importantly we took in some good nurturing vegan food finds for breakfast and lunch that we found and a 4 + mile walk along the ocean cliffs, which was perfect to anchor in the water energy and extra peace to embody and be able to send to the fire situation and the communities back home. My eye somehow managed to see and find this tiny rock amidst the grass with painted, “Peace” message on it, which felt like a sign.

The lighthouse felt like a beacon of hope and that we each can be the light at the end of the tunnel for others, just as much as light is always present in our hearts within the darkness we journey.

This gave the animals a chance to rest and integrate, too, as they peacefully slumbered in their safe spaces the whole day.

I feel that being here in clear, fresh air, cool temperatures, and flowing ocean vibes is the perfect condition for me to be able to recharge, get nurturing water energy to fuel my Pisces soul, and continue sending out protective and supportive energy to the situations at hand without being bombarded by anything else coming at me.

Let these images wash over you with nurturing, cooling peace, expansive hope, and gentle flow of grace.

I did finally feel exhaustion set in yesterday evening and got a full and deep sleep in, despite troublesome info coming in about the situation the fire fighters were facing with the red flag warnings of crazy wind, inversions, and dry conditions that will last through end of today. Tomorrow is supposed to bring some relief for the fire fighters to be able to hopefully gain some more strong holds, containment, and continue herding the fire away in the direction they want with their plans.

All that to say, we’re safe and continue to hold peace, send energy and protection, strength and awareness to all back home. Our intentions are to support the land, animals, people, homes, and of course the incredible fire fighters who selflessly are working round the clock doing an amazing and dangerous job of protecting everyone. I can’t tell you how much my heart has opened even wider to feel their immense tenderness and care they channel through all that they are doing. Just wow!

Many of our friends have evacuated as well – some of whom have houses where the fire is looming closest and being diverted best they can right now.

We’re all safe, but so many animals, plants, land, and homes aren’t. It’s heart-breaking. Many people are facing some of the darkest hours in their lives and for them, let us hold a space of love and peace to nurture their hearts and help give them the strength to navigate the journey ahead. Time is fleeting on this Earth and to be in these spaces of divine love and unconditionally compassionate and kind spaces are what matters most. Our loved ones in animal and human bodies are most important. They can’t be replaced.

I gave my garden one last nurture before we left and took all the herbs and veggies with us for Astrid and us, since I didn’t know if they’d be there still. I sent protection to all my animal and plant family, the forest, our home, community, town, and Lake Tahoe region and beyond. It was interesting to see all my little bird, lizard, squirrel, and chipmunk friends gather around while I was outside, listening to me and joining in the love prayers.

I pray for the land and all of life to be cradled in loving arms and carried on wings of peace.

Let us each be a heart bridge for the journeys being traveled right now, and remember these challenging times of togetherness even when challenge isn’t present. To bring forth this depth of concern, care, and compassion through every single moment we’re alive on Earth and extend our hearts and hands to one another no matter what the circumstances.

One of my incantations included, “we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.”

You may recall that this is a line sung by the Whos in Whoville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (one of my fav songs that obviously is one of many things from childhood that has stuck with me)…the line goes, “Welcome Christmas while we stand, heart to heart and hand in hand!”

Know that we’re standing with all of you through every challenge being navigated across the globe…not just these fires, but everything creating division, confusion, or sense of despair and powerlessness.

Heart to heart and hand in hand we are bridges unto each other, standing strong across the land.

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