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So Much Joy, Gratitude & Love ~ Update On How Things Are Shaping Up

This is a post about joy, gratitude, and love – building blocks to manifesting a magickal and wondrous life and the foundations for supporting healing transmutation and implementation of passions into dreams come true. While some people might be thrown off balance or upset, down, and self-critical over a fracture (even the old me would have been too), I feel like everything is in flow, fresh, and thriving. Definitely some of that has to do with perspective, but it feels also to be about alignment and embrace of the harmonious spirals of life. I haven’t for a second felt anything other than harmony and gratitude since my hiking adventure that led to my injury, as it feels much more to be a reset aligned with life shifts, an igniting or opening (fissure) for the new to flow in, not to mention is mirroring the seasonal changes we’re going into from Summer to Autumn.

I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful things have been surrounding the onset of my fracture and what it has revealed and put into motion. It’s incredible to witness and review…in some ways mind-blowing because I can remember the difference in my processes over the course of my life with things and it’s so dramatically contrasting to what I experience now. This is how I can SEE things ARE in fact changing and can anchor in more and more gratitude.

I’d like to share a couple of updates and then some very beautiful and incredible experiences.

First off….more gratitude sent out to everyone who has sent their good and healing vibes my way and for sending Astrid birthday wishes. We so appreciate your love and I’d like to share that my foot is doing very well. I can’t believe it’s already going to be a week since it happened, come tomorrow! Time is literally whizzing by. OMGOSH!

I’ve made mental note of how my own nurturing processes are even in much higher gear, as I’m taking REALLY good care of myself with this fracture. I noted that last go-around I wasn’t as diligent with the process, although did do good things for it, but I didn’t baby my foot in the way I should have and still was focused on accomplishing and getting things done, rather than hunkering down into the full healing mode and not trying to see how much I could still squeeze out of it all.

This time it’s been pure healing, slow-down, and wise caution, not doing anything at all to inhibit my healing or see what I can possibly still do. I have been purely babying my foot, keeping my boot on at nearly all possible times (even when it bothered the Pisces me who likes my feet free! and even when I sleep) – and doing extra nurturing things, as well as making sure to ask for help, which Dave has been so sweetly pouring out anyway.

This has included long hours on the highest setting of my biomat for my foot the last few days and just recently starting up my comfrey poultices, after a friend picked up some for me since I couldn’t get out. Being my right foot, I’m in complete surrender of others taking care of me and driving me around….weeeeeee! That in the past would have bothered me and now I’m loving not being able to go anywhere and surrendering to that, but also enjoying the sweetness of support, love, and friendship.


Anyway, I am trying new poultices with comfrey root and this feels really symbolically and literally potent and even more aligned for me right now. I made a paste and wrapped in a thin cloth I placed in the freezer for just a bit….last night when I had it on it just felt so good….just like the biomat did….like aaahhhhhhh yummy healing for my foot.


The root feels so supportive of grounding, balancing, rooting, and Earthing that my Pisces feet can appreciate and integrate in a new way. After last night’s session of poultice while watching a movie, I literally woke this morning with my foot feeling stronger…literally!

I’ve also been doing Reiki on my foot and using a Selenite wand on the area of impact.

Good stuff, which I’ll continue to implement, along with wearing my boot all day (just as the doctor at the hospital told me too) other than when doing healing work like this to help compliment my healing process.

* (I’m not a doctor and nothing I share is offered as medical advice – CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL and see a doctor immediately if you have been injured. These are only my personal experiences I take responsibility for only for myself) *


Even my sweet Astrid has been helping. I thought she would be scared of my boot and crutches when I first came home with them, but she in fact was not and in fact has immediately gone about sharing her healing energy with me, reiterating my knowing she is a healing bunny. When ever I am near her, she will come over and nose my boot/foot, which is her way (all of my bunnies’ way) of administering healing. Their noses are a channel, just like our hands, to spread the energy and love. So sweet! I remember Nestor doing this, especially once for my mom in conjunction with me doing a Reiki Healing Attunement for her, which was like a super pow! Immediately shifted my mom into balance and feeling good. Astrid is definitely demonstrating the same power-packed punch!

So that’s a foot and healing update, which I envision continuing well and being speedy based on my experience with it so far and being a good patient. 😉

On another note, I have to share this incredible thing that happened on Thursday that blew me away. We had friends over since I still was in “stay home mode” and Dave had to go out to pick up food we ordered at our fav local Thai restaurant, since T – me – wasn’t cooking and staying off her feet.

A knock came at the door and I opened it to find no one there, except these beautiful babies and a note.


I immediately knew that our amazing friends had gone back to retrieve my crystal babies.

So, I’ll back up to help you understand this, as I likely wasn’t clear in my story of my hiking injury.

I had 2 big quartz in my back pack I was carrying, as they spoke to me needing to come home and would be a part of what I will be creating in the near future. We have guesstimated them to be at least 50 lbs. So, as you can tell, I was quite determined in carrying these for miles. It didn’t even phase me, as the mind is a miraculous thing. It also officially put me into back-packer status, carrying so much and being so small.

When I fell and went into trauma shock, I asked my friends to remove the pack immediately because I needed to focus on balancing from the nausea, shock, and turning white. (I really didn’t have any pain except an initial quick impact feeling of the break that was actually pretty subtle in comparison to my last fracture, but the body reacts this way to trauma impact).

In process of balancing and readying ourselves for what was next in getting me down the mountain, I told them to leave the crystals, which Dave reiterated, as it wasn’t as important as taking care of me, being that we didn’t know the severity of things.

So they were left on the side, and I did feel this underlying sadness, but also this odd sense of continued connection that wasn’t broken.

One other friend had been carrying a quartz too and she ended up leaving as well, down further on the path, to not impede her own journey back down.

Anyway, I hadn’t forgotten them and still felt this channel of connection between them, and oddly (which I never shared with anyone) I felt like they were still with me and/or would be somehow/some way, even if it meant they’d wait for me to return later or after the Winter thaw.

So fast forward to the door opening and there they were before me with the note.

I was overwhelmed with emotion that came forth later, as I was so excited and giddy that that took over.

I then caught glimpse to the left at the bottom of the stairs, one of our friends videoing me and my reaction and knew they’d gone back to get them.

Most of my reactions were in Faery laughter and astonishment, but it was also full of exhilaration and exuberant joy and gratitude that rushed through in realizing what incredible friends I had. Like so incredible you can’t even form words except to giggle forth with joy and to form joyous tears that bubbled in my eyes later when I was hugging them over and over.

Our friends had gone back that morning on a 5 hour hike JUST to retrieve my and our other friend’s 3 crystals (likely 60+ lbs and a gift or two they found for themselves for embracing the journey of love.

BESTEST friends ever!

They also shared with us these SO SO funny videos of documenting the journey back, which had us in belly laughs. I was especially laughing at our friend’s impression of me carrying the crystals in my pack and how I was still looking around at more and saying I can carry 1 or 2 more of these babies! This was funny because they now realized just how heavy the ones I had with me were, which made my saying this hilarious as to how my determined mind took over.

This photo puts into perspective the size of just the one largest one, which is of course the heaviest too. I’m still smiling though!!


The other VERY interesting thing they noted was that where I fell was exactly at the site of the quartz field we’d been waiting to reach. Dave kept saying there was another one because he’d been on the hike before, when the girls and I had stopped at the first one we found to look around. So he was telling us not to spend time because more were on the way. We never actually saw this other site, because my injury took over focus.

Well, on their way back to retrieve the crystals they found that where I fell (marked by where we left the crystals) was exactly where they were, just up the hill from there a bit. That gave me chills in thinking of the energetics of it all at work and the alignments igniting and activating once I’d reached this area infused with more crystal vibes.

The crystals are super special and you can’t even tell the beauty of them in the photos…their amazing color – one is pinkish and the other like a golden apricot – and both have all this sparkly clear quartz infusions into the raw natural quartz rock. Amazing specimens and masterful beings!!


I’m still overwhelmed by it and also anchoring in more and more gratitude and realization that this is the new reality I have created for myself (and that is possible) where everything in it is a reflection of alignment and love…supportive energies…beautiful souls working together for a greater good….everyone mindful of and helping each other’s needs and dreams, but also supporting their own and their dreams, which brings together the highest of vibes and the power of the collective to move mountains…..or in this case to carry 60+ lbs of crystals.

It literally has to be one of the most special things I’ve ever received..and I don’t mean the crystals (although I’m in awe and gratitude of them being with me), but the gesture of true love and friendship.

These same friends also picked up my comfrey for me (it even had a Tinkerbell on the bag from the store!) and brought over some amazing organic “dragonfly” spicy black chai.


After that, our other friends arrived and I was then gifted a mini wardrobe of clothes she was moving out and thought were perfect for me and they were!

I was/am really feeling the love and I know that this is mirroring the fact that I’ve finally really anchored in taking care of myself, listening to my dreams and needs too, and balancing out that martyr energy of always giving out and never receiving – not to mention have implemented healthy boundaries. In the past receiving was hard and now it feels natural because it IS the natural flow and cycle.

You can’t just give, give, give….and you can’t just receive, receive, receive…

There is a flow of exchange to be open to and grateful for and it is all-encompassing of both being inherent in the wholeness of BEING. That is also the nature of Reiki….a harmonious circuit of flow in and out, which if blocked in any way, is the cause of challenges and dis-ease.

Yesterday was my first full outing since fracturing my foot, which included errands related to the new, a hair appointment for me, visiting my parents, and Dave getting a haircut by my mom (she has been a beautician although doesn’t do it professionally anymore since leaving her birth place, France).

I was feeling high-vibed to get a refresh on my hair, which included cut/thinning for lightness and hair getting to all silver and brown (my roots), which feels SO different and SO good. There’s constantly this recreating energy taking place to keep up with the ever-shifting energies. If I’m not naturally shape-shifting, then I’m assisting it. I also thought it was fun that my stylist styled my hair with loose spirals for a change, which felt mirroring of all the snake energy around me lately and the spiraling of the journey of life in general. I don’t ever curl my hair, as I don’t have the tools and usually just let my hair dry naturally so this was a fun update although brief.


We also got good news on this day/yesterday for something that has been in the works and took a huge turn the day before that could have gone a whole other way, but I worked with the Faeries, Buffalo energy, and did a Reiki Healing Attunement for, resulting in being told to fully trust, know what we want, and take assertive stance of our needs and the rest would be taken care of…and it was!

I’m saving that for a future post, but is something very exciting to me and going to anchor in everything further and more richly.

Lastly, I am happy to say that my book is back on track with the time off my feet and I should be able to have exciting news on that too here shortly!

We are all in this together and bringing your best “foot” forward with all of your parts together in unified alignment, sharing lots of love, joyous infusion and supportive action of your passions, and a LOT of gratitude and healthy balance supports harmony to take form in relative ways for each of us.

Spreading Ashes, Spreading Joy ~ Cosmic Encounters & Sacred Connections


Yesterday was our last day, for now, in the U.S. and in East Glacier National Park, Montana, as we journey forward over the border into Canada today to Waterton Park, Alberta. There we’ll be exploring Waterton Lakes National Park at the north end of Glacier and deeper northern region of the Rockies. I couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful and magickal experience to celebrate this last day and my connection with both Joy and Nestor, as the day unfolded divinely with manifestations galore that were in support of our sacred connection and activation ritual they were guiding me to initiate here.

It was so heart and soul rich that it deserved its own blog, alongside a recap blog of this past week that is forthcoming.

Our journey led us to the Many Glacier entrance of the park on the north east side of Glacier where we were feeling drawn to do the hike to Grinnell Lake. It ended up being about a 7 1/2 mile roundtrip hike that took us past two other lakes – Swiftcurrent Lake that gorgeous Many Glacier Hotel sits on and Lake Josephine  – as well as wanders through amazing vistas that take your breath away (more of those photos will be in my recap blog).

What we didn’t know was that it also had the opportunity to swing up to Hidden Falls, which proved to be a guiding force for this journey.

I’d been feeling that somewhere in Glacier would be where some of Joy’s ashes would come to rest, as she had led us to Montana (extending her physical body’s presence with us until getting there, as a pointer for me). I had always felt that Montana was an important part of this journey for some reason, and those reasons would unfold once I was there. It also happened to be a place I’d made energetic connection to 20 years ago when I passed through Glacier on the Amtrak train, coming to reconnect with the Blackfeet Indians at my touch down – more on that in the next blog.

I knew it was a place for soul retrieval and activation work, as well as collective empowerment work for the Blackfeet and more.

What I didn’t know was that Nestor would, in partnership with Joy, be a part of this. But that became more clear as the week unfolded.

Interestingly, I hadn’t been led to take Joy’s and Nestor’s ashes with us on our daily hiking adventures, except for this last day in East Glacier.

So we gently packed them up in our backpack and we were off.

I had no idea if I’d actually be spreading their ashes or not, as I would wait for the messages and guidance, and the feeling had to be just right.

This hike was such a stunning journey and I increasingly was feeling the build up of energy that was signifying to me this was going to take place…I just had to wait for the right moment and signs.

Along the way I was soul infused by the beauty that resonated so deeply with my essence and all the things I love.



About a little over half way to Grinnell Lake my first sign appeared, although it hit me with astounding clarity later.

We’d seen a couple of animal friends run across the path like chipmunks and marmots, but suddenly two deer now appeared.

The wild thing is, which seems to happen all the time with instant manifestation after intent or thought, I had literally 1 second before seeing them said in my head, “I wonder where the deer and elk are, as we haven’t seen them since West Glacier.”

Bam! Hello deer!



Two does (female deer) stepped out of the brush, literally 5 feet away from me, as I was leading the way on our hike.

They were so incredibly beautiful, delicate, and otherworldly.



I knew they were not of this world, but in it right now, as they felt and looked so cosmic – extraterrestrial in nature, combined with a human, deer, and magickal quality. Shapeshifters indeed.

Dave and I stopped and just enjoyed connecting with them.


I talked to them, as they looked at me and wandered back and forth across the path, eating and making sure we were aware that they wanted to connect and communicate. They were in no need or rush to leave us.




This lasted for quite some time and then an older couple at the other end of the path approached. They saw the deer with us and so they stopped too – the woman taking photographs, as I was.

The four of us were all peaceful and calm, mirroring these lovely creatures’ energy. And so they remained.

They continued slowly moving down the path, beckoning us to follow and so we did. They were constantly keeping in very close proximity to us, without wandering much farther away than 15 feet, then returning close by again within 5 or so feet.

Eventually we decided to move on and the other couple followed our cue.

As we passed each other, the woman said to me, “how lucky we are.”

But the man said to me, “you’re not done yet.”

The couple left and Dave and I lingered a bit more with the does, then decided to fully continue on, feeling grateful for the time they had shared with us.

They came onto the path ahead of us, as if leading us down the path and wanting us to follow again, which we did.



After a while they wandered further into the brush a bit, still wanting to connect, but then we heard a lot of noise coming up behind us. A family with young kids that were being a bit rambunctious and another couple ahead with loud bells on them to ward off bears.

I looked at the two deer and they looked at me. Their calm energy was about to be disrupted and perhaps even become distressed and scared by this energy, as I heard the family behind say, “Look there’s deer!” and were rushing forward.

I wanted to protect them.

So I said to the two does, “Hurry, go! Go hide!”

And they instantly listened and separated – one to each side of the path and went deeper into the brush so they weren’t as accessible anymore.

I said to Dave, after a while of contemplating what the man said, “I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what he meant. Seems like a message that something more is to come.”

Dave said, “maybe he wasn’t just a man,” in his sort of serious joking voice.

I said, “now you’re catching on,” and I giggled.

We continued on and arrived at Grinnell Lake, crossing rivers, creeks, and passing a sign for Hidden Falls, to which I said, “we’ll go there on the way back.”

Grinnell Lake was stunning.


More of that amazing aqua water that I see all around here in Glacier because of the glacial silt that catches the sun so amazingly, a bunch of cascading waterfalls coming down the snow laced mountains, and amazing colors and textures speaking so vibrantly to all of the senses.

We spent some time connecting there, finding this perfect place to sit away from the people at the opening of the lake. It was a wood plank someone had set in between two trees, creating a little bench framed and cradled by the trees’ branches and facing the lake, mountains, and waterfalls. I loved it!


I tuned in, as I had wondered if this would be where their ashes would go, knowing that it was to be in sacred water. Visually, one would think it would have been here, but because I felt all things would be harmoniously guiding me, having the wind blowing at me so strongly, which would mean the ashes would be blown at me or washed immediately on the shore, this was indication that it was not in alignment here to do this.

I was to flow with nature, not work against it.

So, after a while we decided to head back and went back to where the sign for Hidden Falls was.

Up we climbed, passing another older couple on their way down. The woman says to me, “it’s so beautiful!”

I smiled, and said, “oh good! I’m so glad!” Feeling, hmmmm, this could be the place.

We arrived at the top and Hidden Falls was indeed beautiful and quite magickal.


So gorgeous with the green moss covered dark rocks carved by the cascading water that created an aqua pool below and was surrounded by joyous flowers and a mountain peak extending upwards from the top.

It had rained lightly on and off on this hike, and when we arrived it began to sprinkle.

There was a viewing platform to take in the waterfall, but it was away from the water and so once again, I was wondering how this could work for spreading their ashes.

Dave noted that there was a way down to some overhanging rocks, if we climbed through the wooden railings and hiked down. It seemed slick with mud and rock, so I was contemplating, especially since we weren’t fully sure the edge would drop right off to the water.

But something drew my attention to the ground just on the other side of the wooden railings where my eyes lit up and I said, “Look!! It’s a red heart! A larger version of the little red heart I found a couple of days ago and had just posted about this morning on Facebook!” The rain drops were just starting to fall upon it, revealing its true, deep red color that the water unveiled – matching my stone at home.


I’d shared that the little one had been one of many heart stones along the paths that I’ve been seeing and gifted since Joy transitioned, along with feathers – both feeling like her angelic love and presence guiding and supporting me daily.


So as soon as I saw this large red heart, I instantly said, “That’s the sign I was waiting for! This is it! This is the place!” And my hesitation about going down the cliff completely dissipated and I actually ended up being the one leading the way.

We climbed down to the rock edge above the falls and I peered over with glee seeing that in fact the ashes would go directly into the water below when thrown. Yay!

So we sat at the edge, with lovely yellow flowers between us and the falls, and I gingerly started opening the sacred boxes housing Joy’s and Nestor’s ashes.



I took out Joy’s ashes first, untying the bag that held her white essence.

I pinched a little of her loveliness and with complete joy, some weeeeeeee’s and yay’s I released her above the waters below, watching her merge with the beautiful aqua sacredness. I did this twice and each time filled with “joy” and celebration, as I said, “go beautiful Joy and do your thing!” knowing that her powerful essence would work magickal alchemy beyond what anyone could imagine in coming to rest and merge here.

After Joy’s ashes, I did the same with Nestor’s, which were a gray essence, feeling that they were meant to work and be together, as they always have been and always will. Again, with extreme “joy” I released Nestor to join in the celebration and sacred intention.

Both of their ashes not only merged with the waters below, but with the waters from the sky above as well, as some of their ashes were gently carried by the raindrops to their resting place below.

Such beautiful symbolism and the most perfect, mirroring place for both of them in these Hidden Falls surrounded by Faery magick galore! The water here would journey down and connect with Josephine Lake where we’d be journeying back along.

And it felt so perfect and light, which was a different experience from all of the times I’d spread Nestor’s ashes in other sacred areas across the globe where it was very serious, more drawn out, and included some shedding of tears most of the time.

This was the new way and my new path of harmony, joy, and ease. Not to mention the new way for us all.

Just as potent. Just as magickal. Yet I could get there by means of a different path now.

Thank you my precious partners!

I snapped a photo of this enchanted sacred place to remember it always and then we made our way back up and to the other side of the wooden railings.



Crossing the boundary back into the realm from which we’d left, now returning in renewed harmony.

We made our way down the hiking trail back to the main path and as we were walking I was saying to Dave how perfect all of it was and how meant to be, commenting on the details, the heart, the lightness of it all, and no one being around or coming near while we did this.

I finished this joyous review with a connection that suddenly hit me.

The two does we’d seen were Joy and Nestor!



That’s why they connected so much. That’s why they were so otherworldly.

They had shapeshifted or sent these deer as messengers to me, directly from them.

The second I said that, again instantly, the same two does showed up at the bottom of the trail to Hidden Falls where it meets Grinnell Lake Trail.

They had followed us all that way, or had just manifested in that moment, to confirm what I was saying and to thank me for what I had just done!

I was so excited and felt the beautiful completeness of it all.

We connected a bit, then Dave went on and I lingered slightly, then I thanked them and went on myself.

When I caught up with Dave I said, “Now it makes sense what that man was saying to me.”

The rest of the hike back I was elated and gliding along with my heart in overload.

Near the end of the trail I then looked down and saw a feather. It was a twin to the feather I’d found the day before in terms of being the same kind of feather from the same bird.


Two parts of a whole, each unique, but connected, just like my sweet Joy and Nestor.

Again, another sign and gift from Joy and Nestor together as confirmation of this joyous completion.

We got back to the car and decided to visit Many Glacier Hotel on our way out, which was just lovely (more photos to come in the upcoming recap blog). We enjoyed a refreshment there overlooking the view and I reflected on it all.



Then back in the car we went to head home to the Magick Bus and Cosmo who I was excited to go share the experience with, although I knew he was aware of it.

Just before we leave through this area of the park to get on the highway that’s when our first Black Bear shows up – again another thing we’d just mentioned earlier.

Dave had wondered why a bear hadn’t shown up yet.

I’d said to him, “One will show up when we are in need of its energy and message.”

And so I guess now was that time.



She caught my eye as we were driving and so we got out to connect more, as I was able to snap some photos of this beauty relishing on the abundance of berries in the lushness of the mountain, fully in her “joy”.

Right as we got to the edge of Browning – the town I’d stopped in 20 years ago and was taken in by the Blackfeet family – a small rainbow appeared in the clouds across the fields – the second rainbow we’d seen here in East Glacier.

The first rainbow was on our first day of arrival here when we also saw our moose friend, but now it was book-ending our time here on the last day and after this beautiful and sacred experience.

It’s hard to see it in the photo, but it is at center of the clouds in the background and was quite vibrant in person.



And for the first time, at this end of the park, a huge herd of Bison appeared in the fields in front of the rainbow and I was filled with “joy” watching the little ones running exuberantly, as their mothers playfully joined in.

In Life & Death, “Joy” Is Always There

I felt guided to recount my last days and what I experienced with my rabbit, Joy, through video share rather than writing a long account. It felt to be a more personal, transparent, and vulnerable way to do so, while also the way of honoring that felt most resonant. While I didn’t share every detail, it is still a long video, and is a way to express what has happened to all who have been asking, wondering, and have shared concern, a way to process more layers of my integration with it, and a way to be of assistance to others that are going through loss, as well as to help understand these natural and yet magickal cycles.

The video was shot in one succession of recount, however due to its size I was cut off during it and had to re-record immediately where I left off, multiple times. Due to that, there may be a couple of words where the videos are threaded together that are lost, but the general message should all be there and I did my best to pick back up and repeat where I left off.

I didn’t know how it would come through, nor prepared for it, so what ever was meant to I believe did.

Here is the video share from my heart:

There are a few things I wanted to add that are beautiful memories for me, which I’ll do so interspersed with some beautiful photo memories of Joy in her last days (which you’ll find at the end) and over time, here below.


I mention in the video that I knew this was coming for Joy, I just didn’t know the exact time until the day of her passing. That morning I knew she was leaving and said that to both Dave and Janet, who was still around at the time. I knew she wouldn’t make it through that day, but there were different scenarios that could play out and I was only concerned with the path of least pain for her and to honor her wishes, so going to any extent was necessary in my mind, which ended up being driving nearly 2 hours to create the alignments necessary.


But a few days before her having more issues and my taking her in for surgery, I had a dream. It was more involved than what I’ll share, but I don’t remember anything more than this.


In the dream she was a giant bunny, the same size as me. It was her, but there were also some elements of Nestor in her. I remember her taking her paws and back legs and wrapping them fully around me, and then me doing the same with my own arms and legs, leaving us in a giant embrace and snuggling one another like a big bear hug – my face immersed in her soft fur.


I felt her immense love in this human-sized hug and when I woke I knew she was wanting to let me know that she appreciated all of my efforts, that she knew I was doing all that I could, that she loved me so much, and for me to know she was preparing to leave.


So, things from there were not surprising and it was definitely no coincidence she chose a cosmic portal and full moon to bridge her journey to the beyond.


To demonstrate Joy’s ever-giving love and devotion to being of service, while she was ill, just before I was able to get her in to have surgery, I wanted to give Dave a Reiki healing attunement for things that he was going through and in the middle of the attunement, Joy hopped over and helped out. She went to his right foot and nosed him, sitting there flowing Reiki to him along with me until I was done. Something Nestor also used to do. I managed to capture a quick photo in the midst of things, as I wanted Dave to see how much she loved him and had been helping out despite her own challenges.


Another beautiful moment was after her surgery when I went in to see her to take her home and she immediately licked my hand to greet me. She is not a licker like Cosmo, as this is a new expression of affection for her of recent, so it was quite touching. Again, I knew she was thanking me for helping to ease her physical pains with the surgery and also sharing her love and happiness to see me.

Cosmo and JoyJoy and Cosmo3love

I mentioned in the video that my friend Christopher, who had joined on my sacred journey to Peru last March for the Equinox, was supportive through the process…synchronously Joy had chosen to transition in Bozeman, Montana where he just so happened to live and so there was divine alignment in his being there for me, as I had been there for him in Peru, which was incredibly beautiful.


Not only was I able to stay at his house, since I had to drive an hour and 45 minutes to get her to the ER there, but he was with me when I received the news, drove me back to say goodbye to her physical body and make arrangements for her ashes, gave me a moss agate healing pendant gift that has been supportive through the process, and then continued to provide his loving friendship and connection during our days in Bozeman, which included an epic hike in honor of Joy and to send out energy to the collective through a crystal grid (more on that in an upcoming post).


I will never forget the last day I had with Joy where I stayed home with her and basically laid on the floor next to her for hours snuggling and petting her, trying to syringe feed, hydrate, and give her meds so she didn’t have pain, and playing music to her while I sang from my heart. I left her for only about 45 minutes to an hour to take a walk on the lake where we were staying, check in on Janet’s dog, Daisy, stay grounded and balanced, and to do a sound channeling, which I shared already called – Preparing the Way.


Music, sound, and singing seemed to be the theme for our last day together, as that continued on the long car ride to the ER, and has been a connective thread to our relationship over all of the years she’s been with me.


I picked up Joy’s ashes when we officially landed in Bozeman, this past Sunday and it was an emotional release again when I brought her ashes to Dave waiting in the car.


He had not been there, as we were apart when she passed, so it was emotionally unleashing for him and we shared some tears and I found myself comforting him, rather than needing the comfort myself due to my integrating the processes that have been leading up to this unfolding.


Synchronously, Joy’s doctor texted me right after I picked up her ashes. He’d called me the night of her passing and now was checking in on me and how I was doing and how Cosmo was with everything, as we had discussed him as well in our hours of talking.


He had even offered help and consulting for Cosmo if ever I needed it. He definitely was going way beyond the call of any duty, as he is truly an angel. He wanted me to continue to keep him posted about Cosmo and told me he thought I was a special soul and beyond any doctor client thing, if ever I was back in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, he would love to meet and connect again, and give me another hug in person. ❤


Just a couple of days before receiving Joy’s ashes we spent an evening having refreshments on Yellowstone River, reminiscing about Joy and reviewing all of her life over sweet and funny photos and videos I have stored on my phone – the only photos I keep on my cell phone are nearly 500 photos of Joy and Cosmo. 🙂


It has definitely been a celebration and honoring of both her life and death, but mostly just about her eternally beautiful, joyous, sweet, and magnanimous soul.

I mentioned in a previous post about the special bottle pendants I had the foresight of getting to house some of the ashes of all three of my bunnies that I would keep – the rest to spread on the Earth where I felt led. Yesterday, on the day I made this video while Cosmo was in surgery, I also transferred Joy’s ashes to her bottle.

I am guided that I will be spreading the rest of both Nestor’s and Joy’s ashes somewhere. The place for Nestor is known and perhaps Joy will be with her, or somewhere else maybe in Montana since she chose this state and I’ve felt Montana was important for a while, not knowing why. I have spread Nestor’s ashes in many sacred places across the globe, but feel the journey is complete and all will come to rest somewhere shortly. The same with Joy’s.

It is time for them to both fully be released.


Joy’s passing to the otherworld is definitely the end of an era in my life and the beginning of a new one.

Here is the sweet way that Joy’s ashes were presented to me in a little flower tin marked “Joy Marie” inside a velvet bag with a card that has wildflower blooms inside of a heart to plant in her honor and quotes about the Rainbow Bridge, along with these:

…love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. ~Khalil Gibran 

Grief never ends…but it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It is the price of LOVE ❤


I am grateful to have known, cherished, and been present with the depth of love and my love for Joy before separation. Separation simply reiterates its magnitude I will never lose feeling of.

I have experienced the passages of grief, coming to honor and embrace its beauty and significance and I share my vulnerability through those passages, as my testament of that love and trust continuously expanding.

GAM_9305 web

Full Moon Celebrations of “Joy” & “Cosmo”

Another Full Moon is upon us so quickly, once again. Indeed time is speeding up and becoming the seamless moment.

Today’s Full Moon in Virgo, balancing out Sun in Pisces, may find some of you feeling a bit out of sorts, combined with some of the other planetary placements going on. And yet, what I’ve come to embrace in my life is remembering that change can be uncomfortable, but that isn’t a gauge of things NOT working. Quite on the contrary, it reflects that things are actually in process of shifting and the degrees to which you feel discomfort or flow with them, are subject to what you deem important enough to embrace or fight.

We’re constantly being asked to have greater patience, flexibility, flow, resiliency, openness, gentleness with ourselves, and conscious awareness of aligning synchronicities that are trying to get our attention, while adjusting things to find the productive balance that reflects each given moment.

Mystic Mama shares:

“With the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, let’s call forth a feminine softening to help us flow, grace to help us be more compassionate with ourselves and others, and healing as we gently move into our wholeness.”

This is much what I shared feeling upon returning from Iceland…this softening into a greater sense of my essence and wholeness that felt empowering.

Divine Harmony shares these things I find also especially resonating presently:

“So we are in a powerful lunar cycle territory with a focus on endings and new beginnings and how to navigate from point A to point B with as much grace, ease and humor as we possibly can…Finding that tenuous balance between action, assertion and taking a stand- and being able to be aware of others, their needs and realize that we aren’t the good ones doing everything right, while others are the bad ones doing everything wrong is key to sanity right now. The Truth lies somewhere in between and this week the journey is navigating from the head- which is judgmental, discerning and discriminating- to the heart, which is all encompassing and has both a soft Love and a fierce Love. When we can hold both of these oppositions and bring them together in a form that works together- we will find dramatic shifts in our inner lives, outer lives and relationships…The best use of this Full Moon can be about harnessing the potential for self-adjustments, inner work and healing. Virgo is the virgin, but the original meaning of the word did not mean woman who never had sex. It means woman who owned herself and was whole unto herself. So the Highest potential of this Full Moon is moving towards profound healing and wholeness– within as well as without in the form of relationships (and the key is knowing that the inner informs the outer).”

What are you experiencing? I know some have been in a bit of an upheaval, others coming out of that, and still others feeling “in the flow” and as if their life is just beginning in the way they always knew would, but felt on hold until now.

In the midst of all of this, I am indeed experiencing a greater wholeness and richness in life, while much is transitioning in and out of it. And would identify with the latter renewal sort of energy that has long felt promised by the work I was engaging throughout my life.

cosmo apple reward

Cosmo in his new physical therapy 8 foot long runway that supports him upright to walk the length. He is good at doing it back and forth until he tuckers out, with or without reward. Here is getting one 🙂

Cosmo, my sweet bunny companion has been one of the rich gifts showing up that has been aiding this process in my life and all those around him. His presence has helped bring extra magick to the magick already present, creating a greater completion and balance.

The dynamics simply between him and Joy demonstrate much of this profound healing, acceptance of flow, assertion of boundaries, times for soft and fierce love, personal adjustments, endings of parts of oneself, beginnings of new parts, and the seamless place the two meet that create the emerald bridge of wholeness.

All of this has directly rippled out to the rest of us in the household and has been a guiding force in how I then engage others by mirror of what this is engaging and inspiring me to embody.

physical therapy orthopedic runway for cosmo 8 feet long 5 in wide 10 in high carpeted bottom

Physical therapy orthopedic runway for Cosmo – 8 feet long 5 inches wide and 10 inches high with carpeted bottom. Dave made this to help him while I was away. So awesome!

While I was away I was strongly connected to both Joy and Cosmo, seeing and feeling them with me daily and reminding me of the energy they each teach me and help me to integrate. Being a Pisces, I know the challenges of balancing the Virgo and Pisces energies and this has been something that has been deepening in integration recently.

Cosmo has brought an added peace to my sometimes overhauled masculine energies. His peaceful integrated male energy has been softening and soothing for that, while also reminding me what I know about gentle strength.

And Joy’s energy and shifts in response to all of it have been mirroring my own and supporting that process, while also reminding me of how to honor what is healthy and supportive to my balanced well-being, which can then be relaxed in the mystery of feminine beingness, as a result of doing so.

A lot of this feels like the energies around this time period and Full Moon.

bunnies and kitties family

Bunnies and Kitties all hanging out while mom is away. Cosmo has a special baby pool tub that is portable to give him a place to feel safe and to rest without potty accidents 😉

And it is on this Full Moon that I am so deeply happy to announce that adoption of Cosmo is moving forward officially!!!


As you remember, we’ve been fostering him, with hopes to adopt. The only factor truly was in wanting to make sure both bunnies were going to be okay with everything, as I did not want either of them to be unduly challenged by added stress that would torment them and their own paths and needs in life.

bunnies and kitties

More Bunny and Kitty fun

Before I went away, I felt this was coming, but while away I would receive updates on the little ones and my bond with each was deepening through our connecting via distance, edging things into greater solidifying feeling of this.

I saw how well they were doing and even with some skirmishes, it was all really healthy and balanced.

rabbit acupuncture

Cosmo receiving his acupuncture session and hooked up to the electrodes. He loves feeling the energy move through him, going into zen mode, and is doing really well with this.

After long discussions, tuning in, and also receiving feedback from my dear Laura Bruno, who had so generously gifted me animal communication sessions with the bunnies as part of my birthday gift, it became fully clear that the time was at hand.

And so I’ve already started the process today on the Full Moon and likely by tomorrow or end of week it will all be official!

So no more will I have to refer to him at any time at the vet or in other communications, as Blizzy. He will be able to fully be Cosmo on every level, which I am so happy to know he is grateful for and appreciative of my recognizing who he REALLY is and what his name REALLY was.

So Cosmo will be a permanent part of the family. No more will I be referred to as the foster parent when I see the vet, nor will I need to receive authorization for things with him. We will be a sovereign family unit and he will have a forever, safe, loving, sacred home here where he will be honored and cherished for the soul that he is.

joy and cosmo in the tub

Joy likes to hop in the pool tub with Cosmo

I am so in love with him, as I equally love my precious and amazingly brave and compassionate Joy who has offered to support him with Reiki and at the right timing will become his Reiki Master Teacher, just as Nestor has been a teacher to her, passing on her lineage.

I love all the souls in my life in animal baby bodies on Earth and beyond. There is a different connection, purpose, and relationship to each that has its perfection.

Cosmo has enriched all of our lives here in so many ways. And this team of him and Joy feels like a power duo in cultivation. Combine that with the ever-watchful and supportively guiding Nestor and Gaia and there is much magickal mischief to be had.

sweet pea curious about joy and cosmo

Sweet Pea curiously watches Joy and Cosmo in the pool together

This official declaration feels very appropriate to my return from Iceland birthday celebrations and before embarking again to Peru. Something energetic about it bridging these energies and solidifying things feels potent.

Baby Cosmo in dreamland all tuckered out after his physical therapy

Baby Cosmo in dreamland all tuckered out after his physical therapy

And the commitment to this role along our shared path, as a complete soul family in every sense of the word, feels somehow balancing, integrating, and healing to the essence of who I am…and speaks to the Virgo/Pisces wholeness energy right now brought to forefront.

Feeling very celebratory these days and this is another continued and cherished birthday gift – the kind that will keep on giving!

My Own Little Private Idaho

I’ve been enjoying a very mellow, nurturing, and productive birthday week and all the while being grateful for the peace I’ve cultivated in my life. Part of that has come through the focus on creating balance and part of that has been a commitment to changing the patterns that really never were who I am, while putting boundaries in place that honor my needs and well being.

I’m extra grateful for this sense of peace, as the outer world increasingly throws around a lot of chaos. It helps me not only to manage my energy and not become debilitated or controlled, but it supports my ability to hold anchor for others, and have the energy reserves to send out and share with the collective.

The weather has been beautiful, although warm for this time of year, so I’ve enjoyed solo ski days and even a lovely walk down to the lake.

I enjoy and desire my own alone time so much so that I carve it out in any way I can outside of the times I spend otherwise.

For instance, on my birthday I went skiing and as I was preparing to head on the first lift I noticed this man looking at me and smiling as if he knew me. I smiled, but went on my way. I guess he got on a few chairs behind me. At the top I had to get to the next lift. I was waiting for a few people to get on the chair when someone comes swishing quickly up to my side. It was the man. I immediately didn’t like the feeling, as I sensed he wanted to ride with me and his energy was overbearing and like he ran the show. I don’t ride these two lifts with anyone, as they’re long rides of 10 minutes each and there’s never a need to because there’s no line. It’s also my favorite thing to do, because it’s so meditational. I especially wasn’t going to ride with someone on my birthday when I specifically chose to do this for my own little private Idaho time with nature.

Anyway, he proceeds to point at me and then to himself and says, “you and me?”

I immediately reply, “I’d rather go by myself, thanks.”

His reaction was one of like I should have felt privileged, although it was his way of covering up that he felt rejected – an ego blow.

He went quickly ahead of me and I waited for the next chair.

When I got on, I noticed that his chair was #69 and mine was #70. That put me in a chair that equaled 7, which matched my new birthday 7 year cycle I was entering.

This is the kind of experience that speaks to truth and boundaries, but how kindness truly is inherit in truth. I was kind to myself and my needs and kind in not being false to this man who obviously had other agendas on his mind.

It’s always a balancing act, but with mindfulness we can make highest good decisions from a grounded and centered place.

The temperatures do keep oscillating, just as the world scene does, so I take advantage of every day and opportunity…never pushing off what I can do right now and never giving away my power when I can embrace it today.

This is part of my life balance I am committed to and it extends to how I navigate even the mundane things in my life.

No more pushing or trying to cram as much in as possible out of some sense of needing to attain something false.

I embrace what I can and I flow with the rest.

One of the ways in which I’ve added to that peace, is discovering what I’ve now come to call “my own little private Idaho” while skiing.

My Own Private Idaho is the name of an older movie from 1991, and although it is a story of embarking on a journey of personal self discovery, there’s not really any other reason that would connect why I’ve adopted this name other than I like the reference to something “my own” and the reflection of the vast, expansive, solitude of some of the scenes in Idaho within the film.

It just came to me instantly when I created the space I did and it adds another layer to that peace I keep anchoring in my life – finding ways, that no matter what’s going on around me I can always create my own reality.

What it means literally is I’ve discovered a way to have peace while skiing, so I’m not in the midst of a bunch of people zooming around me and I don’t have to be on high alert all the time. I’ve carved out the most beautiful space where I get to immerse in nature, have downloads come through, experience expansive openings, and make skiing even something more to look forward to, while I continue to cultivate my experience.

So much so, I’ve continued doing my solo skiing while Dave has been away and it’s been my meditational time up high on the mountain with beautiful views all around me and flocked tree tops that whisper secrets.

And speaking of whispers…the above photo I took on my birthday is from the front yard where I have iris and daffodil bulbs planted that come up each year. The last two years my lilac irises have shown up miraculously for my birthday. This year they are slightly delayed, but as you can see I have some babies about to blossom.

This is just one of several bunches that have sprouted and I imagine within the next week I’ll see the first ones peaking their heads out.

Their timing, although slightly delayed from the last two years by a week or two, is still pretty normal to previous years. For this year, the delay feels like a perfect pause and that oscillation I spoke of where there just seems to be a little more incubation time needed before jumping ahead.

This photo of my plants sprouting creates such a sweet little bed mixture of cultivation and wild. It also feels like a little piece of peace for the in between and from the depths of winter’s slumber, new life emerges.

I can’t remember if I’ve written about this in a blog post, but I’ve been talking about it with people around me. Oh, actually it was part of a theme and space I held in the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum for the souls that have been moving on in large numbers these days both in human and animal bodies. In any event, what some of us had been noting is how the circle of souls transitioning seems to be closing in tight, increasingly.

Whereas before it seemed people were passing that we may have known of remotely, or through someone, or grew up watching on tv, or very far family removed, some of us noted in our personal lives, that that no longer was the case. People were directly connected or once-removed. And many of them without any warning. Just out of the blue.

This may not be the case for everyone, but a few of us were experiencing this at high rates and it’s added to the energy we need to navigate, but also brought the experience of death more tangible. In my feeling, to help us understand eternal existence and that life and death are but two sides of the same coin. Again, the dance of duality very loudly playing out. It also speaks to me of the energies lining up in ways that support the next phase unfolding…some of that being a rearranging of souls on and off Earth.

We had recently lost very close friends we grew up with that were like family or aunts and uncles out of the blue. And they were just two of many more.

To add to this, I just got some shocking news yesterday that a dear friend of mine since about 2005, transitioned on the eve of my birthday.

This would make the second death of someone close to me falling on my birthday – my paternal grandma and now this friend.

While I say shocking, on the one hand transitions happening out of the blue these days I do understand very deeply in the grand scheme of what is unfolding energetically. It was just more surprising because of the fact that there was no indication of anything being wrong, we had just spoken, and it aligned with my birthday.

I don’t take these things lightly, as when something happens so connected with me, I pay attention. So, I was filled with chills in receiving the news and will be taking time to integrate it all.

He had just emailed me in the morning to wish me happy birthday and I messaged him back…then he passed that same evening to the shock of everyone.

I’m sending huge supportive love and energy to his family and friends, as he was a beloved soul to many. He and I shared a spiritual connection that has been very special over the years. I’m also going to be tuning in more with him to see what he has to share.

So, I’m extra present around gratitude for the peace I’ve carved out in my life, as it definitely supports me in holding space for these kinds of things, for the people it affects, and for just navigating it all.

I feel that cultivating your own little private Idaho in any and/or all areas of your life can truly be a life saver and in these wild times, doesn’t really feel to be a luxury. We need that sense of peace in order to maintain momentum in other directions.

I continue to have harmony and peace as my motivators. It’s not to me about the extremes of feelings…so while joy and happiness, and all those ecstatic bliss experiences can be nice…they’re fleeting and not sustainable. Just as we also wouldn’t and likely couldn’t always be in a space of sadness, anger, and resentment. Peace provides us the ability to move in and out of experiences and always know our way back.

It’s that balance that unifies and harmonizes.

On a lighter note, thank you to Astrid for peeking out and shifting things through her peaceful anchor. She’s been nudging my ankles and feet while writing this post. Let me just add a huge burst of gratitude to her, as it bears noting. Astrid has been an increasingly powerful partner in all of my energy work lately. She actually just nudged my ankle while I wrote that! LOL! She’s been coming behind me like Nestor would, and nosing the backs of both of my ankles when I do Reiki Healing Attunements. This infusion of her and my energy together has been extra potent. She’s always helped, but she’s been much more physically engaged than doing it energetically alone. I so love and appreciate her!

Okay, so now that I shared that very important acknowledgment, if you think Astrid looks curious in the above photo, she too is enjoying all the new founded peace we’ve been cultivating together, but also has an announcement about our new:

Curiosities Corner of Curated Items

We’ll let you explore, but as you may notice, we’ve been anchoring some pages of offerings, one-by-one on our site where you can explore things like workshops, magickal, and power pieces that align with your timing and readiness.

Eventually we’ll be doing a makeover of our site, but that’s still down the road. In the meantime the Curiosities Corner has several very unique and special pieces to include hand-crafted enchanted beings, original paintings, framed prints, and crystal singing bowls. At least that’s to start…and may grow in time.

You can read all about these and how they’ve gone through interesting journeys nearly finding new homes, but hanging around for the perfect alignments.

Also, some people said the new:

Spring Fae Magick Bundles page

wasn’t loading fully for them. I hope that wasn’t the case for everyone. It should be fine, but if you haven’t gone there to explore, it’s a space you’ll discover some bundles of crystals, nature, and other magickal little things Astrid, the Fae, and I put together very specifically chosen and prepared with energies for the now. All of the details on each bundle is included there, just as on the Curiosities Corner page.

I’m trying to not have that info taking over my blog posts, so each page is its own story.

Today is the last day to register for the:

Empowerment Series of workshops

I may open it up another time down the road, but I’m keeping the energetics of the group for now aligned with current messages that will come through.

We did sell out of the extra Perspective hat (I was wearing in my last birthday blog) and apparently it was well received, so I’m putting in an order for a few more (this is the only way to get it is by contacting me). If you’re interested in it, I can get it in red as was seen, but also hot pink, a creamy off-white, royal blue, green, brown, or navy.

Sending out peaceful energy and hoping that peace will fill your hearts a little more each day. We have to want it and work toward it though. It’s not something that happens on its own.

Ashes to Art ~ Reflections & Wishes from the Heart

As Autumn winds down, days sing of crunchy pine needles and the last melodies of birds enjoying warmth on their beaks. Evenings then roll in with whispers of violet skies and rose gold rays, put to bed in blankets of starlight diamonds woven across black silken dreams.

Landscapes may be drenched in brisk chilly air, darkened afternoons, and early Christmas-lit streets, but there’s still this warmth it evokes, as if your heart fire is being stoked by the nostalgic comforts it all conjures up.

It’s a beautiful time of year and it’s also a sullen time for some. An extra reason to reach in deep and extend hands of kindness around every corner.

There is opportunity in every moment to see with eyes of compassion and ponder the possibility that there just may be a different way to navigate than our years have mapped out for us thus far….the sacred wholly experienced.

We only think things are separate – like light and dark – because our minds have erected boundaries between them. The only reason we know each exists is because of the other. The line we’ve drawn to separate them is also the place they merge and share common ground.

Just like life and death are both part of creation. And just like ashes can provide a rush of nutrients for new plants to emerge.

With time moving forward quickly, many of the forest trails have reopened that were closed due to the fires and potentially hazardous ground conditions. Two days ago we got to hike one of these behind a friend’s home, whose house literally was twenty feet from the fire line.

And although much of the forest was blackened and covered in ash, I didn’t feel any heaviness when walking amongst the trees still standing. While there is a mix of bitter and sweet in all the ways I don’t need to explain, I still found much beauty and felt life stirring.

There was a mix of life and death blended together; one tree untouched next to another fully disintegrated or cloaked in black and others literally exhibiting half and half on their trunks of light and dark merged together.

Deep holes in the ground whispered of ancient ones whose life force could still be felt in the hollowed soil and ashes; where once their massive roots extended, now the tunnels mirrored that of a rabbit warren with holes reaching into Earth’s womb.

We came upon a couple of forest service workers who were assessing trees and taking down those extensively damaged with potential of falling on the trails, and learned more of the long recovery haul ahead.

At one of the sites of a beautiful large tree they needed to remove, I found this slice of its bark that spoke to me.

One side was dusted in dark ash and the other smelled so fresh and alive.

I plan to let it dry out and sand it, but I can hear the story it wants to share of how energy and consciousness still goes on. This will be my homage to the forests here and a way to recycle that life force into art.

Ashes to art.

Lately I’ve been hearing the song of the chickadees filling the air and bouncing from limb to limb above our heads. I know that melody…it blends in harmony with Jack Frost’s whistle.

Winter is near.

While the streets and shadowed corners hold Jack’s kiss long into the evening hours, I find the shortened daylight hours still drenched in richness.

And what light does reach through day adventures we take, is full of coded messages and inviting presence.

Days have been full and continue to move along rapidly, bringing us yet again to another holiday season.

Today we head to mom and dad’s for a warm feastive gathering and before so doing I wanted to wish you each a happy holiday, however you celebrate this day.

The one thing that always stands out is the reminder of how valuable gratitude is to extend to every single day, as you never know if it might be your last or if it might be the last time you see someone or get to experience any part of life as you know it now.

With a pause and a breath, I recognize the micro and macro of blessings – some of which may make sense and others that have yet to.

Astrid and I have been busy little bee-ings buzzing around doing and creating much these days. That includes a lot of artsy inspirations added to what remains, of which we hope to have one last bunch to share with you in the next week or so in time for Christmas.

Our connection deepens with each passing day and merges in ways its difficult to explain.

But one thing I know for sure is the depth of love and gratitude we share for each other, this Earth experience, and for every being that shares it with us – near and far.

We love and are so grateful for you!

Prepare Your Broomstick Forest Witch ~ Riding the Taurus Full Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse

Early morning of today, November 19th, sensual Taurus boldly joined the cosmic line-up in the sky. You may have felt drawn these days, leading up and descending out, to reflect on what you value most in life and what makes you feel secure in times of change and potential chaos. As this moon is named after the beavers who seek shelter at this time of year and prepare for the colder months ahead, we too can nurture the things worth our energy and that foster a sense of grounded comfort in extreme times. It’s also sometimes called a Frost, Frosty, or Snow Moon due to frosts and early snow that can happen at this time of year.

Although only small patches of snow are still present at our elevation here, the mountain peaks still wear powdered white blankets, and the short, dark days speak of Winter hiding behind the barren aspen trees who’s leaves now create a colored mosaic path along the forest ground.

Although not quite full, a couple of days ago our late afternoon hike up the canyon steps along a waterfall, graced us with a mystical November Moonscape. In person, the moon was golden with a soft halo glow emanating.

We felt Winter stirring in the brisk air, while the silence of only those who enjoy an adventure was the music filling our hearts.

During the transition from the 18th to the 19th, we experienced the longest lasting partial lunar eclipse (although it was near-total at 97%) in nearly 600 years and won’t again take place for over 600 more. This is the longest event like this in a stretch of about a 1000 years.

When we went to bed last night, it was just at the beginning of the Moon passing into Earth’s shadow, so the sky and forest were fully illuminated. I went out on the back deck, as we had full view of it. I asked Dave if he wanted to see, but he was already tucked in warm for bed and said it was okay, he’ll feel it. I joined him and he joked to wake him for the eclipse. I said, “If I’m meant to see this once in a 1000 or so year event, something will wake me up.”

And so I guess I was, as nearly at the precise minute of the eclipse peak, something woke me up. I went into the living room to find Astrid laying there and then I stepped out on the back deck just a couple of feet and there it was – the Earth covering 97% of the Moon in a red veil, with a sliver of gold at the bottom left, and the sky and forest draped in darkness.

The stillness and unusual appearance felt surreal and as if anything is possible.

This November Moon in Taurus provides grounding support during unpredictable lunar eclipse energies to assist you in discovering your balance and peace anchor while things get stirred up.

We so often want to control and know, but we keep being asked to let go and trust…this is how we gain back our power. Look at how holding so tightly to any area of your life has held you back from starting something new and more fulfilling.

What is so scary about surrendering and opening to the new?

No matter how hard those voices say, you’re not worth it, you’re a failure, people will laugh at or judge you, you have to prove something, you can’t change your mind, you have to see it through, it’s too scary, etc., they are only whispers of your past…shadows of an old you…stories of a lineage that awaits you to break the cycle….

Energies during eclipses can be like a snow globe, shaking up all that sparkly mischief in whacky or wondrous ways, but if you can find ways to ground yourself while allowing things to take shape, everything will settle again in perhaps even more interesting, supportive, or nurturing ways than you imagined. This is a time of resetting old, unsustainable emotional baggage and anchoring in new core foundations that have longevity and sustainability.

Self worth, strong sense of purpose, security, balancing needs and wants and home and work, building something new with greater value, and deepening into more sensual, earthy experiences and connections with the natural world are all the guiding lights during the eclipsing and seasonal darkness.

And while energetic shifts are a-brewing you can get your own witchy brew on to ride these energetic waves with some broomstick magick!


I thought I’d lighten up this post, all those transitions you’re riding, and these eclipse energies with a little creative fun.

While I was out in nature this week it was like a lightning bolt zapped me from a fly-by witch…and instantly I found all the pieces she wanted me to use to create these Full Moon Eclipse broomsticks. I was literally in awe at how it all came together so seamlessly. A way to bring a little mischief, magick, and elemental alchemy into your daily life, while unapologetically letting your inner witch out.

These are great for your altar space, for ritual and ceremony, to create intention with, and simply to invite a bit of magick into your life. Perhaps you might even sweep away all that old stuff, clear the air for the new, or swish a portal open with a little swirl of your broom. 🙂

Whether for yourself or as a gift, these sweet broomsticks are sure to bring a smile and tickle your inner witch into a silly cackle.

Each one is completely unique, like you! All created from nature and organic items…some have mini crystals, pinecones, putka pod mini pumpkins, tiny feathers, dried flowers, and plant dyed organic material, ribbon, and twine. These elements making them the perfect Earthy essence adorned in Taurus beauty – just perfect for this November Moon’s energy. The mini pumpkins even remind me of the Full Moon Eclipse in their shape and coloring.

I completed them late afternoon yesterday, just hours before the eclipse.

I ended up with 11 – gotta love that master number, unplanned alignment – that I’m making available to any of you forest witches at heart, or perhaps for the beloved nature-loving witch in your life. I also had one left over that I made for myself because I love these so much!

So prepare your broomstick, forest witch, as you’re in for a wild, wonderly, ride!

You can order yours at the same link from before:

Pre-Order & Ready-Made Items to Invite Your Magick Out

There are just two ready-made Magick Smudge Fans remaining – beautiful ones too!

I sold out of the mini mushroom kingdom ornament, half of the fans, and the moonstone point options for the Magick Wands. Some crystal point options now only have 1 remaining.

The only item that is available for pre-order is the Magick Wands. I removed the pre-order option on the fans, as I feel guided to just make the remaining that I have whenever I have free time to, and when they’re completed I’ll make them available on the same page.

And just a little reminder that I’ll be removing the Reiki, email and support, special discounted session page after December 3rd. So, if you were interested or feel like the shifting energies are a bit challenging, there’s a couple of weeks left for these.

For those of you who are part of the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, I’ll be getting your recorded link session out soon. There was a delay with gathering everyone’s questions, but the Universe always has a way of aligning things. I imagine the Full Moon Eclipse has a little hand in what’s coming through. That said, please get your questions in by end of November for December’s session, as I want to get it out to everyone no later than the 12th.

What ever energy wave you’re riding right now, please know that we’re riding this together. It’s a wild ride these days and however you can find a way to invite a little more humor, curiosity, softening, and surrender, you will likely experience the shifts more gently. You may even come to know magick more intimately.

Silent Devotion Anchoring New Depths

Today’s Strawberry Capricorn Full Moon is the last Supermoon in the cycle of three for 2021. The Moon symbolizes your inner emotional world and when she’s full she helps to illuminate the truth for you to see about yourself and your relationship to everything outside of yourself. Know your worth and don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve. This is a great time to confront the things you have been avoiding or aren’t seeing in all areas of your life. Responsible Capricorn supports a stronger and more cultivated foundation (spiritual roots) to your life expression/purpose and helps you to solidify and identify your priorities and values in productive and balanced ways.

Today felt like the aligned time to share about my experience away last week on silent retreat, as one of the themes that popped up for me during it was that of “devotional living,” which feels Capricorn in essence.

I also wanted to allow the energies to root and integrate more, as in reflection, I can see how much has taken place in a short period that could seem subtle from the outside and yet is quite profound.

That said, I do in fact feel and am experiencing a very profound new reality, in contrast to subtle reality shifts of the past from transformative periods, personally and collectively. Perhaps that might be your experience too.

As always, I am prompted to share things as my vulnerable, transparent part of the collective thread because of the constant confirmations of how this kind of connecting is valuable on layers far greater than meets the eye.

I wasn’t sure how much, or what if anything I was going to share both in words or photos from these deep experiences the last couple of weeks, but as always I listen to what nudges me and support that guidance having purpose and meaning beyond even what I might comprehend.

I’d like to back up to the days right before our going away and then share a summary of the journey that unfolded and continued through Summer Solstice, as it feels like a bookending full cycle took place. And with the previous May 26th’s Sagittarius Full Super Blood and Flower Moon Total Lunar Eclipse head activation, it’s also been a full cycle from one Full Moon to the next of clear anchoring that has taken place of the new from that initiation.

Shifts in consciousness are what take us into the new dimensional realms. What I’ve experienced and heard from others, since May 26th, is confirmation that the actualization of a big shift that’s been in motion has anchored and that the new reality is here and now for walking through new doorways of change and embodiment. Even if we don’t see things yet manifesting on all fronts of reality, the architecture is in place and things are in fact different depending on the person and perspective you’re viewing it from. For me personally, this has ignited the next phase and second half of my life in quite a leap – however long that might physically be.

Recent transformations have set things in motion in new directions and opened the door for a future version of me to step in that has been working behind the scenes until now. This may be hard to comprehend, but there’s definitely been a timeline jump and confirmation of upgrade future self that stepped in since May 26th’s Full Moon Eclipse and what I invited in then. Much the same way that I left an old me in a river up in Canada on our Magick Bus adventure and a future self walked in without an actual physical death needing to take place, once again a different part of my multi-dimensional self has walked in. And so, while still me and my essence, I’m a new version of me that has yet to walk in body this Earth life. There have also been quite a few revelations and confirming messages, of which some came through in the automatic writing I shared in the Solstice post that channeled through while I was away in silence.

After the combination of Cosmic energies, all of the solar flares, eclipses, longest galactic-sourced gamma-ray burst emitted, and Earth reflections like droughts, earthquakes, and other catastrophes, including huge human divide, we also feel a bit of a quiet pause and sense of doorways opening now. And although that sense of relief may feel tempting to sprint out and yell “yippee!” this time is more opportune to reflect and listen for inner direction on how truly you want to be stepping into the new reality in a whole new way that takes into account the wisdom gleaned over the last year and a half of time inside.

The light always finds us even in the darkest recesses of experiences we find ourselves journeying through.

Intensities are turning into gentleness more and more, but it’s still to your benefit to pause with greater awareness before bolting forth into things.

I personally felt a completely different reality anchored after I became adamant about “no more.” I’ve since experienced everything and everyone changing around me too, and where I felt such harsh division, this has been replaced by more softened and promising interactions.

Although I’ve shared through blogs some of the recent unfoldings, I’ve been a bit more quiet overall and taking that pause before each major share in order to both fully integrate the energies and to also share them with greater conscious awareness of how best to weave the key codes into the messages.

The new has supported a deepening of alignment into the expression of why I felt called to be here in this part of Earth history we are writing together. Maybe some of you feel similarly.

Or, perhaps my/our deepening alignment has helped support the new. Or both.

In any event, cosmic transparency, greater path alignment, a timeline jump, and a new version me without need for harsh NDE (near death experience) necessary, has been the daily experience since.

On the Thursday, June 10th Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse there was the sense of a big energy recalibration and some interesting clicks happening that day, although the energy felt super soft in contrast to May 26th’s Eclipse. I also received a text from a dear friend who asked if I was open to being present to help support her and her soulmate in horse body through his transition that was going to take place the next morning. I immediately knew the importance of this event so beautifully navigated by such a masterful soul in horse body and that I was meant to be there.

So, early the morning of Friday, June 11th just a day after the Eclipse, but still in the prime and potent portal of its energy that is experienced for months, I made my way to physically be present for this. I assisted my own animal companions in person, as well as energetically assisted other people’s animal companions from afar in their transitions, but this was the first time for me doing so in person for one other than my own.

Being a huge black horse – such a massive, mystical, and powerful figure – made the experience even more profound.

And the fact that it was a horse – my favorite kind of horse that I identify with as well – given my life-long connection with them since I was a little girl and my past life connections with them and as them, was very profound and full circle of the life transition I was experiencing from this latest shift. It also felt like a major collective reflection. I’ve written about my horse connection before, so for now I’ll just say that not only did they help me through my childhood sensitivity challenges that led to an inability to eat every night without being hand-fed by my mom around 10-13 years of age and stomach aches every night that were only appeased by inviting horses into my visions and dreams (when I knew nothing of meditation at the time), alongside my mom comforting me through the night, but they also were connected to my way of life shifting from a work and race horse-driven conditioning to a wild and free mustang.

Without going into the personal details of the experience that are not mine to share, I’ll just say that it was hugely profound in both inner and outer experience to hold the space for this incredible being and his beloved soulmate, which literally manifested in seen ways. It was my path to act as a bridge to support peaceful journeying from this world to the next and I also took photos that day for my friend to have, which revealed incredible rainbow light across both of them, an amazing energy orb with a cross in it within his massive shadow, other energies, a rabbit that showed up and stayed the entire time to reflect that my dear ones I asked to assist from the other side were there to guide him home and assist me, and a physical experience I had right when he transitioned that I’ll also never forget that reflected the shift was real – the shift had anchored.

When this soul transitioned I was standing back a bit to be out of the way, but still in the space and suddenly I saw with my physical eyes everything wave out from him. It’s like in movies (think The Matrix) where the reality of the energetic field suddenly is seen and experienced when the veils drop. The field of reality before me moved in waves all around me like rolling energy and the landscape became fluid. I knew it was real, but blinked several times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things or dizzy, but it continued with everything pulsing in waves that revealed the fluidity of it all around us and of the realms opening and merging, as he moved out, through, and expanded. It was like reality breathing and pulsing and I became part of that breath and pulse. It was both slightly disorienting at first and then completely natural. Usually I see things like this only in dreams, visions, meditations, or blips, but it was profoundly obvious and physically and consciously an awakened, literal experience – the reality of reality and Cosmic and Earth as One.

I expounded a bit more on this experience leading up to the silent retreat, as it feels extremely important, timely, and necessary of the anchored new. It also felt profoundly key right before dropping into silence.

That afternoon, evening, and night I became physically exhausted in a way I haven’t been. It was not surprising given the experience and further recalibration of new energies physically taking root from the other realms that have been separate until now.

The weekend continued in a softened experience, although profound, and it mirrored the gentle transition this soul in horse body also went through. There continued to be Cosmic conversations pervading around me with people that were now on a new level and on the morning before we left on retreat, my very first yellow lily bloomed as a send-off and confirmation. That didn’t feel random at all.

And then we were off.

Thursday, June 14th was an integration day where we spent the first part of the day slowly easing into silence and at 5:05 pm (an unplanned, but perfect time) we commenced. This trip also happened to be right before our one year wedding anniversary, so it became a lovely way for us to deepen in connection and celebrate in a grace filled way. We actually discussed the possibility of this becoming a tradition for us, but definitely wanting to do it more regularly. It was my first fully silent retreat, although I’m silent a lot as it is. 😉 It was Dave’s second, as he went a couple of months earlier on his own since it was something he’d always wanted to do and now had opportunity to do so, being retired.

We decided to stop on our way and do a lovely new hike that took us to some emerald pools along the river.

This, and every hike we did while away, were very serene and always solitary or with limited crossing of anyone else more than once. I found an incredibly beautiful stone and my first feather on this hike, kicking off many gifts and messengers to come in the following days.

We also stopped for a lovely Thai lunch in an outdoor garden sanctuary setting with beautiful lush blooms surrounding us, then set off for our retreat cabin set secluded away from everyone on the edge of the forest with every single room looking out on the trees and night skies.

It was perfection with our cabin being named, “Devotion.”

And after settling in, the silent devotion began, which I found easy and comforting, with everything else becoming louder and more profound in a beautiful way. I wasn’t sure what the days following would look and feel like, as I didn’t go with an agenda or plan. I just allowed the energy to guide me and what I noticed is that my journey with this was very different than Dave’s.

I found that rather than a schedule of meditation in any certain vein, I was being shown that this experience would be more organic. After first sitting in meditation to see what would happen, I discovered that the energy didn’t want this to be any strict practice, but to be about receiving and giving to myself. So, it became a very self-nurturing time where I had nothing on the agenda at all to do but rest, be, receive, let go, and ground into the new – all about integrating the initiations and upgrades that was very much needed.

I found myself several times a day laying down by the window overlooking the forest by day and stars by night, giving self-Reiki, which was an act of surrender and allowing the Universal Life Force, and much more, to come through. I also just looked out the window, allowed visions and messages to channel, did an automatic writing, wrote down inspirations, and also began a new flow of exercise I thoroughly enjoyed and plan to continue to implement with my nature activities we already do.

This involved going out amidst the trees just outside the cabin in the forest and doing a combination of movement – similar to Qigong (a couple movements I remember from it), but mostly just my own inspired flow exercises with isometric exercises I used to do to create a whole fluid, balanced, and grounded experience for about a half an hour.

It was very invigorating, opening, and anchoring. I would choose a particular place and then eventually moved around the perimeter of the cabin creating an energetic grid with my anchoring.

Each night, Dave and I would sit out on the deck under the stars and do our own meditative Cosmic connecting and sit in silence to receive. On the first night subtle lights would move and disappear across the stars and gentle noises would move in the trees and bushes on the breeze. Another night involved what appeared as a shooting star, but what in fact it was might be another story.

On that first evening before our starry time under the tree tops, we explored the garden grounds and the first visitor appeared – a giant bull frog at the edge of the koi pond.

That first night I also had another of my bear dreams – yes that themed saga is ongoing and always at precisely potent times. This night the dream involved four bears. All of this having meaning for me, including integration of what I felt had come through from everything recently for my individual journey. (Oh wow! As I just wrote that the clock right now says 4:44 – UH HUH!)

That concluded our first day, and every morning we’d spend a couple of hours doing our own processes, concluding with a big huge bowl of fresh fruit and vegan scones or croissants and coffee out on the deck, followed by more morning integrations, my flow movements, and then onto lunch provided for us.

Then we’d head out on a daily hike Dave had lined up for us, pre-trip. Everything always in silence, although the energy was tangible and understood, even in the midst of no verbal communication.

Each hike always involved forest and water – river and reservoir lake – and always a ton of butterfly varieties floating around and down the trails along with us.

This second day, 6/15, had another beautiful visitor. After lunch, I was walking back to the car and my eye caught a little garden sign hidden behind the branch of a bush.

As soon as I saw it, I knew Joy was with us, which made sense since the Summer Solstice of 6/21, five years ago, was when she passed and my sweet soul family always shows up for me around their special days and portals. This was confirmed when we were driving to our hike and suddenly a large jack rabbit jumped out on the dirt road ahead of us.

She stopped to look at us and then slowly made her way down the road. She would stop and wait to see that we were following, then continued.

She went off to the side and waited under a bush, then came back down and beckoned us to follow her some more. This went on for about a half a mile until finally she disappeared in the side forest.

I knew right away, after seeing the sign and thinking of Joy, that this was her way of making an official appearance. When I said this again to Dave, who was equally excited and curious by the way this jack rabbit wanted us to follow her and not at all concerned about running away and hiding, I noticed the car clock said 1:11 on it – and therefore confirming Joy had slipped through worlds to see us.

Each evening after our last afternoon snack time outdoors and some down time, we’d take another walk around the grounds before more resting, meditative, nurturing and starry night connecting time.

Then on the morning of 6/16 at about 9:30 am it was fox that made an appearance.

We’ve had encounters with black, red, and now gray fox – all at very integral time periods in our life when things were shifting hugely. This time was no exception and the fact I was standing right at the window looking when she passed by, was no mere coincidence.

While gray foxes are the most common of foxes, they are elusive and rare to spot in the wild, especially because they are primarily nocturnal.

It’s interesting that all of the foxes we’ve seen have been in daylight hours, as the black fox was in the late afternoon, the red fox was in the afternoon, and now this gray beauty was edging into the later part of the morning.

She had a dark stripe down her huge bushy long tail.

A shapeshifter fox is a powerful guide to help you navigate your spiritual journey and to bridge the Earth and spirit worlds.

The messengers continued this day with my finding the sweetest and most intricate bird’s nest I’ve ever seen. It was incredibly beautiful and like a complex weaving of the Cosmic tapestry. I don’t think the photos do it any justice at all.

It was miniature and perfect, made out of the finest of threaded nature and one golden thread that appeared to be from humans woven into it and then lined with soft down feathers.

It’s now part of my nest mobile in our bedroom, which has grown into quite the work of nature art full of beautiful nests and portions of nests/hives from a variety of birds, wasps and bees.

Then deer appeared, reminding me somewhat of the cosmic ones I saw in Montana after Joy’s passing, as we headed on our next hike of the journey and the evening ended with a very curious raccoon who seemed to want to talk with us, making himself very known as he stood up on his feet to mirror us.

On that evening’s hike I decided to silently run, twirl and dance my way through the giant manzanita forest portal. With unspoken acknowledgment, Dave captured the moments that moved more ethereally in the twilight hours than photos we’d taken before for the Solstice spell I shared previously.

I then captured Dave, as he walked ahead of me down the path and connected with the incredible manzanita tree spirits.

I noted that the moon was sitting directly above the manzanita grove and upon our return back through the portal, as darkness was approaching, I snapped a few shots.

All of these felt to reflect the dance of light and shadow merging within and as I mentioned in my Solstice blog these photos feel to “visually reveal these sacred energies more literally of greater human embodiment transmuted by embrace of light and shadow……Faeries walk between worlds and dimensions, as Cosmic embodiments. It’s time for these worlds to merge and not be separated, just as it’s time for all of us to merge through the heart and overcome conditioned divisions on all fronts of life experience on Earth.”

Then, the confirmation of this alchemy appeared as bats galore circled around – too tiny and fast to capture on camera, although I did take a video of the giant manzanita forest portal, while I journeyed through it, where you can see them zipping by near the end. The video is too challenging to upload here, but I hope you do enjoy the photo montage to accompany my storyline of events.

I shared some highlights and key points and messengers that paint the overall energy of things. I find that a lot of times particular themes, animal spirit guides, and experiences are mirrored by what others message me about after they read these shares, and act as collective confirmations.

The rest of what unfolded is more personal and continues to evolve as the next steps I’m being guided to take. But in totality, it all spoke to me of a deeper, devotional way of living with greater clarity on my next focal points that will take shape shortly.

I mentioned finding my first feather on day one of this journey, but each day had a new feather or two for me as well. In all, I had a small collection of all different feathers and some beautiful treasures that now are in my garden, my office, and on the mobile I mentioned.

I’m especially grateful for the three large pieces of giant manzanita trunks I was gifted from the grounds where we stayed. They have to do fire clearing over time and these three beauties I got to take home.

For now, they line the deck by the rock garden outside my office and I just love their energy.

I’ve had an extra resonance with manzanitas recently, as you remember my making manzanita blossom jelly and syrup this year, and now to be with these giant manzanita beings felt like these spirits are strongly guiding and protecting me along the new path.

We stopped to do another hike on the way home on 6/17 and upon arrival I found that more yellow lilies had bloomed, now to be accompanied by my first dark red lilies, too, as a welcome home. In fact, my whole garden had evolved and bloomed some more, but I’ll save a garden update for an upcoming post.

Friday 6/18, the next full day back, we enjoyed a hike from the house to enjoy lunch and outdoor music. And on this hike we encountered falcon greeting us back. This was a first very up close and potent encounter with falcon we’ve had. The falcon was sitting on a branch to our right not far from the trail and just looked at us without moving for 20 or 30 seconds. He was very near and we could see all the details of his beautiful feathers and clear eyes. He then took off to the left and we continued on hiking. This ignited Egyptian memories and reflections of my two journeys there back in 2007. I was thinking about particular incidences where Horus, the Falcon God, had showed up for me and other pivotal things that were ignited during those trips that have come full circle now. It also reminded me of the message I received while away about things I was being shown to offer to others soon – one directly connected to falcon.

Then, as if to confirm my thoughts, the falcon appeared again on a branch to our left this time. He had gone ahead on the path and awaited us. The path was dense and mysterious, and not having heard him flying or seen his shadow above, made it more mysterious that he suddenly was there again. Once we saw him and I told Dave about what I’d been thinking about and that he seemed to be confirming my thoughts, he then took off and didn’t return.

When we returned home Dave called me to say that our beautiful coyote friend had just passed again by his office.

Sunday, June 20th was then our Summer Solstice anniversary and we were called to do one of our favorite hikes that we now call our anniversary hike given we’ve been drawn to it for celebrating.

I noted how we’d gone on this hike for our 11 year anniversary of first dating two years ago, for the day after our wedding one year ago, and now for our one year wedding anniversary this year.

I made us a Solstice cake to celebrate, which was a vegan dark chocolate cake frosted in vanilla that I then created a simple flower and fruit mandala on. I used strawberries, blueberries, and dried sunflower and rose petals and lavender that I harvested from my garden last year to add sweet faery touches.

Later that afternoon another full circle experience hit home really hard with a mixed bag of emotions that went from pain to release. I went out into the garden that evening, after returning from our hike, to water and check on all the plant babies. There I discovered a sweet little chipmunk who had transitioned. She was not there earlier and she still looked so fresh, as if just asleep, so I knew it had taken place recently that day.

I don’t want to go into details of her surmise and the direct connections to my Nestor, Cosmo, and Joy, but the reflections were too close for comfort to ignore. The only solace I took was in seeing how beautiful and peaceful she looked and how masterfully this dear soul in chipmunk body had navigated her transition on the Solstice portal, just as the powerful horse I assisted did in the Eclipse window, and each of my dear animal companions had chosen portal days – especially mirroring Joy who had journeyed on the Solstice of five years ago.

Tears flowed, as I sat holding the chipmunk in my hands for quite some time, sending lots of energy to her time of passing for peace and ease with her journeying. I listened for the messages and received, once again. I felt as if she was still alive and might sit up and open her eyes to look at me, as I gently caressed her head and body and reflected on all that had taken place these last weeks and how poignant this was as remembrance of Joy choosing Solstice as her day of returning to the stars just as this little one had.

I sat listening to where she wanted to be buried and finally this was the place.

I knew it was the right place because upon digging a hole my hand shovel hit something. I pulled it up and found a perfect heart rock. It became part of the burial stone mandala I created and then placed my very first bubble gum pink rose that had just bloomed atop this sacred ground.

It was also poignant in reflection to what I’ve known of my own journey and how old parts of me had died, only to be replaced by the ones relevant for now.

How Summer Solstice has become such a huge marker in for me of life transitions.

It spoke to a journey’s end and a new one beginning.

It reflected the fragility of life and how every moment is precious and not to be taken for granted.

It sang the song of stars that constantly whisper their calling to my heart.

I just noticed when posting this photo that a cross appears to my left at the front of the bushes. There was no cross in the forest.

It confirmed that the new has anchored and the old had retreated in place of a new reality forging its way.

And it’s a deeper and more devotional experience of living from spirit merged through heart into body as One.

New Moon Eclipse, Messengers & Soft Transitions

With Mercury still retrograde and our journeying through this year’s intense Eclipse season, we are indeed going through some major recalibrating shifts on the worldwide scene in terms of all that we’re dealing with collectively. As usual, the way we navigate our inner world will have both an effect on altering things in the outer word AND on how we personally experience it all. Like I wrote as a comment on Laura’s recent blog post (here are snippets):

“….the Eclipses and things like these are individual experiences and that’s only known by the individual and their experience, so pay attention to your own energy signature and what your chosen role in things are….the importance of intention and setting parameters so that you’re fully conscious, aware and proactively cocreating your and the collective’s experience. Manifesting is easy these days so be VERY clear what you do and don’t want to manifest….Know thyself, as they say. Lots of love and harmonious balancing to everyone through these deep reveals and openings still yet to come. We’re all here together to buffer the journey as One.”

We are being taught something of value during all of this intensity and with this Gemini New Moon Eclipse it will come through channels of communication and information with reveals happening left and right either by accountable disclosure or surprising reveal. I’ve not only been seeing this play out in the world in stages (soon to be more and more largely all-encompassing), but have been hearing individual stories of huge surprising reveals that in some cases have shattered people’s lives and hearts. Yet, overall, the message has been clear to me….while devastating or disturbing for some to experience for now, the reveals are hidden gifts supporting the highest good for all that we have yet to see within the healing process of the fresh traumas.

I suspect that all things hidden in the individual and collective mirroring fields of experience, even if the individual or group has convinced themselves that having it hidden is for the best, will come to surface sooner or later in these “cracking open” times because separation can’t live on forever.

With emphasis in North Node energies highlighted, things we glean from now or through experiences that unfold during this Eclipse will have impact on our future self.

It can be helpful to make sure you are embodying as pure of energy as you are able to, relative to your frequency expression on Earth. No one is some idea of “perfect” and to be human involves evolution, but we can still do our most conscious best in each moment.

This is an opportune time to set clear, strong boundaries, to take pause, reflect, and receive.

After my dipping into things a bit recently to collectively assist and opening the boundaries a bit to work even more deliberately, I’ve gone back to erecting the boundaries. I am still deeply involved in the same focuses, but the transformational impact was enough to set things in motion in new directions and for another future version of me to step in.

It’s best not to try to force anything during these Eclipse periods, but instead to allow the Universe to move through you and guide the way.

Synchronous with the energies, short distance travel is ruled by Gemini – the sign that the New Moon Solar Eclipse is in early this morning – and come the 14th I’ll be away on a short journey only about two and a half to three hours from here, through the 17th. This also happens to be a self-induced silent retreat (interesting given Gemini rules communication) that Dave and I are sharing in a remote sanctuary area. Because of this, I’ll likely not blog again until I return.

I’m curious what will be gleaned, received, and activated from it. The timing wasn’t planned, but what was available, yet it happens to feel significant right before our threefold anniversary on Summer Solstice of the 20th and since it starts on the day Saturn squares Uranus.

In the meantime, I continue to receive visitors sharing their support and guidance – on and off Earth – and having multitudes of dream visions. Some of these messengers in Earth animal bodies include coyote, snake, a tiny brown bird, ladybug, a special chipmunk, hawks, wild mustangs, and lots of geese.

The coyote is the very same one that keeps crossing my path – our beautiful resident coyote who uses our house as her pathway into the forest. I always just “happen” to be by the window when she crosses and she makes it a point to stop and give me a long look at her, enough so to see her gorgeous creamy fur with speckled hints of darker pattern. She came through recently with a deliberate, long pause.

Then garter snake decided to slither on by across the driveway in front of me, as I got in the car that same day.

The tiny brown bird – no more than 3 inches long from head to tail – felt like a direct mirror. We heard a bang on the window and I went outside to see if a bird hit it and fell. It’s nearly a miracle I saw her, but of course she drew me to her, as she matched the soil she was laying in under a bush in the shade. I wasn’t sure if she was hurt or stunned, but decided to support her with Reiki and other energy work. She just looked at me super calmly and listened. Then when I got up she flew off onto the limb of a nearby tree. I was happy she was fine and she reflected to me my head hit and transformational opening from it, but that all was well.

Then there was ladybug who sat on my hand at the beach for about 20 minutes and two days of geese at the beach as well – one day a group of 10 and then mainly 2 from a smaller group on another day that were coming right up to us and connecting. The geese always feel like family and they always get close enough to share long soulful eye communication with me.

On both days I found a bunch of large geese feathers – 10 on the first day and 13 the next. The second day the feathers actually floated to me while I was wading in the water.

Large flocks of geese showed up yesterday on our hike, returning to their nesting grounds for the season. We sat on the bench watching and connecting with them. There were at least a hundred.

Hawk continues to show up at punctuated times, including right before I visited my parents two days ago. I’d just seen the wild mustangs roaming by the lake in the valley – always a treat when they show up, given my horse connection since I was a little girl and their powerful meaning to my life transitions.

It was a very windy day and right as I was turning to head toward the road to their home, one was playing in the strong wind, just soaring in place with wings spread wide so I could see all the details of his feathers. After other recent hawk encounters, I felt hawk feathers were going to come to me at some point, as the feeling was strong every time I thought of them or saw one. I would actually see the feathers in my mind’s eye. Then when I got to my parent’s house after seeing the soaring, stunning hawk, my mom handed me two feathers she recently found and knew to keep for me.

One was the gorgeous, large hawk feather you see in the photo with me above. I love how it matches the leaf print on the right shoulder of my dress creating the effect of two wings from my shoulders.

And then there was a special chipmunk that showed up. I realized and received that this was our sweet Strawberry returning and the timing was uncanny!

You might recall the story of Strawberry the chipmunk I saved who got stuck in our wet cement epoxy in the garage, which took place on June 8th, 2018. Well, nearly three years later on June 5th of 2021 we made contact again. Typically chipmunks are known to live 2-5 years, but as many as 8. Strawberry was grown now and much larger, from the time of that experience as a youngster, but her fur showed evidence of not having fully come back right in all places. She did have a lot of fur, otherwise, but there were areas missing that plushness and her tail as well was thinned. Overall, she looked healthy in terms of eating well and obviously still being alive after all this time, but she was older and moved differently. I could tell her eyes were aged and the fur around her face and ears were scruffy and showing signs of aging too. But she was drinking out of the bird bath I have out for the forest animals in my garden and then jumped to my garden bench and slowly got up on the fence to lay in the sun. It took a little effort to jump across and up on it, but she made it and let me come close while I talked to her. She just layed in the sunshine absorbing the healing rays and listened to me until I was done and started back to my watering and then she jumped up into the nearby tree.

That encounter was very dear to my heart and felt full circle, much like the recent events between Eclipses and so much more.

Dave and I had seen her around not long after the first incident, and you may recall that lots of little creatures were coming by after that to learn of me and Astrid who helped, fed, and gave her Reiki and crystal energy inside the Wonderland room. They were curious about what life was like in the house on the forest where a faery and rabbit queen lived.

I actually had noticed a chipmunk around the house recently with what looked like mottled fur and wondered if it was her, but I was never close enough to get a good look and she would be off and about quickly. Until five days ago when we connected once again in close encounter that allowed me a good look at her fur and face and to feel into her energy and eyes, after our first meeting where I held her gingerly in my hands to clean and care for her after the incident.

Every encounter has been such a gift, but seeing Strawberry feels very deep for me and not only meaningful on so many layers, but also very personally reflective of me like the tiny brown bird. Strawberry’s life feels connected to mine in a way I can’t explain yet. We are growing older and making life transitions together, stronger through the trials, and living in peace amidst it all. I love that she stayed to make this her home.

I’m so grateful for these messengers and this window of peaceful ease and grace with all of the transitions evolving. I’ve felt a softening to energy again and even the scab on my head is completely healed and gone, with only remnants of a superficial scar I’ll get to wear on my crown along with others.

It’s not always an easy time out there right now, but when we listen and intend with full consciousness, we can experience things a bit softer and without surprise. We can also be there for one another to support the changes now and upcoming.

My days since my head Eclipse experience have been about soaking up rays of sunshine, immersing in the magickal and activating Tahoe waters enjoying beach days, lots of garden time, clearing the way for new things in my life, relaxing and baking, reflection and intention, very limited work hours, and short walks we’ve worked up to about 2 1/2 miles now for Dave’s knee recovery, which like my head is going extremely well.

Paying attention to the ways in which energy doesn’t feel balanced in your life on any level, and making adjustments or intentions to change that, makes a huge difference.

I also just happened to have a hair trim appointment come up, which felt perfectly unplanned in timing for today’s energy. A New Moon Eclipse refresh helped shift energies in the direction of releasing the old and softening things even more for the next phase of life transitions.

This was just two days ago after the renewing crown energy, which was also perfect like a rebirth from the head wound that I did in fact feel take place.

When my stylist asked how I wanted her to style it after the refresh, I told her, “I’ll let you choose.” She chose a soft loose wave. 😉 Perfect alignment with the softening energy in motion.

May we all ride these new waves of transition in softer ways, but with all of our hearts.

Sacred & Wild ~ Expect the Unexpected

While robin mom and dad sing sweet calls to each other from the railing just under their new nest in the eave of our front door, coyote continues to cross my path. It appears to be the same coyote, as I recognize the beautiful thick creamy coat she has and those pointy ears and bushy tail. This is about the fourth time recently she pays me a call telling me to “expect the unexpected” and remember that all and yet nothing is sacred within The Great Mystery. This shape-shifting both great and foolish one sings of illumination by way of seeing the humor in things and remembering primal connections.

A neighbor had recently pointed out where a coyote den is for one of the packs in the area – one of the large, sacred stone outcroppings we have in the forest. It just so happens to be a two minute walk across the forest, in direct line to the side of our house. No wonder we hear them howling so loudly. It’s such an eerily beautiful and mysterious call that awakens an ancient connection within.

It seems to be in alignment with that feeling of stripping away more and more layers and being both more vulnerable and stronger in the process. Likely why I have been receiving the contrasting messengers that embody each of these, separately or in unison.

There’s a desire to shed skin and be in silence…almost embryotic in the moist, enriched darkness, while things swirl all around me.

Meanwhile the wild essence of things call to me, like the primal howl of coyote. I’ve been ever-more drawn to all the wild flowers and everything found in the nooks and crannies of the forest. I’ve been yearning to create, do, and move things with my hands and having nostalgic memories of life simplicity and my days in the animal and elemental realms.

Just two days ago this led me to make some manzanita blossom jelly in the faery kitchen. It was my first time making this from the prolific blooms on our our wild manzanita bushes surrounding the house.

It felt so good to forage gingerly for these blossoms, taking my time to hand pick with conscious intention and connection to only what called that spread evenly so as not to remove more than any one bush wanted to give so that the pollinators still have plenty to enjoy.

I only brought home enough to make two jars full and so enjoyed getting my hands into the process, thanking each little blossom for their gorgeous juice.

I documented the process because it was so pretty and felt called to add a little infusion of lavender because I love creating intuitive faery blends. I was pleased with the result, but got ideas for little changes if I end up making it again sometime, including a syrup. The fragrance and taste is subtle, but lovely, and feels connected with the heart chakra energy that is so lit up as vital these days.

The sweet yet wild essence feels aligned with that depth of primal sacredness I’m venturing through. The two being perfect, complimentary ingredients to one another as part of that personal alchemy I mentioned in my last post I’m needing to drop into and create.

Synchronously, yesterday we got to enjoy a cloudy, drizzly Spring day in the middle of sunny, Summer-like beach days we’ve been experiencing.

We were unsure of what hike we wanted to do, but let our hearts do the guiding. We ended up at a new, off-the-beaten track trail we’ve never done that wasn’t too far from our house – maybe eight minutes drive. Our eyes spotted it rather than a map.

And between the cloudy, darker skies and being on our own, it ended up being the perfect immersion for the current navigated energies.

I called it a “deep forest” day.

Dave said it was the perfect trail and day for something “supernatural” to appear. (No joke, Astrid just gave a loud, single thump as I’m writing this part and is on high alert).

We followed the softened trail into thicker forest that brought us upon old remains of likely when settlers, miners, or tree loggers were in the area, including rusted tins and metal parts, and remains of old pathways and small dwellings.

Old stone path to something – perhaps a dwelling
Wood framing lodged in the ground perhaps as foundation to a dwelling or structure – interesting reflection to the Algiz Rune upcoming

The trail led us along a creek to a small, extremely enchanted and mysterious little waterfall area that Dave said reminded him of a small grotto.

The energy here touched a chord with my inner nymph and sybil energy. Perhaps an ancient song and vision may spark from this journey.

The trail didn’t go much further than crossing over it to another old remains area, and upon circling back I then found what you see in the photos below, in the order you see them in.

The second, smaller whitish silver Algiz came after I showed Dave the first, larger one and started to share about some of its meanings, including how its name literally means Elk and how the White Elk was a Norse symbol of divine protection and blessings.

To make their appearance more “supernatural” for Dave’s sake 😉 I had been connecting with the devas and elementals of this area upon entering and asking for some specific signs and help with things I continue reflecting upon, as well as asking for permission in passing through in harmony.

This is the Algiz Rune in perfect form – one of the Runes I wear on my skin. This particular one is part of the Runic coding that lines the spine of my dragon tattoo on my left arm, as you can see.

If you look up the Algiz Rune, you’ll see how perfect this sign was for some of what I mentioned.

It was also perfect for what I did not mention.

On our return back on the same trail we saw a forking trail going off in another direction that we followed until its end at some stone outcroppings.

Here we saw this tree portal, quite the stone outcropping fortress across the way with two window portals at the top right, and a perfect altar creating a heart shape, rabbit ears, chalice, or even a slight version of Algiz again? Even the top of the tree portal was in the shape of Algiz. Hmmmm! Curiouser and Curiouser.

Seeing the altar mirrored a vision I had received several days ago about a space I’m to create.

The days and energy have been an immersion into the sacred and wild and even as I’ve been redecorating my office, I’ve been called to create a designated altar area that houses the natural wonders and mystical treasures that have found me over time. Right now, I have many scattered throughout in intentional places and some I keep in boxes stored out of sight, but they are to be gathered together and brought “out of the closet”.

Lineages spanning the ages are being called up, integrated, and transmuted.

I feel a calling to anchor more deeply in the ancient and also honor the primordial…the Earth and the Cosmos…the wild heart within that is all powerful.

While messengers continue to whisper “expect the unexpected,” signs also continue to point to support, guidance, and protection assuring me to keep trusting without knowing, no matter what unfolds.

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