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October 2019 Energy Update with Lee Harris

Welcome October! This months feels a bit energetically different to me and I also happen to love October, as there are a lot of personal, special dates in this month. Who else loves October?

I think you’ll find this month’s energy update from Lee to go well with yesterday’s blog post. It’s always uncanny how we all collectively tap into themes.

Lee shares about this month’s “clearing phase for bringing in what you want, saying no to overload to align with higher and more magickal frequencies, explosive energy and surprises, and compassion beyond division.”

October 2018 Energy Update with Lee Harris ~ Identity Shifts, Rebirth & Kundalini

Oh yes! It’s no surprise this energy update resonates hugely and after hearing from all of the participants of our Equinox gathering, I imagine for many many others too. Today, for me has rebirthed a new era, which indeed includes an identity shift, but more so, a complete frequency shift into my soul song signature. I forgot that on each first of the month Lee puts out his energy updates, and so when I heard it this morning it was another confirmation of everything that added to the big smile in my heart.

Astrid has been so excited this morning, running around and jumping on our bed with bursts of energy. I actually caught a small video of it I’ll be posting on Instagram shortly. I also began my feminine cycle this morning igniting a full new cycle in every and all ways and indicates full alignment of this rebirth I’ve been supporting and following.

Key points you’ll discover in Lee’s energy update includes talking about soul contracts changing – something that anchored in for me even more this past week on every level personally and inter-personally, along with the reflection he goes on to discuss that may take place with the identity shifts and soul contract changes.

He shares that this is also a time of inner work before the outer manifests.

A time for working hard on bringing new dreams and visions forth in this next cycle.

That there’s opportunity to shift faster than ever out of the old in every way right now and that new realities are beckoning.

He ends with some thoughts about life force energy rising and how this is an era of kundalini. Synchronously this was a topic spoken about in our Equinox workshop a bit and with a participant after, where I briefly shared my own experiences around this.

This energy is wanting to birth new and Lee poses the question, are you feeling or thinking your way through things when you’re hesitant about them? You can listen to the video for some good advice around this and to understand the natural movement of this energy that is heralding big and new things in.

Once again, nurturing yourself is important and Lee shares how this invites your soul in and creates a synergy of working with it, rather than against it.

A perfect message for this day and new cycle.

I also love the snippet of his sound channeling at the end – another topic very dear to me that I brought through for the Equinox gathering and I sense will eventually be coming through more in the future.

Happy October and new beginnings!

October 2017 Energy Update with Lee Harris

Lee provides some wonderful insights to help out with the changing collective currents of energy for the month of October.

Key things that spoke to me (and I’ve been experiencing) included:

A huge shattering of belief collectively taking place

These are times of creation and birth – renewing our energy is a focal point and this can happen quickly now; we can let go faster than ever before

Forms are going through upgrades along with us and everything – things are producing and manifesting in different ways now so be patient if not showing up how you think they should

Let yourself change, trust who you are becoming, and go with it

Everything is moving very fast – the river of emotions can be moved in and out of quickly

Here’s Lee expounding on these and more:

October 2014 Energy Forecast ~ Lee Harris

Another wonderful and resonant forecast by Lee to kick off October. Everything he shares here is something I have been experiencing and I know others have too.

Some of the messages include a greater presence of support from the higher realms again that opens the sentient you to feeling greater connection, ability to manifest, and experience higher communication. I know this has been true for me, as I have been having so much communication in my dream time that has been increasing the last few weeks leading up to October.

And, even if you aren’t someone who feels and senses things as pronounced as others, you will still find that greater flow will come in your life provided that you follow certain guidelines without rigidity.

For example, when things aren’t flowing, it’s not a time to force things. Step back, cultivate patience, and realize that something greater may be emerging, or that what you thought you needed is not necessary or won’t give you the desired results. So by reflecting during the downtime, you can realign your intentions and/or be able to recognize timely opportunities for greater fulfillment, since you aren’t fixated on one thing.

As Lee shares, your destiny is an ever-evolving experience that changes and reforms on a daily basis and they are non-specific, can be experienced in many different ways, and are relative to each person.

Our multidimensionality is becoming more pronounced, embodied, and remembered on a mass collective level now and this tipping point is shifting the way we experience things. So, yes, you’re not crazy to feel all the different things that you are. 🙂

Lee uses an example of those of you who are stressed right now with all the different plates you have spinning in you life, but the answer isn’t to wish them all away – the plates spinning aren’t the problem – it’s shifting your relationship to them that will make the difference.

We are constantly needing to readjust, be flexible, adaptable, flowing, feeling…we are returning to who we really are – multidimensional beings. And you can’t worry about what others are doing, believing, thinking, or saying…you need to just trust yourself and your own relationship to this process. As I’ve shared before, your relationship to the experience you are having and what it means to you is most important.

Again, Lee reiterates that awakening is a full spectrum experience that involves your ability to feel so many more things than you’ve ever felt before, which is a full gamut of feelings. It’s not always an easy path the more you awaken and it’s not all “unicorns and rainbows”, as he shares. 🙂 I totally agree with him that it is “one of the great myths on our planet” – that awakening into greater consciousness is defined solely by fluffy bliss and ease.

Keys Lee says to watch out for:

  • Have patience when things aren’t flowing and wait for something else to emerge
  • If it feels like things are spinning too fast, go slower, step back, and change your relationship to the things spinning and decide what things you really want or don’t want to align with and rejoin
  • Watch out for mental desperation – the desperate thoughts that try to provide solutions to the challenges you’re feeling – ex: Are you somebody who is finding yourself currently saying, “I’m so unhappy and if I just had more money it would be solved, or if I just had that job, or if I just went to live over there instead of here…” It’s not going to be solved in that way. What you have to catch in those moments is this strong emotional density that you’re feeling and focus on that, rather than your desired external solution.”

Always work with the inner world to change the outer world. The changes in circumstance do not guarantee your no longer feeling how you do. The change in your emotions and relationship to them can change the circumstance. Your feelings won’t go away, so that’s where to focus.

I like this part that Lee shares, as I have directly experienced this in being around a lot of activists. To them, I may be a complete outsider, although they can’t see how we are working toward the same goal, but just in different ways that we are individually more effective in. A few years ago it used to be a source of challenge and I would get people wanting to bring me to their side of thinking, but once I grounded in the truth, embrace, and love of who I am and knowing my role, all of that subsided and I am able to be around anyone without there being any weirdness and nobody approaches me anymore:

“I see this a lot with people who are out there in the world wanting to make change. It’s a very difficult argument right now; because the new age is often accused of being people sticking their head in the sand. You constantly see people out there saying, “Well, if you just focus on love and light and your own energy, you’re completely missing what’s going on with all the problems in the world, and you’re not creating change.”

My experience and witnessing of energy is that the opposite is actually true. The more compassionate you become in yourself and the more you can ground your openness in the world, the more you want to make changes wherever you go. And it is a natural occurrence that begins within and emanates outward.

But none of us can deal with bringing change to every area of the whole world, for we are individuals. So if we as individuals step towards the areas that we feel we can bring change to, and we constantly check our own sense of energetic balance within our doing of that, then the energy we’re offering to an outside element (another person, group or organization) is one of balance.

You see this a lot with the anger that activists will throw at both the very thing they’re trying to change and also the people they are trying to encourage to be an activist with them. If you are somebody who is turned on by somebody’s anger about a cause they’re trying to get you behind, then you’re in the same dissonance energy that they are, and you’re running the same sense of dis-empowerment and fear; because anger has dis-empowerment and fear in it as an energy.

So that’s not me saying that you are un-entitled to feel those feelings. But what I’m asking you to consider, is to observe the feelings that you’re having and their density. As they will have an effect on your life circumstances.”

This is an example of multidimensionality at work here on Earth.

Here’s another good insight from Lee in case you are feeling a bit isolated and challenged with your experience of this:

“In the old world, we were taught to go into our lives as a multidimensional external force – you have a relationship with this person, you have a job with this person, you love going over here, but it was all externalized. It was, “I feel things in here in tandem to these people and engagement points I am focusing on.”

Now, it’s happening within you first. That is the opportunity. Create from the inner world first.

So this is why many of you will feel a bit bored; because you step back from everybody, because no one is making sense. Again, this phase will pass. You’re first encountering your inner multidimensional senses and when you’re more used to them, you will go back out to those people and have a very different experience of the same people and the same places.

So be as patient with yourselves as you can. This isn’t an easy process for any of us to go through. But it’s also filled with a lot of light at the moment and particularly in the coming months. 

So even as you see certain darker energies raising their heads and going through the battles that they’re going through around you, you will notice that if you keep focusing on a higher perspective in yourself and a higher perspective of the way that you’re working in the world, you will constantly upshift into more experiences of flow.

Then, rather than life being hard or difficult for you, you will be able to appreciate the things that you have and not try and run out into the chaos and become a part of the chaos.

Chaos is very seductive. It seems like it’s something to do, an activity to engage with, and the tribal impulse in us is to join the tribe. 

But as I’ve said for many months now in a row, joining the tribe is not going to be what most of you want to do; because you’re slightly on the edge of a large growing mass of people who are learning to live and feel in a different way and that takes time.”

Enjoy Lee’s full forecast here and be gentle with yourself as you open more expansively to your journey.


Lee Harris – September Speed Pulses’ Paving The Way For A Vast Energy Of OPENING In October – 27 September 2014

This is a resonating update from Lee Harris as an inside look at the upcoming October Energy forecast. Thank you Lucas and Dawn for posting this.

Lucas 2012 Infos

Lee Harris Energy

Energy Update from Lee – September 25th 2014:

Hi Everyone,

I recorded the October Energy forecast earlier this week (given I am traveling again). It will be released next week, but in the forecast, I mention an upcoming rapid ‘energy-opening’ time for all of us on Earth. And this can be preceded by pulses or ‘triggers’ in your energy and physical body.

This forecast ‘Opening’ comes after what has felt (for many) like 2 years of a ‘slow down’ energetically. In extreme cases, this slow-down would leave you feeling compressed, trapped or clamped in your life, feelings or physicality.

View original post 510 more words

Diversity, Up Close ~ October 2013 Energy Forecast With Lee Harris

There’s a new heightened speed being experienced for what you can move through these days, and with that comes the necessity to really learn how to be able to rebalance, center, and renew yourself just as quickly, as well as to release the energy of others and what is not “yours”.

Lee’s October Forecast shares about this and provides insight on ways to empower yourself and create those healthy boundaries, while also being mindful of taking up more of your own space and showing up in life in bigger ways than you ever have given yourself permission to do.

He also touches on the “chaos” that we continue to experience while things transition and how if you really keep mindful of and committed to doing your internal work, while staying centered, that you’ll find increasingly amazing opportunities abound and at all new levels.

Which leads to October providing an “energy lift” that will really expand things in all areas, then shift again in November.

Like with anything, there are cycles and so you learn to ride the waves and discover how to manage your energy. So if you have been feeling contracted and challenged recently, you will have the ability to shift this experience this month. And, for others doing well, things are going to just continue to be enriching.

Lee expounds again on “Boundaries” which is an important and much misunderstood topic. So you’ll find it helpful to listen and have this information reiterated for you, as with anything repetition does help to actualize something.

He also shares something I teach, which is learning how you can hold your space of wholeness, love, compassion, and strength in any chaotic situation and this will be the magickal alchemy to shift things for them and yourself. He also shares that if this is something you’re not able to do, then don’t forget to do the work of renewing, releasing and reclaiming energy, or you will take on some of theirs.

And lastly, Lee shares about how more and more heart-opening is taking place in relative ways, which creates softer experiences for us all. Yet always remember that everyone is moving quickly with their changes and with this, we each are affected differently. So take this into account and view and feel it all through your heart.

Always take responsible accountability as well, for how you are showing up and realize that you are also going through your shifts, which plays a part in things as well.

Be willing to be here as much as you can. It’s time to show up, as you only have this moment. Everything beyond this moment is not guaranteed.

October Energy Forecast with Lee Harris – New Strength Born of Vulnerability

It’s that time again for some empowering insights from Lee Harris. This month’s forecast is called New Strength Born of Vulnerability and it covers two main themes for the month of October – vulnerability and deepening.

I feel these to be “on point” with the current energy patterns emerging of deep internal reflection and accessing that power inside for the journey. Allowing that vulnerability to feel safe and truly deepening within to the core, will take things to a whole other level of experience that would benefit everyone, including those feeling they are on a spiritually enlightened path. As Lee shares, these equate to exploring how you feel about vulnerability and how that expresses for yourself and for you out in the world and the deepening you allow yourself to go to with the challenges you face in your life. See how much you can lift yourself out by burning the old emotional off.

Lee also talks about liberation and freedom in terms of relationships we have with others and that the liberation allows you to integrate everything those connections taught you to be in a new relationship with self and if you choose, with that person as well.

Some other key notes were how before people would seek awakening in different and outward ways, but now we’re in a world awakening and it happens within.

I agree with Lee’s perspective that while changing thoughts is powerful in terms of changing our experiences, that there are missing pieces in this process and it’s not just about the mind. Lee explains one of the aspects not to forget, which is the body. Attending to your physical body by providing air (breathing), good nutrition and exercise is beneficial because the body moves slower than other parts. Getting in touch with deep vulnerability and survival, while ensuring you feel safe in the process is essential. You can listen to the video below for more on all of this, but Lee provides one powerful exercise you can practice:

Breathe in and say to yourself “I am safe. I allow everything.” And then release your breath and all with it.

Lee addresses the importance of saying what you feel and expressing yourself truly and authentically. This will naturally allow you to be moved to those you’re supposed to be around and they to you, while others will move away on their own. It avoids harboring unhealthy feelings, repressing, denying, or telling half-truths.

I also agree on standing by the goodness of people and Lee shares the importance of strengthening community ties.

The last few points are about anger, judgments and broken trust. Remember if you’re angry that’s a sign of your fuel around something and if you look within and recognize the root of it you can find the answers and turn that anger around into positive effects to channel that energy. The same goes for broken trust. Look at yourself rather than pointing fingers and ask yourself where did you lose trust in yourself? Keep in mind to be gentle with yourself and realize that your judgments are largely society-programmed. Keeping an awareness about that can help you get in touch with yourself.

And lastly, take time to yourself. If you feel to be quiet, do so. If you feel to be active, listen.

Thank you again Lee for laying a framework of support to be mindful of.

Breaking Through Fear & Living – November 2012 Energy Forecast with Lee Harris

Free Yourself and Live

Seems like just yesterday that the October Energy Forecast was here. How time keeps accelerating. So amazing! Things have really shifted in a matter of days and that brings us to this month’s themes of leadership and direction. One of the questions to ask yourself is, what can you do to support yourself?

One way to help keep balanced, Lee shares, is to continually bathe yourself in nature both day and night time as much as possible – yes, that means under the moon (which I know many of you were doing a few days ago under the Taurus Full Moon) and under the stars, as well as outdoors in the sunlight and getting your feet and toes mingled with the Earth. Synchronously, I just posted earlier today about John Muir and what he inspires and teaches about the value and importance of getting in touch with Nature as a way to discover your own True Nature aligned with the Universe.

Reflect upon these words Lee shares and savor their message: Embrace your fears. Do things and give yourself permission to do things you normally wouldn’t do. When you are alive you infuse others with this enlivened energy. We are all connected with each other and with everything around us. BE ALIVE and REALLY LIVE.

Trust yourself to lead and you will realize that the seeds of your childhood will emerge again. (I know I’ve seen and been writing about this myself as things have been returning to their origins in my own life)

And I love this message of Lee’s, as I have been sharing the same with several in my life, who had encouraged me to write a future blog on communication: If you express something that’s very much your truth, you give your friend (and others) an opportunity to feel his or her truth around yours. And then we all move forward into a different place together. But if you stay safe and you play it safe and you censor yourself, you and your friend are being held back.

You can listen to and read the forecast here: November Energy Forecast – Are You Living Yet?

Or simply view it directly here:


Transformation & Birthing Anew


I imagine I’m not the only one feeling such incredible energies of fertile possibility around every corner. I find dream time wildly infused with layers of dreams after dreams that are either other timelines, foretelling, psychic touch-ins, or clearly symbolic of things playing out. And yes, definitely the identity shifts, rebirthing, and kundalini energy Lee Harris has themed for the month are hugely washing over and through me still – so much so I have deemed October the month of firmly and clearly establishing the new through developing daily scheduling, finding my flow amidst that, and deepening into essence.

I found myself purging, clearing, reorganizing, and redecorating when I thought I was done. This has involved:

  • donating or sharing with others several more bags of clothes and other items going out
  • re-imagining a 1/4 of my office including removal of the center piece to my room and a whole redo of my shelves – this won’t be fully done, as I’m awaiting some things to come in November and December, but for now is complete and oh so fresh (This included moving out the last old piece I had for 10 years, which felt important since everything else in my office is new)
  • making tons of room in my office closet to help with this
  • establishing the new style of clothing to mirror who I am now (this involves a two-part me for my active outdoor lifestyle and athletic center training and the personal lifestyle outside of that) – this always feels pivotal for full embodiment inside and out and feels much clearer than ever now
  • receiving new plants as gifts, bringing in a couple from outside for the cold months ahead, and finding new homes and decorative stands for them inside that added warmth and indoor garden delight
  • establishing our new exercise program we started on October 1st, which involves 5 days a week of training and classes that after the first couple of weeks of feeling out what we liked, is now fully established in our calendars – this will amp up with ski season added into the mix and for now involves at least 3 days of hiking as well
  • working on creating my daily schedule (just about done) to include everything on my intention list – something new since I don’t really have a schedule although manage to get things done – this feels important to be more focused and deliberate, but flowing in and out of several aspects of balanced life and work that I want to accomplish – doing this will keep me moving forward
  • dreaming up new aspects to this blog, as well as all that I’ll be involved in, which will soon have a new direction
  • planning some upcoming Winter travels
  • keeping focused on the goals we have for our life

And this big transformation has been reflected in not one, but now two rare Rubber Boas we’ve come across on our hiking paths recently.

The first you may recall was when Laura was visiting and we were descending from Eagle Lake. This first one was a luminous copper baby Rubber Boa – she captivated me!

And the second was just this past weekend on Saturday when an adult Rubber Boa was laying across the path we were hiking to Lake Tahoe from our house, on our return back home. This one was large and very worm-like – her coloring a coppery green (best I can describe it as) and she was sunning herself with her little tongue zipping in and out with slithery delight. I had a feeling it was another Rubber Boa, but had it confirmed when I looked it up and saw her exact duplicate in online photos. I say rare, because we have only ever seen the Garter Snakes here on hikes, but this is the first two times to see Rubber Boas and within just weeks of each other – both non-poisonous. Both Boas just laid there and let me talk to them. So curious and sweet!

This last Sunday I also found myself hiking 6 miles on my own while the boys were mountain biking. This was incredibly invigorating and renewed another level of my connection to nature, as I wandered the wrong right paths, connected with wonders around me, and even birthed a new sound channeling I haven’t done in a while. I shared the adventure and sound video on my Instagram. The photo above is from this hike where I was tickled with joy by the grove of baby pine trees I stumbled upon and laid with.

And the rebirthing has been reflected in not just the snake, kundalini energy, but in a powerful birthing dream I had a couple of nights ago – AGAIN. I say, “again” because this is now about the 3rd or 4th time within several months that I dream of myself giving birth. And interestingly, in this dream I gave birth back-to-back twice! I was pregnant in the dream and being assisted by a woman or female energy, who assured me it would be simple and easy – like a click I would feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. And just as she said, I felt that click and instantly the labor happened in one easy release. No pushing, pain, or anything. I never actually saw the baby come out, but something did.

This feels symbolic of my book process and my editor – she has also shown up in Tarot cards and in my dreams.

So, indeed it was symbolic of me birthing anew and may not be limited to the book, although it’s the biggest focus right now. It can also speak to the newness all around.

And this repeated a second time – this time a male and female energy assisting and this time the click was taking a bit longer, so they induced it with a little tapping at my lower back and poof! Another easy release. Talk about potent.

I have a feeling on this one too. 😉

I can only imagine this means the new I’m feeling led to bring forth will in fact not be as hard or challenging as my mind could easily make it. It will just be a very involved process and a committed one at that – perhaps even 9 months worth just like it would be to bring an actual human baby into the world. A successful release of creative energy and joyous passion is the potential awaiting the channeling ahead.

And that’s all that truly matters – that we are having fun and supporting the flow of our unique creativity into the world in ways relative to each of us. No other result than expression is the power we long for. If we allow that energy to get stuck, that’s when we find ourselves blocked in other areas of our lives too.

Where are you feeling stuck in your life and how can you help to move that energy through a creative outlet, idea, way of self-expression, support of a passion, etc. that you have and feel bubbling inside?

These are ways I use dreams and nature to reflect to me messages and guidance.

We have so many things, mirrors, gifts, and tools available to us. Are you present to seeing all the support and guidance you have around too?

We can even ask for our dreams to show us things, if we think we aren’t “getting it” in other ways. The same with nature and messages in general – we can ask for reflections, but you must be present to embrace them, as they will come in ways you’re not even thinking are possible.

Presence is SO important and is another message I feel to be incredibly key for us all. It helps you respond, rather than react. It helps you to see all of the support you DO actually have. It helps you have more gratitude. It helps you to know yourself, others, and everything around you more. It helps you to trust.

Last night I did a big Reiki Healing Attunement for some intentions and wishes that included things close to home and for friends and family I know could use a little boost, and of course Astrid doesn’t skip a beat in helping. There’s a part in the process where I blow violet breath and when I blew, Astrid stretched huge and yawned and while I was finishing stuff in the heart chakra, she was licking her giant Tahoe mother quartz on the ground!

She is enjoying all of the new energy, but also excited to get a stronger move-on with the writing she’s waiting to assist with again.

I haven’t had much time yet to delve deeply in that the last couple of weeks other than ideas because it became evident I needed to get all of these things worked out and in place. There’s something important about solidity, clarity, and anchoring to really support the new in greater flow, ease, and efficiency.

So, I’ve been utilizing the time to research, finish reading the last book I have to help with my writing, have some key things to continue clarifying and journaling about, and organizing all of my notes and processes to implement.

This will also involve that new blog series I’ve now made mention of twice and I promise to share it very soon! Perhaps even this week, but it won’t officially begin until Monday, October 29th.

Astrid is especially pleased about this, as soon she’ll have her own spot on part of this new blog series upcoming. Stay tuned!!


Making Dreams Into Realities ~ My Nearly 3 Year RV Dream Manifests

It’s a dream no more.

I’ve held a dream about living and traveling in an RV now for quite a while – somewhere between 2 1/2 – 3 years. And it is finally happening, but all in perfectly divine and aligned timing, just as I had posted it would back on May 17, 2013 in this blog, when I saw an interesting all white RV parked across the street where I could see it directly in view from my office:

Faery Stones & Crosses

It’s always fun to look back at how things have evolved. I actually didn’t realize it had been that long, as time flies, but at the same time I’ve kept myself focused on moving forward as if it already was, patiently awaiting the alignment to light up.

The more I’ve connected with my essence and heard the truth in my heart, the more I’ve connected with what that looks like for me in terms of my life callings.

I have a deep desire as a soul to explore, forge into unknown territory, create beauty, imagine expansively, flow naturally, live freely, simply, and with ecstatic softness, and love boundlessly. I’m a soul, that much like my dear Twin Soul, Nestor, cannot be confined, contained, nor bound.

Ideas come to me without some long analyzed process…I get the idea as a spark of inspiration and knowing first…and then I start working out the details, looking at the angles of how that looks, and exploring possibilities after.

This is what took place when I first got the RV inspiration. It just came to me. I knew it was right. And little by little, things started showing me and messaging me that my guidance was on point for my life with this. I knew I was meant to move on from California at this time. I’ve lived here nearly all my life, except for 7 of my 42 years, which were spread between Seattle, Sedona, Lake Tahoe, and Reno.

And I knew there was a timing on this. It wasn’t until I returned from Alaska last August of 2014, that I knew with all of me I had fully moved into a new embodiment and was living in the new reality, which was no longer in California. It would just take time for the rest to align. From the moment I arrived home everything felt so unreal to me and like a parallel reality to my own. And since then, I’ve upped my energetic work and movement forward to create what I knew was needing to be done.

I know that as long as I listen to the nudges I will always be supported, safe, and taken care of – in the right place at the right time. And there was a time limit on when this needed to take place, how long I knew I would be able to wait, but this would also coincide with an opening that had to be taken at the precise moment it was offered.

I think people didn’t take things seriously when I said a move and RV living was coming, since people operate only on the tangible things they see and experience. So, I just worked toward it, not mentioning it much, as it wasn’t important others were consciously in on it with me or not.

I operate in the intangible, as that’s where the tangible is created. So yes, for most of the time I may look like The Fool Card in the Tarot, but that’s where I live with great peace.

That used to be a big challenge, especially when I was much younger, and now I relish in it. It doesn’t much matter to me if people don’t believe what I share about experiencing, seeing, and knowing. If I’m happy and experiencing magickal things, plus doing no one harm in the process, I think that’s all that really matters, right?

I just know that I’m needing to move around right now and not root at this time, although will plant many roots along the way, and seed much on the journey, while also doing energetic work for the collective since all of my travels are intentional for the highest good of all concerned while I’m guided by my heart.

It will be interesting to see what evolves and where the journey leads. I have some visions of things that may culminate along the way, as well as potentials for what may happen at some end point of the journey, which has no time limit. It will be as long or as short as it’s meant to be. Until I KNOW with all of me, like I did with this first step, I’ll just be following the path unfolding one step at a time.

But once I fully embodied the truth that this was actually going to happen, things have just continued to unfold to open the pathway there very clearly.

And synchronously I’ve been calling up a lot of RV energy over the year. And even on my visit to Indiana to see Laura, little did I know until she told me, that Elkhart County, Indiana was the birth place of about 90% of RV’s in the country. So there is a good chance mine could have come from there.

And another fun thing was just after word came that things were a green light with the RV last week, I pulled out of my driveway to do some errands and a large RV came down the street, ending up in front of me and leading me out to the main road. AND, on my way back home, the same EXACT RV was coming back at the same EXACT time, turning back onto my street just as I was.

When you’re in the zone, you call up a lot of synchronized alignments and reflective experiences.

So, while it may seem overnight to some people, since it’s something that I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes, it has been a process of continued belief, dedication, and moving forward without letting anything deter me from knowing what is in my heart would happen.

It’s not necessary that I dictate the timing, as that would go against natural flow and divine alignments. It was only necessary to gently (like a soft, but potent gaze) hold the energetic connection, relax, and realize that I was to be patient for what was on the threshold working itself out to bring it all together in the most supportive way for the highest good of all concerned.

In the meantime, fully embodying the new, not holding my life back, putting anything on hold, or stopping life until it happened, but continuing to cultivate things and live in abundant creation, which helps keep the energy moving and manifesting the pieces into place, one step at a time.

It’s a balance of intention without attachment or expectation, full embodiment of the new even though it isn’t here yet, flowing with the energy rather than forcing it, not allowing setbacks to deter you or discourage you, realizing the perfection of what shows up, and then courageously leaping when there’s a green light. Plus, don’t forget to intend everything for the highest good of all concerned to create the most harmonious and love-centered experience for everyone involved.

The Universe then supports you tenfold.

And although the next steps are not seen yet, I will be living and cultivating the life I want, while I await the next green light.

So, moving out of the house and into an RV park here locally, until the next leg of the journey comes together and reveals itself will be beneficial on many accounts.

It will help get things settled, integrate the new lifestyle, get the animal companions all situated, and work out any kinks, while also getting to live waterfront on the beach, which will be amazing and creatively supportive for my sabbatical projects I’ll be channeling.

I don’t know how the next thing is going to happen, but I do know that it will.


The new baby that has birthed into manifestation – A 39 foot Fleetwood Discovery with the absolutely perfect inside layout needed and desired, with 3 slide-outs for quite an off-grid home on wheels


A sneak peak of the main living salon with slide-outs out….pretty nice even before clean-detailing it and making it home.

This Sunday, two days after the Aquarius Full Blue Moon, and one day after the celebration of Lammas – “first harvest” – the RV arrived home at 6pm on the nose (all the way from Arizona), just as I finished in the garden.

garden towerI had been tending to my garden tower, tinkering around because I like to make all the plants pretty and give them attention, pruning, watering, harvesting, and also planting a few new plants. And lately, whenever I go out to the garden to check on my plants and do any work, it never fails that a white butterfly comes to greet me and will flutter around me with such loving grace, ecstatic softness, and gentle support. This day was no exception.

applese galoreI also made the rounds in the yard checking out all of the fruit trees and flowers – seeing the abundance of Fall fruits that are getting ready including apples and persimmons, and finding my two out-of-season, surprise tangerines getting really close to being ready too!

tangerine surprise3tangerine surprise2

They aren’t supposed to be harvested until February, but low and behold, just like me, a couple of them had to buck things and prove that “anything is possible”. Perhaps they’ll be ready, just like my two sunflowers out front, to harvest and bloom right at onset of embarking.

It was a most lovely and perfect timing to be out planting and cultivating, only to then have the “fruits of my labor” (both literally in present time and symbolically in terms of a few years of work) manifest at the exact timing of coming in from the garden.

There’s a lot to do between now and October, both with the RV, the house, my work, and all preparations, but I know it will all get done, as it always does.

Right now the RV is going to be getting an upgrade, making sure everything is functioning properly, fixing any little things to have it move-in ready, detailing it so it is fresh and clean, adding in a new washer/dryer to the hookups already there, getting a new mattress, adding solar panels to the roof, installing the towing kit so it’s ready for hook up to the car, etc…and then of course a nice little ceremony to activate her and energetically surround her in a new frequency of experience she’ll be supporting.


I love her model name, “Discovery” and I love that she “just so happens to be” mostly green with some gray, but the gray shifts color in the light and next to the green, so that it becomes a green/blue.

“Coincidentally”, the house we live in is also green – the only green house in the neighborhood with an address that numerologically holds the essence of #6, which is all about harmony, love, home, balance, family, groups, friends, truth, sincerity, peace, calm, beauty, responsibility, and service.

The reason the green color is so significant is because that’s the color of the Heart Chakra and the focus of my work at “Emerald Bridge”.

Emerald Bridge was created to be a compassionately conscious business that fuses visionary services and creations focused on a journey of the heart.

And that’s just what this adventure ahead in the RV will be – a journey of the heart.

I’m excited to see what gets created from this new abode, and look forward to exploring the entire U.S., Canada, and Mexico. I’ve traveled a lot abroad, but now I get to explore all of North America and areas surrounding.

Everyone has their own path, but it seems collectively, as Lee shared in his August Energy Forecast, that it’s a time for going within for a recalibration and redefining of how you want your life to be and allowing fire into your life to move through you to create growth.

For some that inner depth focus might reflect as deepening roots where they are and cultivating things locally. And for some, like myself, that inner depth focus is about deepening the roots within (home is where the heart is) that can be carried where ever we go, spreading and cultivating connection, community, and love around.

I look forward to being able to connect with people I know all over the country, but have never met in person, and I also look forward to meeting new people and having new adventures. I’ll be able to offer things locally, where ever I am, making it easier for people since I’ll be accessible to any locale I’m at.

I especially look forward to all of the beautiful nature and peace, inspiration, and expansiveness that I’ll immerse in, and how that channels through my work.

All I know is that we each need to follow the inner guidings we each have.

For me, right now I know this is what I am to do, and I’ll see where it leads and where I end up. Part of the journey is about exploring where I may end up wanting to root after this adventure.

But for now it’s simply about the journey…no end goal in mind. Seeing where it all leads and listening along the way to the promptings of Earth and Cosmic messages that will alert me.

(P.S. – before I added this end note and the two photo captions the whole share was 2222 words 😉 )

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