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Tania Marie is an international Reiki Master Teacher, sacred tattoo designer, visionary artist, workshop/retreat facilitator, and Spiritual Skin author. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania supports people globally to find inspiration, embody empowerment, and to live magickally and more abundantly with conscious awareness.

Tania helps people in creating life-enhancing, intenful, and spiritual tattoo designs that bring personal meaning and healing empowerment to their lives, while integrating body and soul. She has created a unique and revolutionary niche with this work that she also shares in her book Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep. Her designs are very sought after and she usually has a waiting list for her work. She is not a tattoo artist that inks. She is a spiritual designer that will help create a reflective design for you to embody.

As a Reiki Master Teacher Tania has been practicing and teaching both within and outside the U.S. since 2007 with clients and students internationally, many of which are themselves practicing practitioners and teachers, but also many who have simply integrated Reiki into their every day lives and experience enhancement and support as a direct result.

She is an experiential facilitator of both workshops and retreats in the realms of spiritual and creative arts. Tania can be commissioned for tattoo designs, spiritual art, and co-created conscious workshops and events.

Her design consultations and Reiki sessions are done either by email or by distance. She is able to tune in with clients remotely. Reiki workshops and retreats are held both locally and internationally. Reiki certification training available also by distance, and as private or group workshops.

An inspirational catalyst and bridge worker, Tania is also the creator of Emerald Bridge – a compassionately conscious business that fuses visionary services and creations focused on a journey of the heart. 

Tania’s passionate devotion is to empower others into recognition of their wholeness, provide inspiration, nurture creative energy, support a return to natural harmony from the inside out, and cultivate courageous self-love to walk in the personal frequency that is unique to each individual. 

Her ground-breaking book, Spiritual Skin, is creating a transformative wave across the world, as it creates a new paradigm bridge between physical and spiritual through a thorough, integratively healing, and excitingly new exploration of sacred tattoos. 

Tania has spent most of her life on a conscious spiritual journey. Although as a child she experienced the igniting of this passion, it truly sparked on an intentful level when she was in her mid-teens. She has since been on a devoted evolution to not only deepen her own journey, but to share the inspiration and experiences from that journey with others.

In doing so, her focus evolved into that of a bridge-worker, supporting others to open to their own conscious connections that could shift their lives with enhanced abundance and inspired passion.

Emerald Bridge was inspired by the energy of the Heart Chakra, which is an energetic “bridge” between the lower and upper Chakras in the human energy system. It’s color is green and the gemstone emerald embodies its essence.

It’s from this place of centered harmony that love emanates as divine power, which enables you to be the creator of your experiences. Tania’s experience in healing arts and metaphysics is the foundation of her support.

Tania believes life to be a “walking meditation” that consistently conveys the practices she embodies in the integrity of her own example.Tania Marie 3 

“What if our religion was each other
  If our practice was our life
  If prayer, our words.
  What if the temple was the earth
  If forests were our church
  If holy water – the rivers, lakes, and oceans
  What if meditation was our relationships 
  If the Teacher was life 
  If wisdom was self-knowledge 
  If love was the center of our being” 
~ Ganga White 

An adventurer at heart, she spends her personal time creatively channeling, connecting with her animal companions, friends, and loved ones, immersing in nature, exploring the outdoors hiking, biking, kayaking, and walking along the beach, listening to music and creating her own, writing, communing with her crystal friends, taking in movies, making smoothies and new dishes, exploring vegan and raw vegan restaurants, Tania Marie 2traveling around the world, stretching her courage and vulnerability, dancing when the moment moves her, giggling a lot, sharing love, breathing in quiet moments to herself, and just “being”.  

Tania is currently based in Costa Mesa, California with her partner, author David Robinson Simon, their rabbit, tortoise, and two cats.Tania Marie 8

“Creating life as a work of art” is Tania’s personal motto. You can read her article as a Wild Woman contributing writer to Wild Woman Community here: Creating Life as a Work of Art

To learn more about Tania and the journey that she is on, you can read her written interview with the founder of Journey for Earth, Annabel Ruffell, here: Written Interview with Tania Marie, Reiki Master Teacher, Visionary Artist, Author, Sacred Tattoo Designer

Art has been a part of Tania’s life since she first learned to hold a crayon.  Creativity naturally and effortlessly flowed through her as an expression of her sensitivities to experiences and as result of her very vivid and active imagination. Her instincts first channeled through as animal drawings, which has come full circle as the focal point of her newest series, Universal ARKitecture.

Art was an unspoken language shared during the many hours she spent drawing side by side at the kitchen table with her French grandfather. It is in those silent hours of creative expression that Tania’s artistic gift received unconditional support and encouragement that nurtured the artist within. She believes in fostering the same in others.

All of her services are offered both locally and internationally. She can be commissioned for sacred tattoo designs. Tania offers ongoing distant Reiki treatments, as well as inspiring and supportive Reiki, art, crystal, and spiritual growth workshops worldwide.

To purchase originals and giclees of her work visit www.taniamarie.com.

You can also check her out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/taniamarieartist or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/taniamarie555 or follow her here on her blog www.taniamarieartist.wordpress.com.

Tania’s book, Spiritual Skin, is available at www.spiritualskin.com.

Tania Marie is available for public or private event appearances, interviews, and speaking engagements. A standard fee includes travel expenses and honorarium.

To discuss arrangements and availability for events and retreats, or to contact Tania for an interview, please visit: CONTACT TANIA to share details of your request.

Tania Marie 6Fundraising inquiries welcomed. Tania donates her work and services to many causes dear to her heart, including animal organizations, events, and businesses dedicated to the raising of consciousness.

For more information about Tania Marie’s involvements and collaborations see:  Media and Contributions

“My life is about transforming and shattering the old and the idea of impossible, realizing that miracles are a reality that I create. Nothing pleases me more than inspiring greatness in everyone and being inspired by the beauty in and around us all. We each have a song to sing, but together we create a beautiful symphony.” ~Tania Marie


  1. HI… im interested in your spiritual tattoo deisgns…

  2. Hey Tania! We met one time at a Verbal Vegans gathering (it’s been awhile now). I looked up your website back then and was impressed with your art. I didn’t realize you had a blog too – this is great! You’ve got almost 5,000 followers – that’s impressive! I’m a new blogger, so if you’ve got any tips or suggestions for me I’d love to hear them. Dave wrote such a wonderful going vegan story – thanks for liking it. Maybe I’ll see you again at a vegan gathering. I haven’t been to any in awhile, but I’ve been thinking about going back soon. Take care and keep in touch!

  3. hi celeste! yes, i remember our meeting at happy family. thank you dearly for taking time to look at my work. i appreciate your sharing your feelings on this. yes! now we can stay connected via our blogs as well. it’s always great to share something on a daily basis if you can..something you are passionate about that your audience would find of value and interest and you can share these via your facebook page too, if you have one? will look forward to seeing you again! thank you so much for connecting. will keep a look out for new blogs from you. i do agree dave’s was a very inspiring story. thank you for sharing it. i’m really proud of him. xoox

  4. I appreciate your thoughtful comments – thanks so much!!

  5. thank you Tania
    I was giving Reiki distance healing to a friend and the collour of turqupise appeared and the intuition to sit with my friend in an vortex of turquoise
    and so I find your webside

    Aloha Mahalo Astrid

  6. “My cocoon tightens, colors tease, I’m feeling for the air; a dim capacity for wings degrades the dress I wear” -Dickinson

  7. if i go to sandy eggo to visit my mom this year , i shall have to lewk U up :) thaks for the kewl journey through ur werld, May u an ur other half david be blessed with love an light frum all that exists….. peacefully urs.quark… aka mike in southern colorado…ex sandy eggan lol :) attempting to turn vegan! :) namaste’ 8-)

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