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Best Birthday Ever!

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I second that Laura! More details to follow about our faery celebration and activation week. Faery magick to all, and to all a good night!

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Got Faery

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Realization of Grace ~ Sacred Tattoo Design

Karin Sacred Tattoo Design

What a wonderful energy this sacred tattoo design embodies, as a send-off to my vacation tomorrow. I’ve been working like crazy to get things caught up and manageable for my upcoming trips away and so I’ve been working my way through not only creating designs, alongside my other work, but posting the back up of ones I’ve not had chance to as well.

This is an incredible piece that was not only a joy to create, but I loved working in a new area of the body for its placement. It will be sitting right under, framing, and in between my client’s breasts, and down a bit, pointing toward the Solar Plexus. So it is a decent sized piece extending about 8 and a half inches in width, and about 6 inches in height.

This was another example of allowing the process to percolate and it was in fact at one of the symphonies I went to that the vision channeled in full while I listened to the beautiful classical music.

Up until that point, I only knew the main elements that were speaking to me to add, but while immersed in the music, my client and her design came into my visions and immediately I saw it…just as it was to be/is now here as you see it.

Some of them were elements my client had mentioned being drawn to, others were the abstracts of those ideas in energetic expression, and one was the appearance of an animal spirit guide that just glaringly came through when I read one of her emails to me.

But I waited, as I did not know how to integrate it all, nor do I try to make that happen or force it…and then the music took me on the journey where the symphony was the experience of someone/me painting the canvas where all elements merged together and created the vision you see here. Later I saw an image of the swans I saw in my vision immediately after and knew it was confirmation.

It’s fun to see how things then synchronously unfold with meaning, as I look into the layers of symbolism more. I don’t have the answers/details always as to why I do something, know something, draw something, etc….I just know that’s what I see, feel, or know. The story comes together later, but isn’t necessary to me. It’s just fun to connect dots.

Anyway, what came through was swan (two of them), an eight petaled lotus (type of Water lily) in the center that shares one of its petals with the nautilus that unfolds from its potent center (dedicated to Patanjali’s eightfold path of yoga my client is connected to/had an idea about), and an Earth lily just below that. I melded the bottom in an organic flow of design that both creates a petaled richness to the lotus, as well as watery essence both the swans and lotus emerge from. The leaves double as pools of water with reflections.

While there is some symmetry, I wanted it to have balance created in a more organic feel. And each swan represents two aspects of self merging…the Divine Feminine and Masculine… so there is also a balance of gracing the front of, and one behind, the lotus…a yin/yang feel, as well as harmony, balance, and wholeness…

I wanted the piece to have this amazingly beautiful, soft grace and feminine quality, but also to be integrated and harmonized…supporting that gentle, but powerful/empowered feminine energy my client wanted reflected.

Here is a little on the symbolism of each main part of the design, which several I’ve shared before since they are collective symbols (each channeled to reflect individually unique to each), but I always like to reshare the info again for anyone only just seeing this piece at this particular time.

Swan: of course they are connected to the element of water and its symbolism of fluidity, intuition, dreaming (my client had mentioned dreams and being focused on them a lot), emotions, and creativity. They bring a sense of balance to our lives since they live in harmony amongst three elements….they ground on Earth, they fly to great heights in the Air, and gracefully flow through Waters with magnificent elegance. They bring messages of love, grace, union (within and without – so it’s our relationship with ourselves and others, and divine partners), purity, innocence, grace, inner beauty and realizing your own true beauty, dreams and understanding dream symbols, seeing into the future, understanding spiritual, balance, elegance, partnership, transformation, evolution, developing intuitive abilities, awakening the power of self, self-esteem and confidence, are Celtic Solar animals representing the rising glory of a new day and thus new beginnings that arise through the cycles of life, and also in Celtic tradition represent the Soul and our eternal essence. The swan is sacred to Venus and associated with love, poetry and music in this regard as well.

I especially like this little symbolism I found while researching that SO mirrors the image I channeled for her:

In the Saundarya Lahari (translated as “Waves of Beauty” it’s a text filled with beautiful mantras from the Hindu perspective) two swans (Ham and Sa) pair together, swimming around in the divine mind “living on honey from the blooming lotus of knowledge.”

I LOVE synchronicity and how the image that channeled through tuning in to her essence as something to symbolize this journey for her to support her into her empowerment basically paints the visual of this story. I didn’t know this until now. I also love that the vision of this design came through when at the symphony listening to beautiful classical music that evoked that mystery of inner grace and one’s song.

Lotus: the Lotus itself is a powerful and ancient image symbolizes harmony, spiritual illumination and unlimited potential. The lotus is a type of water lily which rises from the sludge of muddy waters and opens into a beautiful flower. It is often used as a mandala, or circular symbol, but any way you use the Lotus in a spiritual practice, it will provide a resonant field that reinforces the concept of resurrection. Human mistakes and challenges are the fertilizer for brilliance and awakened creation as the Lotus shows us. Born in the murkiest of ponds, Lotus still emerges pure. Use the Lotus as a reminder that “this, too, shall pass.” Be assured that all fertilizer nurtures a beautiful new life. In the greater world, Lotus is a peaceful cosmic beacon for forgiveness, gratitude and compassion to prevail where the sludge of conflict has resided. Using this symbol on water invites a balance between humility and pride.

Nautilus: The Nautilus shells to me are of an ancient nature and with its integrated chambers is symbolic of continuous progress, balance, new ideas, visionary discoveries, innovation and inspiration, renewal, eternal continuity, expansion, consistency, evolution, interconnectedness, divine perfection, natural flow, stability and internal harmony within regeneration, abundant creative energy – in general, a symbol of life and “the journey home” to Source within All That Is, through a succession of transcendent spirals. When gazing upon the Nautilus it provides a serene sense of balance and well-being. The spiral itself is a symbol of creation, movement, fluidity, surrender/releasing, holistic growth, and awareness of the one within the context of the whole. It reveals the cyclical nature of life, the consciousness of nature from core center expanding outward, and the relationship between unity and multiplicity. It is the limitless spirals that move both “inward towards the Source of creation and eternally outward with Source’s continual self-creation.” In this way, the spiral reflects the contiguous journey home to who you really are and the journey to be one with Source.

Lily: The lily not only connects to my client’s grandmother who shares that name and is important to her, but also symbolizes hope, faith, birth, purity, renewal, promise, passion, becoming, innocence, fertility, cleansing, maternal nurturing, remembrance, transitioning, development, growth, progress, freedom….The lily symbolizes the Goddess.

There is such a beautiful story this image depicts in many layered ways. I will let you find how it speaks to you.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me here: Contact Tania Marie

There is currently a waiting list, but you can easily make your deposit at the link provided below to embark on this journey in partnership with me. Now scheduling for July.

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: Life Changing Tattoos

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

I always add shading and detail to the drawings so that you can get a taste of what it might look like tattooed when details come together. But usually tattoo drawings by artists are done in just the simple outline of the piece and the details come together during the inking process…but this gives a reference to assist the tattoo artist and it helps you to envision the possibilities.

9th Birthday Celebrations for Cosmo & New Moon/MercuryRetrograde Reflections


Cosmo cozy on the bed last night with me after I got home – he reminds me of Bambi as a little fawn laying so sweetly in the thicket.



According to some paperwork I have from when I adopted Cosmo, his records indicate that today, nine years ago was his day of birth. Happy Birthday Cosmo!

Depending on your time zone, the New Moon in Earthy Taurus takes place tonight May 17th/May 18th and brings the element of love into focus, as well as grounding with Mother Earth for harmony, restoration, and balance.

How perfect is that for sweet Cosmo?!

Mercury Retrograde also kicks in at nearly the same time as the New Moon and will last through June 11th.

Going within and loving yourself and all else as a reflection of that is the key here.

Not to mention it’s a time for taking things lightly, having humor, and seeing the glass half full with an open heart….all things that Cosmo reflects so beautifully. As despite his “perceived limitations” he continues to give tons of love, exudes peace and contentment, and keeps on trucking along.

Retrogrades are not the villains they’re often made out to be…they help us to recognize the times for going within and reworking things, restrategizing, doing stuff behind the scenes, reevaluating, reviewing, rethinking, reconnecting, releasing, and rebuilding. And when we do, we can catapult ourselves by working with the energies and strategizing inwardly.

And with the New Moon in Taurus illuminating fresh starts that can be aided by the love we nurture into our relationships with ourselves, others, and all of life, while reconnecting deeply with our Earth Mother, we have the perfect energetic environment to really support the new that reflects and aligns most deeply with our essence.

As Astrologer Molly Hall shares:

“See what moves you, and what’s calling you home, for rest, solace, release…”

It’s a time of rooting deep, embracing all that is within – the dark and the light – and loving yourself into balanced fortitude.

And when you truly can find yourself feeling totally free, within what others may perceive as limitations, then you’ll truly understand freedom.

I also read that Mercury Retrogrades are excellent for reconnecting with old friends. So it’s pretty cool I will be traveling tomorrow in the wake of the New Moon and onset of Mercury Retrograde to go spend time with Laura, whom I haven’t seen for nearly 6 years. Couldn’t think of a better way to connect with this energy than with a dear, old/ancient friend, as we share a relaxing, restful, reflective, renewing, and Earthy week in the garden and nurtured by fresh, daily harvested veggie meals each day.

Happy Birthday to my precious Cosmo, who truly embodies this energy, and then some, so beautifully and purely! I love you to the Moon and beyond!

So grateful to be able to celebrate this day with you – you are a gift to my life and to many!

Best Friends Become Teacher & Student ~ Joy & Cosmo’s Reiki Journey Begins

joy and cosmo


This was happening last evening, and has been happening recently. I couldn’t be happier to see my soul friends communing so peacefully together.

They’ve both come a long way and with patience and doing things the way I intuited would be best, knowing each of them, rather than following anyone’s guidelines on their bonding, it seems to have paid off.

Joy’s fears have dissipated to nearly non-existent. She only gets the occasional tension when Cosmo makes fast moves. It’s unintentional, as his injury causes him to make wiggling worm moves and he’s also like a little torpedo at times, but he doesn’t mean any harm by it. But sometimes if he moves fast and gets excited to connect with her, she may back off or stand in tense mode until I pet them both and assure them of each other’s intentions and bring them back to being grounded again, which happens quickly.

I explain to Joy that Cosmo has an injury and so he moves differently, but also that he only wants to give her love. And I explain to Cosmo, that Joy doesn’t understand the fast moves and so maybe he can try to dial back and try to move a little more slowly.

They both understand and listen and then everyone’s back to peace.

But it’s been beautiful to see them connecting so tenderly in the last several weeks through the pen, as they touch nose to nose, and when I have them out together on the carpet. I have begun this last week to take Cosmo out in my office, which was always deemed Joy’s domain and only peaceful, sweet connections have been made. I used to just bring them together in the family room, but felt they were ready for connecting in the central energy zone of the home, which is my office – the nucleus of creation.

And Joy has been wonderful not having an ounce of trepidation about it. At times just goes about her own thing and doesn’t even care. And at other times engages him sweetly like last evening when I snapped these photos.

I had placed Cosmo right next to me by my desk on a blanket, so I could see him out of the corner of my eye and keep watch on everything. Not long after I did, Joy came jumping over and they were head to head and remained as such for a good 10-15 minutes without moving from this position, other than the occasional teeth grinding from both of them, which indicates they are comforted, happy, and peaceful. And occasionally a few little readjustments where it seemed Cosmo was lovingly nudging Joy.

cosmo and joyI knew that they were communicating and this seems to be the way that they like to do this, is third eye to third eye, as they do it all the time. A lot was being transferred between them, as they went into this comfortable trance-like mode, telepathically transmitting from one to another. Cosmo, mostly receiving, but then giving Joy loving nudges in between, no and then.

Joy has indicated previously that when both of them were ready, she would be teaching Cosmo Reiki, and so the preparation has begun.

Joy is a Reiki Master Teacher too and very proud to pass along the teachings she received from Nestor who is also a Reiki Master Teacher. Oh the beauty of the cycles of life!

I’m so excited about this, I can’t contain my “joy”. I couldn’t be more proud of Joy for all she has overcome and for what an amazing teacher she is and will be to him. And I am excited for Cosmo and what this will mean for him and their relationship, as well as so proud of how far he’s come and how he’s learned to honor and respect Joy, with her caring example and instruction.

I still like to be present with them and not leave them alone, as I feel my presence assists the process while I gentle caress each of them in intervals as they commune. And as the third integrating piece, I help keep things grounded when any little things move the energy off kilter a bit.

But last night was beautiful to witness.

To say that I love these two is an understatement. They mean the world to me.


I’ll Be Away May 18th – June 5th With Minimal Online Time

Starting May 18th, I’ll be gone for 3 weeks through June 5th – home only for 3 days in between the two legs of my trips. I’ll be online minimally, but will check emails and share posts of the occasional inspiration when I have time.

I won’t be available for any services, however, during the 3 weeks. So work resumes the week of June 8th and is already filling up with private and group workshops, as well as design work. If you’re interested in joining any of the workshops and events upcoming, you can message me and register while I’m gone.

For info on those please visit: Life-Enhancing Summer Events & Workshops

I’m also booking tattoo designs for July. 

I’ll be visiting three different areas while I’m away, which means receiving and giving an energetic infusion on multi-fronts.

First stop Goshen, Indiana to visit my dear best friend, Laura Bruno, for the first time in nearly 6 years (about 5 years and 8 months to be more precise)! The last time being our fun trip in Chicago, Fall of 2010 – Blast from the Past – my how we’ve changed! It just so happens to coincide with her Birthday so celebrations all around in store. Excited to see her amazing garden and to do some special activations together for what we are individually and collectively creating. She has a lot of garden goodies in prep for yummy meals (she makes amazing Faery food) and has been working away on planting hundreds of plants before I get there so that we can spend some quality time together. Although some of that I know will be shared in the garden where she’ll be giving me some garden-101 tips I’m sure! Our time in person is always potent and usually kicks off a new cycle for each of us and I feel this one is going to really spark a leap in our journeys. Our most magickal and life-changing trip to date was in Mendocino/Fort Bragg in Fall of 2009. It changed the whole playing field for us, indeed.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the mischief and magick upcoming for sure. This will be our longest time spent together too! We figured nearly 6 years of distant mischief deserved some bigger celebrations. ;)

I’ll return for 3 days after our Faery fun together…just a little downtime transition to integrate and prep for the next leg of the journey, plus check in on the little bunny loves I’ll be missing big time. And then am off to Orlando, Florida for a week. Dave is giving several talks at “The Real Truth About Health” Conferences that week for his book “Meatonomics” which will host an amazing line-up of incredible speakers. This is a free event both in person and online. You should check it out. I’m looking forward to also visiting Disney World for the first time and seeing my good friend Yasmin there locally while sharing the crystal love!

Then before returning home, it’s off to Sedona, Arizona for a week, direct from Florida. Going to be spending a day at the Grand Canyon and then the rest of the week in my once-home-town of Sedona with family. I used to live there for two years and have frequented a lot, so I’m very much looking forward to this and the timing I feel is auspicious to things for me personally, as Sedona has always been one of those places that I go to or live in at particularly large leaps in my life – and this definitely being one of those! The energy there has always ignited big things. So I’m looking forward to hiking the vortexes, getting a reading from a favorite Tarot/Astrologer/Intuitive – already got in an appointment! – hopefully seeing another dear friend, Dawn, in person for the first time, and seeing what unfolds.

I’m so grateful for these powerful trips and connections this year that all seem to be supporting, igniting, and activating the major shift I feel happening personally and collectively. And that always means new inspirations and channeled creations to come!

As mentioned, I’ll still be checking emails and messages, but if there’s something particularly important or that you need more assistance with, please message me before I head out on Monday.

Whimsical Seashell Creations ~ Enhancing the Ordinary With a Little Nature & Imagination

seashells11Amidst my fulls days, I’ve managed to carve out time in between my work during little breaks to nourish my creative juices. I’ve been wanting to do this little project now for months, and I’m glad I waited, as my original vision shifted and turned into something better….at least I think so. ;)

I’ve found that the few minutes of imagination and fun to break up the day have added a spark to things energetically, as well as have kept me balanced.

seashells10Balance is always the key I am focused on creating in my life, one way or another, as I have a history of going overboard with things since I have an unusually inhuman level of endurance. So, I love to switch things up to amuse and nurture my eclectically diverse needs, finding ways to constantly keep all parts of me engaged and happy, as well as support my overall well-being without any blow-outs and breakdowns.

seashells6I’m happy to say, I’ve been successful with this now consistently, after learning my processes and knowing myself most intimately. It took years, but now I’m building years under my belt of harmony and balance.

Anyway, my project consisted of creating some ocean-inspired pieces infused with the amazing energy of seashells and sea treasures I’ve collected over the last few years on my journeys to energetically powerful spots on the globe, both near and far.

seashells5I just recently found the perfect pieces I’d been envisioning and the rest was all about letting inspiration lead.

I highly recommend you nurture whatever little creative nudges are tapping on your shoulder, as it will do you A LOT of good!

Don’t judge what wants through either! Just let yourself create without hindering how that needs to look or what others might think of it. It’s all about playing and having fun!

I know I was definitely enjoying tapping into my inner mermaid for this project and of course the Pisces me was in her watery bliss. :)

seashells4I had so much fun creating these pieces and wanted to share them with you. They were made in spurts here and there between my days, and because it was a delicate operation of placing things just so, while affixing them and having to prop things and keep things in place while they dried, it was a creative challenge that also benefited stretching and exercising both my right and left brain – again helping to balance within the process of the project itself, while balancing my day as well.seashells3

I hope you enjoy the photos of these whimsical pieces, which include an antiqued watering can (just love this piece that has 10 small seashells framing the handle and 3 seashells on the scroll work behind the spout), a water pitcher (such an elegant and watery beauty!), and two seashells2vases – one of which I decorated on the outside (such wonderful Earthy colors and richness) and the other I one-by-one hand-placed each sea treasure in a sturdy stacked column that not only showcases each unique piece, but holds strong and in place (an enchanted collection of magickal energy).seashells

It’s amazing, but not surprising, how I had exactly the right pieces for everything and also in cases where I was reflecting a mirror image on two sides…ended up having mirroring pieces and only the right amount of each! The photos don’t do justice to the colors, detailing, and shine of many of the mother of pearl luminous pieces.


I don’t know what I’m doing with all of them yet, I just know I was to create these mermaid treasures and I’ll let intuition, inspiration, and guidance lead the way on the rest. I only know that one is a special birthday gift for a special someone…another might be part of a wedding gift…but we’ll see what Spirit has in store.seashells7

What IS known is that they are sparked full of magick, wonderful ocean and nature energy, and seem to have brought more Faery friends around. ;)seashells9

A Mega Crystal Threesome ~ Powerful Things Come in Small Packages


Three of the amazing crystal friends that came home with me from the gem faire Friday, as I visited my favorite crystal guy (and soul family) there with my sweet friend Janet after a lovely lunch with her and another sweetie, Nikki.

I’ve been getting to know them in dream time since in different combinations and intervals I’ve been guided to sleep with them in. They’ve really sparked some VERY interesting and layered dreams that are creating some deep processing…so much so I’ve been feeling quite drained (in a good way) by the time evening comes around the last few days since their arrival, as I feel like I’m doing a lot of work while sleeping on the inner and etheric realms. This just means I’m putting out more energy than normal, which means more rest and “me time” is in order for recharging. I love making things simple, so the work at night is an amplified way to get through things while shifting to another level. This also has been aided by my Crystal elixirs I continue to take, as guided.

These three powerhouses include a Synergy Healer with phantoms – woo! – Lemurian Rutilated Quartz with timelinks and deep keys – eek! – and Kundalini Citrine Quartz – oh yeah!

I also found a Rainbow Obsidian that fits in my palm – a soul path stone – and amazing huge sacred geometry Garnet bracelet – but I’ll save them for another time.

The Lemurian Rutilated Quartz just so happens to mirror one I already have from several years ago – mine being green tinted and connected to Nestor. So they feel to be friends reunited. I used to have a smaller Kundalini Citrine Quartz, but that particular one moved on and I have now replaced it with a little larger one and at a time period that its energy is feeling much aligned. The Synergy Healer is new to me and I truly adore it! I can feel how it is amplifying the energy of my other Crystals and working multi-layered for me.

I love the more natural quality and irregularities of these Crystal friends…remember that powerful energy doesn’t mean pristine sparkly ideas of “perfection”, as one thing Crystals teach and reflect to us is about the beauty, power, and perfection of our state of being, AS IS.

Since I know that many of you are interested in Crystals and learning more about them, once again I’ll share some info so you can explore these Crystal friends and see if their energy speaks to you too. Plus, it’s my way of showing reverence for the Crystalline Beings that grace our lives with their supportive love and pure energy.

Here is some metaphysical information about the energy of these Crystals, as shared with me by my friend Jeremy of Energy Gems (also a Reiki Master and Crystal Guardian of course, who just so also happens to be a Pisces and Galactic traveler ;) )

  • As a natural Citrine, Kundalini Quartz raises the Kundalini energy up the spine from the base chakra to the crown, cleansing all chakras as it passes through and opening higher chakras to the soul star and beyond. Held over the head, it creates a cosmic orgasm that takes you into the heart of creation to become a co-creator, an experience which it then grounds into foundational reality. The perfect crystal for tantric sex, Kundalini Quartz draws abundance and creates passion on all levels. Unblocks the reproductive system and increases libido. Natural Citrine is one of the rarer varieties of Quartz. These crystals have a beautiful golden champagne gold color and sought after energy. Also known as Kundalini Quartz, as they are reputed to fully activate the spiralling energy linking all Chakras. This can be a very intense experience as the energy spirals through each Chakra, so it’s best to be prepared for it energetically. Citrine is a type of Quartz, and the general properties of Citrine such as success, will power and others, also apply to Kundalini Quartz. Like other types of Citrine, Kundalini Quartz also does not accumulate negative energies. (Kundalini Citrine are magnificent pieces – the larger ones looking like exquisite castles on hilltops, like mine pictured above).
  • Lemurian Rutilated Quartz are very rare and found in only one mine in Serra do Cabral in Brazil, recognizable by fine golden sprays of Rutile (crystalline Titanium). Stimulates energy flow throughout the whole body. Quiets mind chatter and connects to universal wisdom bringing clarity and enlightenment. Restores vitality. Transmutes negative emotions and provides a warm nurturing and energizing effect on body and mind. Possesses the highest refinement of Lemurian energy, excellent for the most advanced metaphysical and energetic practices.
  • Synergy Healer Crystals are all natural, with Chlorite Phantoms, and very special energy. A new powerful crystal from Brazil. Activates and expands the energy of other crystals. A positive healing stone, it transmutes negative energy, purifies your personal energy field and realigns the spiritual and physical bodies and the environment in which they exist. Breaks old patterns so new growth can occur. Releases frustration, jealousy and resentment from the heart. Helps with compassion and forgiveness. It can create a sacred space for meditation or healing work. Helps with anxiety and panic attacks and bipolar issues. It assists in the elimination of toxins and the assimilation of vitamins.

Simplifying, Creating & Living Your Dreams


I decided to post this inspiration I shared for this month’s newsletter, given the themes in it that keep coming up for everyone I talk to and hear from. If you want to sign up to receive monthly newsletters, you can do so here: Receive Newsletter

May’s Inspirations: 

Wow, we’re already a week into May and 2015 is nearly half through! What an incredible year it’s been so far. For me, it’s a simultaneous experience of this deeply powerful energetic cleanse and build up both in shedding layers, as well as fueling the new in the same breath of release.What I know solidly is that I’m no longer holding space, but creating it. And that is enormously freeing.

And within this experience it’s been an increasingly present state of embodying that which I AM, without concern for what that looks like or how it unfolds – it just IS.

I may have visions and intents, but I’m letting my “beingness” create the path and the manifestations.

Along with physically lightening the load I’d been carrying, naturally inducing the shedding of 9 pounds of energetics from my core, I’ve also increasingly be living a life of simplicity…truly knowing the experience of not “needing” anything.

In this process I’ve been able to not only release old core “stuff”, which induced the unusual shed of pounds that I wasn’t trying to lose, but have even been guided to move my most prized/cherished parts of my life on to others, sold, donated, and continue to let go of everything, but that which speaks as most essential to this leg of my journey NOW.

And mostly, that is simply ME and the rest are joys I can choose, but don’t need any longer.

It’s an empowering process of releasing and lightening on all levels. And it opens the door for what currently wants in and mirrors my ever-shifting, creative intents.

We recently had a Scorpio Full Moon that to me speaks to this and digging into the dark inner realm where the truest security and personal power lives.

I remember a past article on Scorpio Moon by Simon Vorster that spoke about it as “a powerful cosmic flush” that brings us to the inner core vibration of who we really are through a total “inner spiritual transmutation.” Love this!

Indeed an inward journey back home.

And it is this inward journey that assists us in actualizing our dreams from a place that isn’t anchored in the old paradigm, structures, and conditioning. There’s nothing weighing down or restraining what wants to emerge.

This brings to mind Snail wisdom, as she keeps popping her enchanted little antennae up now and then.

Snail speaks to grounded awareness, conscious expansion, the motivational inspiration to create, self-reliance and having all that one needs within/on them, the cycles of renewal and unlimited abundance, and the vulnerable sensitivity of full awareness that can be harnessed into patient progression – all while thoroughly enjoying life (whimsically) each small, purposeful step of the way and knowing what is desired WILL come to fruition.

There have been many things in my life I’ve embraced in the smooth, deliberate glide of Snail, while journeying over rocks and twigs in the path – steadily continuing ahead. And with that unhindered inner guidance, regardless of outward experiences, have one by one been seeing things continue to come to fruition.

And now, another large dream I’ve had for a while and intentfully decided 9 months ago that it simply already WAS, now IS.

This involves my upcoming move and an adventure that is now happening after simply living it already on another timeline, while the me in this timeline did the necessary Snail-gliding to merge the details with the vision embodied.

I’ve lived “as if” my dreams already were, in all ways and senses, while letting go of the timeline, which is ego-driven at its unproductive best.

So I do believe in living/embodying your dreams regardless of whether or not they are here and now yet in the physical manifestation. This means every choice you make, the visions and feelings you hold, the thoughts and beliefs you tell yourself, the actions you take, are all aligned with the dream “being.”

That doesn’t mean you lie to yourself or deny the “stuff” that comes up in the process. But you DO keep creating, while you journey through the rest with full embrace – in this way all the pieces become alchemical ingredients to the creation.

And a lot rides on us letting go and simplifying so that what is necessary and of valuable benefit can speak to us without the clutter of “stuff” in the way. Simplifying also removes the distractions, the temporary appeasement of superficiality, and our tendency to put and project energy/time into things that we convince ourselves are needed because we don’t want to really take the steps.

Simplifying not only involves the physical clutter in our lives, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter. Yes, you can have spiritual clutter too, to convince yourself you’re doing something aligned, but is actually on a camouflaged-to-look-like, yet diverted path away from your dream.

I will devote a separate newsletter for details on the upcoming dream manifestation/change, as I’m taking heed of Snail’s wisdom to slowly, step-by-step it. Plus, this newsletter is packed enough! ;)

In the meantime, please allow yourself to imagine, dream, and deliberately create!

What is it that calls from within?

How much do you want it?

And if I told you it WAS possible, would you invest trust in yourself to at least see where your inspiration wants to take you?

Because here’s a little secret….it IS possible.

Now it’s up to you to believe that and to take the steps toward embodying it.

For this moment, this day, allow yourself to journey where you wouldn’t dare normally go…even just an inch…and see where it takes you…what unfolds and what starts to grow.

I have and will continue to allow myself to live my dreams, as simply and as gracefully as possible – these are my intents. But I gave up worrying about how long it took to get there, how I’d get there, or even if my dream wanted to shift along the way.

I know these “control” mechanisms are simply a means to deter me from what naturally is my destiny. And they simply don’t reflect the truth of my essence.

When I go within, I discover the ingredients to create alchemy in my life. When I embrace the shadow and the light I am powerful beyond measure.

And so are you.

On Beltane I placed a Crystal offering out in the garden for the Faeries. My intent placed was to give/live in reverence of ALL that is sacred and to receive their reflection of that sacredness and flow in all that I create.

The next day the Crystal was gone. The commitment sealed and honored.

What are you willing to commit to in order to manifest your dreams?

In Love and Creative Magick

To the Divine and Sacred Mother Within All Creation, We Honor You

There are many ways to be a mother and there are many meanings for what a mother is to each of us. Regardless of how that looks and comes to be for each, the one we feel to call “mother” in our lives is one who provides us creative life energy, teaching, nurturing, unconditional love, as well as tough love, encapsulated in a timeless beauty seen by the heart.

This Divine Mother Energy can cross all imaginary boundaries of cultures, religions, races, species, life forms and beyond.

The Divine Mother Energy is also what we know as the Divine and Sacred Feminine Energy – that all-encompassing, unconditional love that is expressed towards others, ourselves, and to all of life. She understands “tough love” and unconditionally challenges her children, as she helps to foster their empowerment.  All that the Divine Mother wants is for us to have love present in our hearts and to extend that reach within to our inner child, as well as to all children (our brothers and sisters of the Earth and Universe at large).

When love is present – the spiritual energy force that goes beyond the boundaries of relativity and materialism – we are connected to this Divine Energy.

Temple of the Sacred Heart

Temple of the Sacred Heart by Tania Marie ~ Tender Divinity shared between mother and child, endangered Asian Elephants representing strength, honor, stability, patience, good luck, ancient wisdom, confidence, removal of obstacles. Available here:



We then, ourselves, come to embody the Divine Mother Energy and recognize and honor it in all others, the Earth herself, and as the Universal source of creation and love that it is. And when we merge this Divine Feminine energy in integrative partnership with the Divine Male, we create the impetus for a New Earth experience.

The bottom line is that honoring mothers, be they flesh and blood, adopted, symbolic, embodied as the Earth Mother herself, or the Divine Feminine Energy consciousness within and without, it is a Universal theme that everyone can relate to and is vital to life and enlightenment.

As I recently shared in a post, Awakening the Sacred Mother Within:

“I don’t believe one has to actually birth a child from their womb to have this experience, although it definitely is one of the very rich ways to know this aspect of self as reflection of our Earth Mother’s own blessings in this regard. But, nor would one necessarily need to have any form of children to know this part of a woman that simply IS due to her being a woman.

The alchemy of the Sacred and Divine Feminine and Mother is an innate essence for us to remember is within us and to embody, reawaken, activate, and bring that forth in shining glory without shame, guilt, fear, or judgment. We can awaken it through the act of self-love, through the channeling of creativity and nurtured passion, through sacred ritual, through our sexuality and sexual alchemy, and through the intimacy of relationship to all that is within the deep recesses of our most ancient, rich, inner mysteries.”

Today we hold reverence for this Sacred Feminine and the birthing of new from this Sacred Womb of Creation within that is being nurtured, embraced, enjoyed, honored, and celebrated.

Much love and gratitude to all “mothers,” especially Mother Earth who provides us abundantly in every way imaginable. And much respect and honor to the Sacred Feminine within us all that nurtures the very sacredness of spiritual potential and life substance.

Happy Divine Mother’s Day

“We’re sitting on our blessed Mother Earth from which we get our strength and determination, love and humility – all the beautiful attributes that we’ve been given. So turn to one another; love one another; respect one another; respect Mother Earth; respect the waters – because that’s life itself!” ~Phil Lane, Sr.

“The Goddess can be seen as the symbol, the normative image of immanence. She represents the divine embodied in nature, in human beings, in the flesh. The Goddess is not one image but many – a constellation of forms and associations – earth, air, fire, water, moon and star, sun, flower and seed, willow and apple, black, red, white, Maiden, Mother, and Crone. She includes the male in her aspects: He becomes child and Consort, stag and bull, grain and reaper, light and dark. Yet the femaleness of the Goddess is primary not to denigrate the male, but because it represents bringing life into the world, valuing the world. The Goddess, the Mother, as symbol of that value, tells us that the world itself is the content of the world, its true value, its heart, and its soul…..”~Starhawk, Dreaming the Dark

“This is why the wisdom of the feminine is so important, because the feminine understands the dynamics of relationship, how to listen and be receptive. Feminine consciousness is more attuned to the life of the body, and so knows the rhythms that belong to the cycles of life, rather than the systems imposed by will that are presently strangling our world. The feminine is more instinctively and naturally attuned to life, its patterns and powers. And feminine consciousness is less dominated by reason, more open to the mystery of the symbolic inner world. The feminine is vital in this work of awakening.” ~Alchemy of Light: Working with the Primal Energies of Life 

“Certain kinds of work now specifically require the light of women. There is, for example, a work of bringing into this plane of existence a particular quality or vibration of spiritual energy that is needed for the transformation of life. This is a spiritual energy that belongs to the sacredness of matter, and because women have an instinctual understanding of the sacred nature of matter, this work of transmission can only be done by women. Women carry the sacred substance of life in their spiritual centers and understand how to give this quality of light to life; in their ability to give birth, women have the natural capacity to bring the light of a soul into the physical world of matter and thus awaken the spiritual potential of matter. Women also understand the connections between people and the connections within life; at this time women are needed to bring a seed of pure light into life where it can create new forms and new patterns of interrelationship that are essential to the healing and transformation of life.” ~Alchemy of Light: Working with the Primal energies of Life

“We need to reclaim the wisdom of the feminine but we cannot return to the time of the priestess. The masculine and feminine have to work together; our actions in the outer world must be guided by our receptivity to the inner. And there is no hierarchy to this work. Part of the blueprint of the future is the ability of each individual to participate directly with the work of the whole.” ~Spiritual Power

Life-Enhancing Summer Events & Workshops You Can Still Join

This will be my last Summer in Orange County, Southern California. More exciting details to come!

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***If you are local to Orange County and have been wanting to take one of my Reiki workshops or are ready to complete your training with me, the above June and July Reiki workshops are your last chance, unless you schedule your own private workshop with me before I leave the area. I’m already booking privates for when I return in June so just keep that in mind, as my schedule is filling.

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