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Amplified Messages, New Moon Reminder & Heading Out

Just a quick share today to pass along the energy of some of the experiences this past week, as I love to share the threads in the tapestry with you all. I know that what shows up is not just for me, alone, and that there is collective messages to glean that can help paint a picture of things you might have been pondering, feeling, or asking for your own signs about. Many people often share resonance with the timing of the messages and/or receive confirmation of something they were feeling too.

I’m also wanting to remind anyone who would like to join the 8/8 Leo New Moon Group Distant Reiki Healing Attunement that tomorrow is the last day to register and for those of you who still haven’t sent me your intention, to please also do so by tomorrow Friday, 8/6.

Here is the link to register: 8/8 Reiki Healing Attunement and here is the place to contact me: Contact Tania

This past Monday and Tuesday we had a whirlwind of adventures on our hikes we took some friends on that were visiting for a couple of days. It began when my powerful bear messengers stepped out into reality from having been mostly within dreamscape journeys – you’ll recall my saying how they are cosmically connected for me.

We encountered not one, but two, black bears that appeared near the end of our five mile hike.

Previous to seeing them, a whole series of messengers had come through carrying very aligned meaning for me.

I found a dead vole in the forest (messenger of intuition, awareness, destruction and rebirth – eliminating and tearing down unproductive patterns to move forward to what you want, going after dreams, creativity, persistence, bigger picture, and invisibility), an osprey flying overhead (messenger of visionary power, illumination, sovereignty, vigilance, the Sun, royalty, Egyptian symbol of the soul, honing senses, precise timing, keen sight to see through illusions and hunt in the waters of emotion, communication from Cosmos, and master of conscious and unconscious since no other hawk family member leaves its natural air element to dive into the water element), and four beautiful, blue Steller’s Jay feathers (messenger of bold, fearless energy, power of presence, how to use personal power effectively, integration of spirit and body, mind and heart, channeling universal wisdom through the crown, adaptability, resourcefulness, and using talents in a bigger way).

Then the two yearlings appeared. I found two being interesting and also that one was light and one was dark and we stood at the middle of the trail between them at first. And each of them had different behaviors. The light one was much more courageous and actively curious. The other was more in the background and shadowed the lighter sibling’s actions.

Bears are also messengers of inner power, strength, protection, boundaries, healing, fearlessness, grounding, authority, illumination, introspection, dream-time, ancient mysteries, restoration, vision quests, vitality, family, magickal powers, and sacred ritual.

The first one had blonde and cinnamon fur and came forth from the forest onto the trail. She/He then met her/his sibling – another yearling, but with dark fur. The darker one climbed partially up a tree then the two of them resumed foraging together. The friends we were with had never seen a bear in the wild, so they were a bit unnerved and fascinated at the same time.

The lighter one seemed to take particular interest in us and both didn’t seem concerned by our being there and in fact wanted to come closer. Momma bear will leave the young ones at around one and a half years old, so by their second Summer they are usually on their own.

That was the case for these two, since mom was not anywhere in sight, which put them at about 1 1/2 – 2 years old. Still, I felt we needed to give them space, as they were a bit too curious and young or not, we needed to create boundaries. So, I led our group off-trail to get around them so we could re-enter the trail ahead.

We heard some other hikers behind with a dog. We couldn’t see them, but heard their dog who obviously saw the bears. This seemed to make the young bears want to follow us, likely thinking we might know the way, away from this barking being.

We made it to the trail again after bush whacking and widening out away from them, but the yearlings followed on the trail alongside us, even though we were several yards to the right of them, and then behind us for a bit. Lol!

I led our group, but would peer behind to see where they were and saw the lighter one following slowly behind. We did get to the car just fine and the bears went back into the forest, but along the bush whacking journey it appeared that we likely stirred up a wasp who decided to give each of the guys a friendly warning sting on their legs. They are both fine and all healed up now – nothing serious – but definitely quite the zap they each felt with burning until the next morning.

While I didn’t wish it upon anyone that they get stung, I was happy it wasn’t me since I react much more harshly to stings of any kind. But apparently it wasn’t us girls who were in need of a little powerful wasp messaging – (messengers to help you to discover your strengths and potential and get you to take action to achieve something you want with laser focus. They also help you to pay attention to your emotions and which are on the rise so you can temper things where needed).

So, yes, many messengers in a short period, but the bears continued the theme in a string of encounters and dreams I keep having with them – as you likely may recall. They also felt connected to other dream messages of something big coming – timing unknown.

Interesting side note, as it feels collective, is that one of my recent dreams included massive fleets of spaceships flying through at tree level just feet away from me and Dave. Fleet after fleet they came in groups nonstop. Some more sophisticated and others fake looking – like woven toys – that felt to be government fabricated. Then tons of things came floating through the air like chairs and desks and debris, interlaced with people that looked like they were in a trance floating through the air within all the debris. Their eyes were open, but they were not conscious and laid flat in the sky as they floated by.

And the next day I found the feather of osprey who flew overhead the previous day, followed by a woodpecker feather (incidentally we had a woodpecker come knocking at the eave under the front of our house for a few days before our visitors arrived and stopped after they left – our male friend and I both saw a giant red crested woodpecker peering at us over a fallen tree after I found the feather too), and then found a hawk feather.

There feels to be an amplification of energies and messages trying to thread together a story and to help us navigate the new energetic terrain we find ourselves in so that we can make more conscious choices.

And speaking of new energetic terrains, Dave and I are headed out on a road trip beginning tomorrow, Friday the 6th. I’m finalizing trip prep today and have a hair cut scheduled before we go, which feels so needed to change up the energy in a big way before departing. We’ll be away for two weeks and are navigating the journey intuitionally, as we don’t have a plan since we’re monitoring air condition, fires, and simply how we feel for divine alignment.

During our time away I’ll continue to share a couple of inspired blogs that have been percolating and of course am doing the 8/8 New Moon attunements, and completing a sacred tattoo design because journeys feel potent for that, but beyond these I will be immersed in the adventure. I will limit my time online, so if you message me please be aware I may not respond right away. And if you happen to purchase one of the remaining Cosmic Chest ritual bundles in our Etsy Shop, please know that they won’t go out until after the 20th.

Wishing you all a revealing, cleansing, and activating New Moon!

Nature & the Nature of You

You might notice one of the themes that consistently shows up in my blog posts is that of Nature in one form or another. Whether that’s all the time I spend immersed in outdoor adventures daily, the garden journey I’ve been nurturing, cultivating the simpler ways and more Nature-based living all around, the animals I encounter and their messages, animal communication in general, or of course the journeys with my dearest companion and wisest guide, Astrid, who happens to reside in a rabbit’s body this life – Nature is at the heart of it all.

This theme has also included what I feel is one of the most vital missing pieces, which is that of embodying and knowing your own natural essence and nurturing a return to that basic nature that includes and does not negate or condemn the human body. I’ve spoken often about how increasing time not only spent in Nature, but getting to love and understand the miracle of your body’s awareness and how key it is to reclaim all of your parts (shadow projections, as well) will support becoming a more fully conscious, empowered and integrated human being, not to mention provide so many benefits to your well being all around.

It’s basically, and at the base level, about remembering the nature of who you are. ๐ŸŒฟ

The farther we stray from natural awareness and being, the further we lose our humanity.

Nature has been sharing awareness with us for ages, but she speaks in a language only your heart will hear and your instincts will understand.

When your heart is closed or you weigh heavily in mind and thought alone, it will be difficult to ever hear.

Over-thinking can lead to fear and anxiety.

Trusting in your heart and instincts can lead you to harmonious alignment.

You can choose whatever direction you prefer to go in, but the question is, are you really choosing with conscious awareness?

I chose this photo, taken by KC when she was visiting, to go along with the theme of this post because it reflects the essence of what I’m expressing here with me so deeply immersed in Nature and being the nature of me that you almost can’t distinguish where each begins and ends.

This was taken the day I found my faery crown and wore it for the rest of the hike. It becomes part of the tree behind me and all of the branches seem to be reaching into and from my crown, while my foot nearly looks webbed and shifting beneath the water it merges with. I’m feeling right at home in this perfect little nymph haven of the lake and more at home than ever in my body, at this current space and time, by embracing all of the elements within.

But this didn’t happen overnight and the journey still continues. It came with consistent devotion to making that conscious shift. It came with an understanding that the best things I would ever learn, need, or receive would come from listening to and dedicating time for the elements that had long gone neglected. It came from tipping the scales to regain what I lost and spending the majority of my time in Nature, moving my body, being with my body and learning to navigate more by her instincts and what was being reflected to me in the environment – in essence, aligning with natural harmony.

It’s about reclaiming parts we’ve forgotten, letting the ancient knowledge within our DNA whisper louder, and not being afraid to stand our ground like the trees do, despite the weather and terrain – legs rooted to the navel of Earth’s wisdom while crown and hands open to our vast Cosmic origins.

This continues to be my journey, but it has made all the difference and I believe is what will continue to make a bigger difference in terms of the dynamics playing out.

It’s where I remain devoted both in personal integration and in shared relationship to Nature all around me.

And I’m grateful for my garden that is part of this journey of integrated embodiment and conscious awareness. It continues to evolve, much as I do and I am grateful for the growing relationship and understanding I get to nurture through that.

This includes the intimate knowing of every plant and flower and every creature great and small.

They are me and I am them.

Here are some looks at current garden reflections.

As you can see the wildflowers continue to bloom in radiant succession.

Depending on the angle and lighting it all takes on a whole new perspective and mini world, which I LOVE!

And then there’s the new field of beauties on the rise.

I’m in love with the little carpet of mini wildflowers on the side yard that I seeded this year.

Look at how they’re reaching happily for the Sun and by Autumn’s end will be quite something, with next year matching my garden. Yay!

This new area, I only just started to work with, has truly captured my heart.

Listening to and working with the wild that was already there and adding in some more magick in between is really beginning to explode with joy and become what I had hoped – a faery wonderland!

I love the blend of raw and imagined merging together.

Look at that glow, lighting up the flower faeries, as they share their joy and life essence. I love captures like these that reflect the experience I have when I’m out in the garden alone. There is so much enchantment here!

And I love the surprises that bloom everywhere in between.

I’ll save garden yummies and plant nanny updates for another post, but everything’s doing really well and Astrid continues to enjoy delicious harvests, while I enjoy adding to my dried collection of delicacies for the faery kitchen.

And here are a few of the forest friends I get to play with daily.

This chubby chipmunk is much larger than any other around here and he took it upon himself to make a delicacy out of my incredible hybrid lilies, taking down a couple of the stalks on his own to eat the petals. This was my huge plant that had grown over 56 inches – likely was at 58 when I removed the tops of the last stalks he bent, to enjoy the flowers he left behind, indoors. This hybrid kind is obviously not toxic, as he’s totally fine and I still see him around long after he’s eaten quite a few lily petals.

Dave actually came down to my office and we watched together as he climbed up the stalks like a tree and sat there enjoying his meal while other little ones were running and flying about.

He said, “wow, it’s like a nature show down here.” I said, “yes, everyday there’s something new happening and much to-do about everything.” The perfect mirror and world for Astrid and me.

The other joy has been seeing Strawberry around so much, nearly every day now. She looks really healthy, despite not having all of her fur anymore. Her face and eyes reflect so much wisdom when I see and talk to her and they speak to quite the being who resides inside. She is one of the elders here and I cherish her presence so much. It’s no surprise she found her way to me and inside Wonderland with Astrid and me when I took care of her.

I noticed that she had been trying to remove these towels we had under some things on the deck for protection from scratching it, tearing holes little by little in them, but making slow progress at removing any part of them.

I realized she wanted to have the towels for her nest – likely to stay warm at night and the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons. So, I decided to put out a small little white towel where she was pulling at the others. The next morning it was gone. I recently put out two more small pink ones for her and she did in fact come back for one of them. I believe she’ll be returning for the other soon and that all makes me happy. I envision her cuddled up in them for a long Winter’s nap.

You may recall that I took care of her and got her cleaned up and nurtured when she needed it (after getting stuck in the epoxy in our garage) and now I’m helping to care for her again, out in the wild.

It was human-made things that damaged her fur in the first place and so it will be by human hands that help and a human heart that listens to her needs. In this way I feel we are sharing a conscious, symbiotic relationship now. We are connected for life.

I then also bring that beautiful, wild, and sacred Nature essence inside, surrounding myself with reminders of the cycles of life, the divine connection that is shared with all, the wisdom within everything, and the sacredness of all things and parts of who I am.

You may recall the nest mobile I started creating a few years ago. Well, it’s certainly grown!

I have many a bird, wasp, and bee hive nest (parts and wholes) adorning this tree of life indoors that I’ve created from all the beautiful little homes of amazing sacred geometry and architectural genius I found on the ground and brought home to cherish.

And most recently, we finally put up the powerful staff I made for the Autumn Equinox day retreat gathering a few years back that Laura and I hosted here, which includes some of the most potent Nature adornments I’ve found over the years.

It reminds me of one I used to have from many lives and Moons ago.

The birthing of this creation was quite the undertaking, as I strung everything together with great intention, piece-by-piece. My huge way of honoring the sacredness within all of life and reclaiming these wild, raw, primitive and ancient parts of my and Earth’s lineage.

It is quite the power piece and the way we hung it makes it easy to remove and replace when ever I want to use it in sacred ritual.

I’ve wanted to put it up, but we just never got around to it. Then, it naturally aligned for it going up on the potent New Moon in Cancer we had on the 9th of July.

I didn’t plan it, but it was perfect and it activated a lot of things once it was finally in place anchoring energies.

And I also bring Nature’s wisdom and gifts through channeled creations I’m inspired to make and sometimes offer over the years.

Most recently it was the Cosmic Curiosity Chests that called to me. As you might recall my sharing, they “invite you to engage parts of yourself more consciously and consistently, to explore, be curious about, or open a dialogue or connection with parts of yourself through the invitation of each spirit energy they embody. In this way they activate an initiation of sorts into a Cosmic dance for you to merge into your human experience so that the two become One. The magickal then is integrated into your daily life as a natural ritual, rather than being separate. This is one of those ways toย live the magick.”

This also reminds you not to forget any of your parts, and so I included gifts from Mother Terra herself within each ritual bundle to reflect the nature of you.

It’s been an honor to see each of them off to their cocreators. More than half have journeyed to their heart homes and I look forward to seeing where the last 5 – Cosmic Woodland Faery, Earth Guardian, Blossom, Mermaid, and Dream Weaver – will fly off to.

You know I enjoy wrapping and shipping them off, just as much as I do creating them.

I have some upcoming new sacred Nature creations I’m going to be working on for our home in the coming weeks, too – something I’ve also long been wanting to create – and there’s potential I may open up to creating custom orders if they speak to you too.

It is so important to me that Nature is a daily part of the experience, as I truly believe that if we desire answers, we’ll receive them in conscious communion with Her as a mirror to know ourselves, and we’ll gain greater clarity for the pivotally crucial choices life is presenting to us right now.

Happy August to everyone! May this be a month for gentle transformations that bring even greater conscious awareness.

Here are some beautiful August fields from yesterday’s hike down to the lake.

Everything was so lovely and full of life – a perfect reflection for Lughnasadh celebrations.

Even the one remaining duckling from the mallard couple we see at the pond had grown, and we were happy this little one had made it.

I did bury a tiny bird I found along our hike and discovered some lizard skin in my planters that had been shed.

Nature demonstrates with grace, how life goes on and the wheels continue to turn.

August Energy Update for 2021 with Lee Harris

The August Energy Update, I feel, is an important one that I hope you’ll take the time to listen to and allow to settle in and percolate in the background.

It’s very resonant with my own senses and insights that I was just talking deeply about a couple of days ago in terms of a theme being around the direction we’re each choosing to go and where I’m, personally, choosing within that.

Lee stressed it’s about choosing “which way we’re going,” for a purpose. It may not be clear as to what these directions are leading to for everyone, but that’s not as important as staying present to conscious choice and reminding yourself of the essence of who you are. He always does a good job at staying larger in his descriptions rather than detailing things out with labels, so that we can each feel into what that means for us.

He shares that August is going to be a great month for letting go and releasing and clearing – for conscious release if you want a different future.

He goes on to talk about how surprises, creations and instant transformations – the magickal energy of all of this – want to come in and will continue to, with that conscious release.

Just like self care and nurturing isn’t a luxury anymore, healing is not just a hobby you do randomly, he makes a point of adding. And in contrast to the past challenges this healing path used to have, healing can now be fast, light, and easier than ever before simply through being conscious.

Lee concludes with the message I think we all can’t hear enough of right now – not allowing yourself to be consumed or distracted by the outside stuff, not wasting your life force giving all of the external dramas all of your attention, and not forgetting the power of spirit on this planet. When you give your life force away, you’re playing into the drama or lower energies. Keep the shadow and darker side in perspective and reclaim these parts instead of having them claim you.

To assist with August being a great month for releasing, clearing, and conscious healing and choosing, remember that the 8/8 Leo New Moon Distant Group Reiki Healing Attunement is available to add extra support to what would assist you most with these. If you’d like to join the group, please remember to register by Friday 8/6. And for those of you who already registered, please don’t forget to send me in your intention for this by the same date. You can do that by emailing through this Contact Form.

And here’s the link to register:

8/8 Leo New Moon Distant Group Reiki Healing Attunement

I hope July has presented some new perspectives and opportunities to your journey and that August will bring even greater sense of empowerment toward the new you’re choosing to create on Earth personally and collectively.

Exhilaration ~This Earth Experience is a Wild Ride

I think the title of this post speaks for itself.

And likely so do the photos laced throughout it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I decided to pair them up, as they feel to reflect one another – this Earth experience and the wild ride I recently was on.

You might recall my mentioning that one of the adventures we took our dear friends, KC and Clint, on while they visited was a wild ride on the beautiful American River for some white water rafting on class 2 and 3 rapids. This might not sound like much to the super experienced rafter who braves 4’s and 5’s, but from these photos I think 3’s will demonstrate the theme here well enough.

Although, that said, with the low water levels this year the class 2’s were actually a bit more crazy because of all of the exposed rocks we had to maneuver through and created a few close calls too. Woo!

But the class 3’s were powerful and there were many moments you couldn’t tell us apart from the water. LOL!

Thanks to KC for getting a hold of the photos for us and the photographer who took them so we can relive the moments. There were actually many more than what you see here.

KC and Clint are experienced kayak guides and rafters themselves with a lot of training under their belts.

Little did we know rafting this river was one of the things on their bucket list – CHECK!

It wasn’t on mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s because I’ve felt the extra nudge the last few years to be super present and cautious with anything I do, for reasons I’m unable to share at this time. I also don’t take for granted the power of water energy, which is what we are journeying through the dark and deepest ocean caverns of as a collective, and especially after our many wild kayaking adventures down class 2 and 3 rapids during our RV adventure.

But if I’m going to do anything that pushes my comfort zones, it’s with this bunch, as they’re the best support one could ask for and energetically our astrological signs are perfect compliments to one another.

Three of us happen to also represent each of the 3 water signs – that’s a lot of water in water!

They were also the ones who supported my fear of heights, as I both literally hiked and climbed down and out of the Grand Canyon on lesser known trails they are experts at navigating.

I do listen to my feelings and play things safe, though. So while the company didn’t enforce helmets, you betcha I was going to wear mine! KC did too!

And KC was always turning back to make sure I was still in the boat when we went through the wildest stuff. Aw!

Clint actually did, too, especially on one of the really explosive moments and grabbed out for both my and KC’s hands.

I always know I’m well taken care of with these two and Dave always has my back as well, as you can see him stationed behind me.

I ended up having a much more fun time than I thought (that’s me in the blue helmet and aviator sunglasses) I would and with all the precautions and past experiences under my belt, I felt as prepared as I could be.

Yet, just like with life, you can never predict what the adventure ahead is going to present.

Nobody ever said that a spin on Earth would be easy.

Nobody ever said it wouldn’t be without twists, turns, and major surprises.

They also never said you wouldn’t forget that you wanted to take part in the grandest show throughout the galaxy and Cosmos, although now you might want out.

And yet, here we are.

And we’re doing it.

For that, you are so honored and appreciated because it’s a big deal to be here and now.

Experiencing pure exhilaration.

On many levels and in many ways.

Thank you for braving the journey and playing your part.

Life is more surreal than ever these days, but so have our imaginations, creativity, and potentials grown to match the fantastical nature of it all.

Two of my favorite lines I love to recite when things get downright crazy are the following.

The first is from my favorite ride at Disneyland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

โ€œHang onto your hats and glasses, folks, cause this hereโ€™s the wildest ride in the wilderness!โ€ – I’ve since replaced “wilderness” with “Universe”. ๐Ÿ™‚

And the second is from one of my favorite movies and characters, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

“The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.”

May we find a way to experience things with wonder and awe, as well as with respect, reverence, and greater presence that will help us to align with and navigate each moment of unexpected adventures thrown our way.

And may we all make a promise to have each other’s backs when the going gets tough.

A collective buddy system would make the wild ride much more pleasant, don’t you think?

It does for me.

Leo New Moon Special Offering for Courageous New Change, Alignment & Abundance

I tend to forge my own way and it isn’t always easy. In fact, it can feel like climbing up a mountain with a collective storm pushing back. And yet, my energy signature knows no other way but to continue the journey my heart guides me on – even if that’s on my own.

I can’t succumb to any pool of thought unless it’s within my energy stream, and yet I honor the place for each thread in the tapestry.

The Aquarian Full Moon felt supportive to me having Jupiter and Venus in this sign, offering some fuel and relief to that climb. It also felt activating of the next cycle and supported a deepening confidence of the unknown ahead.

These photos were taken the evening before the Aquarius Full Moon when I was feeling like a sunflower Faery (sunflowers are my favorite flower) and integrating the energy of The Sun Tarot card from the Robin Wood deck that I’ve long resonated with – that cherub-like vibrant infant riding a white horse (that I see as a unicorn) with radiating sun above, sunflowers profusely blooming and red cape flying.

This card heralds pure joy, good fortune, divine alignment to support success into something greater, wonder and innocence to dream big and manifest all you believe, constant optimism and enduring hope, vitality, fulfillment and emanating and sharing the light where ever you go.

And now we’re edging toward another potent Moon – the Leo New Moon on the 8/8 Lion’s Gate in just two weeks.

The energy of the images captured that evening, mirror to me both the essence of Aquarius and Leo – electric visionary energy and that courageous lion heart of creative expression ready to take stage and initiate the new.

I noticed that my hair and overall energy somewhat reflected Leo as well.

As the breeze played with it, my hair felt to resemble a bit of a lion’s mane around the top.

In fact I do have a lion tattoo directly over the back of my solar plexus.

This is a photo of my back sacred art from the cover of my book, Spiritual Skin.

I have a connection with the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet – she’s depicted as the lioness and her name means “she who is powerful” – and my relationship to her deepened on my first of two sacred journeys to Egypt when I got to spend private time in her temple with a statue of this powerful protector and healer.

My mom and I both were brought to tears when we connected with her loving energy. Although she’s been seen as a warrior Goddess, she is much much more than that and does have the heart of a kitten within the strength and boldness of that fierce lioness. She simply knows her boundaries and how to balance them.

Perhaps I get my love of the Sun from her, as she’s also the goddess of the hot desert Sun, and of course the Sirius stargate connection to the 8/8 portal and the constellation of the lion speaks of just one resonant piece of the Cosmic lineage shared.

It just so happens that the earrings I’m wearing in the photos were a custom pair woven to reflect the sparkle and energy of Lapis Lazuli, whispers of Egypt, and that Cosmic stargate I see in the Lapis stone.

All of it reflecting to me that Aquarius and Leo polarity of energies that is compelled, complimented, and electrified by each other.

This upcoming 8/8 Leo New Moon invites the presence of the Divine within the Self and creates an access point, or active portal, to align with and receive direct initiation that can support greater abundance, creative inspiration, courageous and connective action, and the ability to manifest visions in your life.

Whether you are into all of this energy talk or not, on the very basic of levels, a New Moon means something “new” or a “start” to something, and that invites a whole new field of possibility with each Moon cycle, to invite, seed, dream, intend, put into action, or wish for something fresh in your life to begin.

Speaking of new energy life cycles, I found this beautiful swallowtail, pictured below, on the hiking trail just a few days ago. I noted later, how she and I both were in the yellow and lapis blue energies – although most of her blue on her gorgeous swallowtail tips were gone.

The edges of her wings were slightly tattered, likely from hikers walking through without noticing her. She had come to lay on the path to transition and yet no one stopped to honor her. She appeared gone and I decided to carry her gently cradled in my hands to see what she desired.

I realized she was in this world still by only a tiny thread and had about .01% left in her because her legs would slightly grab on to me. I marveled at their strength although so tiny and fragile looking. I realized the gift I was being given to witness and hold the space for transformation from one who symbolizes the epitome of transformation, herself.

She basically passed fully with love held by me and it moved me so much. Butterflies have been the symbol of my life path since first I started my conscious journey. This was very potent for me. 

And again, it also deepened my gratitude to be able to share Reiki support and love to assist her journey.

And that brings me to the special offering the title of this post alluded to.

I haven’t felt compelled to put out anything big at this time, as you might recall I’ve been in completion mode with what was already in motion and creating open space for new things and a return to my projects.

I’ve been in a little upswing of creative inspiration that hits now and then, but that’s my embrace of energy moving through that wants to birth and express in mini cycles of little creations – ever the Creatrix.

But being that I’m in process of finishing my last design commission and actually am finishing the mentoring in the next few days, earlier than projected since clients desired a customized fast track, that leaves me with an upcoming clean slate.

I am not moved to devote focus on big things, but have been feeling nudged the last couple of weeks to offer a couple of smaller things with big impact and collective support toward creating that 1% that is all that is needed for a worldwide shift.

The first of these I’m sharing today and the next will be in an upcoming blog once I finalize things.

The first offering is a Distant Group Reiki Healing Attunement that will take place on the 8/8 Leo New Moon.

“Distant” means done by distance where I will connect with and send the sacred Reiki ritual of support to where you are, without in-person contact, as Reiki allows us to bridge all time and space.

I’ve been doing quite a few personal RHA’s – more than my usual – and have been experiencing their impact and successful results quite potently with these upgraded energies we’ve been traveling through.

I’ll be doing my own RHA on 8/8 and decided to open that up to anyone else who would like support on that portal.

I’m going to make these very accessible at only $25 (normally $55) if you’d like me to add an extra big thrust of energetic support for something you’re working toward in any area of your life.

These could be an extra boost for people in the midst of shifts, healing, changes, wanting more alignment, ability to see the opportunities, gain greater clarity in general, support courage, creativity, and anything you want to enhance or bring forth more, help reveal and clear blocks, open doors, add increased magick to your current trajectory, etc.

If this speaks to you, then this is how we can jump start things:

Please place your intent with purchase below and then please get in touch with me via my CONTACT page to let me know your name, location, and intent for the Reiki Healing Attunement.

Since this is a group distant RHA, please only share with me one intent – think of what speaks to you most right now that you feel could open up what you’re desiring or stands out as important to you. It can be in any area of life: health, career, partnerships, self love/worth, a move, emotional or mental blocks, trauma release, etc. I, of course, will add any goodies around what I sense with this. These will be different, as I won’t be doing a write-up at the end for everyone, but please feel free to share anything after the time and day of the RHA about your experience, if you desire.

I will be time stamping these for 6:50 am PST (my time) and the peak of the New Moon on Sunday, 8/8.

The cut-off date to purchase a Reiki Healing Attunement is Friday, August 6th.

I look forward to supporting anyone who wants to join. It’s always a beautiful experience when things are done as a collective, adding to that connection, synergy, and alignment.

8/8 Leo New Moon Distant Group Reiki Healing Attunement


I look forward to sharing about the next offering in the coming weeks that was divinely guided as another collective way to help anchor that 1% for shifts.

Also, if you’re thinking about a unique and energetic gift that carries meaning and purpose, there are 8 Cosmic Curiosity Chests with Ritual Bundles still awaiting to align with the perfect souls. They can now either be purchased here: Cosmic Chests or here: in our Etsy Shop.

I find it synchronous that there are 8 remaining (Update: 5 left) and we’re talking about the 8/8 New Moon and the symbolism of 8 is very Leo to me – abundance, power, prosperity, inner strength, will, resiliency, success, mastering raw emotions, courage to make big moves in life… (In fact, it’s The Strength Tarot card) – the card depicting a lion on it.

Anyway, I’m always fascinated by the energetics that line up….But whether you feel to gift yourself or a beloved friend, coworker, or family member something special for a birthday, the upcoming holiday season (Christmas in July ๐Ÿ˜‰) or simply as a gift of love and gratitude, these might be a resonant way to share that expression.

I had a couple of people ask if the chests could be purchased with or without the ritual bundles, so I’m making that available. If you would just like a Cosmic Chest, please CONTACT ME and I’ll be able to assist you and also send a separate invoice since these prices aren’t on my site or Etsy Shop. You can also reach out and I can assist you in intuiting the perfect box for you or a loved one. If you are interested in more than one, I can create a special bundle package price too.

To Dance with Trees Under a Full Buck Aquarius Moon

Under a Full Buck Aquarius Moon

To celebrate today’s first of two powerful Aquarius Full Moons we’ll experience I’m guided to share a short channeling inspired by trees and my free Aquarian spirit (I have prominent Aquarius energy in my natal chart) that is nurtured and empowered the more I am with them out in nature. I often write little musings on my Instagram page and later expound upon them and today is one of those days. The musing is my unique way and kind of a shamanic and Cosmic coding to ignite deepening into the sacredness that is you within the collective tapestry. I’ll get to that shortly, but first a little, broad overview of main themes for this Cosmic energy.

While Aquarian air energy stirs up winds of change, it also supports a potent transmutation of watery energy, as the water bearer, in a way that can open up possibility for big personal and collective shifts to flow out across the globe.

Where ever in your life something is stuck, outmoded, done, and no longer working for you, this is where the innovational and visionary Aquarian energy will spark a shift of direction and prompt closure for new beginnings to emerge. It’s time to flip things like the Hanged Man and view it all from a whole new perspective of possibility.

It’s time to create your own path, prepare yourself for the unexpected, and immerse yourself in knowing and nurturing the unique attributes that make you, you. Your individuality amidst the collective community is under spotlight and how you shine will have broad healing effect beyond what you may think. This Moon’s shamanic connection with the deer animal spirit guide gently nudges you to stay the course of your essence, remain consistent with what calls to your heart, and listen to your intuitive feelings that when supported will guide the way.

I find it extremely interesting and potent that July is known as the Full Buck Moon and just four days ago I saw the super rare sighting of a majestic buck with full antlers. According to Native American tradition, this Moon gets its name from it being the time when the buck deer develops their stunning antlers. Was it also a coincidence that the Faery crown you saw me find and wear in the last post just happened to look like full antlers?

There’s a calling to foster more confidence in who you are, no matter how different that may be from anyone else around you, as your energy signature does in fact play a key role in influencing things on a bigger picture level.

May we each wear our sacred uniqueness with grace, like the buck does his antlers. Antlers are a bridge to the Cosmos and collective consciousness, and through our clarity of embodiment we, too, can be bridges for regenerative change and responsible cocreation.

To Dance with Trees

When I feel a longing for home and am a long way from home, you remind me that I never am lost – merely astray in thoughts that divide.

To stand as you do in sacred stillness, is the spark of all life and the music of the wandering pilgrim who explores the vast wonder of being.

To dance with the trees is like sprouting wings on my heart and reminds me that I merely forgot I could fly.

I soar with your limbs around me and expand when I realize they’re my own.

I am lighter when you invite me to lean into you and more powerful when I let go.

I am stronger with your roots entwined with mine and enduring when I recite the lineage of my own ancient rings, as our shared melody.

I know myself more when you whisper remembrances of the nature of all things – the nature of me within you and you within me.

Surrendering into you, as me, is like two stars colliding that ignite the Great Mystery into embodiment.

Reunions and Renewals ~ Adventures that Knock on Your Faery Heart for More

Well, it’s been a jam packed week and a half since last I posted, so I thought I’d sit down and put into words a summary overview of things that have unfolded as a way to catch up and also reflect on some of the energetics that have been journeyed through, since each piece always speaks volumes more than meets the eye. I imagine you might also continue to feel like an extraordinary amount of things are being experienced in a condensed period. It feels like much more than just time flying. It’s an acceleration that is merging everything at once and blurring the lines between things so it’s more unified.

As I mentioned before going offline this week, we had some special visitors heading our way and I noted how even the days leading up to their arrival were indicative of transformative energies underway.

It all began on the evening of Thursday the 8th when we went down for an evening of free “Music on the Beach” and were greeted by double rainbow eye portals in the sky, that framed our rainbow umbrella.

This came a couple of hours after quite the rock and roll here, as a 6.0 earthquake shook the house. It was centered about an hour away and was the largest we’ve felt, to date. We’ve never felt any earthquakes here until the last year, so again, indicative of more Earth shifts mirroring the transformation of the collective consciousness.

Friday the 9th was then the New Moon, and it also happened to be our friend’s birthday who was about to arrive. Part of the timing of this trip was in fact to celebrate his birthday. And all I remember is that my energy was through the roof that night of the New Moon. I actually was up the latest I ever have been, but was so naturally wired and alert. And when I went to bed, I continued to be so activated that it took me a long time to fall asleep. I ended up only sleeping a few hours, but felt completely fine the next morning. Other things were activated by the New Moon as well, but they all seemed to be supportive in speeding things up and making room for the new.

Saturday the 10th was a big day of discovering nature treasures (8 in all!) along the way of our daily nature outing, but the most potent being a perfect, large raven feather with gorgeous peacock sheen.

I haven’t found any raven feathers in years, but the few I have found in the past were never as lovely as this one. That also felt like an infusion of extra magickal energy indicative of big shifts in motion. That day was fully packed with outdoor exercise followed by relaxing time at the lake park, where there was a surprise free music event going on. We felt like we were in a flow of alignment and that continued all week as well.

That evening was also the second appearance this year of my sweet, wild rabbit friend, Hope, as she was on our front lawn when we drove up to the house.

Her presence then continued to grace the next morning when she popped in on Astrid and me, as you can see.

I was sitting at my desk with Astrid laying next to my feet, when suddenly something caught the corner of my eye and there she was peering in on us. She stayed at the sliding glass door for a few minutes and both she and Astrid had their ears cocked listening for the tiny nuances of energy running between us all. It was the sweetest thing ever! And then after connecting a while, she made her way off into the garden and down the yard.

Synchronously, I had just picked up the two new, little garden stones at the store the day before while grocery shopping and one is a “Hope” stone.

I found the perfect spot for them and when I posted a photo of them on Instagram, it prompted KC (you may recall her as Bean from past posts) to realize why she had picked up a certain visitor that felt out of place at her home. She hadn’t realized how many gnomes I had and so she told me she had a friend who wanted to join us at the Forest Portal because he was melting in the Arizona heat and sun and wanted to live in the mountainous four seasons.

So, they surprised me upon arrival with this Forest Gnome who traveled with them from Lake Havasu and now resides over the garden here. I love him!

It was also Sunday when Dave and I realized we were in a time warp, as we both thought our friends were arriving that day. So, we had been getting everything ready and in order. I had just baked a special birthday cake, even, for their arrival.

It was my first time ever vegan Neapolitan bundt cake that I was determined I wanted to make and figured it out! It was three layers of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry swirled together with a chocolate ganache glaze.

Long story around this weird mix-up with the days, but we were literally surprised, or even shocked, when we texted to ask our friends’ ETA to find out it was the next day and not that one. LOL!

So many details had been overlooked, but created a timeline jump of its own that ended up opening a lot of extra space and relaxing, leading up to our week together. And likely was all part of many alignments that unfolded over the week, as well. But that breather space proved important, as our days were fully, and action, packed. It also made for a beach day to rest and absorb the Tahoe waters on the day we thought they were to arrive.

With our days mixed up, we had extra time, so I was able to also bake my best batch yet of chocolate chip orange cookies.

This time I added barberries and a muesli mix, but extra orange essence made for super yum! And we got in another hike before they arrived. We left early in the morning and got on the trail the earliest we have, which ended up gifting us with a deer sighting – something that is very rare to have happen on trails here and especially later when more people are hiking. You can see her center of the photo below between the trees.

(Side note: Incidentally, last evening I saw a majestic buck with full antlers and black striped tail along our way out to an event, which was a first as we always see does. That felt particularly full circle and powerful. Also reflective because I have a full antlered buck pendant I had been paying special attention to the last days and here he appeared in the flesh. And his antlers also perfectly mirrored the faery crown I found and wore that you’ll see shortly.)

Anyway, the extra space we had before they actually arrived also gave me time to create some wildflower faery bouquets to grace our space.

We had a bunch of wildflowers growing along the edges of our front yard, but due to our both cleaning up the front before letting the lawn go fully and deciding to stop watering altogether except for our beds to help with the drought and just return things to nature, I decided to bring them in. They were on their last leg of blooming and since I planted tons of wildflowers for the pollinators in my gardens and yards, I thought they’d be nice to enjoy for the week – they’re actually still going strong in the vases right now. The house came with the lawn, and although we’ve tried clover, it’s only partially doing what we had hoped. So, we are looking at ways to return it to a more natural terrain step by step.

And speaking of a return to nature, this past week was a deep dive into all the highlights we could muster up of Earthy goodness and adventures galore to share with our friends so they could check off some of their bucket list items and we could enjoy some of the best the area has to offer. It’s been a reunion treat having the week off with these two amazing souls who came out to share a place we all love.

They have both lived here during three year’s of back-to-back Summer months while they were full-time RVing it like we were. I’m not sure if you recall that story, but we both were adventuring at the same time in our RVs and we met the year we decided to settle back in Tahoe. We’d known each other for years online, but here is where the stars aligned for our meeting in person and we discovered how much we all had in common – the rest is history.

Everyday this last week was for the explorer at heart from morning to evening. We mixed it up between water and land activities, along with relaxing time.

Our week started off on the 12th with relaxing and catching up on our back Forest Portal deck where we planned the week’s expeditions too. They had yet to see our house all finished, as when they saw it we just closed on the house and they got a walk-through of the before. This was the second time, however, to connect with Astrid in person and they loved seeing how much she evolved. They were actually here when I first brought her home and now she was a snuggle bunny enjoying having them around and they, her, since they had to leave their bunny son, Nova at home. Having their own rescue rabbit made connecting even more meaningful for them all, since they have come to understand and deepen with bunnies through that journey. I loved seeing Astrid connect with them everyday, binkying with joy, playing, wanting love and snuggles, and giving it too!

And from Tuesday on through the end of Saturday it was a fully packed Sierra Nevada adventure.

We kicked things off with kayaking down the upper Truckee River with Class 1 and a few Class 2 rapids, followed by vegan burgers and sampling the new vegan ice cream menu in town where we all ordered rolled ice cream!

Then our first hiking adventure commenced the next day on one of our favorites where we had the 9 mile trail all to ourselves. We only saw 13 people the whole day, but they were either at the end of the trail near the parking lot, close to the end of the trail near the lake, or across the lake that was our destination.

This trail was quite magickal and the photos reflected the faery essence beaming off of us.

Check out KC’s glow – she’s been activated returning to the mountain forests. But the glow around everything was wild! Even the flowers were beaming and we each had a different aura – hers whites and blues and mine a subtle earthy orange.

We found faery forest bracelets – the guys did too. I absolutely love this photo Clint (Happy) took of us. The faery energy was strong on this hike not only creating glowing auras around the two of us, but in this photo there’s a shapeshifting quality that made our faces and bodies more elongated and even accentuated faery ears on KC!

And I even found a forest faery crown I wore the entire time after finding it.

Wearing it felt very natural to me. I ended up keeping it because it fit my head perfectly.

A woman later remarked as we passed her, “You’ve become one with the forest.” ๐Ÿ™‚

We had a great time and were grateful for the peace and quiet to just connect with each other and nature.

Even the boys always have tons of fun, as you can see.

After the hike we decided to relax a bit at a park lake we go to here and enjoyed our spot on the lawn under the giant juniper tree, sharing some laughs as always, taking in some lake wonders (I’ll share more later on some of that), exploring, and even finding a new Farmer’s Market taking place that we explored and KC and Clint “bumped” into a friend they had met while they lived here in the Summer on their RV time. KC felt it might happen, and it did! That was the first of the friend alignments that took place.

Thursday then got us up and out on a drive to the beautiful American River about an hour and forty-five minutes away for some white water rafting on class 2 and 3 rapids. I was happy to have my friends with me, since I get anxiety on rapids these days. This photo was taken at the end of the exhilarating journey.

We don’t have photos yet from the adventure itself, as they were professionally taken at certain “high” points along the river. But I assure you they are wet and wild with fun faces galore! In many of them, you can’t even see us because of the huge white water wave crashing over us.

Friday we took the day off, since rafting had us all quite beat and sore – in a good way – and made it a full beach day of relaxing, sun, sand, and water. We even ordered to-go Thai food and enjoyed it there. This day also aligned us with seeing a sweet friend of mine and birthday twin – as we share the same birthday just two years apart.

I was honored to teach her Reiki 3 last December and that’s where she also met KC online, so it was a Reiki Master reunion. We had originally planned to hike instead of beach this day, but given our need to rest we went for our favorite spot on the beach. It just so happened that Camilla had talked her introverted self to take herself on a beach date, driving up from Reno, and was led to the same spot. She was there before us and then heard my voice when we got on the beach and we giggled in delight over the synchronicity of being “in the flow.”

It was at the end of our day on the beach that we noticed the fire cloud over the mountain from a huge fire down in the valley that has been burning since fourth of July from a lightning strike. We hadn’t had any indication of it until then and as you can see on our hike-to-follow, that cloud made for some dramatic skyscapes above the range in the distance.

This is fire season, but with droughts increasing this year, it’s been thought this will be an even rougher year all across the states. The fire maps are already showing that, as you likely may know. We were grateful not to have smoke-filled air for their visit, but seeing or hearing of any fires is always sad and unnerving when near – so much destruction on all fronts, or potential destruction. I’ve been focusing a lot of energy toward sending Reiki and doing Reiki Healing Attunements, as my part in trying to support all the fire zones.

Then Saturday we were back at hiking what is likely my favorite hike around here.

Although, they all are amazing in their own way, but this one has the best of everything. Because this hike is both on the PCT – Pacific Crest Trail – and TRT – Tahoe Rim Trail, there are more thru-hikers, but it was still peaceful and filled with 10.4 miles of varied terrain and still enough Summer wildflowers to make it enchanting.

We were even gifted the very last wild iris remaining in my favorite meadow where the only large wild iris field blooms for a short window each Summer season.

We then ended the day with an evening of Shakespeare on the Beach – the first opening show of the season and the first show since closing for the pandemic in 2020.

It was packed full of giggly fun comedy, beautiful backdrops (although you can still see that fire cloud spreading – and no, KC and I didn’t plan the matching aqua tops), and sneaking in a surprise sandwich kiss for Dave – I don’t think he minded, do you?

In between it all we spent time on our back deck, in my garden while I watered and shared all of the plant and faery friends with them, eating yummies both that I made, we packed up, or picked up along the way, and some night time new series watching together, too. I even had the chance one evening to take KC on a short hike out back on our second to last day, just so she could see our go-to trail.

Check out the evening sunset lighting up the lake through the trees.

And you better believe we had some magickal encounters and a lot of nature treasure finds along the way.

On Wednesday, while I was watering in the evening, I stumbled upon this beauty in my front yard rock garden. I immediately called KC over and she was able to get these photos for me, since mine was inside.

I love my watering time, as it’s such a peaceful part of the day for connecting with my plants and the garden and forest creatures. I have frequently seen garter snakes slithering along the rocks, driveway, and garden path or sunning themselves, but this was the first time for finding a rubber boa in the yard.

It made me so happy. It’s only the third time total I’ve come across a rubber boa here in Tahoe. The other two times were on hikes and they were more coppery in color. But to know one has made our home her home makes me smile. All the snakes in Tahoe are not poisonous and that includes these beauties.

What was amazing about her is that she had just eaten and was digesting her meal. You could see the bulge in her body where that was taking place. Seeing her felt significant, energetically, and the symbolism of her state of being did as well. She stayed in this rock area the whole time I watered and I think I discovered her little home.

I hope she’ll continue making an appearance. I just love her.

But right before her, on the same day just a couple hours earlier, we’d just seen more incredible miracles of Nature.

Look at these amazing little guys we were surrounded by when at the park lake. KC and I went down to the water to soak our feet and these frogs were lined up for the sunset show to begin at water’s edge.

We both had never seen this in-between stage before, but they were frogs maturing from tadpole still with their tails. It made them look very sci-fi and even dragon-like.

They were all lined up on the shore and would take a swim, then return. It was so awesome watching them swim with powerful grace then sit with such presence and awareness on the beach.

It was very surreal like little extraterrestrial beings demonstrating the miracle of life right before our eyes.

Between them in their in-between stage, and the rubber boa also seen digesting, there’s a sense of things in process right now and moving forward, assimilating and integrating for the next stage of the journey.

There were feathers galore to be found as well (Goose, Steller’s Jay, Robin, Mallard, but my favorites were these two – a Grouse and Northern Flicker.

Each piece and every day held some kind of messenger and gift, as well as supportive energy for the present and days to come. It all held meaning for me and what’s unfolding, even if I have yet to see it all from here.

And no sooner than it all began, we found ourselves on Sunday morning saying our farewells with bitter sweetness.

Although it was quite a full week, it only fueled the desire for further life-enriching adventures on all fronts. Although we do live by our hearts, a rekindling of certain things we hold dear resurfaced with vigor and it activated my faery heart to want and dream more.

I’m revisiting some things from the last several years that stood out to me as key moments and endeavors, reviewing some choices, and feeling into how to integrate them more fully now, too.

KC and Clint left just in time, as that day the smoke engulfed the area and it was very foreboding looking. It has since cleared more, but unfortunately the fire is still not contained. The air quality will be fluctuating over the weeks to come and precautions will remain necessary to stay aware and conscious of.

I plan to use any downtime we may not be able to get outside (although so far the air quality remains good) to focus on completing extracurricular projects, the last sacred tattoo design commission I have and sessions, and clearing the slate fully for a fresh start. Looking forward to getting back to blog inspirations that have been percolating too.

We had thunder storms looming in the distance yesterday and it cooled down hugely with even a little drizzle. I’m hoping for rain and no lightning.

But what I did notice on that morning they left, as I went out to water my garden early, was that my towering lily plants (they are now 56 inches+) had bloomed!

And my first heirloom tomatoes were ready!

I was wondering when that would take place and it was the day they left and the day things in the air looked bleak. I thought to myself, “how perfect this is”…reminding me of when my birthday irises bloomed in the snow when the pandemic started.

A little piece of hope blooming in the middle of what looks like gloom.

Just like my new hope stone’s message in the garden.

Just like my sweet friend, Hope, messages me each time I see her.

The in-person adventures with our friends may have come to a close for now, but the memories and connection last forever.

We had a blast the last week with our dear friends, but we look forward to more adventures still to come. It was a very renewing week for all of us that both refreshed us and sparked inspiration and visions for greater possibilities. Personally, it also anchored in the key things for me that returned to the forefront.

Grateful for such incredible friends who bring out the best in each other. I feel blessed to have so many beautiful connections with wonderful souls.

Remember to cherish every moment as fully as you can, doing the things you love and that are your heart’s fulfillment, as we’re never promised more than this moment.

I no longer say, “one day I’ll do such and such…”

That day is right here and now.

However you feel called to fuel your heart, do that.

Savor everything with great presence.

Look for the silver linings.

And foster hope in between.

Trees ~ An Inspirational Passage by Hermann Hesse

I’ll be away from blogging this week while we have visitors, but I thought I’d leave you with this beautiful passage by Hermann Hesse as inspiration. When you’re feeling challenged in any way, let trees be your reminder to guide you home.

Remember you can still place orders for Cosmic Curiosity Chests while I’m away from blogging and they will ship out beginning the 19th.

Have an inspirational week!

Curated Cosmic Curiosity Chests ~ Explore & Activate Your Inner…..

Perhaps today’s New Moon in Cancer heralds a deepening commitment in your heart to merging, rather than continuing to divide, and to creating bridges to greater inner harmony so that you can enjoy being more in the nature of you. I have what feels like an important post upcoming that shares a thread with this theme of the New Moon energy, but it is telling me to give it time before jumping in on sharing it. In fact, it’s been percolating for nearly two weeks. So, that will likely come the week of the 19th, as we head toward the Full Moon, since I’ll be offline next week while entertaining some special visitors.

I felt guided to get this post out today with the New Moon energy, however, that shares some inspired creations I’ve been working on putting together for you. I wasn’t sure I’d get it done in time, as days have been full, but some how I magickally was able to pull it off – so it feels aligned and meant to be.

What you’ll find below are 11 offerings – I didn’t plan to have that master number available, but it just so happened to work out that way or was cosmically orchestrated, if you may.

I got the message they were to be called Cosmic Curiosity Chests and since they each come in a themed energy I procured, Curated Cosmic Curiosity Chests they are! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Each of the 11 offerings are comprised of a Cosmic Curiosity Chest that I hand painted inside and out and adorned with all semi-precious stones of the world and mirrored tiles.

They tell me that they are CosmicCuriosity” Chests because they invite you to engage parts of yourself more consciously and consistently, to explore, be curious about, or open a dialogue or connection with parts of yourself through the invitation of each spirit energy they embody. In this way they activate an initiation of sorts into a Cosmic dance for you to merge into your human experience so that the two become One.

The magickal then is integrated into your daily life as a natural ritual, rather than being separate. This is one of those ways to live the magick.

Each one is unique, but they are all done in an understated cosmic paint that was a two part process of layering a black undercoat and then applying a few coats of a holographic rainbow paint over that. This creates a mystical, shifting effect when in direct or indirect lighting. You’ll almost not notice the delicate, colorful starlit backdrop, but then when the light hits, it’s like a delicate, rainbow star Cosmos all aglow and animated – so magickal! This effect is both on the outside and inside.

Then each has an energetic theme of semi-precious stones in a pattern that their energy inspired. They all have the same mirrored tile design on the sides, but the front, back and top are all varied. The mirrored tiles were also divinely guided to act as a form of reflecting back to you – as within, so without.

I then received their name and brought together a themed bundle around their energy. These were curated from a variety of artisans, including our Great Mother Terra herself that I’ve collected and prepared from the forests here and while on our silent retreat, in some cases my garden, and beaches over time. So, these are cocreated curations bringing together works of art from the visionary and natural realms.

I understood these to be ritual bundles and that the combination of chests and curated pieces could support bringing in more of the energies into your life that call to you. Pieces can be used alone, together, on an altar, as decoration, personal adornments, etc. Some of the pieces can fit inside the chests and others are meant to adorn the outer world.

But the key is, these are Curated Cosmic Curiosity Chests that help you to explore and active your inner…..?

Please let yourself wander through the energies of the 11 below to see what muse or part of your own inner muse you would like to integrate and ignite more of, or perhaps for the first time, if you have been afraid to or felt unworthy in some way before. We all have aspects of ourselves and our gifts that we shy away from or might feel scared to empower. This is a magickal and fun way that you can.

The chests can also be used for a variety of things – as Reiki boxes, to keep some of your curated pieces in, for jewelry, keys, intentions and dreams, special keepsakes, ashes, a lock of hair or fur, to create your own magickal spells in, you name it…..

So now that you know what they’re basically about, I’d rather just share them and let you go at it in exploring.

You’ll find a few photos of each (in person is always so much better, especially the color and detail of the stones and sparkle) – I didn’t take a lot of photos and I didn’t photograph everything in each ritual bundle, because I’d like some of that to be a surprise. But you’ll get an idea and then the rest is up to your intuition, as intuition is key!

Each bundle includes a chest and their own transformational butterfly or moth spirit, specifically chosen crystals, and a ring. The rest is unique to their theme, but the colors, crystals, and rings also have their own energy signature that aligns.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them. I love when inspiration channels through when I least expect it. Something magickal always appears when I trust the messages.

There is one of each only and no more will be created.

If one calls to you, you can purchase them directly through the Paypal links below each. Free shipping included.

These might speak to you, or as a gift to a friend or loved one you feel it could support, inspire, or enchant in some way.

All Cosmic Curiosity Chests with their ritual bundles will be shipped out the week of July 19th due to having visitors for a week, beginning this Sunday.

And now, here we go!


Cosmic Mermaid

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned with Brazilian Amazonite, South African Turquoise Jasper, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a blue butterfly, seashells, dolphin stone, millions of years old Ammonite fossil from the ancient ocean waters, hand-created water essence puffy heart infused with green tea and cleansing energy, and Mermaid Queen ring (non-adjustable, but is about a size 7 – 7.5 and can either be worn or used on altar).

Key words: Creative flow, inner peace, renewal, sacred femininity, beauty, flexibility, fluidity, self-expression, speaking your truth, Universal Love, emotional balance, ability to manifest inspiration, transformation.

Cosmic Mermaid


Cosmic Blossom

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned with Flower Jasper from Mexico, Brazilian Flower Agate, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a white and gold butterfly, Red Tigers Eye, super clear small, tower Quartz, dried Dahlia blossom, gorgeous blue and peachy bronze butterflies with pink blossom knuckle ring that fits two fingers at once with sparkly crystals (non-adjustable, but is about size 6.5 – 7 and also makes a great altar piece), turquoise and brown braided bracelet with sacred geometry blossom centerpiece, bronze and blue material flowers, and a blossom sticker.

Key words: Uplifting, joy, stabilizing, balancing, nurturing, wholeness, protects and encourages new variety and adventure, reach highest potential, inspire manifestation of dreams, live life fully, healing and releasing trauma, growth.

Cosmic Blossom


Cosmic Owl – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned all in Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a white and gold butterfly, two different Moonstones, a super sparkly Aura Quartz cluster cigar ring that is adjustable to any size, a handmade owl dreamcatcher, a small handmade owl sitting on a perch with a star above, and a handmade white ghost leaf.

Key words: Cosmic consciousness, psychic and mystical visions, release inhibitions, freedom, creativity, originality, know self worth, express authenticity, move between dimensions, karmic healing, confidence, wisdom, intuition, see beyond veils, ancient knowledge, Great Mystery.

Cosmic Alchemist – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in a variety of stones that include Tigers Eye, Jade, Amazonite, Opal, Jasper, and Fossil. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a gold and white butterfly, a beautiful Amethyst cluster with a very defined larger point, a tiny Steller’s Jay feather, an adjustable silver ring with unique double faced center stone that can be flipped from Lapis Lazuli on one side and Coral on the other, and a deep Amethyst scepter.

Key words: Good luck, clarity, alignment, harmony, grounded intuition, balance, gentle power, integrated wisdom, mastering the elements, gift enhancement, visionary, ability to create daily magick, merged embodiment, creative innovation.

Cosmic Dream Weaver

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in Brazilian Snow Quartz, Cream Jade, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a Luna Moth, dreamy Candle Quartz, large handmade dreamcatcher, and a gold leaf and pearl adjustable ring.

Key words: Innocence, soft, but powerful, patience, mental clarity, discernment, child-like perspective, calm, harmony, purity, new beginnings, unlimited potential, abundance, draw in spirit guides, creative exploration, dreams brought to life, Oneness, protection, connection, deep meditation, lucid dreaming, creative visionary, interdimensional travel, dream journeying.

Cosmic Dream Weaver


Cosmic Dragon – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in a variety of stones that include Amethyst, Opal, Charoite, Jade, and incredible Fluorite. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a Blue Morpho Butterfly, 2 handmade dragon’s eggs, a 5 star rhinestone adjustable knuckle ring that fits two fingers at once, and a handmade stunning, mystical Amethyst Dragon necklace.

Key words: Vigor, grounding of high frequency energy, hidden knowledge, wisdom, strength, courage, good fortune, transmutation, primordial power, master of elements, peace within chaos, fierce, empowerment, rebirth, powers of focus and concentration, protection, move between worlds, hidden knowledge, vision, boldness, grounded magick.

Cosmic Earth Guardian

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in Pyrite Jasper from Mexico, South African Silver Leaf Agate, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a white and gold butterfly, a raw Black Tourmaline, a soft-edged square Green Jade, an adjustable Herkimer Diamond ring, a Spring Garden ritual candle, a turtle, and an Earth sticker.

Key words: Strong protection, clear blocks, strength of purpose, grounding energies to the Earth, willpower, sense of wholeness, clarity, renewal of energy, self worth, invoke harmony peace and love, attune to higher vibrations, heightened vision, embodied gifts, actualized potential, sense of direction and purpose, strong roots, ancient remembrance.

Cosmic Earth Guardian


Cosmic Woodland Faery

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in South African Autumn Jasper, Chocolate Jasper, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a lavender and periwinkle butterfly, a lavender Amethyst, an adjustable silver leaf vine ring, a small deep Amethyst scepter, a handmade rosey brown ghost leaf, a mini bundle of lavender, a piece of pine bark with lime green lichen, a pine cone, dried flower potpourri satchel, double attached acorns from an Oak tree, a small, silvery white, naturally created Algiz Rune twig, a purple crystal acorn, and Faerie Enchantment ceremonial incense.

Key words: Unify aspects of life, grounding, inter-dimensional balance, centering, wholeness, deep connection to Earth, innate sense of circle of life, integrity, transformational awareness, purity, grace, immortality, longevity, nurturer of the natural, enchantment, connection to all life, ability to live the magickal, plant and animal communicator, creator of beauty, lover and artist of life, harmony weaver.

Cosmic Woodland Faery


Cosmic Bridge Worker – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in South African Rose Quartz, Dolomite, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a pink butterfly, a Rose Quartz, an incredible, large Ametrine Spirit Quartz plate from South Africa, an adjustable double Amethyst silver Faery ring, a rose heart plant magick bath bomb, and a wood “Love” heart.

Key words: Unconditional love and compassion, harmony, balance, patience, integrity and loyalty to your path, healing communication, deep and grounded connection, serenity, creative perspectives, inspired and inspires, grounded spirituality, comforting, speaks the language of the heart, unification.

Cosmic Manifestor – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in Pineapple Jasper, Yellow Jade and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a Monarch butterfly, sparkly Citrine cluster, an adjustable triple Quartz point and moss ring, a yellow blossom and bee clay tea candle holder with tea candle, a handmade yellow woven pumpkin with wood stem, a peach and green fresh bath fizzie, and a handmade little orange bird with rainbow plaid wings.

Key words: Manifesting abundance and prosperity, fulfillment, light, hope, strong belief, grounded joy, increased creativity, confidence, energetic, stimulating, good luck, growth, ability to recreate, the dream brought to life, faerytales come true, anything is possible, embodied visionary, grounded alignment, actualized intentions.

Cosmic Forest Witch – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in Green Turquoise, South African Nephrite, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a white butterfly, a magickal Gray Amethyst carved Witch’s broom, an adjustable handmade Tree of Life ring, 2 pine cones – mini and large, a large acorn from an oak tree, a naturally created Algiz Rune twig, an amber crystal acorn, a handmade rosey brown ghost leaf, and a small black cauldron soap.

Key words: Natural and grounded magick, weaver of the natural world, action power, protection, deep peace, strength, motivation, passionate courage, seer, sacred ritual, plant magick, tree spirits, connection to life essence, ancient wisdom, keeper of the old ways, harmony, shamanic journeys, circle of life.

I hope you enjoyed this little creative journey of Cosmic Curiosities to explore.

And just a last reminder, that of the three animal spirit guides that were looking for a cocreator, just one remains. Falcon and Faery Rider are still looking for a home. If they call to you, please contact me directly with your intention.

Whimsical Wednesdays ~ The Artist’s Corner: Short Musings on Essence & Dreams

I often share some quick channelings via Instagram, and these are two inspired musings I felt to post here for my blog friends, as they feel connected to important themes and experiences people are moving through. The visionary in me is always putting her feelers out to bring back snippets of inspiration to share. Perhaps you’ll find them timely in some way.

Thoughts on that urge to know details and why dropping into being can support more peace and flow…..

There’s a part of us that always wants answers or to see the future clearly like a sage.

When we live with greater presence to every moment, we aren’t concerned with these kinds of things because the moment satiates our senses and brings us back to essence.

Living from essence removes the need to know because every moment is reason enough.

Thoughts on how to follow your dreams…..

With patience, nurturing, and commitment.

I find that the first step is definitely to allow yourself to dream and imagine without boundary, then cultivate love for yourself and the worthiness you deserve to manifest these dreams, but the most important step is the follow-through and action.

Any small thing you can do each day in the direction of your dreams is forward movement and creates alignment.

Release attachment to when and how it has to happen and enjoy the journey.

~ P.S. I’m hoping to have a special, creative offering I’ve been working on putting together per intuitive nudge this Friday for the New Moon, but I can’t guarantee I’ll have everything ready. I hope so, as next week we have visitors and I’ll be immersed in a fun break, but stay tuned! If not this Friday, it will come shortly, but definitely will be the next upcoming post.

In love and creative magick,


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