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Please read through all the details, as the information will cover most of the questions you may have. If something isn’t covered here, please feel free to CONTACT ME.

I’ve seen the power of community and togetherness and these are a couple of the anchoring foundations for this offering that are also key for how we move forward as a collective in general.

I’ve also received such powerful feedback about how much people have gotten from the one-on-one intuitive energy guidance sessions and this is a way to offer support with wider reach. Something that has been evident from online classes is that people benefit from the questions others ask. They tend to be something someone else was curious about and help with greater understanding that they may have been afraid to ask, or didn’t know how to ask. Another highlight has been the comradery and sense of soul family that is created – some people have found new friendships, as well as rekindled soul relationships from other times.

In addition, it’s a way to create ongoing conscious conversations that lead down enlightening rabbit holes, open to more perspectives, activate latent DNA with that curiosity, keep energy circuits fluid and moving by challenging ideas, exercise things like compassion and unconditional love for differing opinions and feelings, as well as create a forum for creative strategies and solutions, while supporting real-time relevant steps we can each take relative to our parts of the whole.

An added benefit is making support more accessible and affordable while I’m able to help more people efficiently.

These are some of the intrinsic elements that the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum offers and some of what merged to create it in the first place.

You’ll see just how these come to be ingredients of the new C.E.D.F.

What the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum is all about:

This is an online venue that, for starters, will take place over a 6 month period – I may extend it after the initial launch, but for now it’s a half year immersion to get through these crucial times.

Included will be recorded video sessions.

Here’s how they work and what the 6 month immersion looks like.

There will then be 6 recorded video sessions that participants will receive a link to. Each of these will run approximately 90 minutes. For these I will also welcome up to 2 questions per session per participant and depending on number of participants I will decide the format that supports answering one question per person or if there’s a smaller number participating, you could have both of your questions answered. These sessions will also begin with an overview for the month of what I’m sensing as themes energetically and any other pertinent information that channels through to share, along with practical ideas to help. Whom the questions come from will remain anonymous. Additional bonus gift with each session.

The timeline will be November 2021 through April 2022 for the 6 month C.E.D.F. The 6 recorded sessions will be sent out near the beginning of the months.

This is an opportunity for me to connect with the community in an even more intimate way – especially if you’re someone who has been following along via this blog or any of my social media pages, or perhaps used to receive newsletter updates when I sent those out – and answer your important questions, which are usually collectively shared in some way.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. This is a nonjudgmental space and what I find is that questions lead down rabbit holes of discussion that end up spiraling us to exactly where the energy needs to go. We’ll discuss dynamics playing out, how to navigate the collective energy streams, and making more empowered choices. This is a way to stay connected, know that you’re not alone and have a dynamic group to unite forces with, as well as to keep a sense of accountability with what ever is important to you and maintain that energy flow. I find that many times when we don’t have a particular practice in place or way of showing up, it can be easy to let things slide or we find ourselves falling into a certain stagnant or darker place with potential of getting stuck. My hope is that this provides some momentum and supports you to keep moving through things or taking steps in some way. Perhaps even, reveals or fuels that silver lining, hope, or inspiration that can be harder to find these days.

I know that I was guided to provide this because of the importance right now for people to rise up and step into their power. Perhaps this can be one way to help us through the shifts and create an anchor and greater sense of peace and understanding through it all.

Payment plans available – please CONTACT ME to set this up.

For reference, one-on-one hourly Intuitive Energy Guide Sessions are normally $226.

Registration Options for the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

6 Recorded Video Sessions (see details above) – $444 if registered by 10/20 ($74 a session) or $535 if registered by October 31st – early registration provides savings of $91 – EARLY REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

5 monthly installments of $89 & 1 monthly installment of $90 is an option

These are 90 minute sessions to include answers to your questions, monthly energy overview and support tips, plus a bonus gift each session.

6 Recorded Video Sessions

If you’re registering after 10/20 through 10/31 then this is your option.


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