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If you have any questions, thoughts, feedback, would like to contact me for an interview, or have other collaborative ideas, please fill out the form provided below and I will promptly respond within 24 – 48 hours, unless I’m on vacation or away for business.

Information and emails are never sold or provided to anyone.

I’m currently focused on writing my new book and deepening into my personal life, so I can’t promise availability, but am open to ideas.

I am no longer offering sacred tattoo design services, workshops, retreats, Reiki sessions or training, or custom art.

Any crystals you see offered via my blog have all been sold out.

I no longer have any prints of my old artwork available for sale or fundraising, other than the three prints housed in custom-made metal frames you see at the link below.

Inquiries welcome about some of my original paintings that may still be available. You can view them here: Artwork

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you from my heart to yours for your support and interest. It means the world to me.


May all possibilities be open to you

In love and creative magick, 

Tania Marie,

The Rabbit Faery ~ Creating Life as a Work of Art with a Magick Rabbit by My Side




queen astrid

  1. Immersion into Tania, Reiki, Crystals, and Nature. What can be better than this? There is no good answer to that question.

  2. Hi i hope you can help me. If you are able to can you please help me identify a crystal i have.
    Here are the links to the pics on my Tumblr account.

    Hope you can help me.. Matt

    • hey matt, i am not a crystal expert, but your crystal is definitely a quartz…what type of quartz i’m not sure. it has a lot of markings, which could make it a starbrary quartz. i’m not seeing ridges on the side in the photo, but if it has horizontal ridges then it may be a lemurian seed crystal. sorry i can’t help more. take care!

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