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I offer Intuitive Energy Guidance Sessions via phone for people who are wanting to make bigger and lasting shifts in their lives. These sessions are similar to what you may know as life coaching, but I’m known to be more of a catalyst for inspiration and change with a passion for helping you to recognize your own mastery and live your most optimal life.

I focus on authentic embodiment and grounding so that spirituality, creativity, and inspiration can manifest as greater abundance in all areas of your life. This is what I call being in alignment.

A few favorite quotes people have shared about their experiences with me include:

“You make people feel good about themselves.”

“You know, Tania, the longer I know you, the more the magical/incredible/extraordinary begins to feel perfectly normal.”

“I didn’t realize it until now, but literally everything in my life has changed in amazing ways since first I started working with you.”

After working with people over the years, I’ve come to know and optimize my strengths and gifts in ways that reflect to others their own.

Working with me is not meant to be a psychic reading or quick-fix, nor do I want to create the experience of a temporary tonic. I want to help you to create the consistent, thriving life you deserve, while identifying processes to help you navigate new terrain.

I choose not to enable people, but to empower them. That said, changes can happen as quickly as you’re ready for.

Although you may have a specific area you’d like to focus on, my strengths are to help you identify the root of things and to clear and rebuild a new foundation for your garden of life to grow and blossom in.

My specialty is in navigating the inner landscapes and working with your inner child – essentials in my opinion and far too often overlooked – so that you can experience the reflection of these shifts in your outer world.

This could include:

  • uncovering and clearing blocks
  • understanding and harnessing fears
  • identifying and changing patterns and beliefs 
  • doing the core work
  • reflecting greater clarity
  • cultivating creativity
  • bringing forth your playful spirit
  • nurturing self love
  • developing inner trust
  • recognizing spiritual bypassing
  • taking action with greater confidence toward the things you want 
  • conscious manifesting
  • understanding shadow aspects and how to use them productively
  • exploring non-duality to help transcend boundaries and attachments
  • working through emotional challenges and challenging experiences or relationships
  • living more from essence
  • embracing your gifts
  • living life with a greater sense of purpose, inspiration, passion, excitement, and experience of the magick you’ve been missing

What I provide is Intuitive Energy Guidance in an optimal, safe, nurturing environment, which is not only support with the intent and goal you bring to the table, practical tools, exploration into your hidden truths, and shadow, but also includes energetic support during and in between our conversations (if you have more than one session) to help you make shifts in the way that mirror your commitment level. This I do through Reiki and any other channels I feel guided to include.

You also receive email support in between sessions to help you process and integrate. This may include short things you feel important to share that have come up after processing the session, quick clarifying questions, or my checking in on how you’re doing.

I am a mirror that reveals truths – both what you would and wouldn’t want to see – with compassionate responsibility. If that is something you are willing to embrace and take responsibility in, then this may be for you.

It’s an equal partnership of showing up with openness, vulnerability, transparency, and a willingness to look at and embrace what your spirit is wanting to reveal to help your evolution.

To begin, I like for my clients to provide me an idea of the focus they are wanting to work on. Of course, this can shift and open up into more once the dialogue begins, but in general, what would you say the theme of support is that you are looking for help with?

A lot of the work and shifts are about the process, which takes place as we dialogue and exchange. This can seem subtle at times, but the tiniest tweaks and discoveries can create profound and lasting changes.

My goal is to help you to move through things as gracefully and efficiently as possible so you feel freer and ready to create the new.

It is not my goal to have you stuck in an endless process of sessions. I want to see you empowered and feeling invigorated and supported to move forward, take action, and learn to trust yourself.

So we will be checking in to see where you’re at with things and establishing goals, as you move into a place of more empowered self-reliance and independence.


“Tania has been a dedicated, nurturing, steady, and creative partner of support for me through her intuitive coaching and Reiki healing sessions. I was so fortunate to connect with Tania for powerful assistance in moving through a crossroads and major life transition. Her special way of seeing, mirroring, and compassionately working with me helped to identify and move me past old patterns, beliefs and blocks. I was able to plant new seeds on clear ground for goals I had in mind. I saw my true essence emerge and I am able to move forward with a lightness, creativity and much more confidence. Getting in touch with my soul essence through her strongly reflective, intuitive way was a phenomenal experience and gift, and for that I’m truly grateful. I would highly recommend seeking Tania’s assistance  should you want a focused, nurturing, steady partner and guide to greater healing. What a joy she is!” ~Theresa Huff, Reiki Master Teacher & Yoga Instructor  

“I’ve spent the past five Wednesdays with Tania doing Energy Guidance sessions.  I felt so at home with her during our time together and had no problem opening up about my fears, as well as talking about past issues that have been holding me back from living my life.  I’ve tried many things over the years to help move myself forward, but not as quickly as I did in the five sessions with Tania.  Tania is very knowledgeable and has many tools in her “tool belt”, and she gave me many tools to use to help propel me forward. I am forever grateful, as I’ll have these to use for the rest of my life.  I understand myself so much better now and feel so grounded since our work together.  Much love and appreciation Tania. xoxo  Kathleen, Irvine, CA  

“I made a request for a boost up attunement and counseling sessions with Tania and I must say that the one month that we worked together brought forth powerful healing and awareness within my life. What I appreciated most with her was the gentle way with which she explored issues with me as well as the intuitive help I kept on receiving from her during the sessions. It was pleasant really feeling the unconditional acceptance that represented each session, which was an added bonus. I feel I grew up a lot during our work together and she is definitely a Spiritual Master I would love to reconnect with for additional services in the future. Sweet energy, great spiritual wisdom. Thank you so much for having helped me attain the growth level I have reached at the moment.” ~Vidushi, Curepipe, Mauritius – now currently Montreal, Quebec

“Tania has been and still is a very important person in my life. She has helped me move through some very difficult times and beautiful times in my life. Her guidance and support is so deeply meaningful and loving. I have learned many new ways of thinking, shifting energy, and how to love unconditionally. She has supported and empowered me with guidance that I know has changed my life in great ways. I’m very grateful to know her and appreciate how comfortable and safe I feel with her. Thank you Tania.” ~Nikki Sanchez, Costa Mesa, CA

“Hi Tania, just got off the phone with you and wow, I am soaking in the information and the experience. I was not sure how the session would go and quite frankly I was a bit apprehensive since I was not really sure what it was all about. I am not familiar with this type of method of counsel and it really blew me away. As you know, I am going through a rough patch and having that confirmed and hearing that indeed my realities are exactly what I am experiencing was very therapeutic for me. I am a private person and the fact my story and my inner and deep feelings were revealed through your insightful words allowed me to embrace my realities and essentially accept them. As a complete stranger, I felt connected to you… like old friends but with the bonus of having an enhanced and guided analysis into how to work on my inner self and what mechanisms to utilize in this journey we call life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I thank the universe for connecting me with you. You are without a doubt a positive and mystic soul. Stay blessed!” ~Noreen Zayna Barlas, Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

If this feels like the right partnership for you, you can make your enriching investment here and we’ll begin creating some impactful shifts to help you experience a life of greater fulfillment.



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