My Cafe Press Shop

keepsake box

Dance Of The Twin Flames Keepsake Box

It brings me great joy to be able to offer affordable, unique, and meaningful creations with some of the most beloved paintings from my Universal ARKitecture series on them.

After receiving many requests to bring back some of the cherished items people loved, (like these absolutely gorgeous keepsake boxes), I decided to make them available again, but with art that mirrors current energies.

keepsake box

Temple Of The Sacred Heart Keepsake Box

Having just revamped my old Cafe Press store, you can now find the 8 paintings I’ve created so far in this series available on a variety of items. These make perfect gifts for yourself, friends, and family, especially for the holidays, birthdays, or “just because,” in the heart of gratitude.

These also make great gifts for the animal lover in your life, as each item features a unique animal, most of which are endangered species – art that conveys compassion, awareness, and insightful wisdom that each animal shares, infused into your daily life experiences.

You’ll find unique merchandise created with heart, featuring my art on t-shirts, baby clothes, bags, yoga pants, yoga mats, tea light candles, keepsake boxes, mugs, Sigg water bottles, calendars, greeting cards, key chains, jewelry charms, animal companion heart tags, stuffed animals, cell phone, kindle and ipad cases, and more.

Most items are available in all 8 painting choices, but some have a few different item options. So have fun exploring!

Please visit my shop here: Heart Creations by Tania Marie to find the perfect gift that mirrors you, from my heart to yours.

With Creative Love,

Tania Marie

  1. I love your work !
    You are an inspiration .


  2. Love your sacred rabbit tattoo , are you vegan ?

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