Resiliency, Refuge & Relentless Commitment

We landed safely in our second refuge last Monday, as we continued in our evacuee status from the fire back home. We were offered a full home by a good friend of ours and it’s proven to be the perfect haven for everyone to move past recalibrating mode, into a deepening return to ourselves through rest, nurturing, and even some fun.

The fur babies are fully back to themselves, enjoying the bright open space, cozy spots to explore, and family time doing many of the things we used to do together, back home.

Astrid has especially come full circle, back to running up and down stairs, zipping all over, binkying, and laying in full, luxurious, royal comfort once again. She’s even enjoyed yoga and stretching evenings with dad and family time with her warren – that’s us!

I love seeing the many sides of Astrid the Rabbit Queen that include being a work of art, a yoga bunny instructor, a Buddha bunny, a snuggle bunny, and so much more!

And mom and dad feel more relaxed seeing the babies all happy and getting a chance to deepen into our own routines more comfortably.

We’ve been laying low and more removed from the outside world this week, focusing on integrating everything and maintaining well being as a team.

Early morning, long, and aggressive hikes for half of our days have been part of that routine, but

then we’ve balanced that with relaxing poolside time and long hours soaking in those healthy negative ions of the ocean and shoreline that we’ve missed in abundance from our mountain and forest home.

I loved the surroundings we found ourselves in with so many watchful and protective eyes always around us, seeing to it that we were cared for around every corner.

We feel incredibly grateful for all the divine alignments and gifts that have supported us through Earth angels in our lives and through angels guiding us from beyond Earth.

We feel incredibly blessed to have been swaddled in protection, tenderness, and love every step of the way.

This last week has been less stressful for all of us and a way to do some really potent full circle work and transmutation that will benefit the days and months to come. Knowing the fur babies were also swaddled in all the feel good stuff they thrive on, helped us all to be a much more focused team, able to draw upon our strengths and weave them together.

Beach time has been one of our favorite ways to focus on intentions (that continue to manifest instantly), sending out supportive energy, envisioning our future path, and preparing for the months ahead in order to manifest what’s in motion.

Meanwhile, the fire fighters back home have continued their incredible work and the communities in our area have remained safe while containment has edged up each day – currently at 67% and holding, even through the thunder storm red flag warnings that came in Thursday and Friday. This brought in lightning and up to 50 mile an hour wind threats, but the containment lines they created, held. Although many small lightning-started fires ignited in the area, they were able to quickly contain them and so all of this has given them better confidence with repopulating areas.

Air quality has been a mix of some first-time good air and then back to unhealthy, although no more extreme hazardous days. We’re keeping an eye on this (looking good so far) and how containment continues to hold over the next couple of days. On Saturday afternoon we received message that the warning orders for our area had been lifted. We were waiting for this, as I didn’t feel good about going back while this was still in place since it meant at any moment it could turn to a mandatory evacuation order again and with animals that wasn’t an option for us. It’s likely we’ll return home at some point this week, but we’re giving the fur babies and ourselves some good balancing and anchoring time before making the trek home.

In the meantime, our dear friend in the SLT Meyers community – the area that was threated the most with fires just behind the houses, also had received downgraded warning orders and just returned to his house Sunday – yesterday – to walk his property and assess things. His home was deeply in my prayers, Reiki, and energy work because I knew from video and photos that the trees just behind the house where we used to hike with him, was in flames. We’re so grateful all the homes were saved, although it’s been heart breaking to see photos he shared with us of just 20 yards up from his house where there was remnants of a ground fire and about 50% of trees badly damaged, and then above the trail, remnants of crown fires to the trees.

It puts a twist on things when you are direct-line working with a challenge, rather than just hearing about them. This whole situation gave me another opportunity to use the processes I’ve learned, in order to manage all the different levels of effects in the best possible way I knew how for a high level threat. I never felt powerless, as the tools helped give me a way to add my support in with everyone else’s. And although it could have been easy to give in to fear many times, I instead would turn any of that energy around very quickly into a determination and holding power of anchored strength, the best I could.

In this way, I could better serve the challenge and add to the forces working toward creating a different storyline than unconscious and unharnessed fear would rather write instead. In recognizing that it isn’t my energy signature to be controlled by fear, but instead to lead from innocence and harness that fear as a catalyst for strength, I have been able to maintain myself energetically in likely one of the most effective demonstrations I’ve recently been through of being placed under pressure.

This was one of the gifts I saw from the experience – a chance to put things to practice. There’s been a lot of this with recent global challenges we face at large, and the more practice we’re able to immerse in, the more resilient we are seeing ourselves to be and the more effective we’re seeing all that we’ve learned, actually is.

And it’s helped us to also lean into those times of surrender and lean on others for support when needed, as we aren’t islands unto ourselves and there are times to share the balance of giving AND receiving. This is part of the new storyline we are writing – one of togetherness and unity. We’re are also being asked to implement conscious awareness, like never before, around ANY and EVERY choice we make and which story we are deciding to be a character in.

One of the other things I was able to put to practical practice was how to balance awareness of external information with staying in my own peace and not compromising my energy boundaries to fear – something I find hugely important to keep practicing especially in these times. I had a touch-in both in the morning and in the evening where I’d gather the key information on the fire status and an understanding of what was at hand to work with each day and then I’d do my focused energy work while out in nature or right before bed. This worked well for me, helping to maintain my sense of refuge, maintain my resiliency strength, and helping to be part of my relentless commitment to the whole in a healthy way that has allowed me to consistently continue.

As I said before, it’s still not time to step back from the focused energy and work at hand – and that goes for any reality we are seeing, but wish to change.

So, in the meantime, we continue our gratitude practice, continue fueling focused energy intentions, and I continue to open to the guidance and nudges I sense coming through.

While I have been able to take care of routine, monthly work during these past couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to work on a final commissioned design project yet because I’ve been needing to focus time elsewhere, on the day-to-day, and making sure to keep my well full with all of the energy going out. I’ve only been able to get the necessary things done right now and that’s okay, as with any creative project, inspiration is not something I want to force or try to squeeze out of me just to complete it. It’s important to me to give my all to things and right now that’s been caring for our family and the collective challenges at hand, while using creative energy to implement the steps to come.

Everything is a day-to-day and moment-to-moment process.

In the interim, though, I continue to receive a lot of messages, clarity, and guidance and as always I’m led to share some of those things here with my friends and family in case they speak to you too.

So, now that I’ve shared a little update on things for all of our friends and family who have been so supportive and collectively helping with your prayers and energy to support communities across the land, this brings me to the next layer of the theme title of this post – Resiliency, Refuge and Relentless Commitment.

Some of this is covered naturally as an undercurrent theme in my update, but more specifically I’ve seen these messages pop up around me and as collective streams too.

I have to share that the day we evacuated – you might recall that it was 11:11 am when I pulled out from our driveway – I noticed this incredible, large spider web at the front of our house. It was hanging from the overhang to the walkway deck that leads to the door, just left of the garage. It was glistening in the sunshine and I thought to myself how amazing it was to see this, as we were leaving our beloved home.

I had chosen to leave very specific, important, and potent items at home to anchor in a bubble of protection and nurturing for the land and animals there and to have a portal access point to move energy work through, from afar. This was not just for our home and Forest Portal, but for the Tahoe basin, to be a grid to help hold and move through what ever was in the highest good of the collective energy field there.

The web felt to me to be part of Nature’s way of reflecting her own anchor in partnership with me, adding her tapestry of alchemy to the mix – spider being the Sacred Mother Weaver of Creation.

Webs are symbolic of the interconnection and weaving of all things, our spiritual path, infinite creative possibilities, manifestation, and the ability to rebuild. Much of this has been part of our experience, including that interconnection that has extended to such a unified field of love and support collectively pouring in. This web gave me an immediate sense that no matter what (meaning having no attachments to details), all would be well and result in the highest of ways, if we continued to flow and stay the course of that alignment.

Webs reflect spider’s resiliency to build and rebuild, even if their web is destroyed. The spider web at our entry way felt like this created a portal haven connecting the love we anchored in this home to be found where ever we were led since home is where the heart is…this being a true reflection of refuge we’d be led to and create through the access point of our joined hearts. And the relentless commitment a spider has to weaving her web was the guiding light for our journey, messaging us to continue to stay focused, listen, and act in alignment with what was showing up. Our own relentless commitment to envisioning the highest good without attachment, sending protection and support, and not giving up too soon has been a way to join with spider in weaving the full tapestry that creative impetus inspires, moment-to-moment.

But so many other messages in this vein would pop up in various ways…another being through the abundance of reptile and amphibian spirit animal messengers I’ve been encountering since mid-July when the first fire and some false-alarm threats had come our way.

You’ll recall the rubber boa who showed up in my garden just days before a different fire in the area started. I also had many different types of lizards and a little frog show up on our two week journey along the Pacific Coast.

Before evacuating there was the tiny baby lizard in my garden, the Mountain Skink during our first week away, these two beautiful lizards, pictured below, that I’ve never seen before with lovely soft, golden skin, and just recently, on the same day, I found a large, dead toad and the baby rattlesnake, also pictured below, crossed our path. The rattlesnake looks larger than it was, as she was only a little over a foot long.

I loved her so much and actually showed her my Egyptian asp tattoo I have wrapped around my wrist – from afar, of course – because it was just about her size. Side note: Egyptian energies have continued prevalent for me as well, but that’s a whole different story.

Reptiles and amphibians speak to survival and adaptability (energy of surviving and healing anything), doing things in your own way, Earthly success, sensitivity to the physical world around you, the need for quiet time, loner or independent people, and the importance of nurturing the inner for well being. Since amphibians and reptiles are amongst the oldest living forms of life on Earth, they reflect the ancient ways (remembering and integrating these) and someone with an ancient soul (remembering who you are).

Reptiles carry that renewal and regeneration energy (there’s that resiliency), while also being sun worshippers that respond well to warmth, dry, clear air, and the hot sun (seeing a connection here to fire energy, but also to my own sun love and how I feel so good laying under him as a form of refuge, soaking up his vital rays).

Amphibians carry that cleansing and abundance energy.

And each of them – reptiles and amphibians – underscoring transformation at hand, ability to sense vibrations for navigating the journey in alignment, and anchoring in that ancient frequency through remembrance of your song.

All of this speaking to me of a relentless commitment to authenticity, staying the course, and always acting within harmonious flow with what shows up.

While I was laying on the beach recently, I noticed my Chacos that I wear nearly all the time outdoors, unless doing more rocky and aggressive hikes, have lizards on the back. No coincidence there.

The repetitive appearance of these animal spirit guides of course spoke to me directly and things I’m currently journeying through, however, they also spoke to me about the collective’s current experience being navigated.

I feel we are much more resilient than we think or give ourselves credit for – just like the enduring and adaptable cactus I’ve found around me recently, too, that speak to our survival and protection even amidst challenges, but in a way that creates thriving.

The human body is miraculous and the heart is an alchemist. Even though we keep getting thrown a bunch of curve balls and continue having the rug pulled out from under us with everything going on in the world, time and time again, we’ve proven we have the ingenuity to recreate and rise again.

However, in the midst of it all we need to remind ourselves about the importance of refuge – both to create this within ourselves, but also to create spaces for this in our lives in either literal ways of a safe haven, a supportive community, or recharging outlet of some sort. It’s true, this could be a home, but it could also be what ever makes you feel at home, energized, and fills your well. We need to take time for ourselves, not be afraid to ask for help – as any form of family can be refuge from harsh experiences, and be willing to seek out or build this if one doesn’t exist. Opening our hearts to, or helping to create this for others, are gifts we can also provide in the form of refuge.

And maintaining that relentless commitment becomes vital to anything we want to manifest and see in our lives and out there in the world. Remembering not to give up too soon, as sometimes when things seem the hardest, is when we need to stay the course the most. Changes can be right around the corner, but we’ll never know if we don’t stay consistent, persistent, dedicated, and focused. It’s easy to get off track with everything that comes at us, so having markers in place as reminders, staying aware to the messages coming at you, and souls in human or animal bodies (or even just guides in general) who care about you to give you that encouragement, can all be super beneficial. Also, even when things feel like they’ve arrived, the way to ensure they are a mainstay is to consistently embody that energy and not let down your awareness and connection to intentional living. Remember my mention of hawk in my last post and the message they carry of “clarity and vision…the ability to hone in on something (the micro) within the wide (macro) expanse and to be able to go directly to the goal with absolute bullseye focus.” If you really want something, you’ll come to see how truly important it really is by how much you walk the talk of that intention, hope, or dream.

We’re in some fertile and vital times as humanity and this speaks to me of each of us deciding how important what we talk about truly is to us. And if it is, I know we have the resiliency to see it through and the support matching our level of commitment. I also know how important creating times, spaces, places, or groups of refuge for ourselves is key for our well being and capacity to rebuild a new reality.

Like castles in the sand, life is impermanent and its beauty is meant to be cherished moment to moment without attachment to any fixed idea or length we think it should be or last.

There’s something to be said for those experiences of building and creating when you’re engaged in the fleeting moment to experience the rush of imagination and possibility at its height.

And even when the ebbs and flows of life wash over us, there’s this feeling of wonder that lingers in the sands that carry renewal in their memory.

Hope is never lost.

We can rebuild and dream again and again…potential is unlimited.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to hold us and everyone going through the challenges of these fires and the global shifts at large, in your hearts and prayers.

Accelerated Manifestation IS Our Nature

As we head out to our next location while still evacuated from our home, I note the alignment of this move taking place on the Virgo New Moon that for us here on the Pacific Coast will be in the evening at 5:52 pm. With an Earthy New Moon like this, a share around what I’ve experienced in terms of accelerated manifestation felt like a way to kick off the new week and cycle, especially under Virgo’s grounding energy, which can help intentions to come into form. We also have that continued high energy acceleration on top of this that you heard about in Lee’s update, so yes, things have the ability to move rapidly into alignment and for “magick” to appear and feel natural and organic. Healing, transcendence, and productive change are focal points as well, and this can especially be around generational wounding carried over from your Earth and soul family.

In any event, I hope this New Moon brings some openings for creative possibilities you may not have thought of and for a sense of renewal to some degree of your personal empowerment to affect change in some way and area in your life and at large.

I felt called to share this fun little story today, as a doorway demonstrating the possibilities we are increasingly walking into. I hear of so many stories you share with me personally as well, and combined, the sum total of our experiences points to some incredible potentials for the collective when we choose to walk in the clarity of our own vibrations. I feel it is our nature to be masters of manifestation and we’re just beginning to remember and embody this.

This blog share is but one experience of many I keep having, but being fresh on my mind from Saturday, I’m putting it out there to ruminate on, or perhaps at the least, enjoy as a light-hearted break from the challenges you might be feeling or facing.

Let me just back up briefly to the day before – Friday. Dave found us something fun to do – visit this famous area called The Mystery Spot. Most people believe it’s a giant magic show – a gravity hill tilt-induced visual illusion that the public gets to experience. But others speculate all kinds of stories. It’s up to the individual what they believe and that’s part of the fun of it. One might never know. Online you’ll find descriptions about it like this:

“The Mystery Spot was discovered in 1939 by a group of surveyors and opened to the public in 1940. The Mystery Spot has amazed and perplexed hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world, and many return time and time again to experience these puzzling variations of gravity, perspective, and height.

Some speculate that cones of metal were secretly brought here and buried in our earth as guidance systems for their spacecraft. Some think that it is in fact the spacecraft itself buried deep within the ground. Other theories include carbon dioxide permeating from the earth, a hole in the ozone layer, a magma vortex, the highest dielectric biocosmic radiation known anywhere in the world, and radiesthesia. Whatever the cause is, it remains a mystery.

I don’t claim to know the answer, and perhaps I’m just another sucker for a good illusion, but what I do know is that something is going on there or at least it affected or triggered something in me that isn’t my norm to experience and didn’t seem to be just a simple explanation because I don’t get affected by things like that.

Here’s a photo of the house on strange angles in this one spot 150 feet in diameter that you get to walk through and feel and experience things happen.

To give context to my experience, I never get an upset stomach from anything. I love turbulence on a plane, I can read and look at things while in a car moving, I love rides and roller coasters, but especially all super fast, crazy spinning kinds of rides that twirl you round and round and every which way until you have no idea of up or down or any equilibrium. I enjoy those spinning drop floor rooms and teacups and the like. I love spinning in place and then dropping to the floor to feel everything move.

But when I walked into this “Mystery Spot” I felt slightly nauseous and head distorted, I could see the atmosphere in front of me move in slight waves, and my legs even began to shake a bit. Again, stuff like that doesn’t happen to me unless there’s something energetic going on…kind of like if you walked into a vortex or high energy grid area. I carried the feeling with me for a while. But perhaps the illusion itself was enough to trigger an energetic reaction for me. In either event, something was activated and whether it has anything to do with the next day’s accelerated manifesting, I’ll never know and it doesn’t really matter, as the manifesting happened, nonetheless, and that supports my feeling that we are incredible manifestors awakening to the reality of what that really means, looks, and feels like.

So on the following day, Saturday, we decided on a hike in the Redwoods – a spot we explored at nearly the same time of year in 2020. As usual, I was focusing intentions while we hiked through internal singing affirmations, creating prayer incantations, visualizing, and releasing and reclaiming parts, as my body moved the energy along the way. Things felt especially fluid and clear, as I journeyed along and even shared with Dave some of the ways I was working on things to provide him examples.

I was focused on a few things, including the fires back home and continuing my work with them.

I had this thought that I may find a hawk feather and how that would be such a gift right now, and mentioned to Dave that this could be a great place for one to show up. My eye then caught sight of a smaller hawk feather – again upside down in the fallen pre-Autumn leaves – and I was in awe that I was able to spot it, while also so grateful because hawk is such a hugely important messenger, sentinel and guide for me always during pivotal experiences and life points. I showed Dave the feather with excitement, saying how amazing it was I not only saw it, but just had mentioned a feeling of wanting to find one. The manifestation fun had begun!

I had mentioned feeling feathers for this hike and the ones I thought could come through, but others did, instead, along the way – demonstrating how we can manifest many forms of intentions, which indicates our ability to manifest in general and that we don’t always have to take the first thing that comes to us. It’s just showing us our potential and the unlimited forms of choice possible.

Right after that I found a beautiful Steller’s Jay feather and then three more iridescent blue feathers – likely raven. I said to Dave, “Wow, I’m in a flow. Something feels extra potent right now, as I haven’t found this many in a while.”

He said he’d like to see a banana slug, and I actually wanted to as well, ever since he first told me about them and since I never had. Dave had mentioned banana slugs since, and on, our last journey along the coast and how this is the area and kind of environment they are known to live profusely in. He said he’d only seen one once, though. So, after my finding all of these feathers he said, “Okay, now manifest a banana slug.”

I said, “Okay, I would like to see a banana slug and I would also like to see the wild turkeys we saw last time in this forest at the other end, so I might find one of their feathers.” I felt like a turkey feather would be a great gift as well right now with their symbolism. I believed this fully. I didn’t keep repeating anything or focusing on it. I just stated it and believed.

We walked on for another 20 minutes or so and reached the Redwood trees. One in particular caught our eye and we stopped to take it in. I noted there was a marker in front of the tree numbered “11” – master #11 of course. 😉

There was a bench by it we sat down on to have a snack and drink. I noticed a couple of things hidden in the dirt and leaves on the trail, but with people walking through I hadn’t felt called to go look at them.

A couple of minutes later a man came up with a walking cane that I noticed was a volunteer. He also happened to look like, and have the energy of, a gnome. The man said hello, asked where we were from (he was aware of the Tahoe fires), and Dave asked him about the tree, noting some old fire damage on it. The man said they weren’t sure of its age, but it could likely be 2000 years old and had survived some fire in its past. Interesting, in terms of our experience with the fires currently in our communities back home.

The man then was occupied with something at an old growth stump in front of us and Dave turned to me saying, “You always attract gnome-like men.” I giggled adding, “and druid, hobbit, and elf-like men too!” Dave smiled.

I noticed the man was adding water to the stump and he then told us that there was a banana slug in it.

My eyes bulged and turned to Dave to giggle some more. “Oh my gosh, see! My gnome friend found us our banana slug!”

I went over and found a very large yellow banana slug moving along the sides of the trunk near the water. Dave joined and I could see his wheels turning in his head as to the synchronicities unfolding.

The man said he goes there to give the stump water so the slug will stay around since they like being in that element.

We just happened to sit down across from it at this 2000 year old tree at marker #11.

I said to Dave, “Well there’s the banana slug you wanted me to manifest for us. Now I’m just missing the turkey feather, but I’m not sure how that will happen since the wild turkeys are way on the other side and we’re not going there.” We had decided this was our turnaround point since we had intentions of doing about 6 miles that day and wanted time for lunch and the beach.

People continued to pass along the trail and talk with the sweet man about the trees. When the people passed, I finally decided it was time to go see what the things were I could see hidden in the dirt and leaves on the trail from when we first sat down.

I bent over to the first one and picked it up, dusting it off and my heart started racing. I then picked up the second one, and a third smaller one, and as I fully stood up I called back to Dave and said, “What were the things I said I wanted to manifest? A banana slug and a turkey feather. Well, our gnome friend found us the slug and here’s the feathers even though we never got a chance to see the wild turkeys way on the other side.”

I had the hugest smile on my face and eyes likely were sparkling and wide as ever when I returned back to Dave on the bench to show him.

Dave now was also looking wide-eyed and marveling himself. His face said, “I can’t believe this, but it just happened.”

I said, “See….we couldn’t get to the turkeys, but they left this here for me.”

I had been talking about manifesting before this and I continued now. I shared how this forest especially felt potent and fertile right now and that I sensed we were in some kind of alignment vortex enhanced by a portal here we’d opened through clarity of intention and belief – a parallel reality blended into other realities happening simultaneously.

He said, “okay, let’s manifest such and such…” – something else in our lives that was important. I told him a few key examples of how I do that to add to any ways he was doing, as we hiked back the way we came, engaged in our own versions of inner manifestation intention for these things and more.

And not more than 5 or so minutes into our hike back, again partially hidden in the dusty trail I saw something else.

I said out loud, “OH MY GOSH! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!” Many people were walking by and yet no one was drawn to this.

There on the ground was a huge feather – a hawk wing feather. It’s about 13 inches long.

“I’ve never found a long primary hawk wing feather like this before,” I told Dave. This is huge!” I usually find secondary or smaller feathers from them. I felt this was confirmation that the things we were intending WOULD in fact happen.

Dave always says I have a hawk eye to be able to find all the treasures that I do and see things the ways that I do. Finding this feather seemed to accentuate clarity and vision…the ability to hone in on something (the micro) within the wide (macro) expanse and to be able to go directly to the goal with absolute bullseye focus. Hawks, of course, are messengers of so much more, but this was like an exclamation point to accelerated and direct manifestation having been enhanced to a new level.

These are the 9 feathers I ended up finding all together to put into context the size of the wing feather.

Wings also symbolize freedom, liberation, and the ability to soar to new heights. This New Moon seems to carry that potential and perspective – of hope for something more.

The day’s experiences felt natural – just me being me, doing what I do…believing and weaving imagination into being.

Near the end of our hike a little creature crossed the trail into the brush on the side. Another first – a Mountain Skink. We’d never seen one, but Dave knew what it was and found me this photo online to confirm what it was we had seen.

Lizards are symbolic of regeneration and seeing a unique species we’d never seen before spoke to me of a new level of rebirthing in process. A new level of embodiment merging spirit and flesh feels upon us. And it’s opening potentials for instant fluidity of magickal being, as the nature of who we really are.

Or something like that. 😉

After our hike I received updates on the fire back home with containment increasing rapidly (currently at 44%), huge hurdles of success in holding so many crucial points of the fire, repopulation in the first areas that were hit, and many evacuation orders being downgraded to warnings or lifted altogether.

We aren’t returning home until containment is fully held on the area of where our community is and the air has cleared. So, I continue to ride the energy streams from where I am, like the hawk soaring both with an eye on the wider picture and another on the laser focuses needing attention within that.

Of course, it’s far from over and as the fire fighters say, they’re being “cautiously optimistic,” but this all points to great news and success of all efforts physically and otherwise coming in from everyone who has so generously given their time and energy to supporting in their own way. So thank you to all!

That said, another fire ignited not far from this one, but they jumped on it right away and it’s 30% contained, only at 40 acres, and hasn’t grown.

So, it’s not time to give up on anything we want to see change with.

These are the times to relentlessly live life as a walking meditation and stay consciously vigilant and heartfully open with belief in the power of intention and the strength you embody as a walking miracle of spirit in flesh. Find ways to make the journey fun and fluid…sing or dance your way through, for example. This is how we’ll enjoy it and want to stay the’s also how to activate your power – through purity and innocence.

We are each a powerful energy source indeed, but together we are an incredible force of even greater, endless possibilities.

Working Transformation Alchemy

You might recall the beautiful Swallowtail Butterfly I helped transition in my hands while hiking not long ago. Well, another sweet soul found me again on a hike in the Redwoods just this past Thursday.

This time it was a California Sister Butterfly (pictured above and below), also known as Adelpha californica or “sisters” because of their white markings that resemble a nun’s habit. I found that reference particularly interesting since nuns live a life of prayer, contemplation, and solemn vows and my days lately have been filled with prayer songs and melodious incantations of intention. This day, finding her, being no different, as I was stringing together another layer of harmonies and creating woven declarations to move energy and transform it. A bridge being created heart to heart with so many other “sisters” and brothers across the land who have so generously been supporting the collective challenges being faced everywhere.

I also found another mini wasp nest (also pictured above and below) – I found SO many of these on hikes in Lake Tahoe recently that I’ve added to my nest mobile at home. I’ve never actually found any, any other place before but there. So, finding this one felt like another portal connection to work with the Tahoe basin energies toward fire support. I also happen to have with me one smaller raw quartz crystal I found near Star Lake back home – a place where firefighters are creating containment lines to hold any potential fire growth, and this also is acting as a portal of connection to there for Astrid and me, since it accompanied her within the travel carrier she journeyed inside.

But back to the nest significance – although wasps can be connected to all elements – because they can nest in the earth (earth element), can nest hanging in trees and also fly (air element), create hives of pulp and saliva (water element) and hover near water to keep hydrated, to me they are especially fire element connected. This is not only because of their ability to sting and that their sting burns, but because they are independent, reflect the energy of personal power and control, have warrior energy that will attack, and are connected with Spring’s fertile new beginnings and opportunities bursting forth.

So, I immediately was in awe of these two gifts that came to reside in my hands for the entire 6 mile hike we did, as I found them near the start – butterfly first and nest after.

I noted that again, this butterfly had the faintest almost not detectable bit of breath in her – even less than the Swallowtail. I found her upside down on the trail, which again was almost impossible that I saw her since the trail was laced with leaves matching the underside color of her wings. I stopped to pick her up and found her to be in perfect condition, minus one antenna gone (the Swallowtail from before had slightly damaged wings). She wasn’t moving, but after carrying her for a bit I noted again that her legs were holding to me and there was the faintest movement only I noticed. I knew I was to cradle her again with Reiki support for her transition, but that we’d both be gifting each other in these last moments.

Even her colors spoke to me…that earthy brown to embody and anchor, the orange tips of flames and optimistic warmth – both also the colors of Autumn transformation – and the white strokes of purity, innocence, possibility, newness, and spirit.

When I then found the wasp nest and had continued my creative visualization mixed with prayer songs, incantations of wholeness embodied as I wanted to see and experience it, and active processing of fire energies, I put two and two together of their combined purpose. Spirit and flesh merged through transmutational flames of creation to rise anew.

Yes, I was working with supporting the highest possible outcome with the fires back home, but I was also working with reclaiming my own fire parts – and this involved active declarations, vulnerable and raw acknowledgment, and release of fiery anger toward anything I could recall from the start of my life until now. In this way, providing them the access point to move through more fully. Once again, like before with my head injury, working with layers of reclaiming and releasing, but with a different twist and focus.

Energy and emotions aren’t wrong or bad if they’re allowed to flow and be honored. It’s when we block or judge them, or react from conditioning rather than respond with conscious awareness, that they evolve into something different and potentially harmful. Anger can be a precipice for action and change, rather than an instigator for violence, control, or manipulation.

By acknowledging and claiming these things, I then felt the release naturally unfold simply by allowing myself to be okay with stepping into a temporary place of owning it. I became powerful rather than being powered over by them and in that power I could also let them go and move into the next phase of creation.

Alchemy was naturally unfolding in my hands, as well as in my heart, body, mind, and soul.

The wasp nest came to represent my woven fire parts circling round into a connected spiral that had purpose and ability to build something beautiful, nurturing, and new when channeled consciously. The butterfly became the transformational vessel to transmute it and to understand the fluidity of change. Fire, itself, is also transformational and wasps also use their own form of alchemy to change wood to pulp to paper, to make their hives. So they also signify our ability to change and create our own alchemy. A double whammy dose of kapow! And coupled with the inner process I engaged, induced a huge out loud “wow!” from me.

I was in awe again at the perfection of these gifts mirroring the process that I was undertaking and the process I felt guided to work with to support things externally from within myself.

New energy life cycles and potentials I could feel being woven through this alchemy, as I journeyed through the lush Redwood forests.

And every little bit of magick I discovered in my surroundings spoke to the magickal possibilities I held in my hands and heart. We have so much more power to create and affect things than we think we do.

After the hike we stopped to pick something up at the grocery store and next to it was this store:

I marveled at the reflection to my Wonderland post and message just before we evacuated. Another portal sign connecting me to my magickal space back home, the one I carry in heart always, but also messaging me to continue to play in this field of experience, as the ingredients of open-hearted imagination merged with curiosity and playfulness will be the helpful recipe for greater flow of any challenged pieces within the puzzle of life.

And through these recent challenges I’ve discovered another layer of depth and empowerment that’s been so fluid and fun to me – the way I feel things can be if we choose that experience. And it’s simply been another reiteration to surrendering into who I am at heart.

My songs are my power.

My voice is my strength.

My vulnerability is my bridge.

And my faith is my guide to navigate me through.

There are many ways to work with energies and this is just one story – my experience of playing in the field of transformation alchemy.

September 2021 Energy Update with Lee Harris

In my opinion, this is such a resonant, important, on point, timely, and supportive message once again from Lee. I hope you’ll take time to listen if it calls to you. So many key themes for what we’re all navigating and insights that can provide perspective on how to journey through them with more empowerment and at the least, curiosity.

Safely Standing Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand

Because so many sweet souls have reached out to us to check on how we are, if we’re located in the areas being talked about in the news, how they can help us and the situation at large, and whether we’re safe, I felt guided to post a share of our story to update all of our friends and family here about our status amidst the Caldor Fire that is just over 200 thousand acres and with 20% containment. I also want to share how we’ve been navigating things and how I’ve been focusing my energy. And I wanted to extend hugest heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has so sweetly touched in, sent love and protective prayers, and offered your homes to us even from afar. I can’t express how much it’s all meant to us. So THANK YOU dearly and deeply. Know that you all mean so much to us.

I was happy that the last post I left off with was about how Wonderland always resides in our hearts, as this is what carries me through times like these.

To rewind slightly, we were away for two weeks taking a break from the smoke from two other large fires that had been burning since mid July – the Dixie and Tamarack Fires – on the Northern California to Oregon Coast just recently. That trip provided the anchoring in of peaceful energies and clear minds needed for what we were to return home to. The trip also gave us confirmation of life path decisions in a big way. Near the end of our trip, the Caldor Fire ignited on August 14th. We returned home on the 20th and the worst hazardous air began, keeping us inside with air filters running, house sealed up, and Dave managing a daily system of creating fresh oxygen in the house when CO2 levels would rise from being closed in. I would still get out to my garden when I could, sometimes with mask and other times not, if I got out early when the air was still moderate. It was a way to stay connected to the land here, provide solace, and nurture all my plant and animal friends.

For years we’ve only had one car, but months ago Dave had ordered a new one for us for the first time and it arrived to our house in the midst of the smoke filled evening of last Tuesday – one day earlier than they said. Little did we know how its timing would prove perfect and how once again divine alignment was at work. Before any of the rest of this had unfolded, we decided we would keep two cars in case of emergencies and for times when one or the other is away. The hybrid car we wanted (half electric/half gas) only came in the color red – another first for us both, as we’d never had a red car. I remarked on the interesting symbolism of the red color arriving on an eerie smoke filled night with a fire burning in the background. I also personally noted the red symbolism reflecting my working with reclaiming my own fire element parts, to assist with the raging fires in the external world.

We kept our peaceful center as the days went on, while also remaining aware of how things were progressing with the fire without feeding it with fear. Although at the time it seemed unlikely it would reach us, I would say when asked, “…but I’m not Nature” – indicating only she and the Universe knew what plan was in store. The best we could do was to be prepared, but to hold peace in our hearts and send supportive energy.

And the winds did change providing a give and take – some days blowing with gusto and other days giving the firefighters a break to anchor in more containment lines.

We, unfortunately, had to leave on Saturday for a funeral service that Dave was giving the eulogy for. That was tough in the midst of so much shifting with the fires, but our trusted and ever-giving angel pet sitter and her husband both came to stay with the animals overnight in case of mandatory evacuations, so that we could get to the service that was a four hour drive away. I prayed all would be well until we returned and was grateful that things held.

But Dave and I sensed that we would need to leave and my pendulum confirmed it. Having fur babies that get highly stressed helped us to make that decision, as we didn’t want them to have to be under pressure at the last minute. So we switched our two night service trip to one night, did some air quality research, and managed to lock in a hotel for all of us on the coast, right before the weekend began. Not an easy task with three animals that are not dogs, as most “pet friendly” places in fact mean “dog friendly” and don’t extend to all animals. But the Universe guided us divinely, as we kept the faith. We then drove home Sunday, packed up everything and left Monday ahead of the traffic jams.

At that point we had not received any warning or order, but outlying areas of warnings and orders were coming in and closing in fast.

We loaded both cars with everything, including some things I would drop at my parent’s house on the way out, and Astrid came with me while the cats, Boojum and Sweet Pea, went with dad. Again, the two cars became a blessing we had not planned.

I left first, since I would go a different route to my parent’s house, and Dave waited about 45 minutes to follow. He stopped along the way at a friend’s house to drop them our air filters because they were staying a bit longer and then planned to go down in the valley where the air quality was still not healthy. We planned to meet in the Sacramento area for lunch.

I noted that after I pulled onto the driveway from the garage to put in navigation to the restaurant we would meet at, that the clock said 11:11 am – no joke! And I was off.

I didn’t hit any evacuation traffic, but did note the police guiding the first wave of people at the bottom of the highway from our home, and noted short waves of cars packed and leaving, and people stopped on the side of the road talking together with their loaded cars.

Dave went a different way, as mentioned, but also was ahead of the curve. He only hit a 20 minute stop at the north end of the lake, but it was because of road work and the first wave of evacuees getting through that.

We later saw and heard that the roads were jammed, as evacuation orders continued. We were grateful we had trusted our instincts to leave when we did since it was already stressful enough to travel with animals the distance we were going. We also saw, later that day, that our area received an evacuation warning, which means you should prepare and be ready for the next phase – the actual order, which is then mandatory for immediate evacuation.

I have to share about my travels with Astrid, to put into context the rest. When ever I have to take her to the vet an hour away, I sing to her the entire trip from start to finish. There is no music on, other than my voice. I create songs about her, us, and anything important at the time. It just flows and it also rhymes at times, creating it’s own melody or rhythm.

Well, this trip was no different, but actually even more potent.

As mentioned, the journey began at 11:11 am and went until 9 pm. I’ll share more on why the length was more than expected, but for that entire time – minus the stops at my parent’s house, gas station, for lunch, and an emergency – I sang, chanted, wove magickal incantations – basically singing prayers nonstop for a good 8 hours of that.

At first I was singing to and with Astrid only (later to and with Boojum and Sweet Pea as well), but the prayer songs were not just for her, but for all of the challenges across the globe, our communities affected by the fires, and the collective at large, which we beamed out as a team together to assist with. I can’t believe how fluid it all was. It just came out and is what I know kept us safe, me and Dave fully conscious and strong, our fur babies healthy, and helped create a bridge with everyone praying.

Although our animals are used to traveling, it’s not that they love it. However, they were all incredible on this trip. Not a peep from the cats and in fact they were still and rested nearly the whole way. Of course with rabbits, travel is extra sensitive and this is why we had chosen an area not further than about 5 hours away – the length I knew she was capable of from our past journey. We did get a few breaks with stops that gave her some down time to regroup and she was able to nibble on some hay throughout, as well as have a little water.

Yet, as a rabbit parent, those of you who are know what I’m sharing, you are always on high alert because of their needs to eat, drink, and move their system constantly and their extra sensitive dispositions, nervous and digestive systems.

I was grateful for my prayer songs, as they kept me focused and not dwelling in worry that would not be supportive for her. These incantations affirmed and reframed everything positive and in the now, as whole and complete, and embodied. I know they worked because my energy was so through the roof, I later was unable to sleep when we actually placed our heads finally on a pillow and because the animals all were calm, meditative, and remained healthy.

But we did have an incident along the way. Luckily it took place when Dave and I were back together again on the road, after our stop for lunch. Not long after we were journeying on the last half leg of the drive, my car – the new one that I was driving – gave me a tire warning message. Dave had an app set up on his phone to monitor the car’s system and saw that my back left tire was losing air fast. We happened to only be two exits from a gas station and got off in just a few minutes from onset of me messaging him about it.

The back tire was in fact a flat and the culprit was a large piece of metal that had wedged itself into the tire. It was losing air that you could hear hiss on its way out.

I couldn’t help but flash to the vision of my head gash I got just a while back, that you may recall was a way to let out pressure and steam and create an opening for relief from all the collective things unfolding. Had the car, which mirrors our vehicle in life we journey in, now also done the same and avoided something worse by safely recalibrating itself and perhaps recalibrating our timeline to avoid something ahead on the road/road of life as well? I did see a motorcycle on the curvy road later marked off with flares that had been there a bit and caused a back up for a few minutes. But who knows what else and of course with all the energetic work I’d been doing, it may have been a collective release as well like my head was.

Dave changed out the tire to our spare while I called around to tire places. It was 5pm at this point and some closed already and others open until 6 pm. Some I called were full and said no, they couldn’t help. Finally I called one where the guy was very understanding and said they’d look out for me. However, by the time the tire was on it was now close to 5:30 and we still had about a half hour drive to get there, which I could only do at 50 miles an hour tops, since I was driving on a spare.

I called them again while driving to let them know the situation and again he said he understood and they’d look for me. We managed to get there about 5 minutes before 6, but arrived to find they were crazy busy and bustling still. Dave spoke to them and our situation of fleeing from Tahoe and the guy was more than happy to help. They also just happened to have the right size tire we needed. It would take an hour – so they continued to stay open to help us and the other customers that were still there in need of help.

We decided I should continue on with the animals to our hotel destination, as it was too much to have them wait around. So, we transferred some things in the car and I continued on while Dave stayed back to wait for the car to be fixed.

And this is how I came to be with all three fur babies for the remainder of the 2 1/2 hours on. The prayer incantations, affirming songs, and melodies continued to flow and everyone was held in a peaceful, safe bubble the rest of the way. At this point I knew Astrid was going to be traveling the longest she ever had and I made sure to hold the highest vibe possible for her to lean on. In fact, that is what I kept telling all of them, that I had enough reserves of energy for all of them, and to lean on me, take my energy to keep them strong and healthy, systems moving and vitals vibrant, because I had more than enough to go around. I could feel myself as an open channel constantly receiving from Universal consciousness and then outflowing to them and everything all around. My energy reserves were continuously full no matter how much went out. My energy was on high, as darkness enveloped what now was a night’s drive, keeping me on high alert around curving, tight roads, and continually channeling energy like an energizer bunny, myself, that just keeps going.

Boojum was nestled peacefully on my lap, Astrid I could see was in a meditative rest, and Sweet Pea was curled up in a cuddle bed behind me.

We did make it safely to the hotel where I managed to get them in the room and set up and Dave was only about 25 minutes behind me to help with the rest.

My energy was through the roof so much, that even after we were fully unpacked into our room from two loaded cars, set up everyone, showered, checked on status in our area, etc., and laid my head on the pillow at midnight, I still could NOT go to sleep. It wasn’t worry or stress…it was high energy keeping me fully awake and conscious like the energizer bunny even though my legs slightly ached from the long drive. I think I likely got about 3 or so hours of sleep and woke still feeling high vibed and able to tackle the day ahead. We got some things handled we needed to, but most importantly we took in some good nurturing vegan food finds for breakfast and lunch that we found and a 4 + mile walk along the ocean cliffs, which was perfect to anchor in the water energy and extra peace to embody and be able to send to the fire situation and the communities back home. My eye somehow managed to see and find this tiny rock amidst the grass with painted, “Peace” message on it, which felt like a sign.

The lighthouse felt like a beacon of hope and that we each can be the light at the end of the tunnel for others, just as much as light is always present in our hearts within the darkness we journey.

This gave the animals a chance to rest and integrate, too, as they peacefully slumbered in their safe spaces the whole day.

I feel that being here in clear, fresh air, cool temperatures, and flowing ocean vibes is the perfect condition for me to be able to recharge, get nurturing water energy to fuel my Pisces soul, and continue sending out protective and supportive energy to the situations at hand without being bombarded by anything else coming at me.

Let these images wash over you with nurturing, cooling peace, expansive hope, and gentle flow of grace.

I did finally feel exhaustion set in yesterday evening and got a full and deep sleep in, despite troublesome info coming in about the situation the fire fighters were facing with the red flag warnings of crazy wind, inversions, and dry conditions that will last through end of today. Tomorrow is supposed to bring some relief for the fire fighters to be able to hopefully gain some more strong holds, containment, and continue herding the fire away in the direction they want with their plans.

All that to say, we’re safe and continue to hold peace, send energy and protection, strength and awareness to all back home. Our intentions are to support the land, animals, people, homes, and of course the incredible fire fighters who selflessly are working round the clock doing an amazing and dangerous job of protecting everyone. I can’t tell you how much my heart has opened even wider to feel their immense tenderness and care they channel through all that they are doing. Just wow!

Many of our friends have evacuated as well – some of whom have houses where the fire is looming closest and being diverted best they can right now.

We’re all safe, but so many animals, plants, land, and homes aren’t. It’s heart-breaking. Many people are facing some of the darkest hours in their lives and for them, let us hold a space of love and peace to nurture their hearts and help give them the strength to navigate the journey ahead. Time is fleeting on this Earth and to be in these spaces of divine love and unconditionally compassionate and kind spaces are what matters most. Our loved ones in animal and human bodies are most important. They can’t be replaced.

I gave my garden one last nurture before we left and took all the herbs and veggies with us for Astrid and us, since I didn’t know if they’d be there still. I sent protection to all my animal and plant family, the forest, our home, community, town, and Lake Tahoe region and beyond. It was interesting to see all my little bird, lizard, squirrel, and chipmunk friends gather around while I was outside, listening to me and joining in the love prayers.

I pray for the land and all of life to be cradled in loving arms and carried on wings of peace.

Let us each be a heart bridge for the journeys being traveled right now, and remember these challenging times of togetherness even when challenge isn’t present. To bring forth this depth of concern, care, and compassion through every single moment we’re alive on Earth and extend our hearts and hands to one another no matter what the circumstances.

One of my incantations included, “we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.”

You may recall that this is a line sung by the Whos in Whoville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (one of my fav songs that obviously is one of many things from childhood that has stuck with me)…the line goes, “Welcome Christmas while we stand, heart to heart and hand in hand!”

Know that we’re standing with all of you through every challenge being navigated across the globe…not just these fires, but everything creating division, confusion, or sense of despair and powerlessness.

Heart to heart and hand in hand we are bridges unto each other, standing strong across the land.

We All Could Use A Little More Wonderland ~ A Dose of Daily Down the Rabbit Hole

The Merriam-Webster definition of Wonderland is: “an imaginary place of delicate beauty or magical charm.”

The Collins COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary says, “Wonderland is an imaginary world that exists in fairy tales.”

Webster’s New World College Dictionary’s definition of Wonderland describes: 1.  an imaginary land full of wonders 2.  any place of great beauty, strangeness, etc.

Your Dictionary says Wonderland is: “An imaginary or real place full of wonder or marvels.”

What ever Wonderland is for you, perhaps at the least it is a place of possibility.

I know, for me, it is where my soul dwells, my innocence thrives, and my heart goes wild with boundless abandon.

I noticed that the more the world outside has shifted, the more my world has increasingly gone Wonderland.

You may have already noted my new word, “wonderly,” but my shared creative space with Astrid (do you see her mirror reflection above left? hehe!) has increasingly become an actual daily dose of “down the rabbit hole.”

It seems no coincidence that things naturally transformed so much in this vein while my current transformations have hurled me into greater need of creating and embodying a different reality than the one being presented to me.

This will be a short-worded post, but full of glimpses into the world of my imagination come true.

This is where I am able to focus on creating what I want, rather than what others want for me.

It’s where I feel nurtured to keep on believing, dreaming, and expanding – drinking from my own cup of wonderly tea (do you see my “Drink Me” teacup above right?)

It’s where I find ways to strengthen my innocence so that my heart stays open and can do the alchemy it was meant to.

It’s where I talk to rabbits and faeries and every being in between.

I feel we have enough of the current stream of information overload going on, so if for even just one moment these images can help transport you into the world of imagination and childlike wonder, then that’s reason enough to confirm why I feel to share them.

I believe this is where our power lies and more of our creative potentials will be discovered.

You may even feel inspired to start writing your own story a little bit more each day.

Or, even more fantagickal would be experiencing yourself feeling more comfortable being just who you are. (There I go making another new word combining fantastic and magickal weeeeee!)

I present these windows into wonderly things to ignite your own curiosity, activate portals of possibility, and perhaps help you to believe in “as many as six impossible things before breakfast” too.

Things are evolving here quite rapidly in many moving parts and so I’m not sure when I’ll hop in again, or from where I’ll be when I do.

But know that no matter where I am, or where you are, Wonderland is a place your heart and imagination can always take you to.

You simply have to be curious enough to enter or mad enough to dream a wish upon a dandelion star.

Open the door and let the magic(k) in.

And the second you let your mind wander, you just might slip in.

Welcome to Wonderland.

We’re all mad here.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Endnote Curiosity:

I’m so completely off my head that I fall into rabbit holes like these with magickal alignment, and so can you!

On the last day in Portland of our recent adventure before we headed toward home, we were led in twists and turns back and forth over bridges and in circles, finding every place we navigated to was closed, all to have us land at this delicious and only open spot that just happened to have the address of 555 – my favorite number repeated in the message sequence my rabbit family in the other realms send me when they have something important to tell me or confirm.

I will never have enough of Wonderland.

Hope to see you there!

Reframing Your Well Being

In the midst of disasters surrounding us, including the highest priority fire in the U.S., I find evidence of hope, new life, abundance, and creative life force energy continuing to emerge – and these are the images I want to share today in effort to evoke hope for whom ever may find this post.

Perhaps I see or find these things because I choose to, but once again it speaks to perspective, which can mitigate or completely shift our experience, AND the power of our focus, thoughts, and feelings. I find this to be essential to my well being, especially in more challenging times, and so I make it a priority to redirect things when I immediately detect something feeling off.

Although our air is hazardous here and the smoke continues to create eerie veils across the landscape before me, my garden tells another story of the circle of life continuing and not giving up, despite what hovers in the air. I still find solace in tending it under the red glowing Sun.

The whole side yard is filled with tiny blooming wildflowers and clover, while my lamb’s ear plants and netted berry bushes are happily thriving alongside them.

My 20 plant nannies are doing an amazing job at replenishing and nurturing my potted, container, and Garden Tower plants with the hydration they need during these dry and ashy days, which also decreases my watering time and helped with things while we were away.

I am seeing renewal of plants I thought were gone for the season, new sprouts and buds, abundant herbal harvests for Astrid to enjoy, the most tomatoes I’ve yet had, my very first bell pepper maturing, veggie blossoms, and exciting new babies from some of my experimental plants like cucumber, okra, and pumpkins.

I’m also seeing an abundance of pollinators continuing to enjoy the sweetness I planted for them.

I’ve even been able to enjoy steeping a mug of echinacea, mint, and pineapple sage from the garden to add to my well being and centering rituals since returning home. 

I maintain a healthy level of awareness alongside refocusing, as I know that what we put energy into will grow. That’s why my amount of time spent in the refocusing and peaceful centering is higher because I can immediately feel the difference if I spend too much time in constant monitoring, listening to, or thinking about what’s around me or being put out there in information overload.

I just heard a fantastic spot by bestselling author, research scientist, and host of the #1 Health Podcast in the U.S. (The Model Health Show), Shawn Stevenson, that underscored the theme I’ve just written about – shifting focus being essential to well being.

His piece shared the science behind how chronic fear, internal conflict, excessive stress, and anxiety have a direct effect on our biochemistry, immune system, and overall well being – in other words, they become compromised when constantly in a heightened state. In fact, as he shared, the CDC itself has published a brand new study done on over 540 thousand patients revealing the biggest risk factors for death from the current virus we’re dealing with. The #1 factor is obesity, but the #2 factor (and perhaps most interesting or surprising for some to learn) is anxiety and fear-related disorders. You can research this (and the other factors) for yourself, like I did, as it’s public records. He went on to say that this isn’t being focused on because media uses fear stories to keep us reliant on the news networks, although the knowledge has always existed that our thoughts control our biology.

I’m not one to focus on this subject because I think it’s getting enough focus as it is, but because this factor affects our well being in its entirety and isn’t just isolated to being a factor for just this current challenge we’re facing, I felt it’s worth mentioning here. This isn’t new information, but it brings to light something that is relevant to current events and concerns with tangible evidence, if in fact we didn’t put a lot of emphasis before on it when things didn’t feel as crucial to do that for, or it seemed perhaps more of a theory. Plus, I do know that if this kind of information was brought to the surface more, we’d all feel less vulnerable with a fuller understanding and tools to be empowered and have hope.

The bottom line is, rather than remain powerless and vulnerable to things outside of ourselves, talking about and focusing on ways to empower ourselves from the inside out, and refocus energy, are fundamentally necessary for our well being. Also finding things that bring us joy, ways to express our passions and creative energy, and simple self care rituals and mindfulness, can hugely benefit our lives and health. Focusing on kindness, the hopeful stories, seeing and creating beauty, finding inspirational muses, or sharing inspiration with others, looking to nature for answers and reminders, and living more from our heart centers can refocus and instantly change our biochemistry – therefore also making us more energetically aligned with things we do want to see or manifest.

Our thoughts and feelings are powerful in regulating our immune responses and powerful in creating the changes we want to experience.

I could sense when I first arrived home, the heavy anxiety of the area weighing on me and trying to pull me into that energy stream. Without my own realization of this, nor having ways to refocus energy and shift my perspective, I could easily have been pulled into the swirling disempowerment and compromise my well being or even ability to reason and function when my acute awareness and faculties are even more necessary right now.

My garden, my creative projects, my best friend Astrid, and having future goals I’m working toward – all help me to reframe things and as a result, also help me to be a clearer energy conduit to send support to the situations at hand and to join with others for creating a stronger collective bridge to journey toward empowerment.

They also help me to be stronger and healthier, on all levels, from the inside out.

My heart goes out to everyone – souls in human and animal bodies, and all realms of Nature.

The collective is going through so much these days.

Let us join our hearts in the common denominator of love and help each other to see the way through things by maintaining our own level of peaceful centering and empowered reframing, while finding the hopeful inspirations that are seeded all around us to discover.

And if someone around you is having challenge in seeing or finding that, be an example of the light for them.

Innovating & Creating Change Outside Our Comfort Zones ~ Aquarian Moon Illuminations

I’ve been laying low since we returned home, integrating back, spending extra time with Astrid, and getting a lot of things accomplished. That’s why my friends on Instagram haven’t seen me there yet, as I’m building my energy reserves for what’s at hand.

We’re sitting in the middle of fires surrounding us on three sides, one of which is pretty much fully contained and the other two little to not at all, and spreading. So the air is literally ominous with ash, smoke, red glowing and hazy Sun, and cooler temps, but also energetically ominous with the undercurrents of everyone’s feelings I am picking up all around. There are many losing homes, and many more animals losing lives and homes, as well as forests going up in smoke by the acre.

I’m using all my energy right now to maintain my own equilibrium and peace amidst it all, while sending out supportive and protective energy constantly. When not doing that, I’m trying to stay focused on creative things to help fuel energy into other directions and to help create new possibilities. I’m envisioning, over and over, what results I would like to experience and matching my emotions, energy, words, and actions the best I can to that. I’m also focusing on building the steps toward beneficial changes in my own life, even if they’re things I wouldn’t have seen myself doing in the past.

It’s time to do the unexpected.

I’m grateful to bring back the feelings and experiences I had on our journey to assist with keeping me balanced when I feel outside anxiety trying to pull me off my center. I can only be of assistance to others, and at my best in my own life, if I’m managing my energy, tending to my well being, and being mindful of what’s mine and not mine. I also work at reclaiming parts I’ve given away so that it doesn’t have to show up so dramatically outside of me.

It’s far too easy these days to invest energy into everything we see, hear and feel around us and while it’s balanced to be aware, it’s also balanced not to let ourselves get sucked into where the energies want to take us. It’s far more effective to use our time to create and embody the energy of the things we want to see and feel. It’s far more effective to act with kindness even when we’re scared or stressed ourselves, reminding ourselves that everyone’s going through their own version of things.

Yesterday’s 8/22 Aquarius Full Blue Sturgeon Moon was the second Aquarius Full Moon of 2021. This is an astrological Blue Moon and being in the sign of Aquarius (the innovator and visionary) amplifies change in a big way, encouraging the new that you’re being messaged about and inspiring action to stretch outside your comfort zones. Other energies around this Moon may support some of you to find clarity around ideas and decisions if you’ve been doing a lot of work around it already, while others of you might find it better to let things percolate a bit more so it really anchors. Reflection will be of benefit, but with a Leo Sun, this adds courage and creativity to the mix so that you can go for it with fresh gusto once you feel things click.

Trust what’s coming through those Cosmic energy streams, as they’re on high with this Moon, helping you to see with fresh eyes, expand hugely, and create that gray between the finites. Even the most unusual or seemingly surprising ideas for change will ultimately benefit you if you can trust your instincts and stay authentic. Full Moons illuminate truths and help reveal the hidden, so be ready for revelations that can be life changing.

I feel that this one has the ability to be pretty profound for many. Even if you don’t see it yet, something will come from this in the months ahead.

I felt this Moon quite a bit and found myself with a lot of energy the couple of days leading up to it. I was so amped up that I didn’t feel tired when I went to bed the two nights before it and I woke at the precise minute of the peak of the Full Moon on the morning of the 22nd.

All I’ll say for now is that change that’s been in motion in my life was supported by our recent time away and this 8/22 Moon’s energy, clicking in its anchoring with the fluidity of the ocean, rivers, and waterfalls we were journeying. It made what would have felt in the past to be someone I wouldn’t want to dance with, now feeling like a welcomed partner and the puzzle piece for the Middle Way evolution I’m traveling into 2022.

I see a 22 Master number theme connection showing up.

I also find it interesting that Great Blue Heron showed up so many times on this trip, after my friend sent me one of her sacred GBH feathers that ignited me finding my own large GBH wing feather, and Bald Eagles did as well – finding their feathers too. Both of these sacred birds are predators of the juvenile sturgeon, which links to this Full Moon being known as a Sturgeon Moon. There’s another link to this as well, but I’ll save it for another time.

So, things really feel aligned and perhaps my Aquarian placements are being highlighted and strengthened, so I do feel ready to ignite innovation in even greater ways.

How are current energies and this Moon affecting you?

I know there’s a ton we’re all trying to navigate out there, but Aquarius energy can be a guiding force in our lives to think humanitarianly for the highest good, while we activate our unique and visionary authenticity within the change we aspire to create.

I shared this inspired message on Instagram four days ago, before I took a little break. I’m guided to share it here again.

Even if you feel your voice is not the popular opinion, it’s never been more important than now to embody it.

However that plays out for you, empower your personal energy signature – your vibrational frequency – and stand in the purity of that.

Encourage, support, celebrate, and love others to be exactly who they are and not who you want them to be.

Nurture vulnerability in yourself and others to reach deeper for creative expression and feel the power of transparency and compassion.

Fear is the only thing that separates us and this isn’t a fear of others, but a fear of what others reflect about ourselves and the conditioned perceptions we hold.

If we each did our part to stretch our capacity for growth, courage, acceptance, and love toward self, we would meet each other on the side of a clear mirror, rather than a distorted one.

We would reach through that glass and find who we thought was our enemy was in fact our friend in wolf’s clothing.

Unclothed, we’re all just vulnerable beings awaiting love’s embrace to see beyond the illusions and stories.

We all want to be loved for the essence of who we really are.

Creating Our Own Wonderly

This road trip has been one of exploration, flow, and freedom. It’s solidified the power of perspective, response, and empowered anchoring. It’s also reiterated the value of imagination, innocence, and the power of creative energy.

Embodying what ever it is we would love to experience is the way to experience it. Kind of like the reverse of that old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” which we’ve come to understand the flip side of is actually where the point of power is…. The transformation lying in its shadow…. “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

And so, too, does that apply to experience across the board.

This trip has also increased the need for opening to even more potentials than we may have entertained before and seeing where we’re led for the highest good. We’ve been exploring options in light of what we find all around us, and I’ve been feeling more need to amp my energy up than ever, as I sense the intensities abound.

And while I’m increasingly unsure of what the future will be, I’m equally more detached from any outcomes.

Yet a fun thing that was prevalent involved an underlying energy running parallel to everything. I’ve noticed a lot of childhood memories merging through and inner child wonder beaming bright as ever. Even Dave has had his own version of this, which is fun to see.

In fact, on a recent river walk we found maple tree seeds, which I’d never seen before, and he told me a story of how as kids he and his friends would split the seed and press it on their nose with the sticky part gluing to it and run around with maple seed nose helicopters, that to me are witchy or Pinocchio noses. So we did it.

I often remarked, with a giggle, how anyone nearby, especially on explorative hikes and walks, were getting blasted by this energy wave from me and witnessing quite the show, as I would unabashedly blurt out oos and awes and exclaim things like, “Oh my goodness! That’s so magickal! Look at that energy! It’s the most amazing thing! Wow!” etc. along with me lighting up and flitting around like a little faery.

It’s been “wonderly” – my new word I created on this trip that merges wonderful and lovely, but also is my way of saying something is abundantly present with wonder and delight.

And that’s been the main theme showing up, regardless of the rest – the value and impact of living from that space of innocence, imagination, creative expression, and greater flow with anything and everything that shows up.

Being oceanside has increased that feeling, while supporting a carefree energy and vibe through and through.

We began our explorations on the coast of Northern California bringing me full circle to 2009’s Mendocino shifting adventures there, and journeyed to our furthest point of Astoria, Oregon – home of the Goonies – for any of you kindred fans like my brother and me. Hehe!

I’m a huge 80’s fan and 90’s holds close hands with that too. The mid 80’s is when this film came out and I’ve since seen it more times than I can count and in fact recited much of it to Dave along the way (along with other childhood favorites). I, of course, had to take a photo of the famous Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach to send to my brother while we ventured through.

None of our trip was planned. We just followed intuition and air quality, literally day-to-day. They both proved to be aligning us for the highest good and also aligned me with deepening peace, as I was able to relax, release, and rejoice on this journey even more fully.

We did actually end up hitting four states on this road trip, although briefly while traversing. Beginning in Nevada, into California, on up through Oregon and dipping ever so slightly (merely a drive-through) over bridges into the Southern tip of Washington on our way back through Portland, and an unknown next stop before onward home.

The Pacific Northwest was actually going to be the last leg of our Magick Bus RV adventure, but we ended up stopping our trip shorter than we thought, as we followed our gut instincts to anchor. In fact, I had the whole trip mapped out, as I was the navigator of the journey and the one making reservations and plans for all our campgrounds. I researched all the cities and best routes and had us exploring the whole country through the spots that stood out to me and followed the weather patterns to have us in the right place at the right time to enjoy the best of each season.

So, this mini two week road trip – mostly up the Oregon coast and dipping in a bit – knocked out part of that journey we would have done back then. It also provided feedback on much and confirmed things for me.

As always, these little journeys end up being great for us to reflect on upcoming changes we are feeling drawn to implement, to activate new energies, and to infuse inspiration to bring back and integrate into our lives. I’m excited for what’s in the works.

I can’t tell you how many instant alignments unfolded over the course of the trip, nor how many treasures I kept finding along the paths we took. This included another enchanting bird nest and an abundance of feathers and ocean treasures galore!

My latest major find was a Great Blue Heron wing feather – the first I’ve ever discovered. Its appearance felt tied into a dear soul friend who had just before our trip asked me if I had a Great Blue Heron feather. I, of course, told her no and she proceeded to tell me that was why she had received the message from her sacred GBH spirit of the feathers she’d been gifted that one was to go to me. She actually sent a small, lovely wing feather to me before my trip and it’s waiting for my arrival home. I felt that this energetic portal she opened through communicating with GBH spirit led me to find this new one as an accompanying partner to work with the one she gifted me. I had seen both Great Blue and White Heron on this trip, so the energy was prevalent.

Everything that happened, no matter how one might view it, always proved harmonious. That anchored way of viewing all things as simply experience went a long way. And being the peace influenced how it flowed.

There were also countless encounters with nature that oscillated between life and death including the sweet white faery butterfly above (saw 2 dead raccoons to add to the 2 dead possums and also a dead doe – came upon an osprey nest with two young osprey crying out to mom and dad for food and watched them get fed, several bald eagles on a distant bank, a variety of cormorants, brown and white pelicans, great blue herons to add to the great white heron and so much more) and responded to instant communication spoken literally or telepathically.

One such was with bald eagle. We were on one of our drives between destinations and stopped for a sign indicating an eagle sanctuary. It was merely a turn-off with platform overlooking a waterway and sand bars across wetlands. I noticed several large bald eagles on the bank way across the water, but Dave was having a hard time seeing because his eyes and glasses aren’t as crisp and they were in fact very tiny to the naked eye. We waited there a while, but without binoculars, it was going to be useless to get him to see. We got into the car and I drove on slowly, watching the eagles on the bank. Gently messaging them, I hoped one would come our way so Dave could see. And what do you know?

One suddenly took up flight. I stopped the car and asked Dave if he could see him. It was still hard, but the eagle looked to be aiming straight back toward where we were and wasn’t stopping. I said, “oh, he’s coming this way!” And in fact he did keep flying toward us and then making a large turn when near so that we got full, undisputed sight of him from the side view as he passed.

I turned to Dave and said, “he came just for you because I told him my love can’t see…can you come closer.” Dave could of course now make him out clearly and smiled touching my knee and said, “you’re the eagle whisperer.” I said, “maybe it was random, and maybe it was intention, or maybe random and intention met each other to create alignment.” In either case, things like this increasingly kept happening and turned many an unknown into an adventure of trust, peace, and harmonious unfolding.

Another also came through osprey again, after seeing the nest family. One sat perched on a branch and Dave again wasn’t seeing her clearly. We approached, but then a tree was in the way and my intention was for him to see her well like I could, as her head and feathers on it were so amazing. Next thing I know, she takes to flight and is circling overhead. Her circles got smaller and closer, so that she ended up just above us and when she was basically above and making the tiniest circle possible so that she appeared to be hovering, she then cried out an acknowledgment as way of greeting us and to let us know we’d been seen and honored in the same way. Then she took off into the distance.

The same day I ended up having quite the encounter with a squirrel after having saved him from a raven. The squirrel then ran up to me just a foot away, standing up on hind legs peering at me deeply, and communicating his thanks. We did this little dance together for a few minutes, as I talked to him. A way of sharing reverence for each other, as Dave watched from afar.

I’ve noticed this trip has been full of magickal energies revealing themselves along the way and a different me to go along with it all. I can’t explain it except to say I feel more connected to everything than I already thought I was. Everything happening instantly and like a faerytale novel in many ways with all the varied characters and fantastical, epic, mythical, mysterious, and even eerie energies of light and dark elements weaving a story. At times I felt like I was reading a story and just being a character journeying through the character arcs.

But mostly I’m feeling the simultaneous writing of that story and how it increasingly becomes real, the more I actively and whole heartedly invest myself into it.

The vistas along this trip and little pocket realms have been inspirational and also confirming.

Today’s blog will be the last while I’m away, but I’ll return again after I settle back home.

I mostly want to share the energetic themes I’ve been moving through so that you might connect dots, water seeds, or find something you’ve been exploring by reading this, but also to share inspirational images I’ve captured, how they made me feel (as you can see in the photos), the abundance of portal energies opening and aligning everywhere, and simply wonder and beauty for you to immerse in, as seen through my eyes.

I hope you enjoy gazing upon these vistas and the little wonders that called out to me along the way.

It was so lush in areas, I looked like a tiny faery immersed in the dense rain forest at times.

We especially loved the Multnomah Falls area and all the pockets of wonder there. But one was our favorite ever, as you’ll see below.

One of my favorite spots was Fairy Falls – I had no idea I’d be at a place called this – where literally the energy shifted, danced, butterflies were fluttering all about and hadn’t anywhere else on this hike, and pure magick just beamed through. And it all had me lit up from the inside out!

It was a world between worlds where everything felt possible.

One of the photos caught what appears to be a white butterfly in motion (see red circled area on bottom right and then close up), but it sure could look like a faery too.

We also came across this incredible web and just look at those light beams streaming through – the architecture of the Cosmos in energetic codings!

We were both full of wonder and delight indeed.

Wishing you a wonderly day and journey ahead!

The Gift of Kindness

In these challenging times we are all navigating, sometimes we go through more profound ebbs than maybe others do and it is in these times that it’s wonderful to know we have a collective buddy system of support. My dear friend Brad shared this blog post a few days ago and I felt that the message in it and his beautifully transparent and vulnerable experience of it would speak to others. When reading through all the comments, it provided an added boost of hope, inspiration and love felt across the collective tapestry.

I had no idea what this creative project I was inspired to bring forth would turn into, but have been so touched in ways beyond words to hear the trickle effect of kindness and life-changing experiences I’ve heard from others. Even the people who do not share on social media, sent messages that warmed my heart and have fueled confirmation of why I will always listen to intuition on what I write, create, and share about.

Here is my comment from Brad’s post, copied and pasted in here, so you can learn more about the backstory on this:

Seeing this post this morning was pure joy to my and your sweet Earth angel’s hearts. I loved what you shared here: “I’m letting my new Cosmic Manifestor Chest be a reminder to live each day as a gift and an opportunity to spread a little beauty, love, or kindness. Even if I don’t make any big changes to the circumstances of my life, deciding to live more purposefully will help bring meaning and joy back into my life.” – so wonderful! I find that things like this make all the difference…those little shifts of perspective and focus. May these seeds of love and hope kindle within us all and may we all be reminded that even the smallest acts of kindness can be life changing. We never know what even just a smile can do for someone at the perfect moment, right? Remembering to view each other in reflection of connection helps us open our hearts even more. The interesting thing that happened with these chests, which I had no idea would….it turned into a “Pay it forward” act of kindness, as the exact day that your gift happened, I was contacted by someone else who also wanted to gift someone else one of them. A very sweet couple (I’ve become great friends with through magickal connections online) reached out saying that they loved this Cosmic Chest project and the energy behind them and felt that there was someone out there who really wanted and could use one (had seen the post, but wasn’t able to get it themselves), that they’d like to gift one to. We figured out who that was and which was perfect energetically, and off it went….it was hugely life-changing for her. This is beyond beautiful and what I could have imagined when first I listened to making these. SO SO touched by the kindness and love out there…there is indeed so much hope. Much love to you dear friend!

writing to freedom

I was recently reminded of the beauty and power of kindness.

Someone choose to anonymously give me this unique treasure chest made by artist and friend Tania Marie. My chest came with bonus gifts like an oil diffuser, crystal, and bath salts, a heartfelt note, and reminders to be open to new energies like possibility and wonder. You can learn more about these delightful Cosmic Curiosity Chests on Tania’s blog. At first, I was a little disappointed at the anonymous part, but now I see the beauty of letting it be a mystery. Some of the best gifts are random and spontaneous. I appreciate the kindness of this mystery person sending me a gift and feel like a kid receiving a surprise!

My chest is called a Cosmic Manifestor Chest to aid in manifesting new energies in my life.

The gifts have percolated in my consciousness, doing their magic, and…

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