Beltane Magick Wands


These new faery creations (23 in all) were born of the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse and Beltane energies. I completed them the eve before the New Moon, just in time to have them charge in the powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse energies and emerge in time for Beltane celebrations. This is a rare Black Moon – the second New Moon in a month – embodying magickal energy as a catalyst for change, revealing that which lurks in the shadows and offering powerful surges of energy to ignite a turning point in your life.

I’ve been feeling the call to channel some special magick wands that were affordable, yet potent, and full of enchantment to support the ever-evolving times we are in. In this way, offering you added tools for empowerment that speak to the heart of who you are and the support you desire.

In the past I’ve made these as custom offerings, but after recently completing my last two custom wands, I felt that I wanted to be able to make these attainable for more people to have, as custom pieces are both more timely and more expensive in reflection to all that is involved.

In a way these are still custom pieces, but customized and attuned to the collective at large.

I could feel the power of collective needs speaking to me, and so I harnessed the whispers of energies flowing through into these creations made with love and intention. The energy poured through quickly and I was able to create this collection so that anyone who felt called would be able to find the perfect partnering wand. In this way, I could make more available to more people and offer them all at once, rather than having to create them over time.

Each one carries the power of specifically attuned energies depending on the stones and crystals that spoke for each piece, and while some might be more focused due to an individual crystal versus several crystals and stones, I think you’ll find they embody many of the energies that are key for these times we find ourselves in. Let your heart be guided, as you explore each magick wand. I only took a limited number of photos, as there are just too many to capture, but I think that if you allow yourself to feel then the right one will speak to you.

The crystals and stones, as well as wood, are all so much more beautiful than one can capture in photos, so I know you’ll be surprised upon receiving your new friend as to just how special they are. I only included a small fraction of the energetic elements that they each embody and support, but you can easily find more information by searching the healing properties of each crystal and stone online.

In addition to the New Moon Solar Eclipse and Beltane energies, each is infused with a lot of love, Reiki, and magickal intentions. Just the intuitive part of the process in creating these takes its own sweet time, as I listen to the energies speak, and the crafting is its own labor of love – none at all to be rushed. And yet, by creating them this way it supported both my valuable time these days to flow with inspiration when I’m feeling it AND the way in which I could make these available to more people in greater times of need.

Elemental wands that unapologetically speak for the wondrous being you really are. Let your inner magick out. Activation, intention, ritual, ceremony, invocation, healing, Reiki attunements, Cosmic initiation, you name it! So many uses, but these wands will become your anthropomorphic familiars to cocreate with daily.

Each magick wand is handcrafted in faery rustic quality and intuitively created from naturally shed and formed tree wood I personally was guided to in the forests, mountains, meadowlands, and along shorelines. I love a variety of shapes for these from small to large, but also straight, curvy, bent, and naturally carved. I leave them as natural as possible with the exception of sanding for smoothness and shaping the tops to cradle the crystal points. I then intuitively choose the crystals and stones and mix these with woven gold threads and gold, silver, or copper wiring.

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