Ready-Made Items to Invite Your Magick Out


Here you’ll find several items that are ready-made and can be shipped off immediately.

All of these make beautiful gifts to self or others and a way to support creative, local artisans.

Each is infused with a lot of love, Reiki, and magickal intentions. Just the intuitive part of the process in creating these takes its own sweet time, as I listen to the energies speak, and the crafting is its own labor of love – none at all to be rushed.

FREE WITH EVERY PURCHASE: You’ll receive a little gift with each purchase as a thank you surprise from me. These can include little satchels of crystals, individual crystals, ornaments, gorgeous sage, herb, and dried flower bundles, and more!

I’m pleased to announce the newest additions:

~ The Enchanted Realms Collection ~

~ SOLD OUT This mini collection includes five mini portal plaques featuring original paintings in acrylic on wood with twine hangers that can be hung on the wall or used as ornaments for the holidays and throughout the year. Each is between 3 and 3 1/2 inches in diameter and may be infused with gold and silver metallic acrylic paints or golden glitter.

~ SOLD OUT There is one signature ornament of the collection that features an acrylic original (including gold and silver metallics) that has been painted on a mini wood birdhouse and can either be hung or sits on any flat surface. Birdhouse is 5 1/2 inches tall by 2 3/4 inches wide. This ornament comes with a sweet glass vial of Faery Dust (that will be labeled as such upon journeying to you) to infuse a bit of magick to your space, as offering for entry into the Enchanted Realm, and to remind you to shine (featured below). It stands 2 3/4 inches tall and is filled with golden Faery Dust and the top of the vial has been adorned with a blossom made of Prehnite as the center, surrounded by lilac glass shards as the petals.

~ ONLY 2 LEFT Available in our Etsy Shop at this link: THE MAGICK RABBIT And last you’ll find three Faery Yule Logs that make wonderful table decor, centerpieces, are perfect for your altar space, or any area of your home or office where you’d like to invite more magick in. The biggest one is 11 inches long and the other two are 7 inches long. Two pine logs have been painted in sparkly silver to highlight the beetle trails and natural markings that are nature’s art and the other is naturally a silvery white aspen with its own unique markings and lichen. The two pine logs have additional lichen, moss, pine cones, butterflies and amethyst stones added. The largest has a wild turkey feather and some lilac glass shards. The aspen log has an additional butterfly and amethyst stones. The amethyst used are from my Master Amethyst Geode that was in the shape of a rabbit.

More on each below. And away we go!

  1. Invitation – SOLD OUT

2. Radiate – SOLD OUT

3. Believe – SOLD OUT

4. Perspective – SOLD OUT

5. Nurture – SOLD OUT

6. Enchanted Realm ~ Signature Wood Ornament Birdhouse – SOLD OUT

7. Faery Yule Log #1 ~ Available at: The Magick Rabbit

8. Faery Yule Log #2 ~ Available at: The Magick Rabbit

9. Faery Yule Log #3 – SOLD OUT

Forest Witch Magick BroomsticksRemaining Brooms available at: The Magick Rabbit

Whether for yourself or as a gift, these sweet broomsticks are sure to bring a smile and tickle your inner witch into a silly cackle.

These are great for your altar space, for ritual and ceremony, to create intention with, and simply to invite a bit of magick into your life. Perhaps you might even sweep away all that old stuff, clear the air for the new, or swish a portal open with a little swirl of your broom.

Each one is completely unique, like you! All created from nature and organic items…some have mini crystals (amethyst or citrine), pinecones, putka pod mini pumpkins, tiny feathers, dried flowers, and plant dyed organic material, ribbon, and twine.

There are just 11 of these – each unique just like you! – ONLY 6 LEFT at The Magick Rabbit

This first photo shows all of them lined up and then the close-up photos following, correspond to this line-up in numerical order.

There are two smaller ones and nine larger. The smaller ones are 9 inches and just over 11 inches long. The rest are between 13 inches and 17 inches long.

They all take the same amount of time to create, but pricing will reflect shipping sizes.

Gifts come with all orders.

The following are photos of the sweet brooms still looking for homes. You can have one fly out to you by visiting our Etsy Shop, The Magick Rabbit

Magick Smudge Fans

I’m currently SOLD OUT of the first collection of ready-made Magick Smudge Fans. I may make more as I have time, so please check back.

Avian medicine to create ritual, ceremony, cleanse and purify your aura and sacred space, draw in supportive energy and light, or carry prayers and intentions to the Universe/Great Spirit.

Each magick smudge fan is handcrafted and intuitively created using a variety of naturally shed feathers and organically formed tree wood handles I personally was guided to in the forests, mountains, meadowlands, and along shorelines.

They are then wrapped in naturally dyed cotton/hemp blend ribbons and materials, woven, satin, or braided threads, painted scarves, or other materials like vegan plain or sparkly p/leathers and adorned with genuine gemstones and crystals.

I intuitively choose the feathers for the story they tell and the energy they carry, so it’s not always about the “perfect” feather, but the perfect embodiment, and that is found as wholeness in all things perfectly imperfect. In this way they can look rustic, ethereal or delicate and faery, bold, uniquely marked, clipped, or colored, small or large, or sometimes one’s idea of “perfect” too.

I create these in a medium size, which runs approximately 12 1/2″ to 14″ long and a large size, which can be up to several inches longer.

Magick Wands

Elemental wands that unapologetically speak for the wondrous being you really are. Let your inner magick out. Activation, intention, ritual, ceremony, invocation, healing, Reiki attunements, Cosmic initiation, you name it! So many uses, but these wands will become your anthropomorphic familiars to cocreate with daily.

Each magick wand is handcrafted in faery rustic quality and intuitively created from naturally shed and formed tree wood I personally was guided to in the forests, mountains, meadowlands, and along shorelines. I love a variety of shapes for these from small to large, but also straight, curvy, bent, and naturally carved. I leave them as natural as possible with the exception of sanding for smoothness and shaping the tops to cradle the crystal points. I then intuitively choose the crystals and stones, as well as the naturally shed feathers I’ve also personally found and mix these with woven threads, ribbons and gold, silver, or copper wiring. In most cases I will create handles from naturally dyed cotton/hemp blend materials, painted scarves, or other materials like vegan plain or sparkly p/leathers.

This first one is not available, as it was custom-made for its keeper, but is an example of a medium size elaborate creation. It was created from a piece of wood that had its own natural handle of smoothed darker bark, so I did not create one for it. The point is moonstone and it has a variety of symbolic stones and additions to include black tourmaline, moss agate, prehnite, amethyst shards from a master stone, larimar, seashells, putka pod mini pumpkin, Steller’s jay, great horned owl, Northern flicker, wild turkey, mallard, and osprey feathers, along with a twine of horse tail hair from a master cosmic soul in horse body wrapped around the shaft with gold wire and woven thread.

All of the details are impossible to capture on camera, but in person the energy and beauty is truly an experience.

I have decided to remove the custom pre-order option on these, as I have too many projects and commissions right now. Instead, I will be making Magick Wands as I have time (just like the Magick Smudge Fans) and when they are complete I will post them here for sale as ready-made items that can be shipped immediately upon purchase.

Upcoming Magick Wands will feature peach moonstone, red carnelian, quartz, lapis lazuli, sunstone, lilac lepidolite, black tourmaline, chevron amethyst, amazonite, ruby in kyanite, or green aventurine crystal stone points. They will vary in sizes from mini to large.

Cosmic Egg Blossom Mandala SOLD OUT

This is a channeled, original, one-of-a-kind piece created in acrylic on a large 11 inch circumference basswood portal (1 3/4″ thick) with golden Great Mystery egg and Cosmic tendril touches.

A white rabbit slumbers within the egg’s womb, while cosmic blossoms nourish the rabbit with boundless creative potential for the journey ahead.

This original painting is very dear to me, which makes it hard to part with. However, I am comforted in knowing it will only go off to the one whose heart it speaks to and is meant for.

The Cosmic Egg Blossom Mandala will arrive to you with a 5 inch tall by 4 inch wide glass Intention Bottle to radiate positivity, mindfulness, expansiveness, and harmony throughout your home, daily experience, and energy field. The outside will be adorned beautifully when packaged to go off, but I didn’t have time to do more than getting its contents ready…however, I also love surprises.

I call it As Above, So Below…As Within, So Without and it features layers of lilac glass shards, sparkly lime and periwinkle sand, with an infusion layer of white sparkle stones. As I prepped and poured each layer, intentions were laced into each. The layers and color frequencies feel to reflect the Earth and Cosmos and the current evolution of humanity toward a new reality. Use this bottle along with your Mandala painting to envision and intend the world and life you would like to create.

You will also receive a beautiful sage and dried flower bundle for Winter Solstice ritual and clearing to make way for the New Year ahead.

And that’s not all. You’ll also discover a crystal pendulum (I’ll keep the stone on it a surprise), helpful guidelines to invoke the powers available – within and without, and other surprises.

May all possibilities be open to you!

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