Reiki Certification Training

Easy online modules now available to digest at your own pace and in the comfort of your own space.

Like with all things, I am morphing with the times and collective shifts in order to provide the best options that are mutually supportive for you and I. I have been transitioning new offerings into recorded sessions and now, too, Reiki training will merge into this format so that it can be ongoing.

This makes it easier for everyone and be assured that all the same material will be covered, as has always been in live classes. If anything, the information continues to morph to reflect these times and so these Reiki sessions will be the most updated version of training available from me.

How these work is that after you register, I’ll be in touch and depending on the level/s you’ve registered for, I will send you manuals and you’ll then receive links to the corresponding Reiki module sessions that you can then immerse in when you’re ready. Each level will be broken up into smaller sessions to make it easier, whereas normally I will teach anywhere from 5-8 hours straight. You’ll have life-long access to these as well.

Once you’ve completed all of the modules for your level, which will be done in your own time and comfort of space you choose, we’ll share a one hour live session for receiving your Reiki initiation attunement, as well as to touch-in to ensure you’ve grasped the material, and to answer any questions. This live session will be arranged on a day and time that works mutually. Following that, I will send you your Reiki certificate upon completion of each level.

Of course, ongoing support via email is always available to my students if questions arise down the road on your Reiki journey.

If you have any questions, please reach out here: CONTACT TANIA

Due to the nature of these sessions shifting, I will be able to offer training at a discounted price. Savings will be reflected below.

So, if you’re ready to jumpstart or increase the frequency of your vibration beginning in April, here are your Reiki training options for registering:

Reiki Level 1 Training

Save $100 This class is normally $250


Reiki Level 2 Training

Save $100 This workshop is normally $250


Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher Training

Save $100 This workshop is normally $650


All 3 Levels of Reiki Training

Save $373 (an added $73 savings when you register for all 3 upfront) – It would be $850 if you register for all 3 separately, but when done together it’s now only $777 All 3 workshops are normally $1150 if purchased separately and I’ve always given $150 off when registering for all 3 together making the special upfront offering at $1000)


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