Custom Sacred Tattoo/Intentional Art Designs

Sacred Tattoo or Intentional Art Designs

I’m opening up ONLY 10 spots for design work. ALL SPOTS NOW CLOSED

This can either be for a sacred tattoo design or a sacred, intentional art design that you can use as a portal piece for helping to support your work and/or life transformations. They will be done in pencil, as all of my designs are. So, these are not paintings, but actual, detailed designs just like you’ve seen me do in the past as templates for tattoos. I had several people, during the time period I offered sacred tattoo designs, commission the designs without intent of tattooing them, but to act as template portals for specific things in life, or even as book cover and thesis paper designs, as well as life’s work project designs – or soul logos. If this calls to you, or you’ve wanted a sacred tattoo design, this is your opportunity.

The way to reserve your space is with the first hour deposit.

I am returning to the same hourly rate I left off at of $225 an hour. Your deposit is for the first hour of work, since all designs take at least an hour. This amount only pertains to the designing time. I don’t charge for all of the preliminary work in discussing the design, tuning into it, research, etc. It’s the pencil to paper time when I’m actually designing, that I start the clock on. When complete, I email the design to you. If you desire having the original design, I can put that in the mail as well.

I usually do the designs in pencil on tracing paper because it’s the easiest and most forgiving for erasing, but can also just do it on plain drawing paper if preferred – that option is usually good for designs not used for tattoos. But if done on tracing paper, I will mount it to something stronger if desired. We can discuss options at the start.

I won’t know for sure how long it will take until I get an idea of what we’re creating. As reference, usually designs run 1 ½ – 3 hours on average. And the very involved and much larger designs, or intricate ones can run longer. A smaller, or more simplified one could be an hour.

After placing your deposit, please send me a message with your request at Contact Tania.

Once I’ve received your deposit and email request, I will be in touch to discuss your intention for the design and to start the process rolling, which will entail understanding what you want in the piece, exploring ideas and energies, sending me any specific visions or photos, getting size or measurements if needed, and discussing an estimate of the time that will be needed to complete the piece, etc.

If you have a budget, we can discuss the way to create what you want within the time frame we have available.

Once the 10 spots are full I will not be taking anymore at this time. I will be doing the designs in the order received.

As a reminder, I had stepped away from this for several years and am only guided to offer and put time into a limited amount that honors both of our needs.

To reserve your spot, please place your deposit here:

Sacred Tattoo or Intentional Art Design Deposit

This deposit is your first hour of design work and holds your space


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