Special Discount Coaching Sessions & Reiki Support For Challenging Times


20% Discount & Sliding Scale Support for these Challenging Times

In light of these extremely challenging and unknown waters the collective is navigating, it wasn’t surprising to me to receive the message from my guides to reopen some support systems to those in need or wanting to really catapult during what can also be opportune times of accelerating transformation and regeneration.

I know everyone is going through some level of change and integration – some more intense than others – and this is involving some pretty big stuff that can really affect your ability to feel balanced. You may feel confused, lost, scared, alone, knocked off of your feet, swinging from one extreme to another, unable to feel or see clearly through all that you’re empathing, unsure of things or the next step, or perhaps even stuck in paralyzing fear, and unable to trust what you’re feeling.

You may just simply want to take advantage of this inner and down time to really hone in on your goals, develop your skills, work on steps and accountability for creative projects, uncover blocks and ways you self-sabotage, do some emotional core work, or tend to some self-care on one or more levels that could give you that boost as a healer or creative after extending your energy in so many directions and supporting everyone, but yourself.

It’s a known fact that the greater stress, fear, confusion, worry, and anxiety we experience, the lower our vibration and immune systems. These are important times not to neglect self-care, as well as opportune times to take action on those creative projects or life changes that have been knocking at your door.

Following through on creative and soul nudges, as well as channeling your passion and gifts are crucial aspects to overall well-being and keeping a strong, protective, and vibrant energy force field consistently thriving. You’ll also find life to flow with greater alignment by bringing body and spirit together as one.

I also know that some of you may be going through transitions with the state of things and finances, so I would like to create ways to help you when you may be needing it the most.

I will need to also maintain my own self-care and goal needs, as I’m still deeply entrenched in novel revisions and my own private life. So, I am going to put aside a certain amount of hours each week to be there for you while maintaining a healthy balance in my own life. This creates some limits on the amount of clients I can work with, but I’m confident the perfect flow will reveal itself.

For now, I’ll be re-offering support in two forms, which can easily and safely be done from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Intuitive Energy Guidance Session via phone and email
  2. Distant Reiki Healing Attunements 

You can read about the sessions and what each involves here: One-On-One Intuitive Energy Sessions

And here’s a little about Reiki Healing Attunements:  Concentrated support on any and all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Ideal for that extra boost in the midst of change, support greater alignment (being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing) and ability to see the opportunities, help you to gain greater clarity in general, promote growth and integrative healing, support courage and peace, stimulate and ignite greater creativity, inspire breakthroughs, help reveal and clear blocks, dissolve energetic resistance, support you to start building new, more authentic patterns, assist with opening opportunity doors and manifesting desired experiences, while adding increased magick to your current trajectory. In a Reiki Healing Attunement the Higher Self is allowed more of an “active” role in the process of achieving goals and brings about the highest good for all concerned. Reiki Healing Attunements seem a natural fit to support rebalancing and to help move through the changes we are presently facing with more ease and grace, if you so choose to embrace the process that is involved with that. I find Reiki to be one of the channels that supports us to “be” the love of the New Earth experience and a way to help spread that energy of loving service to others.

TESTIMONIAL: “I experienced several life ascending breakthroughs while working with Tania as my energy guide. Her understanding presence and vast abilities to support me with her very real, extensive knowledge and unique healing gifts, were pivotal to my growth. Tania led me straight to my own personal power, strength, and my heart’s flow, which continues to this day – an anchored, rich, harmonious expansion of my true soul’s highest self-expression.” Desiree Bergeron, Vermont


I will be offering an across-the-board 20% discount for all Intuitive Energy Guide individual phone, email, or package sessions, as well as Reiki Healing Attunements.

You can use these for yourself or gift them to others. Please specify in an email to me if you are purchasing for yourself or someone else and the details of your request when you confirm your commitment. You can do that here: CONTACT TANIA

The updated discount prices and purchasing options are featured below.

Please use these links starting April 1st, 2020 until further notice. (The link above that provides a description of the Intuitive Energy Guide Sessions are the regular pricing options only)

If you are experiencing extreme hardship during these times, but have a deep commitment to yourself, feel you really need the support right now, and are tired of putting things on hold for a “better” time, please contact me and we can discuss a sliding scale option to help – especially in terms of Intuitive Energy Guide sessions.

Below you’ll find the Paypal options, but I also accept Venmo. For Venmo, please contact me.


Here are the discounted options to help create changes, raise your vibration, and boost your ability to experience greater overall well being (20% off all offerings is reflected in the price alongside reference to regular pricing and savings):

11 Optimizing Single & Bundle Options: 


  1. One Hour Phone Session

    save $46 (regular price $226)


  2. One and a Half Hour Optimizing Session

    save $124 (regular $298 is already $64 savings)


  3. 3 Pack of 1 Hour Phone Sessions

    = 1 session free (regular $565 is already $113 savings)


  4. 5 Pack of 1 Hour Phone Sessions

    = 1 and 3/4 sessions free (regular $904 is already $226 savings)


  5. 8 Pack of 1 Hour Phone Sessions

    = 2 and 3/4 sessions free (regular $1469 is already $339 savings)


  6. 1 Email Session

    save $15 (regular $73)


  7. 3 Pack of Emails

    save $63 = 1 email for only $10 (regular $195 is already $24 savings)


  8. 5 Pack of Emails

    save $105 = nearly 1 1/2 emails free (regular $325 is already $40 savings)


  9. 10 Pack of Emails

    save $205 = nearly 3 emails free (regular $657 is already $73 savings)


  10. 1 Reiki Healing Attunement

    save $11 (regular $55)


  11. 2 Pack of Reiki Healing Attunements  

    save $22 (regular $110) - great for you and to gift one, or spread out to optimize your process



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