Magick Crystals

The 6 Spring Fae Crystal Magick Bundles, Lapis Lazuli Flame and Crystal Skull Bundles are SOLD OUT but we still have an incredible Amethyst Violet Flame Bundle below that awaits the perfect home and guardian.

Every crystal being is Reiki cleansed, charged, and lovingly mid-wifed. All bonus surprises are intuitively hand-chosen.

Price includes FREE shipping.

Violet Flame

Elemental Realm meets Cosmos in this extraordinary standing, raw Brazilian Amethyst geode cluster that is a mini world of magick. This crystal is alive with movement and flow, tiny perfect and ultra sparkly points that shift from deep to medium purple. It has the feeling of something morphing right before your eyes – part amoeba, part primordial matter, part deep abyss interdimensional octopus, part waking dragon, part enchanted castle of the Fae, or part Cosmic nebula…this is a crystal of multi-dimensionality. Standing almost 4 1/2 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches wide, you will be mesmerized and drawn into the abyss of its heart. You will also receive a gorgeous sage, herb, and dried flower wand for Spring clearing, nature surprises, and mini satchel of intuitively chosen stones that may include raw clear and smoky quartz from the Sierra Nevada Mountains here in Tahoe that I tumbled myself and more. Photos include some, but not all of what is mentioned, as surprises are the best part!

Violet Flame


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