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September Energy Forecast with Lee Harris

As always some great and on-point insights from Lee Harris for the energies of September shared from his Colorado location. Thoughts to reflect on for finding the Source inside yourself and how that translates for you. What needs to change to mirror this in order to create the new and what fear-based patterns is it time to let go of?

“Find what you need for support. Find the love inside yourself, for yourself, and for life. Have gratitude for what you have and what you are experiencing…the people who’ve blessed your life. These are all qualities that really raise your chi.” ~Lee Harris

The Ebb and Flow of Creating Anew

Elephant symbolism (that of strength, honor, stability and patience, to name a few ) seems to be pronounced these days, in terms of speaking about the very things we would do well to embrace more of: extra strength to look within and embrace the opportune choices that would benefit, honor for what is in the highest good of our inner and outer environment, stability to stay grounded and root the changes that will create a new reality, and patience to ride the waves of the process with grace. Ganesh’s energy of good fortune, protection and the ability to bulldoze and remove the obstacles we find in our way, make this combination of symbolism a gift to imbue in our lives.
If you are working towards embodying more of these energies to support the shifts in your life, then you will find this stunning Blue Quartz Mother and Baby Elephant or our Sacred Divinity Jade Ganesh Pendant to be effectively beautiful friends to welcome in your life and work with.
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A lot of new energies in the air that truly are worthy of excitement despite what things may seem. I’m finding each day, and actually each moment, filled with rich opportunity for some awesome experiences, despite anything that happens, as I see it all part of this perfect shifting process into a new reality. Like one of my favorite things to say goes… Peace within Chaos. I know things are in divine alignment, as I instantly see the results of my intentions and things I embrace and more magic is extremely evident in my life now, more than ever, despite what anything appears like. I can feel and see the culmination of everything I’ve worked on for years and what was seeded upon first entering this experience now coming full circle. I am hearing the same from others too, as we share this collective transition into loving authenticity.

Even when my foot broke twice, my 11 year old tailbone fracture acted up, my computer and cell crashed, some days have presented more challenging energies and communications, plans and ideas have changed, seeming delays present themselves, crazy on pours of multi-tasking needed, more people in need of assistance, and the management of energetic waves reflected in physical needs for more rest and nurturing – each of these have a beautiful message, an instant opportunity for growth and expansion, and when embraced and released with new perspective, can and do simply transform experiences.

It’s an ebb and flow right now, as we release that which no longer serves us to create that which we heart-fully desire. There can be intense moments and days of challenge, yet things can easily be shifted and ARE shifting by simple embrace, perspective change, responsible awareness, committed, courageous vulnerability and heart-filled-go-for-it action. This is a time to be who you really are and to live from the truth of your heart despite anything. At first you may feel isolated, different, like no one understands you, living in the midst of an illusion, need greater strength to get both feet over the wall and experience the reflection of that inner process – but as you see the forest for the trees and embrace your own inner kingdom of heaven within, you will find it easier to go to what mirrors this for you and find magic awaits, including many others sharing that same experience you thought was just yours.

Grounding Red Carnelian and Marbled Agate Beaded Crystal Bracelet by Joyful Earth Crystals

All that to say, there have been a lot of shifts collectively and as always, I love to share with others my own personal processes and shifts amidst that, to assist in helping to bridge that isolation or perhaps bring comfort with what you are experiencing.

With the changes I have processed come a lot of new creations taking place to share – each so reflective of the current times both personally and collectively in terms of their supportive roles. I’ve been immersed in a lot of crystal and intuitive work lately, been teaching Reiki more, which seems to reflect how others’ personal timelines are awakening in alignment with collective needs and shifts, have started a new series of paintings, working on a lot of sacred tattoo designs (and about to get a new one myself) – will post those shortly, the Bimini retreat has gone through a very cool evolution (stay tuned for details today as well), new ideas and experiences percolating that have resulted in new focuses with my channeled work and upcoming things with my book Spiritual Skin and more, been taking more get-away times (after a very long dry spell that isn’t healthy for me) to assist with the energy (was in Big Bear, getting ready to leave for Reno/Lake Tahoe – yay! and have some bigger trips planned for end of year – I am a soul who needs to be traveling), been releasing left and right and detaching with joy, renewing the natural flow and expression of heart-and-soul me daily, and new crystals and crystal jewelry have emerged in our Joyful Earth Crystals collection.

For this post I’ll focus on crystals, as they are really rising to the occasion and are active, talkative, doing some crazy magical things, and even transforming themselves moreso, just like us! Crystals really seem to be important elements of support at this time and coming from the Elemental Kingdom, seems quite fitting 🙂 I not only see that for myself in communicating with them in greater depth latley and specifically with one special one that now sits on my desk by his request, to assist me with the transitions. Specific energies that crystals possess, really speak to the flow of challenges and transitions we are going through energetically and could use assistance with to create a new reality and Earth.

Unique Jade Ganesh Crystal Pendant “Sacred Divinity” by Joyful Earth Crystals

I recently added a lot of new stand-alone crystals besides the jewelry we create, as they really seem eager to work with us and it’s evident, as they move out very quickly. 2/3 of what we had in the shop is already gone and the Lemurians are especially active too. We have only about 1/4 of what we originally started with left. I LOVE seeing and hearing how the crystals are supporting everyone, even simply from people seeing photos that we post. It’s awesome!

We do have several new pieces in the online shop that include some lovely new crystal bracelets with specific energies great for current needs, of course the new, very popular Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed pendants, and new larger, very unique crystals as well – a Larimar threesome, amazing Smokey Quartz, Agate turtle, Jade sphere and Blue Quartz elephants. We have given everything a new facelift with fresh new photos to capture the transformative energies the crystals ALSO go through. So you may want to check out the online shop here and see if anything calls to your heart for what may be supportive to your current needs: Joyful Earth Crystals

I’ve had my eye on the Yellow Jasper heart pendant and Allison and I both have Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seeds and other personal crystals we’ve procured and created into pendants for ourselves and our personal needs. Working with all these lovely ones is a true gift and blessing and they provide such service from every level and phase of their birthing into our experience and moving through to one another. Such a beautiful connective circle of love.

Wishing you loving energy and supportive hugs to assist you into a more empowered experience of you.

You can message me at with any inquiries and questions.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees – July Energies to be Mindful of

One of my favorite trees I found up in Big Bear on the bike path, with a special orb gift 😉

It’s been a while since my last post and this one will be on the shorter side, as I was away on a little vacation in the mountains and forests of Big Bear, which started off with blowing out my computer and cell after receiving some powerful messages and insights – including a download received by connecting via third eye to third eye with my beloved Joy (rabbit companion), while she went into trance, receiving a channeled message via her from beyond.

Everything leading up to the trip, the trip itself and after, have been extremely transformative  and continue to expand in interesting ways. A revealing of much depth, inner truth and connection, seeing with greater clarity and understanding, messages coming in many forms. All this leading to a time of much sifting through of everything, as I seem to be in the Hanged Man position (like in Tarot) allowing for new perspective and temporarily in this unique perspective, in a place that can’t be explained to anyone’s satisfaction of understanding, but ultimately doesn’t need to be. This is a time for breaking from all old by choice, to achieve a higher good from this period of major transition. An opportunity for expansion in committing to what is in our hearts and coming to master the knowingness within to create a new reality mirroring of that.

Sounds and feels like many are experiencing much the same in their own ways relative to each person’s path.

“To thine own self be true.”

I was unable to post Lee Harris’ Energy Forecast for July, as I was away and without computer access. But the messages he shares I feel to be powerfully transformative and helpful to that change of perspective and coming to empower and honor yourself in a way that supports a loving, higher good.

My favorite thing Lee shares is this:

I sometimes meet those on the spiritual path who believe that the revolution on Earth has to be a ‘certain’ way. That a certain tradition or practise which they follow is superior to all else. If any of you are holding that energy, now is the time to closely look at it and ask yourself why you feel so convinced of what the rest of the world needs? How could you possibly know what will work for everyone else? The greatest knowing you will ever be able to master is the knowing you will come to inside yourself. Whether you call that knowing God, or your higher self, or just knowing you.

So honour and love your own practise but deeply commit to it for yourself, without distracting yourself by needing others to join you in it. Remember, several routes, same destination. So whenever you catch that need for others to do it ‘your way’, recognise how your energy is externalising onto others. Projecting your belief outward, rather than deepening inward with your belief, thus losing your own energy.

Judgement of the ways of others, feeling superior to others or believing you are more advanced than others are the evident traps in the spiritual community. None of these thoughts or projections will help the ‘others’ you are viewing that way to evolve. It will just dim your own energy to create the good you are capable of creating, and puts back out into the world further seeds of war energy, thus encouraging others to contract in fear rather than expand in love.

~Lee Harris

There are many valuable things in Lee’s message, but I will let you explore them through your own heart by listening to his words here:

Conscious Shifting

Rebirth ~ Children of the New Earth by Tania Marie

Things continue to unfold and shifts are continually taking place whether we are actively aware of them or not. Everything is speeding up and intensifying with greater and greater potency, personally and collectively. It’s amazing to be alive right now and even those not currently on the physical plane are so eager to assist and support in these opportunistic, mind-blowing, expansive times. It’s no longer a question of how do we manifest? But more so, in having discernment about what it is we are manifesting. Since what we intend has instant creation ability, it is important to be mindful about exactly what we are intending and asking to create. And so, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be consciously co-creating and consciously choosing as empowered beings, rather than taking a back seat while the world seemingly unfolds around us?

The changes taking place, on multiple levels, represent a major shift that proves to be probably the most important timing and event that has taken place on our planet. What a gift to be alive right now! Once again, it’s all about perspective, in how we choose to experience the changes. Everything is but a thought, feeling, and choice away.

Transitions are and will continue to take place in terms of every aspect of life and co-existing, including: moving more into a sustainable society that does not depend on limited resources, more efficient and renewable sources of energy will continue to become part of everyday living and thinking, working together more cohesively and supportively with the highest good of all concerned on the forefront of our minds and hearts, realizing the equality and value of the gifts we each have and exchanging and sharing them harmoniously, supportively, as well as telepathically, and a time when worries, fears, and concerns transform into living in joy, harmony, and assured trust in each other and the universal support that comes from living consciously, compassionately, embracively, and presently from our hearts as the empowered beings we are. (Phew! That was a loaded paragraph of goodies!) 😉

Everything is accelerating at speeds and rates we aren’t even realizing because we’re so focused on the day to day stuff, yet believe me it is all moving rapidly. Stop for a moment to take stock of how much has actually been accomplished and at such incredible paces. Sometimes it’s challenging to realize how much we are changing because we keep thinking about the next thing we want and still don’t feel we have, and so it’s important to stop for a moment and review where you’re at and be grateful for the amazing things you’ve been able to move through with greater ease and grace than you probably imagined. Things may have seemed impossible and yet here you are, here we are, and with each challenge, the process gets easier, quicker, and soon will be nothing more than a simple choice of deciding what honors you or doesn’t and boom, instant created experience at your fingertips!

There is no need for long drawn out experiences anymore, unless we choose that as our process and need it for our very specifically relevant experiences. There is nothing to judge, just simply to learn to be gentle and loving to ourselves while we are in the process of remembering and re-learning. After all, whenever our experiences take us away from this Earth plane, we will all find ourselves laughing and giggling together, over the very serious and dramatic ways we decided to view and live our lives. Every experience is no more or less serious than choosing to meet up with a friend for tea or a lunch date and that person deciding to show up or not.

We can actively choose to show up fully for our lives and consciously experience the miraculous synchronicities that are constantly taking place, whether we know it or not. It’s really about embracing our essence and our empowered states of being that lie latent within us. The time is now upon us where fears can easily be shed and a true sense of safety and peace of mind can come, in allowing ourselves to be vulnerable once again.

We will NOT recreate the past. It takes enormous amounts of effort and energy to try to recreate the past or even to stand still. These are new times, new energies and a whole new level of being, where we are now able to take everything from the collective “past” experience and integrate the pieces that worked, discard those that didn’t, and imbue it with the energy of the new, creating something that has never been and never will be again; as time is always and ever-changing.

We all have a lot of deep-seeded fears, wounds, pains, and walls that have been stored, harbored, and built to protect us from the daunting dangers we are projecting because of what we’ve been through personally and collectively. It’s deeply encoded within our DNA and personalities, and guarded by our challenged egos. Yet, now we can let it all go. Ego can take a small vacation in terms of not having to feel it has to be in the constantly active driver’s seat anymore. Ego will continue learning that the energies of these times and the new vibrations and changes we are creating, are very supportive in aiding our processes and so it can now relax and allow our essence to come forth again.

It is time to also allow our beautiful inner children to flourish and now ego can be the driving force behind our passions and the strength and vitality to create once again in our full truths. There is no more need to fight, hide, defend, or diminish ourselves. We will continue to learn that it’s time to step into all that we are and all that we can be and in doing so, will inevitably be supported. It is not a question of WILL we be supported? It is simply the knowingness that there is no other possibility unless we choose to believe there is.

And so, to be conscious about every choice we make, every aspect of our being, and every moment of our lives, is to become a gentle power of unlimited possibilities. We are learning about choice and intentions and how powerful they are, especially when we are actively engaging them. The understanding that comes with the learning provides us with a new found wisdom and discernment that will honor both ourselves and the higher good.

There is no more need to choose from fear, but only to choose from love, while exercising our boundaries in the process of coming to know our authentic truths. It all simply takes practice and with practice comes ease.

Enjoy these exciting times in human evolution and universal expansion because magical experiences are here to embrace and even more await you. Cherish the moments, for they will never be again.

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