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4th of July Crystal “Empowering Freedom” Sale!


Magical Aquamarine

Between now and 12 noon on July 5th, enjoy 20% off all crystals and sacred Crystal Illuminations paintings in my Crystal Illumination Etsy Shop.

Use Coupon Code: CRYSTALPOWER20 when checking out. Receive discount with a minimum purchase of $20.

Crystals are amazing tools to support personal growth, expand your awareness, access deep parts of your consciousness, awaken your true self, accelerate spiritual development, support manifestation, healing, heart-opening and more!

Our crystalline friends are equally working in support of the new experiences of consciousness we are moving into and are here to assist those courageous leaps through the gateways.

As you go through your personal journey and the processes that unfold, you may find as I have, how helpful the right crystal friend/s can be in assistance to you. After all, they are driven by purity of heart in service to the collective highest good.

This special is created to honor each courageous soul and to assist the Earth in its process of transformation.

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