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December Special & Christimas Gift Ideas ~ 33% Off Original Visionary Art

December’s Special is inspired by all of the amazing animal spirit guides that have been gracing my life in such powerful and synchronous ways with their medicine. And I know how much they are impacting so many others, as I hear your stories, read your posts, and enjoy your personal shares.

Since I am about to focus on two custom painting commissions come Monday that will be a continuation of one of my most cherished series – Universal ARKitecture – I’m feeling an extra rush of that creative visionary energy that I’m excited to channel through. It’s been a while since I’ve painted, as you know, due to feeling called to channel my creativity in other ways. Yet, I accepted a few commissions that felt aligned and finally am having the time to immerse in them, which will be a welcome shift to close out the year with. I know my bunny Joy is excited, as she’s always been my little painting partner

December Special:

33% Off Sale on Original Paintings

in the Universal ARKitecture series of sacred animal spirit paintings

This is a very special series many have fallen in love with and have enjoyed prints of. I know several of you have also fallen in love with the originals and perhaps this will provide the opportunity for a special Christmas gift to self or a loved one.

There are 8 to choose from, as one is already sold. You can find them below (please click on images for full detail). If you do feel yourself wanting to invite one into your home, please message me for information and purchasing. Shipping costs are additional and not included in the price. Again, the 33% off is ONLY ON ORIGINALS, not prints.

Here is the link to explore more information and pricing about the series: Universal ARKitecture

The Mystic

The Mystic


Dance of the Twin Flames


Temple of the Sacred Heart

Once in a Blue Moon web

Once in a Blue Moon


The Child In Us

Visions-of-Atlantis for Web

Visions of Atlantis


Garden of the Gods

gem of the emerald forest

Gem of the Emerald Forest


I have one of them hanging in my office for now and I have to share that the first night I hung it, I came to experience what a powerful portal it was – they are.

The energy completely shifted in my office and after falling asleep, I woke in the middle of the night to look across the room and through the hall to my office only to find that elves, faeries, gnomes, you name it… were all climbing out from the painting and running around my office and in the hall! Some more very interesting and magickal experiences continued.

I’m not sure how many people realize how intentfully created, sacredly and energetically imbued, channeled, art is alive and embodies windows into other realities that actually are real and accessible. Not to mention can be utilized as meditational tools and to help vibrationally shift frequencies.


More Christmas Gift Ideas:

  • There was another Crystal Sale yesterday, but I’m happy to say that nearly all Crystals have already united with their new guardians. There are just 3 sets of Reiki Stones remaining in Lapis Lazuli, Red Jasper, and Obsidian, and 1 potent Luminescent Green Andara. green andaraDetails and more photos here:

Crystal Love

  • Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep – The Book – Makes a great gift for the tattoo aficionado, or anyone interested in tattoos, thinking about getting one (or another one), or simply wonders about why a person might want a

Spiritual Skin Paperback on Amazon: Paperback 

Spiritual Skin Kindle Version on Amazon: Kindle

Personally Signed/Inscribed Copies of Spiritual Skin by the Author: I am no longer offering personally signed and inscribed books, but if you would like one, I have just 2 original copies remaining that can be made out to you or to someone else as a gift. For an inscription and to order, please message me for details. Price is $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping/handling within the U.S.

A Lovely Closing Reception Celebration at The Liberty Art Gallery

Thank you so dearly to everyone who came out to the Closing Reception last night for Ménage MIXED at The Liberty Art Gallery in Long Beach. I really had a nice time visiting with everyone, sharing and expressing the meaning behind my series, Universal ARKitecture.

I also really enjoyed connecting with a long time friend I haven’t seen in 7+ years, as well as new friends that are part of the beautiful group joining in Bimini in just 7 days!

Thank you Paige Bauer, owner of The Liberty Art Gallery for putting together a lovely exhibit this last month and for the opportunity to be part of the group of talented artists and photographers showing their work.

It was a beautiful evening all around, which followed a lovely goodbye dinner in Los Angeles with great people for amazing animal rights activists Bryan Monell and Lenka Fill before they move off to Maryland to work for FARM.

Here are a few photos from last evening with some of my friends and loved ones who came out to show their love. Thank you again for supporting the creative arts!

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