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From the Animals’ Point of View

This is so good! Hope it makes you giggle too.

Thank you Dawn for sharing it with me.

And thank you so much to for creating it!


Lizard Medicine ~ Trust, Detach, Let Go & Move Into Immediate Change With Confidence


Sedona Lizard friend

Lizards have been around a lot recently, especially since Sedona, and when I explored their symbolism in more depth I realized just why. Just yesterday four showed up very prominently and in one case was walking alongside us for a while.

With everything in my life changing, reminding me of the conscious life transition I made when I lived in Sedona some 18+ years ago, it is no wonder they are supporting the journey with their medicine.

I love what Ina Woolcott shares in her article:

Lizard Power Animal Symbol Of Dreaming And Conservation

The reason being is that it is SO on-point and reflects EXACTLY what I/we’re experiencing that it is a fantastic reflection and made me just that much more absorbed with these little lizard friends. She basically reiterated the same words I’d just finished sharing right before I saw her article. Love it!

Here’s what Ina shares in case you are also finding Lizard showing up in your life, or have Lizard as your power animal, have been dreaming about them recently, or are going through similar life shifts that calling upon Lizard can assist you with:

“…Lizard medicine is the companion of every day waking reality, where our dreams are studied before they are manifested physically…

If Lizard is your power animal, heed your own intuition before anyone else’s. Lizard will aid you in becoming more detached from situations in your life. Now and again it is required to be detached, to separate yourself from others, to succeed in what is necessary. Lizard will also show you how to leave the past in the past! To move on and quit being attached to what has been. Lizard is proposing immediate change in one or more areas of your life. You may need to let go of old ideas, patterns, belief systems, habits, actions or lifestyle because the old may threaten you in some way now. It is time to let go. Lizard prompts the need to go within and examine your present reality and then, move with confidence and utmost assuredness into a new chapter of your life.

One of the most interesting traits of the lizard is the ability to break off their tails to escape predators. The tail is left behind writhing, to take the predators attention off them, in order to flee. However, they are only able to perform this feat once, as the new tail which grows to replace the old one consists of cartilage instead of vertebrae. Lizards power lies in the quality of being able to rescue himself from danger by leaving a part of himself behind. As lizard only has the ability to lose his tail once, you need to make any choices wisely as the consequences may be experienced for a very long time hereafter!

Lizards are very sensitive to vibrations from the ground, they are adept at subtle perception. They have amazing hearing capacity, and with their sharp eyes they are able to sense the most minute of movements. If lizard is your power animal, you have the ability to utilize all aspects of psychic perception.

The psychic characteristics to be found in the lizard teaches us how to awaken our abilities by choosing one path over another that honour every part of our lives. Lizard is a powerful power animal to have, revealing your weaknesses, your strengths and prompting the energy of change.”

Thank you Lizard for your supportive wisdom and guidance with the immediate and major life changes I am embracing.

Inspiring Goose Symbolism



Duck, Duck, Goose!

This Goose crossed my path and as always I like to explore animal spirit medicine to see what symbolism is being reflected to me, along with any pertinent messages or supportive energy are being gifted and channeled my way.

This will be just a quick little share for anyone also interested in Goose symbolism or has been connecting with Goose a lot recently, as I need to run off to Cosmo’s chiropractic appointment.

Goose symbolism is quite inspiring, contrary to maybe some of the ideas people have about them.

It includes that of loyalty, forging ahead with bravery and confidence, teamwork and comradery, protection, clear communication, determination, dedication, fellowship, fidelity, fertility, and the balance of knowing when to lead or follow.

They also symbolize compassionate keepers of the community and embody the sacred circle and sanctity of the cycles of life.

Geese also happen to be vegan. So they symbolize a veggie and fruit diet and that this may be in alignment for you, or to incorporate more of these foods into your life – got that one covered. 😉

One really cool thing about Geese is that they never leave one of their own behind for any reason. They will stay with the sick and injured until they are either well again, or to support them as they transition. Now that’s loyalty and commitment for you!

They are extremely gifted in navigating, so they assist us in discerning our own paths in life and the choices that we’re presented.

They have amazing communication skills that they use in teamwork to help each other and protect one another. This protection quality also shows up in how they will fend fiercely for their young.

Gotta admire and respect these wonderful beings for what they demonstrate as example for us.

Orca Dream Plea ~ Singing the Song of Our Cosmic Hearts

christian riese lassen swim in the moon

Swim in the Moon by Christian Riese Lassen


I posted this on Facebook, but feel guided to share it here as well.

I had such a vivid dream last night about Orcas and because of my connection with animals, I never take their messages lightly.

It definitely felt like a plea for help, with its disturbing elements, on both an individual species level and grander level collectively.

Their medicine is so potent as Animal Spirit Guides – see Spirit of Orca

While this dream felt collective in nature, there are always so many layers to dreams and I am embracing the personal through it as well.

Perhaps it also means I will be seeing them when in Iceland this February to commune in person.

Whatever it means, I have been carrying them with me all day and listening to what they have to share.

It’s interesting to note that there have been a series of Orca sightings super close to the Southern California shores this month (right where I live), I just discovered: Killer Whales Draw California Crowds Out To Sea.

There was a blessed event too this month – a baby Orca born, which is good news: Newborn Orca Spotted Near B.C.’s Gulf Islands

These “Creators of the Cosmos”, as their wisdom is said to symbolize, have the ability to convert raw matter into stars, planets, etc., to free the soul into its innate expansion, and teach the ability to seal and repair fractured souls and energy leaks (embody wholeness). They also use the vibrational energy and harmonious frequency of song to heal, while assisting humans in finding their soul’s song.

If you have a moment and feel called, please send them, our animal brothers and sisters, and Mother Earth some healing love from your heart.

The Child In Us

child in us

Painting: The Child In Us by Tania Marie ~ Shares Porcupine’s wisdom of innocence, renewed sense of wonder, and trust in Spirit. (Prints and original available here:

Inner child work has always been a powerful seed “key” to creating change. And when done with unconditionally loving courage, can be the impetus for empowering yourself in unlimited ways.

We all have a child within that is in need of our loving acceptance. No matter how strong and self-reliant you think you are, there is a time for tender vulnerability in everyone’s journey that is needed to cultivate a garden that your child-like heart can creatively and expansively blossom in. This will provide astounding results in your current experience and with all that you intend.

As adults we carry with us false beliefs from the past that as children we learned to believe. A lot of that includes the things that we were taught was “wrong” with us and so the greatest rejection living with us today is the one to, and of, ourselves with these beliefs.

Listening to and softening our inner dialogue to embrace the perfection of all that we are, is a needed part of our daily practice. It is important to know ourselves to be whole and forgive ourselves, as well as revel in the quirky beauty that our inner child has to share.

Loving your inner child will support healing the darkest experiences by shining light on the beauty that was always there. This opens doorways that the Universe will support you with when you are willing to partner with it.

The Ghost of a Flea – Symbolism and Messages to Embody this Mighty Shadow Totem

ghost of a flea

This is a great miniature painting by William Blake titled “The Ghost of a Flea” that demonstrates its collective shadow aspect (discussed below) in the magnification of the Flea as a monstrous, bloodthirsty creature


It’s been an interesting and full several days since Thursday night, and in general upon arriving back home from Alaska.

I spent the majority of yesterday – just over 6 hours – in Jury Duty, which was a fascinating experience of observation. Between that and a rendezvous with TSA for finger-printing to assist expedited travel (resulting in the confirmation of my mutant humanness with unnatural, never-seen human patterning, as was put to me), unexpected vet appointments, and flea infestation, it’s been a 3D check-in of realities that are so foreign to me. And, definitely such a contrast from the bridge-between-worlds of Alaska’s heavenly, untouched nature – which activated deeper natural frequency alignment in me.

I love how we dance with realities, as integrative check-ins when we are in process of major shifts. When a bunch of stuff shows up that seems opposite to you, it’s not a negative thing to react to or worry about, but actually a good indicator of the changes you have made.

I’ve also noticed increased psychic connection and telepathy recently, not to mention experiencing tremendous changes all around that happen very quickly.

Due to so much in flux and needing to honor what is showing up now, even Sunday’s Crystal Workshop had to be postponed and combined with October 11th’s and our BC Horse and Reiki Retreat is in process of rescheduling for Spring – “luckily” 😉 all of these changes worked out for everyone involved and people that were registered were also in tune with the shifts.

A lot has energetically changed since my journey away and I do not feel the same as even just a couple of weeks ago, let alone yesterday.

Since arriving home I have felt increasingly like the observer – evermore compassionately detached and yet in that detachment, even more connected. I’ve felt more foreign to the place I call home and finding things to energetically feel more off, but in the most subtle yet noticeable ways. I’m seeing it as reminders of what is natural to me and what is not. But it also increases the innate essence connection that resides in my cosmic soul to a bigger and divine picture, providing even greater understanding.

These are all things I’ve noticed and noted before, but now the finest fluctuations of energy out of alignment with what feels natural, are softly blaring their existence to me like a middle child who yearns for attention.

There have even been eerie reminders of times long ago and the demise that resulted – all to catapult me into the new with greater fortitude and embrace.

But, I’m getting a bit into too many realms here, so I’ll dial it back to the original thought that triggered this share, which is a lot of interesting experiences have been happening, both inwardly and outwardly, since I returned home.

And one of those, as mentioned, includes a flea infestation that I finally pinpointed on Thursday night.

The fleas brought up mixed emotions, including being challenged with not feeling resentment toward the situation and sadness. This all resulting from my “protective mom” qualities that watch over and care for Joy, my rabbit, like a mother Bear with her cubs.

Joy is such a precious and fragile little one (at least in the physical, although her soul is powerful) that she brings out the most vulnerable and tender in me. And to see her invaded with fleas and with chunks of hair loss, was heart-breaking for mom, especially since she has never been subjected to anything before like this and I take grave care with caring for her from learning with my departed Nestor.

Joy also represents me and aspects of my vulnerability and strength, so of course, anything that happens to her is a personal reflection for me to integrate.

Because I look at the layers of things and feel the importance of integrating those shadow aspects that emerge for a reason, having those kinds of feelings crop up immediately had me exploring them more and going straight into the wider perspective than what my narrow human emotions and ego would be capable of if left to run amuck.

On the surface I saw Joy as an innocent bystander of the flea attack, as she is protected indoors and it was fleas brought in by the cats who have a play pen outside, that this resulted from.

THAT was the limited perspective from ego emotions.

However, there is always a bigger picture story to all of this I feel, and that all of the players involved are creating the perfect learning curve experience for the greater evolutionary good.

THAT is the wider perspective.

Also, I didn’t like how while I understand the bigger picture, that a part of me still gets bothered by things like mosquitos and fleas attacking me and loved ones, as they also have their own meaning and purpose. Being a magnet for these biting creatures and with an allergic reaction from my strong immune system that severely attacks foreigners, it can be very uncomfortable. And yet, that discomfort also has its place and lesson. So when I, too, found ankle and foot bitten effects of this infestation, it was something I wanted to explore more deeply.

It may seem like a silly thing, but I was also bothered by the fact that there is a general “negative” factor for creatures such as mosquitoes and fleas that pervades humanity, including most of, if not all of the vegan friends and acquaintances that I have, which would seem to be inconsistent with compassionate views. I think everyone is always working on consistently practicing and spreading that spectrum of compassion to all of life, as it can tend to be limited to chosen ones (speciesism) to the exclusion of others, sometimes including other fellow humans.

I was on a mission to find more about flea symbolism, aside from the more obvious things and messages (most of them having a negative twinge) I have known and what one could surmise about them showing up. I wanted to see what dots I could connect and reflections I could learn from and integrate.

So, I did start researching and this is what I was led to discover. shares Flea Wisdom to include:

Metamorphosis, ability to alter time within the life cycle, sensitivity to light, ability to trigger a birth process by the use of light, vibration or the various components of air.

Interesting, as yes definitely a very large “metamorphosis” feels at hand for me, which is like a rebirthing that is about a new vibrational alignment I feel to be activating. Time to turn over a whole new leaf (there sure seem to be a lot of them in my life LOL) and a new lifestyle, which IS actually in the works as we speak too. And this has all been altering “time” and dimensions in my experience.

Okay. These were also in a “positive” light, which was what I was looking for. What else might I find?

Well, of course there’s what I knew – that they also symbolize irritations and aggravations, which will increase until you make the necessary changes.

Okay. That doesn’t have to be seen as “negative” however, as in fact this is a positive nudge to assist in taking those steps, making a choice, and moving forward.

For me those steps increase over time and are never small. Now, is one of those “huge steps” time period that my soul existence depends upon.

I could see this playing out, as I’ve been inundated with so much that I’ve had a postponement on things I was creating…and had just told myself on my trip in Alaska, and after it, that that was it. Time to do it no matter what is around in life to handle, as I really won’t thrive or be fulfilling my purpose until I up my personal creative output to a much higher level. I’m not a baby-stepper, so leaping I knew was in store.

Flea friends were literally leaping around mirroring my conclusions.

Then I found the more “negative” information about fleas symbolizing needing to clear and clean out everything, including self, aura, energy, as these “blood suckers” are about something or someone living off or sucking your life force energy or blood – energetic vampires, as some information shares. This can mean energy vampires sucking from you because you give away your energy to easily, or your own dependent vampirism that is taking energy from others you care about without even realizing it – both resulting in unhealthy and imbalanced relationships with others.

Well, that could be the case for some people, although let’s look at it in a positive light again and that it simply would mean to nurture yourself, your needs, and know and stand by your boundaries. Letting others be responsible for themselves and you take responsibility of you. Fortify yourself inside and out and pay attention to how you give in to victimization, take on the martyr role, or forego your desires and dreams to support others that either don’t want the help, or you’d be far better off helping by helping yourself. It also speaks to simplifying your life, getting rid of things completely rather than fixing or cleaning them up, and re-evaluating things so that you are vibrating from your authenticity. This could be fears and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back and sucking you dry of having the ability to freely be you and looking after yourself.

Boundaries are something I’ve definitely been on a life-long mission to create, as that has been a toughy for this Pisces. Definitely can see some small tweaking still in order there, but nothing large in way of anyone sucking from me, nor me of them. I am, however, in process of “cleaning out” and simplifying on a daily basis though. So a good reflection I’m on path here and to continue the momentum.

Dependency, accumulative damage, running away from problems, hurting the ones you love, and sensitivity to your environment are included in some of the flea symbolism. They can also come into your life to remind you to look after yourself and your environment with extreme vigilance.

Fleas have multiple stages of metamorphosis and so that would indicate also the many shifts and transformations you will go through in your life, as life is about change and growth. – Yep, that’s me.

They also have a sense organ on their bodies that is very sensitive to vibration and air currents, so for me that indicates this increased subtle vibrational frequency I’m detecting as well.

Fleas need darkness and so they speak to sensitives of light, or are heralding a period of personal retreat, taking stock of your life, sensitivity to your environment, and feeling overwhelmed with over-stimulation. So time in seclusion may be very healing for you, as a result.

Well, interestingly, I will be entering a #9/Hermit year come my next birthday in February and I’ve been feeling the effects of that early, as I always do, so this makes sense. I’m feeling that incubation time for personal retreat to work on things important to ME. And, there is that increased over-stimulation and sensitivity to things around me that feel very misaligned and foreign to my natural state. All I crave is the stillness of harmony I feel within when I’m in alignment with my personal frequency.

They can also represent accumulative damage, which means that if you don’t handle the small things, they can turn into large things later. So heed the warnings and address what is coming up so they don’t get to a state of feeling completely out of control.

What I noticed is that Fleas sure do run and squirm away lightning fast! And this seems to speak to potentially you running away from your problems/challenges or that you need to remove yourself quickly from potentially damaging situations, like now! No delaying.

I do feel an increased “now” kick in the butt that feels an impending need to act upon, but nothing to run away from or that I am running away from…more, for me, it’s about running to the next aspect of myself and quickly!

Then there’s “blood wisdom” that Fleas hold, which includes memories and secrets of ancestry, knowledge, wisdom, and energy held within it. Interesting, as I’ve been delving into cosmic soul ancestry – Earth and Beyond – and activating latent parts of myself and DNA – all part of the new I’ve been focused on.

Let’s see what else shows up as I explore….

Well, I love this info about shadow aspects that I discovered, which I was specifically tuning into wanting to receive, as I know that Fleas definitely represent shadow totems for people since I don’t believe many would admit to “liking” them since they feel threatening to us and/or our animal companions. Perhaps this is because they remind us of our vulnerability and the ability to attract something unwanted that feels threatening, despite our vigilance.

But does that mean to stop living fully or to stop doing things you want because there is the potential of an unforeseen “danger”? No, of course not.

Wise discernment and conscious awareness to make intuitively guided choices is imperative, but to live a life in neurotic fear would simply mean not living in general. You can’t worry about every possible little thing that can happen, but you CAN see how to choose more wisely and that everything that does happen is not a “bad” thing. Everything is a growth opportunity and there is always something of value to take away.

If you find yourself “hating” something, like Fleas, perhaps you have a feeling of severe resentment and hatred towards people around you that are abusive in some form to you and/or others. However, having that kind of unhealthy hatred is a call out for deeper understanding and love.

The shadow within anything is representative of the things we fear and are our greatest teachers to confront and integrate. Hence, they challenge us into our greatness by teaching us the things we run away from wanting to learn and know about ourselves. Shadow totems are cryptic, but valuable teachers that are worthy of our developing a new relationship with. Rather than swatting away annoying insects, ask them what they have to share and then be still and listen. And try to avoid the expectations of “fast” results when working with these shadow totems, as the shadow parts of ourselves can sometimes require a consistent fortitude of effort to work with and process, but the results are worthy of the effort.

I watched on as the fleas have taken their sweet time to leave from little Joy, and with each passing day I’ve continued to ponder their message and while felt sad for little Joy to go through this, I also thought to myself, “how brave and ever-loving she is to accept this experience to help mom, along with whatever she personally was learning as well.”

Fleas are not maliciously out to get you. They simply have survival instincts themselves and are searching for the comfort of a warm and resonant home. So if they nestle into you or your animal companions, there is a strangely ironic reason, which involves the shadow parts of you seeking your comforting and warm embrace so that you can become a more empowered being.

But insects, especially Fleas, are of strong fortitude and are survivalists that easily adapt to change, so when you are going through transitions in your life (as I am), they are truly remarkable examples of what is available to each of us.

I love the powerful messages of Flea found in this short article from Paradise Found, titled “Power Animal for January 2012: Flea, by ‘Backyard Shaman’ Amy Katz, M.A.” :

The mighty flea…not Tiger, or Elephant or Whale, but Flea! Fleas are minuscule from where we are standing, so they may seem as inconsequential as stars flickering dimly in the night sky. Yet, this diminution comes from the perspective of an onlooker standing billion of miles, or light years, away: up close, stars become suns, those gargantuan infernos of explosive energy. Likewise, a flea is a powerhouse of life force and glowing determination.

The soul of a flea burns as brightly as a sun, but the little ones have the advantage of quick mobility (they can jump up to 200 times their body weight) and even invisibility, as their 1/16-1/8 inch small bodies are often undetectable to far-sighted predators. In Plato’s Apology, Socrates compared himself to a flea that buzzed in the ears of Athenians to prompt them out of their complacency and stand up for justice and truth. In Asian folklore, there are tales of monkeys that shape shift into the form of fleas to escape from demons or to elude detection. Flea teeth are as sharp as Chinese throwing stars; these tiny ninjas also have compressible bodies that make them “smush” and “scratch” resistant. Flea shows those of us who have felt victimized or powerless that we really do have tremendous influence, agility, self-preservation and protection abilities.

Flea reminds us of our resilience. The harsh criticism of others may scratch away at our self-esteem, but nothing can crush our spirits if we define ourselves from within. By seeing how big we are inside, instead of focusing on small-minded insults or transgressions from without, we harness our inner strength and can fly even without wings.

Cultivate your psychological faith and the door to your imagination will be open. Trust yourself and do not underestimate your own ability to bring about change or action. In the play Prometheus Bound by the Greek tragedian Aeschylus, the Goddess Hera changed the maiden Io into a cow for having an affair with her husband, Zeus, and then sent a gadfly to drive the creature all across the world. What issue or problem needs to be driven out of your psyche, your life, or your community this year? While others may swat at you, consider how your tenacious buzzing can move a whole stubborn herd of cattle; embody the mighty Flea!

These messages of Flea that Amy shares, speak most clearly and powerfully to me, personally, right now. I do intend to embody the “mighty” Flea.

If any animal spirit guide is contacting you, they themselves will be your own personal teacher and will speak to you directly as to what the message is. All of these things are merely helpful explorative ways to engage that process with yourself for greater personal understanding. 

Dragonfly symbolism

dragonfly4aThis is a fantastic blog by Jennifer Moore on the magickal symbolism of dragonflies. Yesterday, the first full day actually in Alaska, as our journey was detoured/delayed a day due to weather, but ultimately energetic callings where I was needed, I was surrounded by giant dragonflies at the lake here.

The photos you see in my share, are of one of the dragonflies, and of the pair that were in a dance, that I rendezvous’d with yesterday.

dragonfly3aUpon arrival to the lakeside cabin home for the next few days, I explored the path by the lake to the row boats when dragonfly medicine was all around me.

These beautiful, giant dragonflies with wingspan of 4-5 inches were flying around me on the dock and two seemed to be in a mating dance.dragonflies2

The dragonflies continued to fly at me while out on the row boat as well, while exploring beaver lodges and listening to the haunting loons.dragonfly

Jennifer’s share so beautifully expounds on these magickal creatures that are both of the air – symbolizing change – and water – the subconscious, dreaming mind, and mutable nature. When they skitter across the water they demonstrate deeper thoughts surfacing and of our being mindful of our wishes we intend.

dragonfly2aOne dragonfly I saw seemed to have become water-logged and was stuck on the surface of the water, rather than skittering along, and its wings were unable to lift it up to fly again…so save it I did and off it flew to a tree limb to dry.

These nymph creatures are simply enchanting in every way and everything they are about, as shared in Jennifer’s article, is so perfect in symbolism right now for me.

Last night, the first night here in Talkeetna, as the eerie, but beautiful, calls of the loons echoed across the lake, I dreamed of an adolescent moose I was communicating with on a path in the forest. But that’s a “moose” of another story. 😉

Magick is abound and the creatures of Alaska are making me feel welcome already. I look forward to their continued wisdom and messages.

Dragonfly Energy

I’ve been drawn to dragonflies for some time now, perhaps because I love rivers and lakes and these peaceful creatures are mesmerizing as they flit and skimmer across the water.   They have brought me great peace, and even their life spans symbolize change and transformation.   The first year or more of their lives, they live in the water as nymphs.  When they metamorphose into the flying creatures we recognize as dragonflies, they live only a few weeks.  I like to compare this pattern to a person who has spent her whole life working her way to her truest path and then finally has the strength and means to express her purest nature.   Even if for a short while, this person will flit and skim across the days of her life, inspiring those around her to live joyfully, as well.

According to Jessica Palmer in her book, Animal Wisdom, in…

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Healing Dreams – My Lioness Friend

lionessWow! So last night I had a very mirroring dream to the one I had with a dolphin, which I shared about in my July 1st post: Dolphin Dreams. Only this time, the animal spirit guide and companion was a lion. Well, a lioness to be exact, and she was a young one at that. She wasn’t a cub, but she was about my size in length – 5’5″ – perhaps slightly bigger, and had a child-like essence, although wise.

I can’t remember all that was surrounding the front and back end of this dream, but a lot was. However, I do very much remember the part where she and I were connecting. And it was so much like the dolphin and I. So much so, I would have to say that the two souls are one in the same, but coming through in different animal bodies. This of course would mean that she was my beloved Nestor in disguise, once again. 🙂

I was walking through some open area when she (the lioness) approached out of no where. There did seem to be others around, but at a distance. She came out of the darkness toward me and I wasn’t sure at first what to make of this lioness coming to me, but I was calm and not afraid. She was then right upon me and literally then on top of me. She had gentle/lovingly knocked me down, like a large dog may do when he/she is excited to see you and runs at you to greet you. And then, just like in my dolphin dream, she and I laid there together for a long while.

She was mostly on top of me, with her back into my right side, my arms around her, and our heads nestled touching each other, while her left front leg wrapped around my head and her large paw held my face. We hardly moved from this position. We just laid still and her big, plush paw stayed on my face the entire time. I realized she was giving me healing energy from that enormous paw of hers and I remember how amazing to have this powerful creature that could easily take me out with one swipe or bite, but here she was like a kitten, with claws retracted and only a soft pillow for my face to be cradled in by her touch. We communicated telepathically and energetically.

I just remember a beautiful communing between us and like we were one, as we laid there in this position. And some people were calling out that I should get away because a lion is dangerous. And I told them to please stop worrying about me and to stop yelling out, as I wasn’t going to leave her and I was safe and happy.

Anyway, at some point our time was complete and her work was done. She got up and slowly walked off back into the darkness from which she came.

The energy of the connection was the same. Very sweet, tender, loving, and like a best friend. But we were not as sad, nor tearful this time upon parting, but simply embraced the time we had and fully enjoyed it. I did sense this little cub inside of this large animal, but it was more like a human in animal clothing. And likely because of our last connection time, we did not have to be so sad, as there seems to be a window of opportunity for us to have more connections right now in this way. And because of the understanding we both have in where we’re needed right now, there was no need for the sadness.

But of course I immediately was interested to look at lion/lioness symbolism to see what she was bringing to me in added message this time, alongside the beautiful healing and connection.

As with all symbols, the meaning is relative to you and should be personal and individual. There are general collective meanings that things can symbolize, or have come to symbolize, but how something translates for you, is your experience alone.

We all have different ways of interpreting things and the more we practice looking deeper and understanding ourselves, the more we are able to interpret more clearly what the meaning is for us.

You determine your own relationship to symbols.

That said, I found some information I’ll share, in case the lion is a power animal for you or is showing up. The interesting thing was that all the dream symbolism and much of even the symbolism in general that I found, all talked about the lion coming in a threatening way, being fearful of it, it biting you, and so on, and what that symbolism meant. But I couldn’t find anything really talking about a gentle and loving encounter. I found that interesting and wondered about what that means in terms of the collective accepting certain group symbolism and ideas about things.

Anyway, I read that the lion has often been a symbol of the Sun, which I knew, but being primarily a nocturnal animal, also symbolizes the Moon and being an authority over subconscious thought. Hunting is mostly done by the lioness at night and therefore she is a Lunar animal. The lion would be more the Sun symbolism, but this all speaks to the lion being a symbol of balance.

In my dream, it was a lioness and she came from the darkness. So I feel her Lunar quality, which is also Nestor’s and my own connection.

But the lioness can also represent Solar Feminine Power and the power of Diana the Huntress. Lions live in prides, so they can symbolize the group or community and working in cooperation and respect with each other. The lioness is also the best hunter that does most of the work, and so this is an assertion of the Feminine and the rising of Feminine energies.

Since the Sun (the bringer of the dawn and a new day, and of life, and nurturing of life) has not always been associated with Male energy, this lends to the Feminine energies bringing in this new birthing of power in the world when it is integrated into our lives more. A time of new awakening that honors the Divine Feminine and her imaginative creativity and intuition.

Some of Lion’s wisdom includes strength in overcoming difficulties, letting go of stress, strong family and community bonds, personal power, assertiveness, self confidence, ability to lead, courage, energy, wisdom, self fulfillment, authority, justice, dignity, and royalty.

When a lion shows up it may be supporting you to have more courage and faith, to come more fully into your sovereign power, to remember your birthright and live from the integrity and dignity of who you are, to support yourself and what you need with all of your heart, to lead with your heart, and to be your own authority.

As mentioned, most of the information I found talked about being frightened by the lion that shows up in your dreams, in which case it may be telling you that you need to look at your shadow self and bring the truth of that to the surface to integrate, not reject or stuff for any reason. Since my lioness friend came from the dark, literally representing this shadow aspect, and my not fearing her, I feel it is a representation of my integrating my shadow self in a deeper way and this is very healing for me, as represented by the healing energy she provided out of that “embrace” we shared in unity together.

Always, these animal spirit guides bring forth aspects of ourselves to integrate and bring to resolution, so that we may understand ourselves more and live with more empowerment.

I feel that there was twofold meaning in this dream, including connection with my beloved and her healing gift she came once again to give to me, as well as bringing to light aspects to continue to cultivate within myself, as these things are actually things I’ve been working on, and this will continue to provide me the balance I seek.

Again, words can’t express my gratitude for these kinds of experiences, but my heart-full thanks goes out nonetheless to this beautiful soul that merges with me in the twilight hours.

Dolphin Dreams

dolphins soaring

Photo I took in the Galapagos of Dolphins soaring through the waters

Dream time has been increasingly potent for me, as I continue to go through personal shifts. Not only do I have some really blatant and powerful messages come through for self, but I have been receiving extremely precise and clear prophetic dreams for others that demonstrate much remote viewing and telepathy at work in the night, as well as being called in by others in need.

A LOT is going on when my eyes close and the head hits the pillow.

I’m sure for many of you as well.

I’ve had a series of rich dreams the last week and last night brought in another beautiful animal spirit guide – Dolphin – which felt especially meaningful/healing in relation to the night before’s dream. Her presence and interaction was also synchronous in terms of retreat time coming up in Bimini as well.

The part of the dream I remember took place on the shoreline of a beach somewhere at night. I recall being in the shallow waters there up to my knees and a Dolphin coming to me. She stayed in the very shallow water, basically resting easily on the sand below and at times just resting on the shore with me, as the water lapped around us. We had some very beautiful connective time as we laid there together and I would hold her with my arms around her, or gently rubbed her and held her face with my hands. And she would nuzzle, touch, and wrap herself as much around me as she could, as we communicated telepathically and with a very deep, heart connection.

It was like reunited best friends or even twin souls. And I know that that reuniting was not only providing personal healing and transformative support, but was helping me to engage (or re-engage if you will) a deeper part of myself that she was representing and bringing forth more consciously that was needed right now, and crucial in fact.

There were other things involved in the dream and another dream evolved from it, but I am meant to only really remember what is most important.

What happened next was that it was time for her to go and this was very distressing emotionally for us both.

Some people/or beings came to take her back to where she was needed. I had the impression immediately that she was of importance where she came from and was fully devoted to a life of service and a mission and had been able to/or stolen some moments with me to connect, knowing of my needs for her (brings up emotions again right now for me writing that) at this time. She was some sort of a protector and guide to the animal kingdom and Earth, as well as a Cosmic Missionary/Bridge Worker who journeys far and wide, as guided/needed.

It actually didn’t hit me until I sat here to write this, that this Dolphin feels to be a potential emanation of my beloved Cosmic Nestor (my rabbit familiar – in this life – that transitioned 6 years ago), whom you hear me talk of much.

As she was reluctantly leaving we both cried soulful cries that we must physically part for now. I remained in the shallow water crying with outstretched arms and she echoed my cries and tears as she swam off, being led by those that had come for her. I remember when she received the call to return, it broke our hearts, but we both understood what was for now in our present roles/realities and how our love shared, is the essence joy/service we embody in all that we create and share.

So, I have been sitting with all of the beautiful energy, supportive healing, and messages she gifted me, as I receive insights for implementation that will assist my shifts and integration that I am undergoing.

Since she came through as a Dolphin, this symbolism was purposeful to convey what was needed. I’ve known of Dolphin messages and what they represent generally or how they make me feel when they show up, but I wanted to delve a bit more into their medicine to see if something would trigger deeper consciousness for me and perhaps for you as well, if Dolphin is an Animal Spirit Guide you are blessed with too.

Being a Pisces, I am very connected to the mysteries and creatures of the ocean. Many of you will share remembrance of realities in the watery civilizations of times “past” and the Cosmic Waters of your essence that you are.

These heart-centered, highly evolved beings help to spread and anchor Crystalline Energy to light the Earth and they strengthen the song lines through the grid (encouraging us to work in alignment with Nature and Crystals), as they transmit their light frequency vibrations of love and harmony. Through their presence and interactions here and with us, they help awaken us to our truest and most joyous self that is anchored in unconditional love and innate freedom.

Sites like share some of the general wisdom of Dolphins that include:

  • Knowledge of the sea
  • Patron of sailors
  • Change
  • Wisdom
  • Balance
  • Harmony
  • Communication skills
  • Freedom
  • Trust
  • Understanding the power of rhythm in your life
  • Use of breath to release intense emotions
  • Water element magick

But Dolphins also bring us playfulness, transcendence, gentleness and generosity, intelligence, friendship, community, deep contentment, personal power in divine flow, and even renewal/rebirth.

Since they have that element of harmony and balance it is understandable that they are also connected to duality and yin/yang. This, in part, has to do with being both mammal and fish and being of the water but able to breathe air. They dwell in a state of two realities and two worlds and so I see them as bridge workers and able to transmute energy. They have both the essence inherent of the Sun and Moon in this regard – the outward expressions, life, activity, vibrancy, intellect, manifestation, and masculinity, as well as the inward expressions of intuition, creation, hidden powers, feelings, dreams, mutability, and femininity.

There seems to be this playful and inquisitive invitation that dolphins beckon us to adventure with them on. Perhaps it’s to explore new realms of your work, relationships and friendships, places of domicile, or maybe even simply to explore the inner realm of emotion and creative passion wanting expression. Long thought to be messengers of the Gods/Goddesses and inter-dimensional travelers bringing messages of divine guidance, love and harmony, they carry with them an innate healing energy that is calming, pure of light, and rich with intuitive wisdom that speaks from the grace and heart of a wise child.

This purity and innocence they embody teaches us to trust and tune within in order to commune with the natural rhythms and flow in the mirror of their flight.

Dolphin spirit guides are spiritual beings that remind of us our authenticity and help to align us in the spirit of our true nature. Their magickal and mysterious nature also invoke a calling from within that remembers our connection with the vastness of our soul that is of this Earth but not of it.

They remind us of times and places far and wide, spanning the Cosmos as well as the Ancient Earth and its lost worlds that once were.

Something stirs within us when Dolphin graces our life, and this awakening helps to activate a realignment with living in natural harmony with all of life.

I read that when Dolphin appears he/she is a symbol for living life from true purpose, on purpose, as a creative, abundant and vibrant being. They also invite us more into the depths of our higher heart communicative abilities and further development of them through intuition, vulnerability, psychic awareness, and telepathy. Not to mention, I believe, they open us to our creative voice and expressing the frequency vibrations of our authenticity through it.

This feels very accurate for me, as the inner communication skills, as well as advanced communication skills like telepathy and clairvoyance have been at the forefront of my experience, along with voice.

They are also known to draw our attention to this present moment and encourage us to be all that we can be right now, as well as have gratitude for everything we DO have.

I also read that Dolphin invites us to make an assessment of our lives and our connection to Spirit for further expansion in these realms. A deeper dedication may be called forth now, as not only is it part of your mission, but it is needed collectively to support the energetic field of experience in evolutionary expansion as well. Dolphins have a gentle, but strong pull that mirrors our readiness for initiation into a higher state of being that calls from a deep place within that remembers who you are and what you have chosen to do in this reality you have embodied. Something that has not been accessed yet, or is in need of being more fully cultivated, may have drawn in your Dolphin friend to remind you.

This also feels true for me and whether the Dolphin was Nestor, another guide, simply an aspect of myself, or all of the above, as it ultimately IS anyway, I have asked myself to go to another level and it is more than a want, but an inner knowing of soul timing being of the essence.

Dolphins also possess a very powerful, but gentle transformative healing energy that comes from their love of being of service always, and hence this love is consistently and eternally exuding from them. Their ability is so magnified and pure that they can support healing on all levels and just being in their presence activates this on a DNA level. It’s one reason people are drawn to swim with them, besides the pure joy experienced.

Dolphin helps us to travel through portals of time and space and when we do, we will find our personal and magickal gifts that present unlimited possibilities.

When you want to connect more with your Dolphin spirit guide, meditation, ocean visits, surrounding yourself with their and the ocean’s symbolism, or actual sacred time with them in their environment can help awaken what is within that they message and invite you into.

I’m grateful to be journeying soon to commune in waking life, as a mirror to my dream life. And I’m exploring further the integration and expansion I’ve called upon now.

Roadrunner Medicine – Shifting with Grace, Ease and Agility

This weekend I was able to spend long days at the beach, while balancing my time working in the morning and evening, as well as giving myself good mental breaks from everything. One of the significant things that stood out from my time at the ocean, aside from some really powerful shifts from things I was reading, was seeing a sight I had never seen before – the mating dance of roadrunners.

I first saw a roadrunner on top of this structure on the hill that provides some shade over the benches. I mentioned that even they like to look out at the ocean, as perched up high there he could oversea the ocean ahead. As I walked, he jumped off the structure and went down the path I was going and disappeared. Then I came upon him again, but he was not alone.

He was engaged in a very unusual mating dance with a female. I’d never witnessed this before and found it really special to have them just feet away engaging in this sacred ritual. After a while though it seemed that the male got shy 🙂 and he went behind a bush and peeked out at us. It was actually really cute and then he went off in the bushes and the female who had been playing hard to get was looking around like, “Hey what happened? I’m over here!” and then scurried off to chase after HIM this time.

Being witness to this I felt, as I always do with anything I take notice of, to be symbolically messaging me. It reminded me that I did a post on the roadrunner medicine and that I had found a roadrunner feather not long ago, that sits on my altar.

After re-reading the symbolic messages that roadrunner has to share, I can see the significance and am grateful for this encounter with the two of them.

Here is the post I did on them so you can read about roadrunner symbolism and see if it speaks to you as well.

Tania Marie

The Universe speaks to us daily if we are open to receiving, which may mean upping our presence and awareness so we can catch wind of the whispering message. Many times the symbolism comes through nature, animal spirit guides, number sequences, things people say, encounters, our bodies, through challenges, or a sign you literally or symbolically receive.

I choose to see everything as symbolic and a message…that’s just my magickal way of living and it serves my life well.

I always see a lot of animal spirit guide wisdom when I’m out in nature and last weekend was no exclusion to this. Tons of dolphins, lots of Monarch butterflies, various birds -hawk, turkey vulture, seagull, roadrunner, quail, with newly hatched itty bitty ones, horned toad lizard, and toad. Some of these new in my experience, others, seem to be regulars. 🙂

But two really stood out and that was finding…

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