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Overflowing in Love and Newness Here – What’s New With You?


Photo of me in Bimini at breakfast with my cosmic heart activator third eye temporary tattoo, light rays and two giant orbs emerging over my throat/higher heart area and face. This is a good image to share the energy I feel inside bursting/birthing forth.

The energy currently is through the roof. And I know I’m not the only one feeling that way!

Not only is the energy abundantly flowing in, but I just feel such a fullness in breadth of love, gratitude, and excitement that isn’t containable – nor should it be!! 🙂

I continue to experience the powerful energy shifts and activations that have culminated over the last few months and the week in Bimini I just returned from. How about all of you? Have you taken stock of what you’re feeling, where you’re at, how much you’ve changed, and what’s new in your world? Have you intended clearly what you are creating in your experience?

The cool thing is, if you don’t like what you feel or see, you have the power to change it and it is much easier now in the energy of everyone else who is transforming along with you too, as we are all connected.

I feel an interesting sort of immunity right now with the energy source tapped into currently and am ready to take on all of the multitude of new things and projects that are coming in with great embrace. Everything that has been etherically percolating for quite some time, seems to have nested on Earth, all at once, and all these eggs are hatching simultaneously from the warmth of this source I feel. All I keep reminding myself is to breathe and take one thing at a time, trusting fully all things will come together as they are meant to be, with support, and naturally without cause for alarm. LOL!

It does feel somewhat like having tapped into the Well of Life, or Fountain of Youth, if you may. Very fitting since it resides on Bimini. 🙂 But moreso, it is part of the shifts into new realities and new yous that are happening regardless of receiving that sonic boom or over-the-top display some may have been looking for on 12/21/12.

Many of us had always shared that we felt it to be the start of a new way of life as we know it, but not anything cataclysmic. Change has been unfolding before our eyes so subtly and simultaneously, as our concept of time is shifting into its true essence of timelessness, that it may go undetectable how much everything has changed, especially for those who have consistently been walking through the doorways presented. Or, for those who simply still are challenged in believing what their hearts are telling them,despite what their heads or others say.

The new is here now and it’s up to each of us to recognize it and ourselves – as the power is and always was within us.

The journey has just begun indeed. And it is exciting to continue to witness its unfolding and what we can co-create as a collective. Indeed, there may seem like two simultaneous realities existing side by side that we can walk in and out of by choice. So it all comes down to which you choose to be in, in any given moment by the power of your beliefs, experiences needed or that you choose to support, and by the power of love or fear leading your heart.

2013 I sense holds a lot of harmony and balance, love and truth to be experienced if you can reside in your heart. I’m looking forward to hearing about and being witness to all the amazing birthings of newness that I sense is ready to emerge from so many of you. This is your time! We’re all rooting you on and believe in you! It’s like a collective birthday celebration all at once and every day that someone else turns on their light more vibrantly! weeeeeeeeee!

This year of 2013 also holds a big birthday for me – turning 40 (whatever that means) – yet age continues to feel undefinable except by the measure of one’s heart.

And this year will be filled with tons of new. Isn’t it amazing how you can continually create? That’s limitlessness for you!

Next week I’ll start sharing and announcing details about some new developments and opportunities. For now, here are a few of the things I’m looking forward to experiencing and offering.

This year, in celebration of my 40th, I’m feeling called to Tibet. This will be my personal sacred journey, but as always, I will be facilitating collective work in assistance to the raising of vibrations on Earth at the same time. I actually received this message it was to be my next large and new journey, for this life, when I was in Grenada. I am very much looking forward to it, as I had been drawn there for some time, but now apparently IS that time.

There will be some Bimini updates on a new retreat for 2013 as well. Stay tuned for that. I will be listening to the collective needs and requests on the offerings for it. The time period seems to be already manifesting. So if you couldn’t join our journey last time, this will be another opportunity to immerse in the beautiful energies.

Potentially a new sacred journey location, but that remains yet to be known if this year or not.

Art workshops are still percolating. The original time period of start has been temporarily postponed, as I must go with the flow of the current energy needs and allow the timing to reveal itself. This may both be offered locally and in Bimini, but again, still waiting confirmation on that. 🙂

I’m in process of setting up accelerated Reiki intensive workshop weekends in New Jersey right now, probably Reno, and will have some local (Orange County, California) as well. So if you are in any of these areas and interested, stay tuned for that too.

And I have tons of creative energies coming through for new projects and passions, several new and exciting sacred tattoo designs to sink my teeth into right now, and other project ideas. I usually receive things way before they come about, but being how time seems nonexistent currently, I can’t quite grasp when they will manifest, but just know how much I feel their energy and excitement.

And as always I will continually share new developments and offerings, as well as the supportive specials, as it’s always my desire to assist as I can.

All I know is I will tackle what divinely channels through, as is meant for the now and what is most needed collectively. It’s wonderful to have visions and ideas, but more powerful to allow them to percolate, cultivate, and reveal themselves naturally. This is the now of a return to natural harmony and to flow with the currents of Universal Life Force energy in and around us, while trusting everything you need is within you.

Let yourself be guided by the stillness within that reveals all and find the power inherent in your heart.

Until next time, love and magick to you always!

If you have any questions, requests, co-collaboration ideas, or want to get the inside on early registrations for anything, you can email me at

Autumn Updates & Reflections for the Inner You

It’s been a while since my last newsletter update. I post updates here on my blog consistently, but not everyone that I’m in connection with follows the posts. So, seasonally, and when a lot of new things and important messages come through, I take time to share them via my newsletter.

If you’ve missed out on some of the most recent blog posts, my current newsletter groups everything in one easy location to check out. Included are some reflections for the Autumn season and things I’m experiencing alongside all of the transitions others are as well.

In it, I also shared that I will be away on vacation between 11/4 and 11/12, during which time I will not be reachable and not be posting. Please connect with me before or after if you have something time sensitive to share.

An exciting announcement that I haven’t posted about yet on my blog is the upcoming “Creating Life as a Work of Art” Workshop Series. This will be an empowering 9-series workshop (using art as a medium) beginning 1/13/13 to nurture the artist within, as you stimulate your creativity and jump start your dream life. No experience necessary. All ages welcome. Some details are in the newsletter, but I will share and individually post on this workshop series in greater detail, upon my return from vacation. The workshop is limited to only 5 students. Pre-registration is available now, and as with all of my classes, is required before it begins to hold your spot.

You can view the newsletter here: Autumn Reflections

If you would like to receive newsletter updates you can do so by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter where it says: Join My Mailing List. Or you can simply follow my blog by clicking Follow on the home page.

You can contact me at about anything you see here or need assistance with.

Easy Access to Updated Classes & Events – Things You Can Join & Look Forward To

Me with the group on a Bimini 2009 Retreat

I’ve added some new updates and pages to my blog to make things convenient and easy to find things you’re looking for.

One of these changes includes a new page that will be updated continually with new classes and workshops being offered. I’ll continue to post them individually too, but this provides a convenient place to see everything that is going on currently, including the upcoming December Reiki retreat in Bimini.

If you see a class that is of interest, but the date doesn’t work, simply contact me and a private class can be arranged for you if you’re in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. If you are outside this local area and have a large enough group, classes can be arranged in your area as well.

Click here for more information: Inspiring Classes & Workshops


Tania Marie at her Soule Domain Art Opening

I’ve also added an events page that will be updated with current happenings you can join. Details to come on an art exhibit at a Long Beach gallery in November.

You can keep up to date here: Events



The page of offerings has been updated for one convenient place to be able to link to everything without having to search.

Click here to view all available services and offerings, including testimonials from clients: Creative & Healing Services

I look forward to connecting with you and am grateful to be sharing this journey of creation we are all on together.


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