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A Little Message Before I Head Off

I’m heading out in a few hours for a long weekend through Monday and will not be posting while I’m away. Taking some time off in the mountains and snow, skiing, snow-shoeing and relaxing. Taking all the little ones along for the fun and perhaps I’ll have a good story to share when I return, as being a neutral zone it may be opportune time to start face-to-face bonding with Joy and Cosmo. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the mean time, a message I want to share comes from Cosmo in fact.

In the evenings I spend time with him doing his physical therapy with the cart, walking around while I support him, and his extension exercises. After, we lay on a towel on the floor together and just snuggle after all his hard work.

And the thing that hits me the most about him is his message of pure love and joy. He is SO happy…ALL of the time. He is not stuck in sadness of his situation, nor does he perceive there to be a situation worth dwelling over. The perceived limitation others may feel sad about in observing him, is not on his radar. He simply is grateful for what he has and the love he gets to share and receive.

I can’t tell you how much he moves me because of this. He just trucks on and doesn’t let anything stop him from seeing how much there is to be grateful for and how precious what he does have is to cherish.

And for rabbits, this is a feat in its own, as they are so sensitive and fragile and can easily go into a state of pain and sadness where they huddle in a ball and do not want to eat or do anything…They simply give up or wait out the pains and struggles.

But I’ve seen this time and time again with humans as well. It always seems that the people who have what others would consider huge disadvantages, are the ones who are teaching us the most about love, belief, gratitude, and strength. They live life with the knowing that they are whole, abundant, and perfect just as they are, and that there is nothing they can’t achieve if they keep on believing. These people are awe-inspiring and instantly make you realize that all of the challenges you are experiencing can be seen as gifts to rise to the occasion.

It’s interesting that in his medical records, a previous veterinarian had written that he has a plump heart – that it’s a bit larger than normal (and might need meds down the road because of this). I find this symbolically interesting, as perhaps it is evidence that the more you love and the more you expand and deepen your heart, the more your life will be enriched.

So, to everyone who feels down and out, I hope this is a seed to inspire you.

I know for me right now Cosmo is my personal hero. No matter what the day greets him with, he is there with open heart, joy, peace, and a lot of loving licks!

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