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Morning Bear Surprise ~ The Magick Continues

black bear.jpg

In line with yesterday’s post on Nature’s Powerful Reflections of Resonance ~ Plus Bear Magick & Medicine I thought you might get a kick out of seeing these photos and video of this morning’s visitor just as much as I did. Yes, Black Bear was here again! This time seeking us out. That’s 5 Bears in the last 3 days now. Talk about potent energy all at once!

black bear 2

We’d just gotten out of bed and went to open the blinds when Black Bear appeared just below our window. These are just a couple photos I captured, but I thought I’d include a link to the video so you can see what a gift this was to witness a playful and delightful display.

I couldn’t upload it to this post, so I’m including the link to my Instagram feed if you’re interested in seeing it and the other two videos from Easter there. And if you’re on Instagram, perhaps you might connect there so we can share and follow along together there more easily.

Enjoy and bask in the message of Black Bear medicine that is reflected to you!

Morning Bear Surprise Instagram Link

Animal Medicine Encounters in the Lake Louise & Banff National Park Area

I thought I’d share a separate blog just of the animals that were encountered this past week. I didn’t get photos of them all, but the ones I did I think you’ll really enjoy seeing and experiencing, especially the  bears. Yes, I finally was able to get some great photos of grizzlies, after not being able to get photos of the five we saw, including three cubs, that were right on our hiking trail in Waterton, but you’ll also get to see the black bear, hoary marmots, golden-mantled ground squirrels, and lovely seagulls I was able to capture too.

We also saw an osprey, golden eagle, great blue heron, many ravens, a few deer, and tons of dragonflies, butterflies, and a magickal little ladybug bringing her luck and miracles to a potent, life-changing day.

Wildlife encounters continue in abundance and the timing of each is always aligned with the perfect medicine reflective for what is unfolding along the journey. I hope you enjoy these brother and sister animal friends.

These interactions and being so deeply integrated with nature has been incredibly transformative. Being present and honoring the sacredness of these incredible beings and nature is key in a return to natural harmony and in creating beautiful relationships and connections with them, as well as with ourselves.

grizzly6black bear2DSCF8848DSCF8822DSCF8809DSCF8962DSCF8956DSCF8811DSCF8964.JPG20160802_125449_resizedgrizzly1.JPGgrizzly2.JPGgrizzly4.JPGgrizzly5grizzly7.JPGgrizzly8.JPGgrizzly9.JPGgrizzly11.JPGgrizzly12.JPGgrizzly15.JPGgrizzly16grizzly19.JPGgrizzly20.JPGgrizzly23.JPGblack bear1.JPGblackbear3.JPGDSCF8812.JPGDSCF8807.JPGDSCF8820.JPGDSCF8821.JPGDSCF8844.JPGDSCF8850.JPGDSCF8952DSCF8953.JPGDSCF8954.JPGDSCF8960.JPGDSCF8963.JPGDSCF8957.JPG

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