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Kick Off 2018 With Loving Self-Nourishment


However you feel called to put closure to 2017 and welcome in 2018, the energies seem to point to an inward focus on extra nourishing self love on all levels. What ever has been nudging you softly or loudly, would be key to listen to and take action on for yourself. January 1st, 2018 will really kick off with a watery bang, as we enter the year with a Full Supermoon in Cancer alongside other planets also in Scorpio and Pisces – water everywhere! Pretty powerful stuff to start off this 11/2 year numerologically.

A lot of emotional, relationship, and sexual dynamics will continue to surface worldwide and present potential for resolutions, although they may feel explosive at first.

The end of 2017 has been more internal for me as I root and anchor energies in that I’ve been putting into motion over this last year, create our new sanctuary space, enjoy deeper connecting with Astrid, and get focused on what I am creating in 2018.

The forest around us has been the perfect environment and energy with all of this. It’s been amazing to reflect on all of the transformations that have taken place so quickly.

It’s incredible how much has happened this year and it’s almost surreal that it DID happen, as it was all wonderfully surprising to experience the greater expansion that took place with the way things manifested by listening and following the flow of energy.

I’ve been in reflection and in active mode of completing things, as I feel the second 2018 kicks in, things are going to move fast into the new directions that have been anchored. I’m already feeling the streaming in of that the last few days and today feels to be the last day of that slower movement forward because of the work and foundations that were being put into place.

Kind of reminds me of the squirrels and chipmunks I see constantly here around the house, scurrying around gathering nuts….I feel that’s what we’ve been doing, stocking up, nourishing, and prepping everything for this Winter of movement behind the scenes that is exploding quickly. The Winter has been delayed here, in comparison to last year’s biggest snow year in like 50 years, so there’s a sense of changing seasons with everything and surprises underway.

I’ve been feeling and saying that 2018 feels very pivotal in a new way. And since all the planets are going direct the day after the Full Supermoon, this seems to reiterate that feeling.

I’ve found reflections of completions and the very old me flowing through for full release and goodbye, as I completely leave behind all that is NOT now.

I’ve been a bit quieter online than usual because of these internal shifts, which is why you don’t see me as often right now. 

I will continue to ride that out and flow with where the energy takes me into the New Year so that I can put focus where it is needed.

I really feel the excitement and freedom of moving beyond anything I have been doing and have been, to be the whole of me untethered by any past.

Astrid has been reflecting the same and together I sense an explosive year of creating together. She’s been shifting incredibly the last few days and getting revved up now that we have our shared room to work together in. We’re both excited.

So, where are you feeling called?

What feelings are holding you back from things?

You can utilize the energy of this Full Moon to bring to light those places of insecurity and fear, self-doubt and self-sabotage.

When we face those, we uncover the hindrances we’ve lent power to and reveal the answers to how to remove the obstacles and propel ourselves forward.

Wishing everyone an illuminating Full Moon, reflective New Year’s Eve, and a 2018 of harmony and consistency between thoughts, emotions, and actions. This will help manifest things efficiently and clearly.


Cancer Full Moon’s Invitation to Emotional Wholeness & an End to Suffering

With Cancer Full Moon energies abound, the thing that stands out most to me is a focus on the emotions and emotional field and the very subtle and loud messages that have been trying to get our attention here. There’s this huge potential for immense opportunity or major challenge that can manifest as a critical point – in either case a turning of the tides is at hand by vulnerably and transparently embracing the flow of your watery depths and being honest with where your resistance, denial, repression, defiance, defense, and refusal is so that you can make those breakthroughs.

This calls to mind something I recently read that feels in alignment with this and important to share.

It speaks to “suffering” and the language and dialogue, not to mention beliefs, we use daily to keep us small, victimized, martyred, sabotaged, excused from responsibility, and/or in a continuous spiral of confusion and hopelessness…..It’s about how suffering can be another mask we wear that taints our entire life.

Here is the message:

“Emotional suffering is a big disguiser, a mask. Suffering can be kind of arrogant belligerence with which you agonize through life. Take off that mask, and the person has lost her main occupation. So no matter what she accomplishes, she will be wearing that false face. She will simply give it another name.” ~Star Woman

In what ways do you claim suffering as your role in life?

Perhaps there is a new perspective in which you can approach your life experiences and arise.

In any case, your emotional responses and feelings – your mental reactions and portrayals of your emotions – can provide you answers and be the key to unlocking your freedom.

The way through them IS to go through them with personal integrity, which may sometimes include inviting in and being willing to receive support and reflections from others.

The challenge takes place when we stop short, attach to a particular emotion, and decide to set up camp there and grow roots.

With this Cancer Full Moon, let us embrace the gifts of the feminine and bring her into her authentic power.

Holiday Nourishment Inside & Out

christmas flowersIt’s been a cozy, nourishing, simple, yet potent Christmas Full Moon and Winter Solstice. And with it being a Cancer Full Moon, it was no wonder that we felt called to share this time quietly at home mostly to ourselves with some time mixed in that was celebrated with family.

It was all about being cozy, nurturing, and nourishing from the inside out, which includes both tummy and inner world.

I spent time on Winter Solstice in my own ritual of complete solitude, which included working with my crystals and sacred shamanic gifts the Earth, animals, and Peruvian shaman had given me.

Yes, I dug deeper and continue to, getting honest with some of my deepest desires and how to be even truer to them.

But alongside that, nurturing in general just has felt to be most important since I decided to take my sabbatical and continue to be focused inward, although am back.

And that nurturing definitely includes good, comfort, nourishing food!!

I was wondering what to make for our Christmas Eve dinner on our own, and of course Miss Laura chimed in with sharing her vegan meatloaf recipe that unfolded a long texting between us about food, recipes, yummy ideas….and ending in us sharing a virtual meal from across the states.

You can read about her meals and get some of the recipes at that link, along with others here: Vegan and Vegetarian Holiday Options

I ended up making these all vegan dishes:

  • chickpea vegan meatloaf with maple glaze and creamy thick coconut mushroom gravy
  • roasted brussels sprouts
  • coconut milk/rosemary mashed potatoes made with yukon gold and sweet potatoes with chives and “bacon” bits
  • almond snowballs that taste just like marzipan
  • little strawberry elves
  • turmeric lemonade

meatloafmeatloaf4snowballsstrawberry elvesturmeric lemonadeWe also, like Laura and her David, then shared a vegan, Whole Foods bought Christmas meal Dave’s family got for us at their house, which included a Celebration Field Roast, mixed grilled brussels sprouts and potatoes, cranberry sauce, and grilled mangoes, followed by a vegan chocolate birthday cake for Dave’s brother’s wife along with some of my snowballs I brought over that were hits. It was here we also took the only Christmas photo I have of us.xmas

Even the photo seems to reflect the nurturing and comforting energy that has surrounded and supported us, inside and out.

And Christmas night we wanted something light when we returned home, so I created my version of the tempeh cobb salad Laura also had shared with me.

I made mine with  Arugula from my mini garden, chopped carrots, cherry tomatoes, chives, cucumbers, vegan bacon bits, ground pepper, “fried chicken” tempeh – tempeh marinated in tamari, lemon juice, olive oil, and dried rosemary covered in bread crumbs on the skillet and tossed together with a home made mustard dressing with apple cider vinegar base.vegan cobb saladcobb salad

We were given a gift certificate to a local, cozy, eclectic restaurant – The Gypsy Den – and so we enjoyed that last night with warming comfort foods like vegan stew, chili, rye bread, veggie wraps, and a piece of coconut cake. I especially enjoyed the Mayan cocoa with almond milk in a giant warm mug.

And now, after the last Crystal Magick workshop I’ll be teaching here, which Nature conspired to make a perfect day of sunny warmth to teach it outdoors on the beach, my mouth is watering to have Christmas Eve leftovers and just-baked organic Italian bread whose aroma is calling to me right as I finish this off!

Today’s workshop also touched on how to uncover and work with deep, hidden, and repressed emotions, and so the Full Moon’s Cancer energy continues to nurture deeply and anchor in the heart of all matters.

Sometimes the heart of things for us Faeries, is simply the nourishing meals of hearth and home.

At the least they sure do balance all the energy being channeled. And that helps us keep our feet on the ground when our wings would be taking to flight rather easily. 🙂



Cancer Full Moon January 15, 2014 – Fertile Energy for Emotional & Creative Renewal

starfish7The first Full Moon of the year is a Mini-Moon – Smallest Full Moon of 2014 and this is being experienced today. It’s also known as the Full Wolf Moon (each Full Moon has a Native American traditional name), as well as Old Moon or Moon After Yule. It is a Mini-Moon because it will appear 12.2% smaller than the largest Full Moon of the year and roughly 4% smaller than average.

Mini or not, the energy of this Cancer Full Moon is fertile and potent for illuminating our emotional and intuitive sensitivities that can assist us in flowing with the natural energy rhythms and realize the unlimited potentials we have the ability to actualize. We are asked to focus our concentration on ways to help sustain our extended actions we are taking with clarity for the bigger picture and long range perspective.

Dramatic shifts are in progress and along with other planetary aspects, you will need to remember the importance of keeping balance, nurturing your well being, and learning how to act directly and quickly with wider perception of all that is simultaneously happening.

starfish8This is also an important time to integrate your personality, shift old feeling patterns, and nurture aspects of your individuality/personal frequency to support the things that truly matter and are authentic to your newly integrated life.

Feel, feel, feel! And really be aware of everything that is you and not you through those feelings. You have them for a reason and they can assist you in understanding what emotions are yours, others’, and which are conditioned old patterns, or truly your natural essence. Balancing your energies is crucial and while starfish4the Moon and Cancer focuses on that “Mother” and feminine energy, do not forget the “Father” and masculine energy, as both are needed.

Capricorn Sun, at this time, makes sure to remind us of the male aspects, while we are nurturing the female aspects. Capricorn provides that discipline to help us understand our emotions and how to make productive use of them in realizing how we can be in the driver’s seat, rather than having them rule us from behind the scenes. Capricorn will be the stabilizing force to provide wise discernment, clarity, focus, and grounded balance with its Earthy foundation. In this way it is the rock starfish at the beach (2)that will be our anchor while we travel through the emotional healing waters, providing a reality check and helping us to create new structures with real security that come from a true sense of personal identification and self. In this way we can redefine and re-evaluate all aspects of our life, but most importantly the way in which we relate with others from the wholeness of our personal frequency.

Personally, this is a life teaching for me, as someone with North Node in Capricorn and South Node in Cancer, so I do understand both the trickiness of this, along with the starfish at the beach (8)value and benefits that come with commitment to the process. Having Pisces (another water sign like Cancer) as my Sun and Mars in Capricorn as my Ascendant in my First House, it’s definitely a pretty glaring energy that has meant all the difference in dedicating work on and something to keep mindful of.

But back to the energy of this Cancer Full Moon – The past, subconscious, and karmic things may crop up at this time, old childhood memories, family history, people from our past…this may bring hidden things to the surface, or ask you to courageously explore them yourself by going backwards momentarily to retrieve parts of you that you left behind. It’s time to put things to rest, understand, forgive, and lovingly release. Unproductive, unhealthy, and dysfunctional emotional patterns will no longer serve you, other than to keep you down. See them for the gifts they have been and realize you are not defined by them, or anyone else, any longer than you choose to be.

starfish at the beach (3)This is a time for renewal and restoration from the inside out and this starts with swimming in your deepest emotional waters so that you can turn the turbulence into safe passage.

You could be feeling an emotional roller-coaster has swept through your life, and yet these very things that feel like challenges, have the ability to set you free from old wounds. Release of resentment and embracing of your power will be required as a way to absolve and to heal. Again, you are not defined by the past or by anyone else. All of the voices you’ve starfish at the beachheard in your head over the years have been based on an acquired false identity you learned from other people’s values and ideas, which were not yours. The pain of this has likely been great, but the biggest loss was in losing self. It may not feel easy to let go of the harmful energy that has been around so long, as by now it likely has become a form of a comforting crutch. This may feel falsely safer than the unknown of being in your own power to create anything you want when you are free.

So provide yourself with extra love and patience at this time, while you may find yourself feeling irrational emotions and extreme moodiness, as well as experience the same from others. The more you can open your heart, the more healing is available. Closing it to try to avoid more pain may seem like the logical thing to do, but is actually counterproductive and will create greater pain and loss. In order to move through to the other side, you must open wider and deeper.

starfishSo let yourself feel and experience closeness, express a good healing cry, speak sensitively and tenderly with self and others, and share your heart in this now moment, as you would always have wished to have felt. See and experience life, one day at a time.  A good thorough cleansing of body, mind, heart, and spirit will be of great benefit for creating a new foundation. Self-nurturing will be in store, as you will likely have over-sensitivities crop up and perhaps even feel like the crab wanting to hide in your shell sometimes when this happens.

Realize that people are responding through emotions rather than reason at this time, so open your understanding to encompass mindful presence of this reality so that you don’t take things starfish at the beach (1)personally. Old emotional wounds can easily be triggered, but this is simply a message of what you can look at and release, or a sign that the change is underway, as things sometimes get worse before they get better.

Since Cancer is connected with that “mothering” energy and comforting, this expression of caring may sometimes come through food and the tendency to overeat. So that is just something to be also mindful of, as we use food to numb ourselves, just as much as other substances and diversions. A little extra food love is wonderful (I actually made some vegan pancakes this morning myself when my breakfasts are usually only smoothies), but be starfish at the beach (5)aware if you find yourself engaging in something more than just a nurturing treat. Perhaps there is something underlying that wants your attention and by going into that, you will nurture yourself with lasting effects rather than the temporary comfort the food will supply.

Cancer is a very fertile sign, which is all about supporting creation and growth. So this is a great time for initiating and activating creative energy into passions you are bringing forth and building. It’s also a potent time for expansion and harnessing what you integrate into some really powerful fuel for personal evolution. For some it may be about actually child birth, but I always starfish at the beach (6)share that “birthing” energy isn’t just about a biological expression. That is only “one” way to express this. We need to learn to expand our patterned emotional and mental perspectives on all definitions and concepts, so we can really take advantage of the limitless possibilities that energy provides us.

Yesterday I was prompted to take a mid-day beach walk break – not surprising since you know my ocean love, but intuitively guided and spontaneous nonetheless. It was an unusually warm day from onset of morning and hitting 88 degrees in the afternoon. I was already feeling the Cancer Full Moon’s energy in the mystery of the warm breeze and the very deliberate and powerful Capricorn Sun beaming down upon me. Being called to the ocean makes sense and there was an unusual energy felt throughout the day, including during my time at the beach. It felt exciting and also like an unknown but welcome friend was entering my experience. There was a low tide because of the Moon, and tons of starfish were abound, starfish at the beach (7)which was such a gift. It seemed like all of the Star People were gathering for the Full Moon celebration and I felt a sense of acknowledgment for the changes I’m implementing.

You’ll find photos I took of my starfish friends throughout this post, including some really interesting energy captures around them (especially shown in the last 3 that were taken one after the other in an area that had many starfish in the water and on the rocks – one of which you see that was both holding on with a couple of arms, while the other three were released – interesting symbolism).

Having written about their symbolism before in my post: Starfish Symbolism – Exploring the Magick of these “Star People” their energy felt very supportive to working with the emotions and the opportunity for renewal that is available so I thought you may find viewing these images to have a positive effect on you.

Starfish are symbols of Moon Magick, beauty, tidal movement, divine love, protection over troubled waters, inspiration, guidance, intuition, keystone of connection, healing, and regeneration. The most profound and amazing characteristic is their regenerative ability, as they can completely rebirth not only an arm, but an entirely new Starfish from a detached arm and part of the central disc. Speaks to our own abilities to rise again and recreate ourselves from what ever place we are in life.

Know that you are being supported with the courageous steps that you are taking. Wishing you a very deep healing Full Moon.

The Labyrinth of Life – Perspectives to Support Empowerment

Inspired by a friend who has been moving through some of the challenges that this Cancer Full Moon has presented, along with working through the integrating of important pieces that “the now” asks of us to do (especially the visionaries who will be showing up strong in the world at this time) I am sharing a few perspectives I did with her, at her suggestion.

She was curious (curiosity by the way is a very empowering and healthy first step, as it stops you from auto reaction and helps you to be present, step back, and to ask the questions that will lead to a conscious response instead) if she would have to fix a long-term challenge she has experienced with a family member in order to be able to move forward with her life and new things she is creating.

In essence, this is how I responded, which is the way I approach my own life, finding much success with it when I experience similar:

Yes, there is something there that does need to be addressed, integrated and processed in order to assist healing, but no, it does not control you, as that can be a way to sabotage yourself. To put so much power into something/someone outside of yourself is debilitating. It puts us in a perpetual victim role and gives our ego an excuse to feed its fears.

There are patterns there to address indeed, and to understand. Finding a way to step back non-judgmentally and with peaceful embrace, understanding the perfection of the roles being played out in the story of your chosen life. Recognizing and putting closure to patterns and how they emotionally affect you and why, seeing the triggers, and being present to recognize when and how they crop up and learn how to process and maneuver in a healthier and conscious way is key. We are conditioned from experience to quickly and rashly react without stepping back to ask the right questions to ourselves, nor to try to understand the dynamics and see through the other person’s eyes. Learning to unconditionally step outside, while simultaneously honoring what you and the other person ARE feeling presently, is something that takes practice.

When we use the word, “fix,” or say something needs to be “fixed” we are stating that something is in need of fixing and is wrong and this creates a judgment, which is part of polarity thinking – black/white, right/wrong. While something may be unproductive and non-responsible to persist and unhealthy,  there are reasons and agreements that have brought these experiences into being in order to teach us things and provide the tools for our soul’s evolution that we chose. Those souls who present us the most challenge in our lives, are some of our greatest teachers presenting us opportunities for growth. So our challenges are the perfect ones we chose to set up for ourselves to teach what we desire most to learn in this life. We also have choice in how we choose to perceive and process what takes place, but this can more easily be done when we are more presently conscious with ourselves.

At any moment, we have the power to choose a different experience. We can learn to stop feeding the emotional addictions we all have and to nurture our authentic emotional well being and empowerment, realizing nothing has the power over us that we do not agree to give that power to. The instant we truly recognize this can create a powerful shift instantly and along with learning to shift your conditioned behaviors and relearn how to be more in your essence, will help move you into a new experience towards the life you want to create.

My feeling on “being healed” of something completely is this: I’m not certain that that we actually completely heal something. My sense is that we are constantly in process of becoming master of our ingenious souls and this involves learning how to integrate things, embrace them, and process them differently so they do not become perpetual issues that block us completely. We learn to flow more naturally with things and to peel the layers to our core authenticity while we journey through the cycles of life and discover new evolutionary opportunities that will continually arise in different forms and ways.  Unconditionally seeing outside of polarity thinking and understanding a bigger picture of unlimitedness operating alongside this learned polarity is powerful. To see life as an opportunity, rather than a challenge, and challenges as gifts, gifts as keys…then we more easily flow through life’s doors with intuitive precision, rather than feel like we are searching in the dark, tripping, falling, hitting things…on our way to desperately find the doorknobs. When we learn how to process and integrate one thing, there will be something new…that is the labyrinth of life and evolution. And you choose the way you walk the path.

Cancer Full Moon – Rebirthing the You and the We in Harmony

We are approaching the first Full Moon of 2012 (Sunday, 1/8 at 11:30pm PST and Monday 1/9 at 2:30am EST/7:30am GMT) and instead of waiting until the actual day of the Full Moon, I thought it might be good to share info about the energies ahead of time, since the moon’s phases and cycles are felt in culmination and then peak, and even several days after. This way you can focus on and understand things unfolding in your life and how you can better empower yourself in the processing and integrating of energies. If you’ve set intentions on the New Moon then the Full Moon is a good time for releasing them out to Spirit, as it magnetizes their potentials. This is an ideal time for taking those courageous and exuberant steps forward on the path of action in support of something you’ve imagined. This “do it” action and mentality supports an idea into reality and the magic then begins.

This Full Moon in Cancer (The Great Mother) is an ideal time to activate the core soul origin within you in order to harmonize it with your cosmic divinity and birth it into form. It focuses on the energies in opposing partnership of the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, which focuses on the protective, structural, nurturing and creating energies – specifically highlighting the archetypes of father and mother – with impact on our emotional and social bodies and how they interrelate.

This is a time to look at our world environment and nurture, into development, a new way of being, which will have personal and collective effects. Important focus is on learning to be wise, discerning mother and father figures in our own lives – being present with timing on offering and allowing and understanding when and what to give most productively and with understanding of what is the most responsible thing to do with the highest good in mind. Learning to love your inner child and the child within us all unconditionally and with supportive encouragement to be all that you can be, while helping to develop tools and provide the tools and heart courage to step out and share your unique gifts with the collective, as is your divine destiny.

Realizing and nurturing the unique light of you, simultaneously understanding how you are an integral thread in the collective tapestry and your piece is much needed at this time more than ever, is the message of this Full Moon energy.

Ask yourself the important questions you may have been avoiding or overlooking. Look intuitively and heartfully into yourself to receive answers. How can you support yourself better, so you can provide the most authentic and productive help to others? Everything we do is not isolated to “me” mentality. We are all connected and realizing the collective unity and approaching everything from a position of “everything that I share and am, is for the highest good of all concerned, serving both my divine gifts and heart joys while adding to the collective pool of compassionate and loving creation of a new world,” is key. Are there matriarchal and patriarchal aspects that need healing and understanding within you so that you may realize your fullest potential and your contribution to the collective table?

This is a time for innovation and courageously bold moves in the direction of your heart’s joy in partnership with loving and compassionate service to the collective. A time for nurturing balance and integration while grounding our lives and focuses on this Earth for the highest good of all.

Enjoy the journey!

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