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July Energy, Celebration Sale & Mini Update


Happy July everyone! We have a Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer tomorrow, so there’s a lot of potent energy working behind the scenes alongside the shifts you, like myself (and Astrid), might be navigating through. You can learn more about this month’s energy via Lee and his energy forecast below.

To celebrate and renew, beginning tomorrow the 2nd through the 7th to include 4th of July Freedom Day, The Magick Rabbit will be having a store-wide 30% off clearance sale, which puts many items at crazy below cost prices.

Click through link below to explore and shop what calls to your heart:

The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

Could even be a great time to get in any pre-holiday shopping too, since we’re already more than half through the year. Sounds wild, but it’s right around the corner! Time is flying like Faeries! 😉

Also the perfect time to snatch your favorites up – like the magickal little themed worlds that have been inspirational for so many.

We only have 15 mini rabbit gardens remaining from around 50 first created. We likely won’t be creating more at this time, as we have a lot of new items to keep us busy for quite a while in our spare time.

We sold out of our first batch of Magick Rabbit Talisman crystal necklaces, but there’ll be more down the road.

Alongside mini gardens, there are five original Magick Rabbit paintings, prints, three notebook journal options remaining, and greeting cards also to choose from.

I’m not sure when new items will get into the shop, as from here on out I can only create in my spare time since I’m switching focuses right now in my life. I’ll be sure to let you know when anything new hits the shop though – likely they’ll be one at a time, or in small batches, as I won’t be able to do full shop updates like I have before.


I continue to take time for myself, am getting a lot of nature, physical outdoor activity, garden and Astrid time, and inner work in, while I reconfigure my life. I’m exploring how my new schedule will look and what is going to be on the agenda, but want to finish anchoring in things and feeling alignment with where I go from here. I know what some of it looks like, but am waiting to see the last pieces that could even involve a service of sorts being available.

If you’re on Instagram, I’m also going to be be opening up some art auctions for some of my animal paintings so keep an eye out there – maybe even starting today – with 50% proceeds going to rescue rabbits.


We are still taking some what of a break from regular blogging, with just some updates now and then like we have this and last week. There’s just so much percolating and a lot of energy and feelings to navigate, that it doesn’t feel right yet. Plus, there’s just not enough time in our days right now.

I’ll leave you with Lee’s energy forecast for this month, as I know these resonate a lot with many of you and are helpful and inspiring.

Once again, this month’s theme is so synchronous for me, as just yesterday during our Tahoe Herbivore’s Meetup hike, I was talking about extremes with a fellow hiker, how I used to be an extremist, and even posted briefly about this reflection on my Instagram. And of course, up pops Lee discussing this. 🙂 Even the very specific three topics he gets into were exactly what we discussed.

I sure am doing a lot of reflection, grounding, and while moving energy through my body a lot, am also being very present and still in terms of not making moves and decisions in my inner and work realm, as things are moving so fast that it doesn’t feel right to jump aboard the first things that pop up just yet.

Definitely giving things “time to land” as Lee shares.

In his video below he explores Surfing the Extremes through these three dualities:

Alignment and Rejection

Elevation and Depletion

Realization and Reflection

Wishing everyone solidity with your journey.


New Moon ~ New You


Feeling enchanted in the Faery forest of Big Bear

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling an extra burst of enchantment emerging in my life, likely in part because I’ve been heavily immersed in Faery energy of late (moreso than usual, if you can believe that 😉 ). But also because I’ve been in process the last few months of doing what these two astrologers share in their energy take on tomorrow’s upcoming Cancer New Moon.

I like how astrologer, Cathy Pagano puts it:

“Since the New Moon is in a challenging aspect to Uranus in Aries, there is an opportunity to allow a new sense of yourself out…If you’re lost on a small island, you have to become the hero/ine of your own life. Let your archetypal identity come through and challenge yourself to make those changes that will give you the life you want and deserve…”

And astrologer, Robert Wilkinson adds:

“Just stay focused on how to demonstrate what your heart’s really into, go for whatever refreshes you and get the exercise you need, see things from multiple points of view, and be willing to transcend your old self, and graduate into a new realm of Being.”

For me, that “new realm of Being” is actually a deepening more into my truest soul essence like never before. There are always greater depths and expansion we can go to…after-all, everything is infinite.

My soul focus has been on going from joy to ecstacy…I personally resonate with that word, rather than bliss.

Since I’ve returned Sunday from British Columbia and the magickal time spent there at Epona Rise with the horses and Faeries, it’s like I’ve received access to another part of me that hasn’t been yet the time to bring forth, but is now taking form – permission granted, loose ends getting all tied up, slate clean, timing aligned, all systems go. Yay!

So, if you’re feeling like it’s time for a new lease on life, this is a great opportunity with the New Moon’s influence, to harness another level of self-love to take you there.

This Moon is a cleansing moon, full of feminine nurturing that can really support you into loving more of you, your feelings, and bring self-sabotaging illusions to light.

Stay on top of heightened emotions, fears, attachments, while gently and lovingly give yourself permission to gracefully let it all go.

Wishing you a beautiful New Moon beginning, as you allow yourself to be more fully you.

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