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A Special Farewell to Capitol Reef

d11Yesterday couldn’t have been a more special ending and send off to our time here in Capitol Reef. Truly a day to cherish in my heart.


It wasn’t the hike we did, although Cohab Canyon trail was beautiful with its amazing deep canyons of stunning sculpted rock formations and natural color designs, but was the magickal creatures creating an enchanted haven that awaited us – so many mule deer, wild turkeys, and marmots.


We first explored the three and a half mile trail where we came upon a several couples, one in particular at the beginning in their 60’s and 70’s that were very sweet and we exchanged hellos.


The hike had us curving through the canyon and exploring the narrow mini slots and checking out natural looking altars, sculpted forms and thrones including one that looked like a giant quail, pink and yellow striped walls, and ending with a view of the river before turning back.


And at the end we got our last vista look of Capitol Reef’s grandeur and Fruita.


It was on our descent that we ran into the couple again, as they let us pass. The man saying, “We’ll let you young antelopes go on ahead, as I have to take it slow and steady.”

It made me think of the turtle and how I use those same words all the time when I talk about how to approach things in life, especially steep inclines and more challenged areas of hikes – “slow and steady”. I liked him right away with his smile and sweet energy.

We made our way to our car, passing the pasture we’d seen most every day with my favorite painted horse and as we got in the car the couple was at the road and the man waved to us.


We opened the window and he asked if it were possible, if we were going their way, to drop them at their car up the way a couple of miles.

Normally we would have, but our back seats and trunk are full with our bikes, equipment, and things, so we have no room for passengers. So we regretfully told them we couldn’t, showing them the back seat.

They said that was ok, and right after the ranger pulled up and they conversed.

We thought quickly and Dave said he could go in the trunk with all of the stuff and we could open up the passenger seat for them both to share.

So we pulled up to them and told them. Apparently the ranger was going to take him to the car and then he’d come back to pick up his wife, as she only had one seat too, but we said we could take his wife and Dave would get in the trunk.

And that’s what we did. Her name was Donna and we chatted along the way, as her husband got in with the ranger.

It was this last experience that ended up bringing us to all of the farewell gifts that awaited us.

First it was the marmots right after Donna got in.

Normally we saw two each day, but today there were three in the usual area. However, one of them, which I indicate as the female had tried to cross the road over to her partner and got disoriented and scared.

She was sitting in the middle of the road trying to move, but a car would come each time, nearly hitting her and she was frightened. No cars were stopping, although slowed.

I stopped the car and opened my door talking to her and this gave her the bearings to collect herself and make it over to the grassy area where the other two marmots awaited.

Phew! That really had me frazzled at first, but I stayed calm for her.

Then we continued to Hickman Bridge where we needed to drop Donna. And along the way we saw a group of deer on the side of the road.

Being that I was driving and on a mission to get her to her destination, we didn’t have chances to stop.

But once we dropped her and she was reunited with her husband, Dave and I made our way back, as we had gone the opposite way to our route back to the RV.

We thought, oh, now we can visit the last wall of petroglyphs we had missed the first time we checked out the area. It was as if that was all set up perfect with this little detour of helping the couple out, but little did we know that it also set us up for some very cool connecting with the wild turkeys and mule deer.

So as we made our way to the petroglyphs we came back upon the deer on the left side of the road and stopped briefly to connect.


Then shortly after on the right we saw a group of thirteen wild turkeys at the foot of the rock cliffs in the beautiful fruit tree grounds.


They were so magnificent and the vision of them was incredible…the males kept fanning out their tail feathers and puffing up hugely.


We got out and sat watching them for quite a while in awe of their little sanctuary and how beautiful they were.


The females resting under the trees and the males foraging and in full display.


After that we went to the petroglyph wall.


This last wall we missed was accessed by a long platform wood deck built by the park that takes you over a wash and long the cliff wall to the petroglyphs. As we got out of the car and I looked down the path, I said to Dave, “look who’s waiting for us here too.”

More mule deer!


The closer we got to the petroglyphs, the clearer we saw a group of them in the most enchanting setting.


Two of them on the cliff wall side, as they could pass under the decking through the wash, and the rest all beautifully laying in the tall thicket area under the trees.


It was like out of a fantasy…the area was so magickal and I’d never seen so many just all sitting in a circular formation. It was so special and the place my heart could be content to stay forever.


We spent a lot of time connecting with them and they were comfortable with us so close…us on the deck and them right below us. The photos are as close as we were to them.


I talked to them and had felt that they were inspiring a song.

I feel the song will channel through later, as two couples had wandered through while we were there at beginning and end. And although they did not stay, which is so odd to me that people don’t find these magnificent creatures incredible to “be” with, I just felt like I didn’t want to feel any potential interference for a channeling.


So I just connected and immersed with them, absorbing their messages for another time.



And I marveled at how much Cosmo looks like them…a tiny fawn with his graceful body and legs and long ears. I say that all the time when I see him, especially laying in his hay thicket.


I feel that there will come a time that I will sit among them or other creatures of the forests and sing their song with them. For now, it was sung within my heart, as they inspired me so much.

I get such a strong surge of life and joy when I am with the animals. It is the place I am meant to be. It brings me immediately into embodiment of my essence.


And we were so grateful for the time these beautiful ones gifted us…allowing us into their sanctuary and hearts.

There is no separation or difference in my heart and soul between them and me/us.

Our time in Capitol Reef concluded with the best magick I could possibly have hoped for.

Dancing on the Edge of Divine Madness

20160415_144816_resized.jpgI think that anyone who decides they are going to forge their own way, live in their own reality, channel the energy that moves through them at any given moment, and create the world they choose to experience, dances on the edge of madness.

They walk a fine line between silly chaos and uncanny order where the method of their madness is divinely inspired and in harmony despite how it seems.


I walk the edge of that madness, which does make life quite interesting and along with that comes the willingness to walk into the darker challenges as well as the lighter flows.

While my journey on this adventure we’re taking (or my life in general) may seem easy, the only easy part truly is in knowing this is my nature to follow what is in my heart and soul to do.


We are exploring a lot of beautiful, magickal, and amazing things every day, which is fun and freeing, yes, but there are many energies one must be willing to face and embrace when you are walking the path of deeper embodiment and conscious, ancient explorations of Earth and beyond.

To experience the freedom and empowerment, there are a lot of dark, womb, inner Earth and ancient mysteries within the deep chasms of her body and within your own that you welcome in with this intention, or perhaps run from.

A little of that came through in the sound channeling, Releasing the Crimson Dragon, as you may remember.


Every day is a new experience where I don’t know what will be met next….constant retrievals of my parts and the cycles of collective parts reawakening.

This is where you’ll find me channeling sound or inspirational messages.

Another example was in Channeling the Ancient & Womb Earth Energies.

Needing to move the energy through creatively, or sometimes it’s deep emotions to release, giggles, or profound silence needed to be with it all and remove myself from thinking about it in any way except to allow it space to move through.



So while I am having the time of my life, which comes with all both sides of the coin and beyond, and you see me playing in my videos and photos, I do want to make mention that there is a lot one decides to embrace when they wander into the beyond intentfully.

Our Earth Mother holds the mysteries we search for within ourselves. And through the journey of getting to know her more intimately, you will undoubtedly come to know yourself in an incredibly intimate way.


The photos in this post are from yesterday’s adventure on the three and a half mile Chimney Rock Loop we hiked.


A hail cloud was looming just as we began the journey and just as we ascended, it was upon us, later turning to snow flurries, back to hail, snow, brief rain, and snow again.


Everything changes at the drop of a dime and one must be prepared to embrace that flow of energy whenever it shows up, just as we have energies, emotions, and experiences as a reflection of them that continuously move through us to embrace, deny, repress, or run away from.


We embraced the experience and it was such a magickal one because of this.

No one around.

Just us and the land and fresh crystallizations of the elements around us sharing their own feelings, cycles, and creative expressions.


We were bundled up and just trekked along, immersing in the winds, flurries, and mystic clouds that engulfed us in a void of beingness…lifting us off into another dimension and reality.


And along the way we came upon a surprising gift we had no idea would be there….a small sacred area of rainbow petrified wood!


So incredible to discover them, again with the wetness the colors stood out, but being that this isn’t a petrified forest area, it was quite a treasure to find in the middle of nowhere where no other pieces are.


A gift from our embrace of the journey?


Or simply our presence that made all things clear and revealed with awareness, whereas would otherwise have been overlooked?


I took a couple of short, fun videos as we reached near the top and the summit of our hike to let you experience a piece of the fun we had in this sudden change of weather yesterday…an otherwise perhaps disappointing experience for others, we were grateful and kept trekking on with embrace.

And of course we ended the day picking up two more fresh peach and cherry pies, because we can. 🙂

Playing With the Ancient Energies of Grand Wash


The wind and wash whispered of times long ago.

At times softly.

At times dramatically.


On our hike through the dry, deep streambed of the Grand Wash at the rocky sculpted heart of Capitol Reef yesterday, we were surrounded by ancient spirits and guardians watching us.

20160414_141959_resized.jpgThe deep canyon and narrows kept close eye as we explored.


Footsteps echoed between sandstone cliffs looming hundreds of feet above.


Blossoms and lizards greeted us along the way.


Naturally sculpted rock gardens invited us onto their sacred grounds.


Creatures etched in the stone walls came alive.


The Fremont River chimed in with the wind’s flow at the end of the wash.


And although we could not see the Bighorn sheep that are said to grace the high sandstone terraces of the canyon, we could sense them near and “seeing” us.


There was an air of majesty and mystical eeriness, especially when the wind suddenly spoke with a wild howl and burst through the canyon upon us with great force, only to disappear again from the nothingness it came from.


The flow shifted back and forth from tailwind to headwind constantly, as if the wind was playing with us, blowing my hair wildly around me and knocking off Dave’s hat.


It seemed excited for us to be there and tickled our souls with its ancient voice.


Once again we were taken to times long forgotten, but now once again remembered.


Soul Nourishment On My Own Strange & Wonderful Path


Everyday of our new life’s journey brings so many experiences, encounters, and gifts of Nature we would never otherwise have shared.

v.jpgPart of the reason I wanted this way of life at this time was to have the opportunity to explore and experience the vast beauty and variety of what our Earth Mother has to offer because as a pilgrim of the Cosmos, I am constantly stimulated and inspired by creative energy, which fortifies the more I feed it the soul nourishment it needs.


Life had become complacent and much had concluded, so a big, literal movement of energy and deep enrichment was needed to renew and recharge. Not to mention, it was time to move on in a bigger way.


There was a lot of soul retrieval to be done and a lot of Earth collective healing to support through the personal embodiment that would and will take place through the energy exchanges facilitated.


So, once again I am following my own strange and wonderful path, despite what the rest of the world around me is doing, how it looks to others, and even when nothing makes sense because to my soul it all makes perfect sense – the only thing that matters.

v6dAnd once again, yesterday brought us more of that soul nourishment and unexpected gifts with a variety of new experiences and encounters along our five mile Rim Overlook hike.

v7Ancient petroglyphs, wild turkeys, lizards, vibrant desert blossoms, rolling river, 133 foot natural bridge – Hickman Bridge, expansive vistas, and wild winds of change at our rim overlook destination atop the dramatic cliff were some of the beautiful gifts and nourishment of the day’s journey.


Every day is filled with wonder, new discoveries, and inner reflections of these treasures experienced.


I love following our hearts, as they take us into our natural element and closer to ourselves.

Sweet Magick & Majesty ~ Choosing Our Experience of Life

20160411_165528_resizedEach day and moment offers us an opportunity to choose how we want to create our experience. We can ask ourselves what energy we are needing more or less of in our lives and we can listen to what calls to us or what is yearning for us to let go of.

Yesterday I was feeling a need to balance some of the more rugged, raw, and deep energies we had been experiencing with sweetness, flow, and grace.


I do this tuning in each time we decide on what we want to explore each day in our new environments, not to mention when I want to find out what is most important for me to invest my energy in throughout my day.

And so I chose our hikes yesterday that reflected this energy desired, after I worked on my inspired painting project I’ve been called to work on recently.

That led us to explore Goosenecks, Sunset Point, and Fremont River. An easy 4 miles of enchantment.


The Goosenecks Overlook is like a mini Grand Canyon with 800 foot high viewpoints above serpentine Sulphur Creek, which continues to shape the dramatic canyon. This canyon has formed tight curves, known as the Goosenecks, over millions of years of downward erosion.

Goosenecks is adjacent to Sunset Point, so you can quickly hop across and take that short mile round trip hike to panoramic views.

We’ve had rain in the distance, which has been creating beautiful skyscapes and lighting that makes these vistas incredibly majestic and mystical.


This trail has a couple of benches at ideal spots to just take it all in, which we did, enjoying our solitude with the grandeur around us and soaking in the sweetness of nature, life, and love.


Most of the time it’s like we’re in our own world and in a space and time that is its own reality we have been invited in on to experience like welcomed guests.


After our time at these grand vista points we went further in to find our next trail along Fremont River.

The river is right by the Gifford House, which we had wanted to stop by anyway, as we’d seen the signs for fresh pies, hoping they were vegan. 😉


So, we stopped in there and explored the small museum and shop and then I asked about the pies. Luckily they had a list of the ingredients and to our delight the pies without crumble tops were in fact vegan so we picked up two – a peach and cherry pie.

These are locally baked pies you can get while in Capitol Reef National Park at the Gifford House, which is surrounded by beautiful orchards.


You get to meander along both the river and the orchards on the trail, which was just lovely and blossoming right now.

The Gifford House used to be the heart of the small Mormon pioneer village of Fruita settled in 1880 and these historic orchards are the largest in the National Park system.


Anyway, it’s a lovely central area and we explored the amazing trees on the beautiful grounds here, saw our Marmot friends again – I believe they are a couple that live here and scout their tunnel entrances – and enjoyed the rolling river that is lined with more lovely trees next to the orchards.



The blossoms were so fragrant and the trees so magickal….I loved this stroll along the river, listening to the water flow, feeling the breeze blow, and discovering little wonders along the way including this little Faery door.


There are two giant Fremont Cottonwood trees called “Silent Sentinels” that are incredibly amazing.


As saplings they witnessed the arrival of Mormon pioneers in the 1880’s. In 1918, the largest tree by the road became known as the “Mail Tree” where mail was transferred from a carrier in Torrey to another carrier downstream. Later mailboxes were attached to the tree to give settlers a convenient location to maintain communication with the outside world.

I love these trees!


Anyway, after our pie collecting, stroll with our tree, animal, and Faery friends, and journey up the river, we then took the more strenuous, short uphill Spur Trail to some more vistas above the river overlooking another canyon to end our day.


There was a huge dark pending rain cloud ahead, which I used Reiki to direct it to go around rather than upon us for this hike, as the steep climb and edges of the cliff would not have been fun with a downpour of rain. Happy to report that worked. 🙂


Our day was just the right blend of energies and experiences we were both needing.

And upon returning home to our beautiful pastures we look out upon from where we can watch the cattle and horses grazing and the horses rolling and laying in the grass, we were reminded of the simple life we’ve chosen where time doesn’t exist except the moments we embrace.

I love the quiet of our lives, the abundance of nature time, and limited connection other than with the natural world, the few exchanges with other nature enthusiasts along the way, and touch-ins with loved ones.

Days like this are the sweet nectar of life that reiterate why we’ve chosen this path at this time to move the energy in our lives and to deepen our connection with what truly matters and is of most value to us.


Our experiences in nature mirror everything we need to know about life and reflect to us the lessons that presence and stillness open us up to.

There are days of both bitter and sweet…but like nature, we can be assured it is all just a natural cycle inviting us to flow in dance with rather than try to own each moment with some sense of needless and wasteful attachment.


An Intro to Captivating Capitol Reef through Capitol Gorge

20160410_160349_resizedYesterday we journeyed the short drive to the fourth of six incredible National Parks in the Utah circuit that we are exploring on our adventure. We’re beginning our fourth of six weeks here and now have a full week to discover the magick of Capitol Reef.

Our drive to Wonderland – yes, that’s the name of our RV park down the rabbit hole of Torrey, Utah that our Magick Bus has slipped into – was beautiful with expansive vistas and even a subtle rainbow cloud portal.


And our new portal we’ll be integrating from this week is a serene setting that offers an open view of grazing land with cattle and horses surrounded by snow capped mountain tops in the distance, which we can see through our “looking glass”.

After we settled in, we headed off for our first looks at Capitol Reef.


We were instantly taken by the majesty around us. Dave said there was almost too much to process because of the grandeur and variety of intermingling raw beauty and wonder everywhere.

It is truly a stunning park and one that even if you aren’t a hiker, you can easily enjoy by taking the 20+ mile scenic drive through the park, which there is a guide on that you can get at the visitor center.

We stopped in there to read up on some of the info and get our hands on our hiking options. Then set off on our first, short intro with the two mile roundtrip Capitol Gorge hike.

The drive just to get there was incredible….about 12 + miles of amazingness on the paved road taking you from one stunning vista and formation to another. The park is well marked so you know what everything is that you are looking at.


Then once you reach the end of the paved road, a two and a half mile dirt road takes you to the end where you can pick up Capitol Gorge or Golden Throne Trails. This drive is wow!


You are taken through these canyons where the rock walls (mostly sheer walls of multi-colored Navajo sandstone) are surrounding you all around and you can feel what it would have been like on the covered wagons traveling in here back in the days of the pioneers.

This drive and the hike was a great way to get our intros with the area. So many beautiful things to see, including the settlement areas of the Mormons where you can see the beautiful apple, peach, pear, and apricot tree orchards.

20160410_164408_resizedCapitol Gorge takes you through the deep canyon gorge that the pioneers once used since it was the only passable “road” through the Waterpocket Fold until 1964 when Hwy 24 was built. The gorge becomes narrow, with several areas having slot-like proportions you can explore.

20160410_165807_resizedThe Pioneer Register is located on the canyon walls here and you can see remnants of the telegraph lines jutting from the rocks above, which were used in the late mid to late 19th and early 20th centuries when Mormon pioneers passed through the gorge.


Several hundred pioneers recorded their names and dates on the canyon walls, as they passed through the Capitol Wash road. One wonders how they got their names up so high – ladder, ropes, standing atop their wagons?

Before you reach the pioneers’ recordings, you will come to the petroglyph panel, near to the start of the hike, from the people who once lived here from about 300 to 1300 CE (Common Era) – and some even earlier, which are very cool.


They are similar to the three large, red pigment figures we saw the day before in Escalante on the Calf Creek Trail.

They are thought to be from the Fremont Indians – ancestors of the modern-day Hopi, Zuni, and Paiute tribes. It is believed that these petroglyphs depict maps, journeys, clan symbols, deities, animals, and calendars.


The hike will take you past a small arch, volcanic rock, and end at a sequence of water-filled potholes, water pockets, or “tanks” as they are called.

These water tanks, ranging from very small like the size of a bathroom sink, to very large like a swimming pool, acted as natural water basins, which played a vital role in the desert ecosystem. They collected and held the vital and essential water that the animals, plants, and indigenous people relied on to survive in the desert.


Interestingly, violet light was shining down on the main water tank in some of the photos captured…is something appearing within the light, or does it indicate the sacredness of these precious water sources?


On our walk back, a beautiful sparkling natural crystal caught my eye. What a treasure!


On our drive back home, we also were greeted by a group of Mule Deer that decided to say hello to us as we drove by and then took the cross walk in front of us to get to the field on the other side. I had the opportunity to see one of them leap over the fence, which again was just beautiful to see how gracefully and easily they “fly”.


And right after we said goodbye to them, we came upon two Marmots that were incredibly cute and oh so cuddly chubby. I just wanted to go hug them. We stopped to watch and connect with them as well, as I’d never seen one.


I just love all of the wildlife, ancient essence, and raw beauty we continue to experience on this adventure.

This is truly what I love about life and some of the things I value most.

And it is what I find incredibly important to share with all of you, to bring Mother Earth’s gifts and sacredness into close relationship to you, even if just through photos.

I also like to share the rich history and ancient energy because of our collective journey we are traveling together so that you, too, can integrate what you find integral to your path as part of the whole through experiencing it.

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