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New Sacred Tattoo Designs

I was honored to help one of my international clients with creating her first sacred tattoo designs. I was given energy essences and ideas of things my client resonated with and I then imbued it all into two images to capture what she desired.

The first image is of an angel/faery. And can also represent that aspect of the client simultaneously. She wears a beautiful gown made of lotus petals – like an upside down lotus with petals reaching up and out. Lotus are full of spiritual energy, are crown chakra opening and invoke that connection to the Divine, as well as are symbols of purity. The angel/faery has a star at her third eye chakra indicating her intuitive abilities are open and she consciously utilizes it in awareness. The angel is releasing a butterfly – symbol of deep soul transformation, joy, beauty, and even ancestors returning to physicality. There are 3 stars – like pixie dust magick – around the butterfly, to imbue that sense of mystical into my client’s life and 3 is pure joy of creativity in abundance, intuition, magick, creative self-expression, birthing of new things. This image also denotes a connection to nature as evident in the symbolism while also connection to the Source. There is the representation of new beginnings, (as the caterpillar changes into a butterfly and starts a new life). The butterfly is being freed, representing that flight of freedom for my client and is in its authentic beauty. The angel realizes the butterfly is an aspect of herself and so in releasing her, she is honoring and loving the authentic part in herself that needs to be freed. This also represents feminine beauty and strength, grace and joy for life.. my client wants to be more of service to others and helping them, this symbol also represents that openness and willingness to give to others, with arms and hands opened, as they provide loving energy to the butterfly, which can represent All Of Life and the tenderness and devotion given to the fragile, weak, those in need, etc. and healing love given through love and healing hands as they reach out and communicate and connect with others. This symbol also represents releasing fear and trust, and not being afraid to let go and allow, which is evident by the open arms and freeing the butterfly.

The bottom symbol is a combination of multiple symbols in one as well. We have the celtic cross, which represents balance, grounding. The four directions, four elements and mind, body, heart and soul are symbolized by the four arms of the cross. The circle is eternal life and Source/God’s/Universe’s infinite love. Inside the center of the celtic cross I added the symbol called Adinkra, which comes from West African wisdom. This is the Adinkra symbol , Asase Ye Duru (“the Earth has weight”), Mother Earth, It is a symbol of the Divinity of Mother Earth and represents our need to cherish, protect and honor our Earth. It’s a symbol of providence and the divinity of Mother Earth. This symbol represents the importance of the Earth in sustaining life. So this is where I imbued Mother Earth energy and Divine Femininity. I love how this symbol looks like two hearts that come together. So this to me also is representative of love and like two twin souls uniting. Then I added a wreath of leaves around the cross which symbolizes a connection again to earth and nature, but also that eternal life cycle, immortality of the soul, new life and abundance. At the bottom end I crossed two leaves over each other representing integration and moving beyond duality and are pointing downward to root my client to the earth, just like tree roots. At the top I placed the seven pointed star pointed upwards to bring that energy through the chakra system. It is said that the Seven Pointed Star is one of the entrances to the Other Side. By following the seven steps of transformation on the ladder of the visible planets (metals), the symbol joins us with the Whole Universe, bestowing personal spiritual transformation. Also known as the Pleiadian Star or Faery Star, the 7 pointed star is one of the entrances to the spirit realm – the gateway to the Otherworld. Each point on the star represents a pathway, or the 7 rays of manifestation of the Higher Self, as follows: *1st point – Power, Personal Will and Determination. *2nd point – Unconditional Love, Wisdom and Growth. *3rd point – Knowledge and Intelligence. *4th point – Harmony and Tranquility. *5th point – the Powers of Mind and Science. *6th point – Devotion and Honesty. *7th point – Magick. The points blend with each other, nurturing and joining us as one with the Universe, bestowing personal and spiritual transformation.

So I wanted to add a bit of potent magick for my client in everything I created, as well as harmony. I also wanted to create two pieces that complimented each other. I feel that the celtic cross, would be good to place over the root chakra, anchoring and integrating the energy there and bringing the energy up through the 7 pointed star. And the angel and butterfly with lotus are a little more ethereal and can help strengthen that feminine empowerment. Both are strengthening for in different ways. One is more integrated in both feminine and masculine and the other is more of the grace of feminine energy in full graceful and vulnerable strength. The left shoulder or shoulder blade corresponds with the right brain, which is the creative, intuitive, feminine side. So this will benefit and support that energy for my client that they wanted, as well as bring in the magick more and draw upon their gifts. And the other will keep my client integrated, balanced and rooted while being great for manifestation.

Yes, it is quite an intricate weaving of symbolism, these sacred tattoo designs are. I love it!! And am honored to be able to support others in this way.


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